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[AC-137] Android rendering problem with all build of appcelerator

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2015-11-05T08:57:43.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
Labelsactionbar, android
ReporterTran Quang Vinh
AssigneeMostafizur Rahman


I am sure that a lot of people have the same problem like me but nobody even posts the problem. I also ask many people but no one can give me a right answer. The problem is: when you use the app, go through some pages then you face a page that open a webview, you close that page and keep using the app! The problem comes no sooner or later. This never happens on ios, i mean never! Here is some illustrations: Normal page before going to webview !https://appcelerator-community-qa.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/bc221f68-fff9-42e1-bcb1-53a9d02bdc95.png! Webview page !https://appcelerator-community-qa.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/2b103fd7-14fa-4597-abe0-a15f10690d72.png! After closing the webview page and go back to previous page !https://appcelerator-community-qa.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/e4da177b-a351-443a-95fe-1a41101383a8.png!


  1. Mostafizur Rahman 2015-10-29

    Hello We couldn't reproduce this issue. All pages rendered correctly in our working environment. Please provide a reproducible test case and detailed working environment. *Attached below are the screenshots of the test result* 1. Normal page before going to webview : [screenshot 1](http://postimg.org/image/f0i8xif7h/) 2. The second one is the Webview page : [screenshot 2](http://postimg.org/image/3y4dxktpp/) 3. After closing the webview page and go back to previous page : [screenshot 3](http://postimg.org/image/z03v5jzot/) *Testing Environment:* Appc CLI -- 5.0.4 Appc Studio - 4.3.3 Mac OSx - 10.9.5 Node.js - 0.12.7 npm - 2.11.3 JDK version: 1.7.0_65 Ti SDK - 5.0.2 GA Android Emulator: PREVIEW- Google Nexus 6p - 6.00 *Steps to test:* 1. Create a project with several pages 2. Create any one page with a webView 3. Run the app 4. Go through the pages and open the page that contains webView 5. Close the webView page and keep coming back to previous windows. Observe that all pages are rendered as expected. Thanks
  2. Tran Quang Vinh 2015-11-05

    Sorry! I figured it out! The problem is not appcelerator. It is in android itself. I recoded the app in android. I still have the same problem. I think we can mark this issue is solved.

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