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[TIMOB-2113] iOS keyboard, unable to turn off Autocorrect

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2011-04-15T03:10:48.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sBacklog
Labelsapple, bug, ios, keyboard, regression
ReporterThomas Huelbert
AssigneeBlain Hamon


iPod 4th gen (4.1), 3rd gen 4.0.2 with mobile sdk build

1.BaseUI>TextField>The rest
2.toggle auto correct, then type some text that would invoke autocorrect.
3.toogle again and try

results: unable to turn it off, auto correct kicks in for second word - first word is not auto corrected.


  1. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-15

    Bug results from the fact that keyboard autocorrect default is YES, and we initially report autocorrect as NO (doing it the other way around is problematic). Looking for a way to determine the initial autocorrect value, or into a possible third value ('auto').

  2. Jeff Haynie 2011-04-15

    (from [698708bb1c306e4f221bb2f6380b1fa7b0642d52]) [#2113] Textfield test now unambiguously sets autocorrect/autocap values before testing. http://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/commit/698708bb1c306e4f221bb2f6380b1fa7b0642d52"> http://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/commit/698708bb1c306...

  3. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-15

    Changing to needs-more-info so we can talk this one over with the Android guys, so that we can all support a third 'auto' value (if possible).

  4. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-15

    Going to mark this as an Apple bug. I was able to recreate it in the following scenario:

    • Focus text field (autocorrect on)
    • Hit button/switch to turn autocorrect off (doesn't lose focus)
    • Text field is still autocorrected

    Looks like autocorrect settings don't take place until after editing is finished. Radar bug # is 8703310.

  5. Blain Hamon 2011-04-15

    Should we force a blur and focus to fix it?

  6. Lee Morris 2017-03-03

    Closing ticket due to time passed and irrelevance.

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