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[TIMOB-5328] iOS: iPad2 camera in a view/popover

GitHub Issuen/a
TypeNew Feature
Resolution Date2011-12-22T14:21:44.000+0000
Affected Version/sRelease
Fix Version/sSprint 2011-51, Release 2.0.0, Release 1.8.1
AssigneeVishal Duggal


I'd asked about this back when I had access to the HelpDesk. No idea where to find or access any progress to that. Essentially, we need a way to invoke/view the iPad camera inside a view (with the controls in there) or a popover. I've seen this done in many other iPad2 apps. Having the camera and controls always use the full screen doesn't always give the best UX in many app situations for the the iPad2. It has been possible to apply a transform to the camera, but this leaves all the rest of the UI black, so not ideal/useful. It might have been Dawson who had some ideas on how to handle this. It would be a very much welcome improvement for iPad2 apps to make the most of the camera.




  1. kosso 2011-10-11

    I'm seeing a lot more apps with this kind of behaviour now. Having the whole camera interface at always fullscreen is not acceptable.
  2. kosso 2011-11-08

    I would love to know when this might be done. It was brought up a long time before this ticket was created. Without this, any use of the camera in an iPad2 app just looks and feels ridiculous to the user. Development has been stalled on a few project for months.
  3. kosso 2011-12-12

    Still no movement on this one? This is totally holding up a load of iPad apps I have planned since I bought the iPad 2. Having the camera only on full screen all the time is a less than acceptable/expected experience. Please can someone fix this? Back when I asked about this well over 6 months ago, it sounded like someone has a way to do it. But it seems to have been ignored. Thanks.
  4. kosso 2011-12-12

    Also, if anyone does have an idea on how this might be done, I do build my own Ti SDKs at this end, so am willing to modify and test out any objectiveC code to test it ;)
  5. Stephen Tramer 2011-12-12

    kosso - This ticket has only just now come to my attention. Because this is an HIG violation, we'll be trying to schedule it this week or next, but with the release upcoming, there are no guarantees on a fix timeframe. Originally it was triaged and tagged for inclusion in 1.9.0, so it's unlikely to appear in any patch revisions of 1.8.x.
  6. kosso 2011-12-12

    Thanks for the update Stephen. I'm sure I've seen some apps do this, particularly in a popover. Now I need to see if I can remember which ones, to provide as an example. ;)
  7. Vishal Duggal 2011-12-22

    Simple test to display camera in a popover
  8. kosso 2011-12-22

    Vishal, Thanks for the test app.js Is this supposed to work? Or is this just a simple example to show how it could be implemented in the future?
  9. Stephen Tramer 2011-12-22

    Removed merge since this is a feature, which we tend not to backport for stability reasons.
  10. Vishal Duggal 2011-12-22

    Test app works. Has two buttons. Modal presents the full screen camera. Pop View presents camera in popover. Feature is supported on iPad Only. On iPhone it will always bring up full screen camera.
  11. kosso 2011-12-22

    Thanks for the info! :)
  12. kosso 2011-12-22

    Which SDK branch/tag should this work from? I just built the latest RC2 SDK (though appears as 1.9.0) from Github and tested this on an iPad with iOS 5.0.1 and both test pull up a modal/fullscreen camera. Thx.
  13. Stephen Tramer 2011-12-22

    This feature hasn't been accepted yet. Please watch the fixversion information on the ticket to know which builds it goes into, and when.
  14. kosso 2011-12-22

    I see. OK. Thanks. I'm too eager ;) Just tried the latest continuous build too. I'll wait for the next update on this ticket to see when it goes in so I can test it, as Vishal says he has done.
  15. kosso 2011-12-22

    Since the latest commit to master, I can confirm it works - in part. (Thank you!) However, using/defining a popoverView and arrowDirection leads to unexpected results. Also much oddness and size changing on orientation changes after settings these arguments too. I will follow up on this thread with findings and sample code - tomorrow.
  16. Rima Umbrasas 2012-08-16

    Verified fixed with : Mobile sdk-2.2.0.v20120810080115 Titanium Studio, build: Device: Ipad 5.1

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