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[TIMOB-526] Label Auto height not always calculated correctly

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Resolution Date2011-04-17T01:53:24.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sRelease 1.1.0
ReporterNolan Wright
AssigneeBlain Hamon


Run this code - label gets cutoff

var win = Ti.UI.createWindow();

var scrollView = Ti.UI.createScrollView({



var cleanstory = 'St Kilda has sacked recruit Andrew Lovett just a day after the former Essendon forward was charged with rape but insists it was not because of the criminal charge he faces.\n\nThe Saints confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that they intend to 'terminate Lovett's employment' with the club immediately, less than three months after giving up their first pick in the national draft in ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'order to secure the troubled star.\n\nLovett fell foul of club officials within weeks of joining the club when he was arrested for being drunk in a public place but after being fined following that incident he found himself in much more trouble in December.\n\nAfter drinking with a team-mate at a Richmond hotel late in December Lovett was accused of raping a sleeping woman at ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'a Port Melbourne apartment, with the club reacting to the allegations by immediately suspending him indefinitely.\n\nAnd while police charges were not laid until Monday the club has announced that it has made the decision to dismiss Lovett but claims the decision is 'not based on whether or not Andrew Lovett is innocent or guilty', that it was 'not part of the club's decision-making process'.\n\n"During ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'Andrew's short tenure with the club, on a number of occasions he engaged in actions that were failures to comply with our standards of expected behavioral conduct," said chief executive Michael Nettlefold.\n\n"These failures related to his training commitments and a failure to contact club officials in a situation where he should have done so. "\n\n"We simply could not ignore such breaches. Nor could we ignore ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'the damage being done to St Kilda's reputation and decided unanimously as a club to terminate Andrew Lovett's employment with the Saints."\n\nWhile St Kilda refused to discuss the case against Lovett as it does not want to prejudice him, the AFL Players' Association was 'extremely disappointed' with the Saints' decision.\n\n"The AFL and AFLPA have agreed to a grievance resolution procedure which seeks ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'to resolve disputes between players and Clubs in good faith," AFLPA CEO Matthew Finnis said.\n\n"We expect that clubs and players will respect this procedure and use their best endeavours to resolve issues between them via this system."\n\n"St Kilda's decision is, in our view, inconsistent with this principle and has the potential to undermine the commitment of players to the established codes and procedures for ';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'dealing with disciplinary matters and disputes within the AFL industry."\n\n"AFL players are employees, and AFL clubs are workplaces. Notwithstanding the nature of their work or their profiles, AFL players ought be able to rely upon basic principles of fairness and due process before being subjected to disciplinary action."\n\n"We have serious concerns as to whether Andrew's legal rights have been respected and will';
cleanstory = cleanstory + 'further consult with his legal representatives to address this concern in coming days."\n\nHaving reportedly signed a three-year, $1 million contract when he was drafted, Lovett may launch legal action against St Kilda, which refused to say whether he will have his contract paid out.\n\nLovett was seeking mediation to try and have the decision to ban him from the club overturned but with mediation no longer a possibility it appears almost certain that he will take the Saints to court.\n\nMeanwhile, AFL General Manager of Football Operations Adrian Anderson indicated in a statement on Tuesday that they would be leaving the matter in the hands of the club in question.\n\n"This is a contractual matter between St Kilda and Andrew Lovett. The AFL respects the right of St Kilda to make this decision and we do not intend to interfere in the matter," Anderson said.\n\nSt Kilda coach Ross Lyon admitted that the decision to give up pick 16 at last year's draft for Lovett had backfired and that he is now looking forward to Friday's NAB Cup clash with Collingwood at Etihad Stadium.\n\n"We went through what we believed to be due diligence or research and referencing and at the end of that made a reasonable or unanimous decision," Lyon said.\n\n"It's easy to sit here in hindsight (and say we should not have traded for him) but I'm certainly not saying it's been a positive outcome."\n\n"As a coach and a team what we need is to focus on our actions and prepare and the AFL season continues but we're one short."\n\n"But it's undeniably a negative start (to the season). It's not something we could've foreseen."\n\n"You try and prepare for challenges thrown up, this is one that's been put in front of us and that we'll deal with. (But) we're mentally strong."\n\nLovett, who booted 93 goals in 88 games with the Bombers after making his debut in 2005, was released by the club at the end of the 2009 season after a troubled five years at Windy Hill.\n\nA gifted player on the field, having won the Anzac Day medal as best afield in just his third game in the traditional battle against Collingwood in Round 5 of his debut season, Lovett found himself in trouble several times of it during his time with Essendon.\n\nThe most serious issue related an incident with a former girlfriend in which he was accused of beating her and refusing to let her out of his car as he kept her hostage driving around Melbourne for 45 minutes.\n\nHe was later fined for breaching an intervention order that legally prevented him from approaching her before last year also being suspended from driving for three months for driving without a licence.';

var labelStory = Ti.UI.createLabel({

text: cleanstory,
color: '#576996',





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