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AC-19Make the Android NDK warning/error on first setup less alarmingResolved2015-01-312015-02-03
AC-20Newly created sample app doesn't runClosed2015-01-312015-05-12
AC-21Promote 64-bit OS X installer for Appcelerator StudioResolved2015-01-312015-04-18
AC-23Windows/Linux node downloads missing from CLI pageResolved2015-01-312015-04-18
AC-26Better feedback when compiling native modulesResolved2015-02-022015-03-24
AC-28Executing subsequent appc run on a 4.0.0 server project, previous run failureResolved2015-02-032015-02-13
AC-30Welcome: Setup on Windows is missing from CLI optionClosed2015-02-032015-02-03
AC-41Getting "Callback was already called" using "appc new"Resolved2015-02-202015-03-24
AC-66Studio: Build on device works, but app crashes on app startClosed2015-04-072015-05-08
AC-73Impossible to run app on rooted phone (or ex rooted) compiled with titanium sdk 4.0.0.beta2Resolved2015-04-132015-04-18
AC-74'Failure loading the application asset' when on iOS deviceResolved2015-04-132015-11-14
AC-75Appcelerator Studio faild to build appResolved2015-04-132015-11-10
AC-77Unable to build imported Titanium appResolved2015-04-132015-04-16
AC-78SSL error upgrading Appcelerator Studio 4.0Resolved2015-04-132015-11-10
AC-80Studio: Cannot build on simulator or deviceResolved2015-04-142015-04-18
AC-81ENOENT: Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Resolved2015-04-152017-10-18
AC-83Unable to receive verification codeClosed2015-04-162015-05-15
AC-88Unable to compile Alloy project for windows phoneResolved2015-04-172015-11-14
AC-89Cannot login to the Appcelerator Platform through Studio of CLI: Invalid Appcelerator 360 Login CredentialsResolved2015-04-172015-11-10
AC-90LiveView doesn't update when image addedResolved2015-04-172015-09-16
AC-91Android: Custom font with attributedString doesn't workResolved2015-04-202015-11-10
AC-92Window Focus event Fire some times fire and some times it doesn't. Even app get hangs up and next window is not opening.Resolved2015-04-202015-11-11
AC-94Code Analyzer Updates fires again and again..Resolved2015-04-212015-11-13
AC-97Unable to publish arrow projectResolved2015-04-232015-11-12
AC-98Appcelerator Studio doesn't detect Android SDKResolved2015-04-232015-05-18
AC-99Appcelerator Studio "Dark Studio" theme doesn't affect studio on WindowsResolved2015-04-242015-05-18
AC-101Platform: Arrow databases from deleted projects stay visibleResolved2015-04-242015-05-12
AC-102Project Compile Error - Target: Android - SDK: Titanium SDK 4.0.0RCResolved2015-04-242015-05-18
AC-103Setting deployType for myself for TestFlightResolved2015-04-272015-11-13
AC-105Try catch not working and cause crashClosed2015-04-282015-11-10
AC-106Appcelerator Studio keeps crashing when running or debugging AppsResolved2015-04-282015-11-11
AC-107WebView shows blank page after loading with SDK 4.0.0.RCResolved2015-04-302015-05-18
AC-108Test of mandatory fieldsClosed2015-04-302015-05-12
AC-109Hello World app will not compileResolved2015-05-032015-11-14
AC-110Importing project without renaming it doesn't copy files to new workspaceResolved2015-05-042015-11-10
AC-111URGENT! All images not existing in @3x are not shown!Resolved2015-05-062015-11-13
AC-114Security Violation Detected - Application Binary Has Been Tampered WithResolved2015-05-072015-05-18
AC-116assertion failed: 12F70: libxpc.dylib + 71768Closed2015-05-082015-05-14
AC-118ACS CLI unable to publish --force projectClosed2015-05-082015-11-07
AC-119Error during Check Environment with nodejs v 0.12.2Resolved2015-05-082015-11-09
AC-120.JS file is shortened to 127 linesResolved2015-05-092015-11-13
AC-121iOS: ImageView.image property not working properly for 'local' imagesClosed2015-05-092015-05-14
AC-123Alloy: Compiler still uses "Ti.UI.iPad" namespace for SplitWindowResolved2015-05-112015-06-29
AC-125Android: APK built with scons-built SDK is double the size of APK built with continuous integration SDKResolved2015-05-132015-11-04
AC-126Android: Unable to build app for SDK 3.5.1.GA after updating from Titanium Studio to Appcelerator Studio (Re: AssetCryptImpl.java)Closed2015-05-132015-05-14
