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[TIMOB-1994] iOS: Memory leaks in TableView w/ remote image test cases

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2011-06-23T11:41:57.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sSprint 2011-25
Labelsdefect, ios, klist, leak, memory, release-1.7.0, tableview, tbs-1.7.1
ReporterThomas Huelbert
AssigneeBlain Hamon


After getting an intermittent crash, I was using instruments to look for mem leaks and encountered this.
mobile sdk build, 4th gen ipod 4.1

1.BaseUI>Views>Table Views>Table with controls
2.scroll up and down a few times
3.BaseUI>Views>Table Views>Table with controls
4.scroll up and down a few times
5.if you are still not seeing mem leaks in instruments, back up one level in the app and scroll the table view test case list


Leaked Object # Address Size Responsible Library Responsible Frame
TiUIImageViewProxy 2 < multiple > 2048 KitchenSink -[TiModule createProxy:forName:context:]
NSRecursiveLock 2 < multiple > 160 KitchenSink -[TiViewProxy init]
NSConcreteMutableData 2 < multiple > 64 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest startRequest]
NSCFDictionary 0xb461fd0 48 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
NSCFString 0xb45da60 32 CFNetwork HTTPMessage::createRequestLine(
CFString const, __CFURL const, CFString const*, unsigned char)
ASIHTTPRequest 0xb45ca00 432 KitchenSink +[ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:]
NSCFDictionary 0xb45bf70 48 CFNetwork HTTPMessage::initialize()
NSCFType 0xb457410 80 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest main]
Malloc 16 Bytes 0xb456600 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
NSRecursiveLock 0xb4565b0 80 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest initWithURL:]
NSArrayM 0xb455b50 32 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest initWithURL:]
NSOperationInternal 0xb455ac0 144 Foundation -[NSOperation init]
Malloc 16 Bytes 0xb4516d0 16 CFNetwork HTTPMessage::internalSetHeader(
CFString const, __CFString const, long)
Malloc 16 Bytes 0xb42ac90 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
NSCFNumber 0xb23e950 16 Foundation -[NSPlaceholderNumber initWithUnsignedInt:]
Malloc 352 Bytes 0xb23d850 352 Foundation -[NSConcreteMutableData appendBytes:length:]
NSDate 0xb23d100 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest handleBytesAvailable]
NSArrayM 0xb229d80 32 Foundation +[NSHTTPCookie cf2nsCookies:]
ImageLoaderRequest 0xb036b20 32 KitchenSink -[ImageLoader loadImage:delegate:userInfo:]
ASIHTTPRequest 0x7b79fa0 432 KitchenSink +[ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:]
NSCFDictionary 0x7b79d40 48 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
Malloc 16 Bytes 0x7b79bc0 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
NSArrayM 0x7b79ba0 32 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest initWithURL:]
NSOperationInternal 0x7b79b10 144 Foundation -[NSOperation init]
Malloc 16 Bytes 0x7b79900 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest addRequestHeader:value:]
NSRecursiveLock 0x7b798b0 80 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest initWithURL:]
ImageLoaderRequest 0x7b79860 32 KitchenSink -[ImageLoader loadImage:delegate:userInfo:]
Malloc 352 Bytes 0x7b757f0 352 Foundation -[NSConcreteMutableData appendBytes:length:]
NSDate 0x7b6a140 16 KitchenSink -[ASIHTTPRequest handleBytesAvailable]
__NSArrayM 0x7b51ab0 32 Foundation +[NSHTTPCookie




  1. Blain Hamon 2011-04-21

    Sealing up the last crack: Autorelease pool never got cleared in one break.
  2. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-22

    Blain fixed it, Blain gets the bug!
  3. Thomas Huelbert 2011-05-11

    we are still leaking every time we open the tableview in question. attaching txt file of stack Trace
  4. Thomas Huelbert 2011-05-11

    [INFO] Titanium SDK version: 1.7.0 (05/10/11 19:34 879871b...)
  5. Blain Hamon 2011-06-23

    Ran leaks to look at this. Need to know device/OS tested on, and tools to get the leaks info.
  6. Michael Pettiford 2012-02-09

    Closing issue as cannot reproduce Tested with Ti Studio build Ti Mob SDK 1.9.0.v20120208180134 OSX Lion 10.7.3 iPhone 4S OS 5.0, iPod Touch 4.3.3

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