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[TIMOB-4181] iOS: KitchenSink: Status bar can get our of sync with UI on Phone>Play Movie>* tests

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2017-05-01T20:42:49.000+0000
Affected Version/sRelease 1.7.0
Fix Version/sn/a
ReporterEric Merriman
AssigneeIngo Muschenetz


Description: When testing Phone>Play Movie>, and changing orientation after going full screen, the status bar will appear on the side while other elements will be rendered normally. Steps to reproduce: 1) Install KS 1.7.0 on iPad 1 2) Navigate to Phone>Play Movie> Embedded, Remote streaming, or Remote streaming 2 3) start in landscape 4) Go full screen with the video 5) Rotate the device to portrait 6) Come out of full screen video Result: The status bar is on the side of the screen Expected Result: The status bar should be at the top of the screen Notes: OCCURS on 1.6.2 DOES NOT OCCUR on iPad 2


Screenshot 2011.05.22 17.37.00.png2011-05-23T12:48:15.000+0000697292
Screenshot 2011.05.22 17.38.05.png2011-05-23T12:48:36.000+000080722


  1. Eric Merriman 2011-07-13

    Also occurs with KS iPad, on iPad 1, (iOS 3.2.2), iPad 1 (iOS 4.3), SDK 1.7.2 r9f3ea997, Titanium Studio, build:
  2. Eric Merriman 2011-07-13

    Steps for above comment: Steps to reproduce: 1) Launch KS iPad built with 1.7.2 2) Navigate to Main Tests>Embedded Video 3) begin playback, enter fullscreen by tapping the dual arrow icon in the lower right portion of the player 4) If you have controls visible, dismiss them by tapping the screen 5) Rotate the device 6) tap the screen to display the controls 7) tap the dual arrow icon the return from full screen
  3. Michael Pettiford 2012-01-17

    This can also be seen in KitchenSink-iPad > Split View - Plain Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch KitchenSink-iPad (AOTW Ti Mob SDK 1.9.0.v20120113161633) 2. Press the Split View - Plain button 3. With the iPad in landscape, press the show modal button while quickly rotating the device to portrait The actual result is similar to the second attached screen shot, in that the status bar rotates to portrait while the navigation bar remains in landscape. *Note after rotating the device back to landscape, the status bar and navigation bar are correctly aligned.
  4. Lee Morris 2017-05-01

    Resolving ticket as invalid as this version of Kitchen Sink is no longer supported.

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