AC-127Load event image Bug on 4.0.0.RC3 IOSResolved2015-05-142015-05-17
AC-128[ERROR] : There are no supported Xcode installations found.Closed2015-05-142015-05-14
AC-129Launching simulator process failedResolved2015-05-152015-11-12
AC-130Liveview and non-latin (cyrillic) charactersClosed2015-05-192015-08-10
AC-132Appcelerator Studio can't find CLI executable everytime I rebootResolved2015-05-212015-11-04
AC-135Accessing controllers inside folders in Alloy using <Require src> causes problems in runtimeResolved2015-05-222015-11-13
AC-137Android rendering problem with all build of appceleratorResolved2015-05-252015-11-05
AC-138Appcelerator Studio Freezes on Windows 7.Resolved2015-05-262015-11-14
AC-139Newly Launched Appcelerator Studio 4 is not starting on Windows 8.1/i5/8GB RAMResolved2015-05-262015-11-14
AC-140Can't update Appcelerator Studio on Mac - username is wrongResolved2015-05-262015-12-08
AC-141Icons in Ti.UI.Tab does not display on iOSClosed2015-05-262015-11-05
AC-142Resursion when setting lifecycleContainerResolved2015-05-262015-11-14
AC-146Cannot Comment Code Section.Closed2015-05-292015-05-29
AC-147Clouds.Users.query's $nearSphere has reversed Lat/Long requirementsResolved2015-06-022015-06-12
AC-148CLI 4.0.0 returning errorResolved2015-06-022015-11-13
AC-150Watchkit app can not be installedResolved2015-06-032015-12-08
AC-152TableViewRow className causes buggy Label behaviour on AndroidResolved2015-06-042015-12-22
AC-153Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Resolved2015-06-052015-11-10
AC-154 Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 4.0.1, Titanium SDK version 4.0.0.GAResolved2015-06-052015-11-10
AC-155Appcelerator Studio v. 4.0 crashes after opening tiapp.xmlResolved2015-06-062015-11-10
AC-157Alloy does not compile a complete directory of controllersClosed2015-06-092015-06-09
AC-158Titanium.UI.TextField.setSelection does not select the textResolved2015-06-102015-11-13
AC-159Module error in Ti 4 versus Ti 3.5.1Resolved2015-06-112016-03-07
AC-160Cannot use Alloy controller that does not have an associated viewResolved2015-06-112017-02-07
AC-162Updated to the latest Appcelerator Studio FailsResolved2015-06-122015-11-08
AC-163Appcelerator Studio slows down whole system after some period of usageResolved2015-06-152015-11-11
AC-164ACS mixed credentials (I suppose it is the same in ArrowDB)Resolved2015-06-152015-11-21
AC-165Unable to set layout for iPad in different Orientation for multiple windowResolved2015-06-152015-11-14
AC-166Crash on startupResolved2015-06-152015-11-14
AC-167Indie user cannot publish appsResolved2015-06-172015-11-05
AC-168Appcelerator Studio 4 incompatible issue with Xcode 6.3.2Resolved2015-06-182015-11-11
AC-169Text is not visible or too small in textfield with 3.5.0 SDKResolved2015-06-192015-11-11
AC-171Appcelerator: Save File java.lang.NullPointerExceptionResolved2015-06-192015-11-11
AC-173Creating Custom Object for another user does not workResolved2015-06-222015-11-13
AC-177Backwards logging of Lat/Lon causing errorsResolved2015-06-242015-11-04
AC-178 Ti.UI.iOS.createDocumentViewer encoding issueResolved2015-06-242015-11-22
AC-179Analytics error when opening project file in Appcelerator StudioResolved2015-06-242015-11-13
AC-180Animation doesnt work when I dont explicitly pass '*dp'Resolved2015-06-252015-11-10
AC-181Appcelerator Studio prompts for login every dayResolved2015-06-252015-11-06
AC-182Facebook-Android SSO connectivity in 4.0.0.Resolved2015-06-252015-12-03
AC-184Can't install or update CliClosed2015-06-262015-07-21
AC-188Button text all capital on Android 5.0Closed2015-06-302015-07-22
AC-191Two DisplayCaps optionsClosed2015-07-022015-07-03
AC-192Can't publish Android app to Play storeClosed2015-07-022015-08-05
AC-193Always rebuild config.jsonResolved2015-07-022015-11-11
AC-195Appcelerator Studio, build: comment code is not workingClosed2015-07-022015-07-02
AC-197NullPointerException when calling second method in a custom module Closed2015-07-042015-07-06
AC-198appc setup issueResolved2015-07-042015-11-07
AC-199TiDownloadManager (Android) needs serious code reviewResolved2015-07-052015-12-22
