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[MOD-2526] ti.inappbilling: add support for SDK 8.0

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Affected Version/sn/a
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ReporterRene Pot


Currently the ti.inappbilling module does not work on SDK 8 as reported by quite a few community members and in tickets of the module. *Expected result* ti.inapbilling module should be working and be up-to-date for SDK 8.0+


  1. Joshua Quick 2019-06-19

    [~topener], our "ti.inappbilling" module is under our "appcelerator-archive" section in github because we don't support it anymore. https://github.com/appcelerator-archive/ti.inappbilling I took a quick look at it. Yes, it's using the very old v1 or v2 version of Google's in-app-billing which was deprecated years ago. That code is dead. It would have to be completely re-written. But this is a major feature request that has to be brought up with the rest of the team. Especially since there appears to be near zero demand for it. _(We need to justify the engineering and QE effort to develop, maintain, and provide tech-support for it.)_
  2. pritish.george 2019-06-24

    This is an extremely important module for any developer looking to monetise their app. Infact I would say it is almost mandatory to have a working inapp billing module since there isn’t another way to monetise the app. I am not aware what barometer is used to determine whether a module is required or not, but the assessment that there is near zero demand for this module it is absolutely false. Please do go through the GitHub module and you will find all the people who have raised issues on it.
  3. Jason Kotchoff 2019-06-25

    We rely on the ti.inappbilling to monetise our android app. It's crucial for us.
  4. Hans Knöchel 2019-06-25

    Guys, this is an open source module. Either work on a solution or pay someone to fix it. That's how open source work. And if you have an enterprise plan at Axway, prioritize it through your support person. It's really sad to see how single people drain the staff resources for their personal needs and then wonder if a other parts don't get enough attention. Note: I'm not an Axway employee, just tired of reading this so frequent recently.
  5. Simon Buckingham 2019-06-26

    I would regard the ti.inappbilling module as an essential app module to support. It will be used by anyone who needs in app purchasing. We use it in our app and it is an essential key component. I got stuck using Ti SDK 7.5.1 on Android and I think it was down to this (it worked fine on 7.5.0 and so I had to go back to 7.5.0). I haven't tried Ti SDK 8 yet.
  6. Nigel Underwood 2019-07-01

    This should not be open source but part of the standard product. In-app purchase has been around for long enough to be made a standard Ti package that should just work. I get it that its been built in Open Source and one has to take Open Source for what it is, but In-App should be standard product. I can see that a move to SDK 8 is off the cards and perhaps going native all the way is the only real option now
  7. Rainer Schleevoigt 2019-07-01

    Maybe this helps: https://github.com/AppWerft/ti.inappbilling
  8. Ray Woo 2019-09-27

    This is a very important module, need it to work with SDK 8.
  9. Kai Lu 2019-10-05

    Just wanted to say thank you all the Titans for providing this awesome platform for the mobile app development. Would really be cherry-on-the-cake if we could monetise the app a little easier (i.e. support the latest greatest Ti SDK 8) and I believe more and more people will love and be loyal to Titanium.
  10. David Fox 2019-10-28

    Has anyone successfully gotten ti.inappbilling to work with Titanium SDK 8? It seems like Jason was close here: https://github.com/appcelerator-archive/ti.inappbilling/issues/35 but for some reason it is crashing on Android 7 with that change.
  11. Shawn Lipscomb 2019-10-28

    @David Fox, no, same problem here. Appcelerator really needs to step up here.
  12. Jason Kneen 2019-11-21

    a community PR has been created from [~titanium@webmasterei-hamburg.de]'s fork which is working for an app of client of mine in SDK 8+ so who is looking after these modules and could merge this in and build a new release? https://github.com/appcelerator-archive/ti.inappbilling/pull/38
  13. Shawn Lipscomb 2019-11-21

    @Jason Kneen, but does it work on Android devices running Android 7 and below AND Android 8 and above?
  14. Jason Kneen 2019-12-03

    Shawn, you'd need to checkout the fork from Rainier and test.
  15. Shawn Lipscomb 2019-12-04

    @Jason Kneen, I'd be happy to test it if someone will make a release. I don't know anything about compiling modules.

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