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[TIMOB-2619] Ti.Database does not expose SQLite exceptions

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2011-04-26T12:45:03.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sRelease 1.7.0, Sprint 2011-12
Labelsandroid, database, defect, release-1.5.1, release-1.7.0
ReporterPaul Dowsett
AssigneeDon Thorp


No sqlite exceptions are exposed to the Ti user. For android, exceptions can be viewed using adb.

The following situations were discussed with Don:

  • Duplicate key inserted. Using the sqlite console directly returns Error executing sql: error code 19: constraint failed. However, Titanium will continue with the following row inserts and they will be inserted successfully.
  • Value missing for NOTNULL field. Using the sqlite console directly for "insert intocondition" values('some',,'my url');returnsError: near ",": syntax error. However, Titanium will insert the data with 'undefined' in the NOTNULL columns

Possibly there are pros and cons to Titanium's behaviour, so it probably needs further consideration and more examples.


  1. Stephen Tramer 2011-04-15

    Also an issue with iOS, for the record.

  2. Martin Prebio 2011-04-15

    I think this is a very important ticket since an error in the statement or a constraint failure crashes the whole app without any possibility to circumvent this. The Priority should be higher than "Low" and I would like to have a solution for this as soon as possible.

    By the way, it's a duplicate of #1666

  3. Don Thorp 2011-04-15

    @Martin we use 1 ticket per platform so it's not technically a duplicate.

  4. Don Thorp 2011-04-15

    (from [d608fe27b052f7e13bd47b35a27b7e3dbf6d6711]) [#2619 state:fixed-in-qa] exception chucking enabled https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/commit/d608fe27b052f7e13bd47b35a27b7e3dbf6d6711"> https://github.com/appcelerator/titanium_mobile/commit/d608fe27b052...

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