AC-200iOS: Using buildin moment.js case uncaught exceptionClosed2015-07-072015-08-19
AC-201Ti.UI.View.bubbleParent - not handled with applyPropertiesClosed2015-07-072015-11-05
AC-202Update label.text from slider in TableView block the slider Closed2015-07-082015-07-21
AC-203[Ti.Cloud] Email Verification redirect issueResolved2015-07-082015-11-05
AC-205Appcelerator Studio: Need to re-login after using for a whileResolved2015-07-092015-11-13
AC-207Cannot Create a ProjectResolved2015-07-092015-11-10
AC-208Appcelerator CLI cannot be uses with NPM 3.xClosed2015-07-092015-09-19
AC-209Appcelerator Studio Update to 4.1.0 causes problemsClosed2015-07-092015-07-10
AC-2144.1.0.GA causing An internal error occurred during: "Loading Platform Contents". java.lang.NullPointerExceptionClosed2015-07-102015-07-10
AC-215Appcelerator installer can drop some stepsResolved2015-07-102015-11-13
AC-217AngularJS will not install within Aptana Studio 3Resolved2015-07-112015-11-05
AC-218Use System Icons as an ImageViewResolved2015-07-112015-11-13
AC-219issue version of web browser on Gnu/Linux systemResolved2015-07-112015-11-05
AC-220iOS Push in ACS intermittently disables itselfResolved2015-07-112015-11-05
AC-221new behavior of propertiesClosed2015-07-112015-07-20
AC-222 ACS / Arrow Push - push to multiple channels, delimited by a comma does not seem to work as per docsResolved2015-07-122015-12-08
AC-225Android Error: Payload is null! when installing freshly on a deviceResolved2015-07-132016-03-01
AC-226Breakpoints are not being hit on Mac OS 10.10 with Titanium 4.1Closed2015-07-132015-08-05
AC-227The "Integrating with Appcelerator Cloud Services" link in http://docs.appcelerator.com/platform/latest/#!/api/Modules.Cloud yields a "Page not found".Closed2015-07-132015-07-15
AC-229Registry Server UnavailableClosed2015-07-152015-09-13
AC-231Integrate notifications with Universal NavResolved2015-07-152017-01-05
AC-234Connections to devices and simulations lost in RUN-menuClosed2015-07-162015-07-22
AC-236Android EmailDialog result needs not always be set to sentResolved2015-07-162017-04-06
AC-239iOS map click event fires only if clicksourse is "pin"Resolved2015-07-172015-11-11
AC-240Alloy compiler failed (cannot find module <project>/undefined) Resolved2015-07-172015-11-09
AC-243Failed to create Package for Windows StoreResolved2015-07-192015-11-14
AC-244iOS - forcing close an app sometimes generates "failed to exit in time" crashResolved2015-07-202015-11-22
AC-245Android emulators won't launch (Genymotion) or install (Android SDK emulators)Resolved2015-07-202015-11-05
AC-247Preferences/CSS Code Formatter: Off/On tags cannot be enabledClosed2015-07-212015-07-26
AC-248 C:\Users\OM\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\titanium\node_modules\longjohn\dist \longjohn.js:184 e.stack; ^ processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:358:17)Closed2015-07-222015-07-22
AC-250String.format does not work correctlyClosed2015-07-222015-08-12
AC-252unable to build titanium project from xcode manually.Get error of invalid ppuuid in xcode .Closed2015-07-232015-07-23
AC-255Back button on android webview crashClosed2015-07-242015-07-27
AC-256unable to build titanium project from xcode manually.Get error of invalid ppuuid in xcode .Closed2015-07-242015-07-26
AC-257Manual session management in ArrowDBClosed2015-07-242015-12-09
AC-261Regarding Appcelerator Configuration Error.Closed2015-07-272015-08-12
AC-262Studio can't edit Tiapp.xml in Tiapp EditorClosed2015-07-272015-08-07
AC-264Appcelerator is not getting logged in Resolved2015-07-272015-11-05
AC-266Add feature to name App in a localized language without internationalizationResolved2015-07-282015-12-22
AC-267INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES on Android 4.3 older devicesClosed2015-07-282015-11-18
AC-268Not able to build the project that isn't created by the current userClosed2015-07-292015-07-29
AC-269Not able to build the project that isn't created by the current userClosed2015-07-292015-07-29
AC-270Not able to build the project that isn't created by the current userClosed2015-07-292015-08-12
AC-271updating from 4.0.0 auf 4.1.1 causes errorResolved2015-07-292015-11-08
