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[TIMOB-1862] Android: Remote Streaming test case, "invalid percentage value" output

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionNeeds more info
Resolution Date2011-05-31T14:13:45.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
Labelsandroid, defect, regression
ReporterThomas Huelbert
AssigneeThomas Huelbert


Seen on g1 running 1.6. TiMobileSDK 1.4.2.dc7b90

1.Phone>Sound>Remote streaming
2.connect the device and check output by way of adb logcat
3.tap the button to start streaming and check the output

"E/PlayerDriver( 51): Invalid percentage value 86995" (writes until the test is closed)


  1. Don Thorp 2011-04-15

    Is there a titanium error? That's a Google error message.

  2. Thomas Huelbert 2011-04-15

    huh, weird. I open the test case and tap the start streaming button , at which point the erros start. When I tap stop. I see

    I/TiAPI ( 1010): (kroll$8) [8214,99294] window was closed, idleTimer reset to = null

    then the errors stop occurring.

  3. Don Thorp 2011-04-15

    Not being worked on yet.

  4. Don Thorp 2011-05-31

    The server referenced in the test is broken. Assigning to you since QE wanted to start managing these tests. Feel free to work with PE to get it running again.
  5. Bill Dawson 2011-05-31

    fyi, found a url that can work with that test: http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/triplej/livemusic/lav_pigeon_john_2011_05_27.mp3 Not sure how long that url will live, though. BTW, did not see any "Invalid percentage value" messages when trying it.
  6. Lee Morris 2017-03-09

    Closing this ticket as the request for more information has not been provided.

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