{ "id": "79180", "key": "TIMOB-4988", "fields": { "issuetype": { "id": "1", "description": "A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.", "name": "Bug", "subtask": false }, "project": { "id": "10153", "key": "TIMOB", "name": "Titanium SDK/CLI", "projectCategory": { "id": "10100", "description": "Titanium and related SDKs used in application development", "name": "Client" } }, "fixVersions": [ { "id": "15107", "description": "2013 Sprint 09", "name": "2013 Sprint 09", "archived": true, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2013-05-06" } ], "resolution": { "id": "5", "description": "All attempts at reproducing this issue failed, or not enough information was available to reproduce the issue. Reading the code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur. If more information appears later, please reopen the issue.", "name": "Cannot Reproduce" }, "resolutiondate": "2013-04-26T07:54:42.000+0000", "created": "2011-08-11T15:43:42.000+0000", "priority": { "name": "Low", "id": "4" }, "labels": [ "core" ], "versions": [ { "id": "11570", "description": "", "name": "Release 1.7.2", "archived": true, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2011-07-21" }, { "id": "13271", "description": "Release 2.1.0", "name": "Release 2.1.0", "archived": false, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2012-06-29" } ], "issuelinks": [], "assignee": { "name": "jithinv@exalture.com", "key": "jithinv@exalture.com", "displayName": "jithinpv", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "updated": "2017-03-17T18:47:16.000+0000", "status": { "description": "The issue is considered finished, the resolution is correct. Issues which are closed can be reopened.", "name": "Closed", "id": "6", "statusCategory": { "id": 3, "key": "done", "colorName": "green", "name": "Done" } }, "components": [ { "id": "10202", "name": "Android", "description": "Android Platform" } ], "description": "When you focus on a text input field in a webview and evalJS runs, it blurs the focus you have on the text field and the keyboard disappears.\r\n\r\nStep 1: run the code below\r\nStep 2: tap on the text area in the webView\r\nStep 3: wait a few seconds\r\nStep 3: notice that the text area blurs and the keyboard drops when evalJS runs\r\n\r\n{code:title=\"app.js\"}\r\nvar tabGroup = Titanium.UI.createTabGroup();\r\nvar win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({\r\n title:'win_test'\r\n});\r\nvar webView = Titanium.UI.createWebView();\r\nwin.add(webView);\r\nwebView.url = 'test.html';\r\nintervalFunc = function(){\r\n Ti.API.info(\"### evalJS ###\");\r\n var r = webView.evalJS(\r\n 'getEvents()'\r\n );\r\n}\r\nvar tab = Titanium.UI.createTab({\r\n icon:'',\r\n title:'Test',\r\n window:win \r\n});\r\nvar interval = setInterval(intervalFunc, 5000);\r\ntabGroup.addTab(tab);\r\ntabGroup.open();\r\n{code}\r\n\r\n{code:title=\"test.html\"}\r\n\r\n\r\n blubb \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n{code}\r\n\r\nh4. Associated Helpdesk Ticket\r\nhttp://appc.me/c/APP-899769", "attachment": [], "flagged": false, "summary": "Android: evalJS causes text input field to blur and removes keyboard", "creator": { "name": "jalter", "key": "jalter", "displayName": "Jon Alter", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "subtasks": [], "reporter": { "name": "jalter", "key": "jalter", "displayName": "Jon Alter", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "environment": "TiSDK 1.7.2\r\nAndroid Emulator 2.2", "comment": { "comments": [ { "id": "202994", "author": { "name": "jyounus", "key": "jyounus", "displayName": "Junaid Younus", "active": true, "timeZone": "Europe/London" }, "body": "Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S2, with 2.1GA. I'm unsure if it's behaving as it should do or not. They keyboard does get blurred and it shows up a runtime error saying \"Uncaught Error: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its view. Source: var r = webView.evalJS('getEvents()');\"\r\n\r\nAdded the 2.1.0 tag in the ticket.", "updateAuthor": { "name": "jyounus", "key": "jyounus", "displayName": "Junaid Younus", "active": true, "timeZone": "Europe/London" }, "created": "2012-07-12T12:44:48.000+0000", "updated": "2012-07-12T12:44:48.000+0000" }, { "id": "249099", "author": { "name": "jithinv@exalture.com", "key": "jithinv@exalture.com", "displayName": "jithinpv", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "body": "cannot reproduce\r\n\r\nTested with\r\nTitanium Studio, build:\r\nTitanium SDK version: 3.1.0\r\nAndroid Emulator: Android SDK version: 2.2 ", "updateAuthor": { "name": "jithinv@exalture.com", "key": "jithinv@exalture.com", "displayName": "jithinpv", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "created": "2013-04-26T07:54:42.000+0000", "updated": "2013-04-26T07:54:42.000+0000" }, { "id": "413602", "author": { "name": "lmorris", "key": "lmorris", "displayName": "Lee Morris", "active": false, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "body": "Closing ticket as the issue cannot be reproduced.", "updateAuthor": { "name": "lmorris", "key": "lmorris", "displayName": "Lee Morris", "active": false, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "created": "2017-03-17T18:47:16.000+0000", "updated": "2017-03-17T18:47:16.000+0000" } ], "maxResults": 4, "total": 4, "startAt": 0 } } }