AC-272APPC crashes often. Mostly when updating or installing new projectResolved2015-07-302015-11-10
AC-273TiAPI: "link" event for Ti.UI.ATTRIBUTE_LINK no longer fired in 4.1.0.GAClosed2015-07-302015-08-07
AC-276Technical issues due to 4.1.0 upgrade has broken compilationResolved2015-07-312015-11-21
AC-280can't run android or iOS after upgrading titanium sdks from 3.1.3.ga to 3.5.1.gaResolved2015-07-312015-11-12
AC-281WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.4 instead of 10.10.4. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.Resolved2015-08-032015-11-05
AC-282Ti.map 2.3.# disables user input (swipe/pinch/etc) randomly with TiSDK 3.5.1Closed2015-08-032015-11-03
AC-283The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.4 instead of 10.10.4. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.Closed2015-08-042015-08-12
AC-286Screen shrinks when forcefully set the app in landscape modeResolved2015-08-052015-11-14
AC-287iOS: TableView randomly disappears on app load on SDK 4.1.0Resolved2015-08-052015-11-08
AC-288Employee Directory sample app will not run in WindowsResolved2015-08-052015-08-28
AC-289Live ViewClosed2015-08-052015-08-07
AC-291Map annotation not firing button eventsClosed2015-08-062015-08-11
AC-293Took over a project from another developer and received an error on runResolved2015-08-072015-11-11
AC-294[Arrow Cloud] Can not set domain - "The domain is invalid" error Closed2015-08-112015-08-11
AC-296Refresh in preferences/platforms/ios, crashedClosed2015-08-122015-11-05
AC-297iOS: Debug crash when setting breakpoint in Resources controller file with 4.1SDKResolved2015-08-122015-11-05
AC-301ArrowDB instances created automatically by the Arrow App not visible in dashboardResolved2015-08-132015-11-22
AC-303Date Picker (Calendar View) on Android 5.0 not detecting selection.Resolved2015-08-142015-11-14
AC-304unable to pick music from library and convert this in base64 in titanium android.Resolved2015-08-172015-11-11
AC-306Ti.Map not rendering leftView on IOSResolved2015-08-182015-11-12
AC-307Click event on annotation does not work in ti.map moduleResolved2015-08-202015-11-12
AC-308Studio Prompts for login in the middle of a sessionResolved2015-08-202015-11-10
AC-310Android - CloudPush - callback is called but notification isn't clearedResolved2015-08-212015-12-03
AC-311Failed to update settings object: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8Resolved2015-08-212015-11-05
AC-312Android only : ListView ignores formatting some cases, iOS works fineResolved2015-08-212015-11-30
AC-314AppceleratorStudio: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.4 instead of 10.10.4. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.Resolved2015-08-242015-11-11
AC-318Support AdHoc vs. Production keys in config.json fileResolved2015-08-252015-08-25
AC-319Not able to use prefilled database on Android 5.1.1Resolved2015-08-252015-11-05
AC-320Appcelerator Studio crashes after loadResolved2015-08-262015-11-11
AC-321Cannot LoginResolved2015-08-262015-11-05
AC-322iOS SDK Home Not specified!Resolved2015-08-262015-11-05
AC-323textField on tableViewRow loses focus on entering valueClosed2015-08-262016-03-11
AC-324unable to connect to XCODEResolved2015-08-262015-11-10
AC-325Annotation click on leftButton/rightButton not firing as expectedResolved2015-08-262015-11-12
AC-327Get EOF in js file when running AppResolved2015-08-272015-11-21
AC-328Publish iOS iTunes APPResolved2015-08-272015-11-13
AC-331ONGs e voluntários precisam se encontrarClosed2015-08-292015-11-02
AC-332!!!Need urgent help - project must be delivered to customer -No server is availableResolved2015-08-312015-11-10
AC-333Unable to loginResolved2015-08-312015-11-07
AC-334Unable to buildResolved2015-08-312015-11-13
AC-339Alloy compiler not found on WindowsResolved2015-09-032015-11-14
AC-340Default Keyboard does not work in TableViewRow Lollipop devicesClosed2015-09-072015-11-12
AC-341autoLink no longer auto-links as of 3.5.0Resolved2015-09-072015-11-12
AC-343Ti Modules causing conflictResolved2015-09-102016-06-22
AC-344iOS 9 - App throws error when Sleep/Wake button pressedResolved2015-09-112015-11-29
