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[MOD-2508] EncryptedDB: Android install() method should ignore 1st argument and do an open() on 2nd argument like iOS

GitHub Issuen/a
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsEncrypted SQLite DB
Labelsandroid, database, install, parity
ReporterJoshua Quick
AssigneeJoshua Quick


*Summary:* On iOS, the database module's install(sourcedb, targetdb) method ignores the 1st argument and instead creates an encrypted database (if not done already) using the 2nd argument as the database file name. This means it doesn't actually install a pre-made database file within the app, which makes sense since the app developer doesn't have a means of creating an "encrypted" database on the desktop in advance. Instead, the module effectively does an open(targetdb) instead. The Android version of the module should be changed to do the same, because it currently installs an embedded source database file referenced by the 1st argument, but if the source database is not encrypted, then the SQLCipher library will be unable to open it which makes the install() method useless. *Note:* This module's install() method is effectively useless on both Android and iOS. I believe it exists to help transition app developers from Ti.Database to this module.


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