{ "id": "80769", "key": "TIMOB-5394", "fields": { "issuetype": { "id": "1", "description": "A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.", "name": "Bug", "subtask": false }, "project": { "id": "10153", "key": "TIMOB", "name": "Titanium SDK/CLI", "projectCategory": { "id": "10100", "description": "Titanium and related SDKs used in application development", "name": "Client" } }, "fixVersions": [ { "id": "12080", "description": "", "name": "Sprint 2011-40", "archived": true, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2011-10-10" }, { "id": "11331", "description": "", "name": "Release 1.8.0", "archived": true, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2011-10-31" } ], "resolution": { "id": "1", "description": "A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.", "name": "Fixed" }, "resolutiondate": "2011-10-07T11:23:52.000+0000", "created": "2011-09-30T10:58:02.000+0000", "priority": { "name": "High", "id": "2" }, "labels": [ "module_tableview", "qe-testadded" ], "versions": [ { "id": "11331", "description": "", "name": "Release 1.8.0", "archived": true, "released": true, "releaseDate": "2011-10-31" } ], "issuelinks": [], "assignee": { "name": "blainhamon", "key": "blainhamon", "displayName": "Blain Hamon", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "updated": "2014-06-19T12:46:38.000+0000", "status": { "description": "The issue is considered finished, the resolution is correct. Issues which are closed can be reopened.", "name": "Closed", "id": "6", "statusCategory": { "id": 3, "key": "done", "colorName": "green", "name": "Done" } }, "components": [ { "id": "10206", "name": "iOS", "description": "iOS Platform" } ], "description": "TableView click events don't work depending on how complex the rows are. Previous to the build referenced it worked fine (and also works in 1.7.2). Below is a sample to reliably reproduce.\r\n\r\n{code}\r\nvar createBGBox = function(view, height) {\r\n height = height || 40;\r\n var outerView = Ti.UI.createView({\r\n width: 'auto',\r\n height: view.size.height + height\r\n });\r\n \r\n var contentView = view;\r\n outerView.content = contentView;\r\n \r\n var defaults = {\r\n backgroundColor: \"#e4e4e4\", //\"#c9d9df\",\r\n opacity: 0.90,\r\n borderRadius: 7,\r\n borderWidth: 1,\r\n borderColor: \"#FFFFFF\",\r\n left: 5,\r\n width: 310,\r\n height: view.size.height + (height - 10)\r\n };\r\n \r\n var bgView = Ti.UI.createView(defaults);\r\n \r\n var ds = Ti.UI.createImageView({\r\n image: 'KS_nav_ui.png',\r\n hires: true,\r\n top: bgView.size.height - 12,\r\n width: 320,\r\n left: 0\r\n });\r\n outerView.add(ds);\r\n \r\n outerView.add(bgView);\r\n outerView.add(contentView);\r\n\r\n return outerView;\r\n};\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n var createCustomTableRow = function(obj) {\r\n var row = Ti.UI.createTableViewRow({\r\n className: 'eventdata',\r\n hasChild: true,\r\n height: 99,\r\n borderWidth:0,\r\n selectedBackgroundImage: 'none',\r\n selectionStyle:Ti.UI.iPhone.TableViewCellSelectionStyle.NONE\r\n });\r\n\r\n var txtView = Ti.UI.createView({\r\n layout: 'vertical',\r\n width: 'auto',\r\n height: 'auto',\r\n left: 115\r\n });\r\n\r\n var contentView = Ti.UI.createView({\r\n width: 'auto',\r\n height: 'auto'\r\n });\r\n\r\n var titleLBL = Ti.UI.createLabel({\r\n text: obj.name,\r\n height: 'auto',\r\n width: 170,\r\n left: 5,\r\n font: {\r\n fontSize: 15,\r\n fontWeight: 'bold'\r\n }\r\n });\r\n txtView.add(titleLBL);\r\n\r\n contentView.add(txtView);\r\n \r\n var view = createBGBox(contentView);\r\n row.add(view);\r\n row.height = view.size.height;\r\n\r\n return row;\r\n};\r\n\r\n\r\nvar win = Ti.UI.createWindow({ backgroundColor: '#fff' });\r\n\r\nvar data = [\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t}),\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t}),\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t}),\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t}),\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t}),\r\n\tcreateCustomTableRow({\r\n\t\tname: 'Test Row Data'\r\n\t})\r\n];\r\n\r\nvar table = Ti.UI.createTableView({\r\n separatorStyle: Ti.UI.iPhone.TableViewSeparatorStyle.NONE,\r\n backgroundColor: 'transparent',\r\n top:'7%',\r\n data: data\r\n});\r\n\r\ntable.addEventListener('click', function() {\r\n\talert('row clicked');\r\n})\r\n\r\nwin.add(table);\r\n\r\nwin.open();\r\n\r\n{code}", "attachment": [], "flagged": false, "summary": "1.8 Breaks tableView click events in some circumstances", "creator": { "name": "rblalock", "key": "rblalock", "displayName": "Rick Blalock", "active": false, "timeZone": "America/Havana" }, "subtasks": [], "reporter": { "name": "rblalock", "key": "rblalock", "displayName": "Rick Blalock", "active": false, "timeZone": "America/Havana" }, "environment": "iOS 4.3 Simulator and Device\r\nTi SDK build:\r\nversion=1.8.0\r\ngithash=0cf2035\r\n", "comment": { "comments": [ { "id": "167718", "author": { "name": "blainhamon", "key": "blainhamon", "displayName": "Blain Hamon", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "body": "Pull pending", "updateAuthor": { "name": "blainhamon", "key": "blainhamon", "displayName": "Blain Hamon", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "created": "2011-10-03T18:39:52.000+0000", "updated": "2011-10-03T18:39:52.000+0000" }, { "id": "168309", "author": { "name": "blainhamon", "key": "blainhamon", "displayName": "Blain Hamon", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "body": "Regression test: The following should not have any scrolling or response from the web view other than alerts on singletap and swipe.\r\n\r\n{code}\r\nvar w = Titanium.UI.createWindow();\r\nw.orientationModes = [Titanium.UI.PORTRAIT, Titanium.UI.LANDSCAPE_LEFT, Titanium.UI.LANDSCAPE_RIGHT];\r\nvar loremIpsum = \"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec \"+\r\n\"faucibus vulputate lorem ac suscipit. Ut sit amet felis a metus mollis egestas at ac erat. Sed nec \"+\r\n\"urna urna, nec posuere justo. Cras nec malesuada orci. Donec interdum, elit vel consequat lacinia, \"+\r\n\"dui est convallis sem, nec lobortis nibh magna ac metus. Morbi sapien tellus, aliquet in convallis \"+\r\n\"in, viverra sit amet justo. Cras vitae erat vitae erat blandit porttitor ac faucibus libero. Mauris \"+\r\n\"sollicitudin, risus sit amet luctus consequat, lectus lorem sagittis sapien, at eleifend eros felis \"+\r\n\"eu elit. Mauris ut nibh leo, vel tempus sem. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus \"+\r\n\"et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Suspendisse eu lacus at ligula venenatis vestibulum.\";\r\nvar webview = Ti.UI.createWebView();\r\n\r\nwebview.addEventListener('singletap', function(e)\r\n{\r\n\talert('singletap');\r\n});\r\n\r\nwebview.addEventListener('swipe', function(e)\r\n{\r\n\talert('swipe');\r\n});\r\n\r\nwebview.html = loremIpsum;\r\nw.add(webview);\r\n\r\nw.open();\r\n{code}", "updateAuthor": { "name": "blainhamon", "key": "blainhamon", "displayName": "Blain Hamon", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "created": "2011-10-07T11:08:45.000+0000", "updated": "2011-10-07T11:08:45.000+0000" }, { "id": "175695", "author": { "name": "thomashuelbert", "key": "thomashuelbert", "displayName": "Thomas Huelbert", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "body": "ipad2 5.0.1 RC1, studio 1.0.7RC, 10.6.8", "updateAuthor": { "name": "thomashuelbert", "key": "thomashuelbert", "displayName": "Thomas Huelbert", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" }, "created": "2011-12-10T14:51:28.000+0000", "updated": "2011-12-10T14:51:28.000+0000" } ], "maxResults": 5, "total": 5, "startAt": 0 } } }