AC-348Appcelerator Studio's login requirement is shrinking Appcelerator's goodwill capitalResolved2015-09-112015-11-14
AC-350Update crashes appcelerator studioResolved2015-09-122015-11-12
AC-351Full iOS rebuild everytime since CLI Core 4.1.1/4.1.2Resolved2015-09-142015-11-11
AC-352Freeze on module installationResolved2015-09-142015-11-08
AC-353longjohn errorResolved2015-09-142015-11-11
AC-354Windows 'app.js' is not part of the global scopeResolved2015-09-162015-11-23
AC-356SDK 5.0.0 will not build ipa's on case sensitive file systemsResolved2015-09-172015-11-22
AC-361Wrong command on project runResolved2015-09-182015-11-11
AC-362Crash in "Dispatch queue: com.apple.NSURLSession-work" threadResolved2015-09-192015-11-12
AC-363Crash will be occurred in "Dispatch queue: com.apple.NSURLSession-work" threadResolved2015-09-192015-11-11
AC-364Crash in "Dispatch queue: com.apple.NSURLSession-work" threadResolved2015-09-192015-11-11
AC-368After updating to Version 7.0 & titanium sdk 5.0.0GA simulators don't startResolved2015-09-202015-11-11
AC-370CLI builds only for one deviceResolved2015-09-212015-11-10
AC-371JDK folder names not scanned properlyResolved2015-09-212015-11-11
AC-372Cannot build mobile app in TiStudio with SDK 5.0.0.GAResolved2015-09-212015-11-10
AC-374iOS 9 build fails to deploy on deviceResolved2015-09-212015-11-11
AC-375Appcelerator build/run does not finish building and stops at Image OptimisationClosed2015-09-222015-12-03
AC-377App Designer Plugin Properties panel doesn't save idResolved2015-09-222015-11-10
AC-378Library "does not contain bitcode" error when building to iOS 9 device with Titanium SDK < 5.0.0Resolved2015-09-232015-11-14
AC-380iOS9: Ti.Locale.currentLanguage() returns a combination of ISO 2-letter language and country codesClosed2015-09-242015-11-10
AC-381Unable to upload image with titanium provided Ti.Utils.base64encode(image)Resolved2015-09-252015-11-26
AC-382Photo Uploads Broken on PlatformResolved2015-09-262015-11-21
AC-383SDK 5.0.0 error on Ti.Cloud.Users.updateResolved2015-09-262015-11-14
AC-384iOS: Custom Picker renders off-screen and wont position correctly when inside TableView/ScrollView/ListViewResolved2015-09-262015-11-14
AC-385Tableview SetData not working when coming back from other ViewResolved2015-09-282015-11-11
AC-388convertUnits iphone 6 plus calculates wrong pixel size from dipsResolved2014-11-272015-11-21
AC-392Ti.Platform.displayCaps differs simulator/deviceResolved2015-01-142015-11-14
AC-394Alloy projects opens, then immediately close on Windows Phone emulatorResolved2015-02-252015-11-26
AC-395High CPU Usage when use Sinch moduleResolved2015-03-062015-11-30
AC-396Views loading images crash unpredictably, also causing database-opening exceptionsResolved2015-03-122015-11-22
AC-397Crash in JSCore for ad-hoc buildResolved2015-03-132017-01-05
AC-398Error Alloy Data Binding AnnotationsResolved2015-03-192015-11-11
AC-400HTTPClient POST request with file doesn't work on AndroidResolved2015-09-292015-11-11
AC-401Choose specific Tiapp.xml Alloy plugin versionResolved2015-09-292015-11-18
AC-402Titanium.Contacts.showContacts ErrorResolved2015-09-292015-11-25
AC-403Why list view item min height hardcoded to 30dp on Android?Resolved2015-04-182015-11-12
AC-404HTTP Digest Authentication (NTML) breaks on iOS 8.3Resolved2015-04-202015-11-29
AC-405Random native crashes (SIGSEGV) in libhwui.soClosed2015-04-222015-12-09
AC-406error in lunching applicationResolved2015-05-112015-11-08
AC-407Titanium 3.4.2 is not able to configure Android SDK Resolved2015-05-192015-11-08
AC-408Can run app twice after terminateResolved2015-06-012015-11-08
AC-409App crashes on some 4.2.2 devicesResolved2015-06-262016-03-11
AC-410Sending Analytics Ping Problem In Appcelerator StudioResolved2015-07-012015-11-14
AC-412App sometimes crash when launched from notification areaResolved2015-07-152016-01-06
AC-416ListView with a set of image templates, crashing the appClosed2015-08-222015-11-05
AC-418TiUIView Leaking when being animated on click inside scrollable view. Resolved2015-08-282015-11-25
AC-419Build impossibleResolved2015-08-292015-11-10
AC-421Can't edit tiapp.xml with TiApp EditorResolved2015-09-112015-12-01
