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[TIMOB-4215] Android: Implement missing Titanium.Filesystem tempDirectory and applicationDirectory properties

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2012-01-09T10:58:02.000+0000
Affected Version/sRelease 1.7.0
Fix Version/sSprint 2011-31, Release 1.8.0
ReporterPaul Dowsett
AssigneeOpie Cyrus


The KitchenSink [filesystem.js](https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/blob/master/demos/KitchenSink/Resources/examples/filesystem.js) indicates that the tempDirectory and applicationDirectory properties have not been implemented or are not working for Titanium.Filesystem.File. This has been tested with the above environment, with the following results observed:
(kroll$6: app://examples/filesystem.js) [1,5659404] Temp Directory :undefined
(kroll$6: app://examples/filesystem.js) [4,5659408] Application Directory :null


  1. Paul Dowsett 2011-05-25

    See TIMOB-3041 for missing applicationSupportDirectory property issue
  2. Rick Blalock 2011-07-07

    Customer is reporting this as well. HD Ticket: [http://support.appcelerator.com/tickets/9659]
  3. Opie Cyrus 2011-07-29

    application directory is a iOS property that does not apply and actually mentioned in the Filesystem parity spec: http://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/spe/Filesystem+Behavior+Parity
  4. Hal Burgiss 2011-11-18

    If this was fixed, there is regression: I/TiAPI ( 341): (kroll$1: app://app.js) [510,3251] Ti.Filesystem.tempDirectory: undefined That's a clean 'New' project with 1.7.6.v20111114104114. I've tried two or three recent SDK versions and can't find one that works as expected.
  5. Don Thorp 2011-11-18

    The fix will be in 1.8.0. The fixVersion on the ticket says where the fix will be.
  6. Michael Pettiford 2011-12-09

    Tested on Ti Studio 
Ti Mob SDK 
OSX Lion Nexus S OS 2.3.6 Expected behavior of a tempDirectory property is shown
  7. Paul Dowsett 2012-01-02

    Verified with the official release of applicationDirectory: null (as expected, as it's an iOS-only feature. See linked ticket) tempDirectory returns path (as expected)
  8. Natalie Huynh 2012-01-09

    Open to update label

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