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[TIMOB-2083] aacp radio stream

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionWon't Do
Resolution Date2020-01-09T18:49:59.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
LabelsNRN, aacp, android, audioplayer, streaming
AssigneeIngo Muschenetz



  1. Anthony Webb 2011-04-15

    Most radio streams now days are AAC format only, my clients are begging me to do streaming radio. Can we get some indication how far off AAC support is?

  2. Anthony Webb 2011-04-15

    Worth noting that AACP does work on iPhone fine, it does not work in android yet.

  3. Anthony Webb 2011-04-15

    It looks like from the android docs that it should be supported http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.html">http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.html

    Can someone confirm if it is indeed not supported, or if there is a flag I should be passing in to make aac+ work OK?

  4. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-15

    Assigning to Don for triage. Ticket indicates this is an android bug.

  5. Alexis Gaitan 2012-09-22

    any news? im trying to listen an aacp stream too but without luck
  6. Alan Hutton 2020-01-09

    It has been decided that this issue should be closed as “Won’t do.” This issue is out of date with our current supported SDK release (7.5.2.GA as of the date of closure), and out of date with mobile OS versions. Updating, or creating code may not reproduce the issue reported, or be a valid test case. If community members feel that the issue is still valid, please create a new ticket. Please reference this closed ticket number, include SDK used, comments, and code that demonstrates/reproduces the issue.

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