AC-423showCamera - checkSelfPermission will crash on Nexus 4 (Android 5.1.1)Resolved2015-09-172015-11-22
AC-424iOS : The changes to files javascript aren't reflected on the simulatorResolved2015-09-302015-10-05
AC-425Insecure cahce.db file when submitting to Salesforce app exchangeResolved2015-08-272018-03-06
AC-426iOS: Network - HTTPClient call to ACS binding not workingResolved2014-08-102015-11-21
AC-427tableView fail to open on Android emulator/deviceResolved2015-07-022015-11-21
AC-428URL scheme Android returns nullResolved2015-09-242015-12-23
AC-429Android Lifecycle State (onPause, onCreate and others) not getting calledResolved2015-09-292015-11-14
AC-432NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription or NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription doesn't get saved in iOS 8 Settings App automatically upon installResolved2014-09-242015-11-08
AC-433libTiCore random crash: EXEC_BAD_ACCESSClosed2014-12-222015-12-09
AC-434Apple Watch Push Notifications showing incorrect 'App Name'Resolved2015-08-072015-12-22
AC-436Intent-filters not created for activities with urlResolved2015-03-102015-12-07
AC-437TableViewSection click event is not working in titanium mobile applicationResolved2015-04-232015-11-13
AC-438IOS: ListView images fail to load using xcode 7Resolved2015-09-302015-10-26
AC-442Module mismatch errorResolved2015-10-012015-10-08
AC-443Build the app on iOS 9 emulator is not being buildResolved2015-10-022015-11-07
AC-448iOS apps crash when they hit a breakpointClosed2015-10-062015-11-05
AC-449Studio: Java errorClosed2015-10-062015-11-07
AC-450Doc website javascript bugResolved2015-10-072015-11-07
AC-451Creation of new APPC app is not working on XCODE 7.0 and APPC SDK 5.0.2GA Resolved2015-10-092015-11-07
AC-452Adding 'map' to an array within an causes 'undefined is not a function'Resolved2015-10-092015-11-07
AC-453Arrow - can't create a model based on a viewResolved2015-10-112015-11-11
AC-454Memory ManagementResolved2015-10-122015-11-11
AC-455Unable to run simple app in appceleratorResolved2015-10-122015-10-29
AC-458ImageView does not scale images correctResolved2015-10-122015-11-05
AC-460Windows: MomentJS startOf() and endOf() functions seem to report the wrong dateResolved2015-10-122015-12-03
AC-464Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople phone array with custom label return undefined ?Resolved2015-10-152015-11-08
AC-466iOS 9 build fails to deploy on deviceResolved2015-10-152015-10-29
AC-468KrollCallback.m Crash App AnimationResolved2015-10-152015-11-11
AC-469Appcelerator Studio Not Responding all the time, have to force quit, i cant work for more than 5 minutes without this happening. i have a macbook pro with 8 gb of memoryResolved2015-10-152017-11-19
AC-470NullPointException on CompileResolved2015-10-162015-11-12
AC-471Android geocoder returns latitude & longitude swappedResolved2015-10-162015-11-05
AC-472Multipart HTTP request composed with errorsResolved2015-10-182015-10-29
AC-474App crashes unexpectedly when using ImageViews with remote URLsResolved2015-10-192015-11-05
AC-475Ti.Barcode not working on Android 6Resolved2015-10-212015-12-02
AC-476iOS: 5.1.x Ti.UI.ActivityIndicatorStyle favored, but failsResolved2015-10-212015-10-27
AC-477Appcelerator Studio. Can't debug commonjs module due "Source not found"Resolved2015-10-232015-11-29
AC-478my app (PFA) crushed after redoing a same task again and againResolved2015-10-262015-11-07
AC-479Ti.Gigya Module (Android): Not able to login multiple times on Android 5.0 and upResolved2015-10-262015-11-18
AC-487Alloy fails to properly include Common JS modulesResolved2015-11-042015-11-05
AC-488Can't create a cardviewResolved2015-11-042015-11-05
AC-4905.x SDK and Xcode 7 - No app.js on when installed to deviceResolved2015-11-052015-11-17
AC-493(~Сериал~) Молодежка 3 сезон 13 серия 08-11-2015 online когда выйдет в HD 720pClosed2015-11-072015-11-10
AC-494Missing Viewing Analytics page in documentationResolved2015-11-092015-11-12
AC-495Android: Remove auto-generated uses-permission via tiapp.xmlResolved2015-11-112015-11-21
AC-498SearchBar and ListView sectionIndexTitlesResolved2015-11-112015-11-12
