[TIMOB-548] Impossible to load any Application example for version 0.8 and 0.9.x with Titanium 1.0

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Resolution Date2011-04-15T02:31:35.000+0000
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Assigneebfreedman (at appcelerator)


Hello Guys, How are you today ? Me very Bad :(

Nowadays, I am trying to develop a little application for iPad with Titanium 1.0 (+ Apple SDK 3.2).

I created an application "Test" just to see if everything work very well with a last version of Titanium (1.0). Unfortunately, when I double click on the icon of my test application, it doesn't arrive at the end and I have again the home screen of my iPad (emulator).

When I use the same environment (Titanium 1.0 + Apple SDK 3.2 beta) to laod some applications examples wrote with titanium version 0.9.x (Example - The Kitchen Sink), they don't work. I have to use Titanium 1.0 + release apple SDK include between 3.1 and 3.1.2 if I want to run the Titanium applications examples.

However, since my update to Titanium 1.0 and my update to Apple SDK 3.2 that include some improve for iPad Development, the url param seems to be depreciated when I write:

var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({url:'index.html'});
[ERROR] url not supported in a window. index.html --

Please, Could You Help me ?

All my apologies for the quality of my English because it isn't my mother tongue. I speak French :)


  1. Nolan Wright 2011-04-15

    you need to enter support issues at developer.appcelerator.com (under the Q&A tab).

    you can't use html files in the url. it has to be a JS file. you can only create web views with the html property

  2. Lee Morris 2017-03-09 Closing ticket as invalid.

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