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[DAEMON-150] Can we have Android and Genymotion system-info same as ti info

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionWon't Fix
Resolution Date2017-11-22T18:18:08.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sAppc Daemon 1.0.0
ReporterKondal Kolipaka
AssigneeChris Barber


Can we maintain Android and Genymotion system-info same as ti info android and genymotion. Otherwise, it will break a lot of things in the studio and can't make all those changes for SDK 7.0/Studio 5.0 release. If you think ti info has a lot of redundant and unorganized data - Probably, we can target those for next major release so that studio will have a time to correct and align with them. *For example:*

type attribute is missing for emulators - so can't differentiate what is genymotion emulator and what is android avd

Path is missing for genymotion emulator

Executables and VBox paths, etc.,


  1. Chris Barber 2017-11-16

    Just a FYI... 1. Internally we don't use "type" anymore for emulators, but instead each emulator object in the array is either an instance of AndroidEmulator or GenymotionEmulator. This class instance gets lost when we stringify the object. We should add a toJSON() method to the *Emulator classes so that it sets the type. 2. The Genymotion "path" is there.
         "deployedDir": "/Users/chris/.Genymobile/Genymotion/deployed",
         "home": "/Users/chris/.Genymobile/Genymotion",
         "path": "/Applications/Genymotion.app",
         "emulators": [
             "abi": "x86",
             "display": "1080x1920-16",
             "dpi": 420,
             "genymotion": "2.11.0",
             "googleApis": null,
             "hardwareOpenGL": true,
             "id": "6ae389d9-cbc0-499c-8c7d-43659b149ac1",
             "ipaddress": "",
             "name": "PREVIEW - Google Pixel - 8.0 - API 26 - 1080x1920",
             "sdk-version": "8.0",
             "target": "8.0"
         "executables": {
           "genymotion": "/Applications/Genymotion.app/Contents/MacOS/genymotion",
           "player": "/Applications/Genymotion.app/Contents/MacOS/player.app/Contents/MacOS/player"
         "virtualbox": {
           "path": "/usr/local/bin",
           "version": "5.0.16r105871",
           "executables": {
             "vboxmanage": "/usr/local/bin/vboxmanage"
    3. Since VirtualBox is a dependency of Genymotion and not used elsewhere, we stuck it under "genymotion".

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