AC-499Facebook no longer works - fbauth2 is missing from your info.plistResolved2015-11-122015-11-23
AC-500Test ticket for TISTUD-7740Closed2015-11-122015-11-12
AC-501Test ticket for TISTUD-7740Closed2015-11-122015-11-12
AC-506INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES on Android 4.2 older devicesResolved2015-11-182015-12-10
AC-508ListView item with images disappear with SDK 5.1Resolved2015-11-212015-11-21
AC-509Studio crashes after update to 4.4.0Resolved2015-11-212015-11-24
AC-510[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Resolved2015-11-232015-11-26
AC-511test ticketClosed2015-11-242015-11-24
AC-512test ticketClosed2015-11-242015-11-24
AC-513Testing feedback feature from studioClosed2015-11-252015-11-25
AC-514Testing submit feedback feature from studioClosed2015-11-252015-11-25
AC-516Appcelerator httpclient is not handling the response with code 204 correctly.Closed2015-11-302015-11-30
AC-519Encoding image from camera to base64 string not working - ASL MESSAGE SIZE EXCEEDED MAXIMIMUM SIZEResolved2015-11-302015-12-03
AC-520[ISSUE][IOS 9.1 with Ti SDK 5.0.2 ]Resolved2015-11-302015-12-03
AC-521Any computer can't run the app on any Android phone by USB cableResolved2015-11-302015-12-03
AC-522WP8.1: Deploy to clients device failed with error: Deployment optimization failed due to an assembly that's not validResolved2015-12-012015-12-03
AC-523No summaryClosed2015-12-022015-12-02
AC-525'Google Play services missing' error when Google Play services installed for Android map v2 on Titanium sdk 5.1.1.GAResolved2015-12-032015-12-08
AC-527Appcellerator CLI blocked after installing Android StudioResolved2015-12-042015-12-10
AC-528Appcelerator on android 5.x don't prevent system font size changeResolved2015-12-042020-02-21
AC-530Dashboard feature in studioClosed2015-12-072015-12-07
AC-531Test: Feedback feature testClosed2015-12-072015-12-07
AC-533Test: Feedback itemClosed2015-12-072015-12-07
AC-534Dashboard in studioClosed2015-12-082015-12-08
AC-536Studio: Error connecting to download server Ubuntu 14.04 LTSResolved2015-12-092017-06-21
AC-538Appcelerator CLI give [Error: Module version mismatch. Expected 46, got 14.]Resolved2015-12-112015-12-17
AC-539Titanium.XML: Can't get element by id if id property defined in uppercaseResolved2015-12-122015-12-27
AC-541Share extension integrationClosed2015-12-152015-12-17
AC-546Windows phone store app rejectResolved2015-12-282016-01-07
AC-547Ti.App.getArguments failing after opening app from spotlight Search iOSClosed2015-12-292015-12-29
AC-550Failed to run MSBuild as Visual Studio cannot find a suitable .NET framework.Resolved2015-12-302016-01-07
AC-552Custom Database path - isn't created if non-existent (Android)Closed2016-01-022016-01-04
AC-553Update to Android considerations when using emulatorsResolved2016-01-042016-01-05
AC-555appc setup throws error on windows 10 (trying to install fsevents an os x only module)...Resolved2016-01-062016-01-07
AC-559Android: Colors not applied to TextField underline, caret, and active Switch per docsClosed2016-01-072016-01-10
AC-560Setting backgroundColor on a Ti.UI.Button causes it to lose default styling of border radius & active stateResolved2016-01-082016-01-11
AC-561iOS: on widget's controller WPATH doesn't always work as expectedResolved2016-01-112016-01-11
AC-562Android: cannot list files in a sources directory with Filesystem.getFiles - getDirectoryListingClosed2016-01-112016-01-11
AC-564Not able to run hyperloop example on sdk 6.0.0.v20160107190008Closed2016-01-122016-01-16
AC-568I can't post to https://community.appcelerator.com/category/5/mobile-apps-q-aClosed2016-01-132016-01-18
AC-569Website rejects certificate?????Resolved2016-01-152016-01-15
AC-570iOS: Alloy - Video Player with Activity Indicator causing video not showingClosed2016-01-162016-01-17
AC-571View style class does not work in the nested caseClosed2016-01-162016-01-18
AC-575Ti.Media.showCamera error: Snapshotting a view that has not been rendered results in an empty snapshot. Ensure your view has been rendered at least once before snapshotting or snapshot after screen updates.Closed2016-01-212016-01-21
