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[TIMOB-1443] TiAPI: backgroundRepeat or similar

GitHub Issuen/a
TypeNew Feature
Resolution Date2012-07-26T20:42:29.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sRelease 2.0.1
ReporterRalf Pfeiffer
AssigneeNeeraj Gupta


It would be great if we could tile background images, so we don't have to make custom files for when views change size because of orientation-changes or simply just resizing them for some reason.

It would be even better if it worked kinda like in CSS, with repeat-x and such, but that might be a bit overkill for Titanium.


  1. Don Thorp 2011-04-15

    Define API then add tickets for Android, iOS implementation.

  2. bxgrant 2011-04-15

    Make it work just like css does so we can create more sophisticated UI. It would add much greater flexibility than what we have right now with the 9 patch image stuff and the similar iphone approach.

  3. Gunther Brunner 2011-04-15

    I think something like this API would be expected:

    backgroundRepeat [string,int] The background repeat constant or string value such as "repeat", "repeat-x", "repeat-y", "no-repeat" (CSS developers friendly) or
    "both", "x", "y", "none" (alternative).

    Personally I think making the values syntax closer to CSS as possible is desirable and intuitive, so I would vote for
    "repeat", "repeat-x", "repeat-y", "no-repeat".

  4. Ian Maddox 2011-04-15

    This is a big one for us too.

  5. Antonio Carlos Silveira 2011-04-15

    Sad that this Feature will not make to 1.5 :-(

  6. Pedro Enrique 2011-04-15

    Helpdesk customer asking for this feature in iOS:

  7. Lee Morris 2017-03-20

    Closing ticket as fixed.

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