AC-576iOS - ScrollableView - Child buttons are not firing events on 5.1.2.GAClosed2016-01-212016-09-08
AC-579Not able to appc run. Getting spawn wmic ENOENT errorClosed2016-01-252016-02-01
AC-584Ti.StyledLabel Module no longer working on Android 6Resolved2016-01-282016-01-28
AC-585V8Object: (KrollRuntimeThread) [11,14] Runtime disposed, cannot set property 'userAgent'Closed2016-01-282016-02-04
AC-587Technical issues due to 5.1.2.GA upgrade has broken compilationClosed2016-01-282016-01-29
AC-591DeviceToken null on AndroidClosed2016-02-012016-02-07
AC-592Android Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople() jni error local reference table overflowClosed2016-02-012016-02-03
AC-595Layout Pushes Up when Soft keyboard opensClosed2016-02-022016-02-04
AC-596Android SDK not found if Studio has wrong path to it in preferencesClosed2016-02-022016-02-03
AC-598Issue Test Ticket : TISTUD-7740Closed2016-02-032016-02-03
AC-603Intent for calling app permissions (Marshmellow)Resolved2016-02-042016-02-05
AC-611After upgrading to studio 4.5.0 receiving error on startupClosed2016-02-082016-02-14
AC-617Error while deploying app on Windows App StoreClosed2016-02-112016-02-22
AC-618Android SDkClosed2016-02-112016-02-16
AC-619Appcelerator's recommended way of doing unit testing.Closed2016-02-122016-02-13
AC-623No app.js foundClosed2016-02-152016-02-22
AC-625Music does not play in when pass an audio file URL in WebView and try playing it on Android (5.x or Later)Closed2016-02-172016-03-09
AC-628ti.flurry Appcelerator marketplace module not working.Closed2016-02-182016-02-22
AC-630Unable to update Titanium SDK to 5.1.2.GAClosed2016-02-182016-02-25
AC-640Alloy Build Fails with ENOENTResolved2016-02-202016-02-24
AC-643Shake gesture timestamp always 0, x/y undefinedClosed2016-02-232016-03-07
AC-645Problem with too high images in iOS scrollViewClosed2016-02-232016-02-24
AC-6475.2GA will not build after update. ALL 5.x SDKs will not build after update!Closed2016-02-232016-03-08
AC-648Studio 4.5.0 - Failing to Build Android TI Module(s)Resolved2016-02-232016-02-29
AC-651Android: Ti.Map (any version) + Ti SDK 5.2.0.GA crashesClosed2016-02-242016-02-26
AC-653Getting error trying to create Jira ticket via AppceleratorClosed2016-02-242016-02-24
AC-654Studio can't update to the latest version 4.5.0Resolved2016-02-242016-02-26
AC-656Studio 4.5 ignoring splash screensClosed2016-02-242016-02-28
AC-658Latest studio has node issuesClosed2016-02-252016-02-28
AC-664Upgraded to Studio 4.5 and SDK 5.2.0, now i CANT deploy to a real IOS deviceClosed2016-02-262016-02-26
AC-671Error: [INFO] : libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000004 (code=1), thread 6895 (WebViewCoreThre)Closed2016-02-282016-03-10
AC-672Swipe to close on app's home window hangs-up appClosed2016-02-282016-03-10
AC-675Commonjs modules are overwriting module.exports.id propertyClosed2016-02-282016-02-29
AC-677Indie seat account lost and claimResolved2016-02-262016-02-29
AC-682Android 6.0 (Post 5.2.0 SDK): java.io.FileNotFoundException: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)Closed2016-02-242016-02-29
AC-684Gallery moment сrachClosed2016-02-192016-03-13
AC-685Can't use LiveView with iOS SimulatorClosed2016-02-122016-03-07
AC-686map annotation issue in windows phoneClosed2016-02-222016-03-11
AC-687App crashing in simulatorResolved2016-02-142016-02-29
AC-688Windows Phone App Listview CrashResolved2016-02-202016-03-10
AC-689How to change the default sqllite db name in alloy projectClosed2016-02-292016-03-10
AC-690PhotoCollections not "relationable" with relationsIn Progress2014-11-202016-02-29
AC-691New Apple Push notification certificates not delivering Push NotificationsClosed2016-02-292016-03-29
AC-692Google play service jar new systemResolved2016-02-292016-04-06
AC-693build dist-adhoc generates error "logger is not defined"Closed2016-02-292016-02-29
AC-698Found A critical Vulnerbility While Creating UsersClosed2016-03-012016-03-02
AC-703Hyperloop: fails to compile when no HL source found in the projectClosed2016-03-012016-03-01
AC-704Android Map not loading correctly - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException errorClosed2014-10-162016-03-02
AC-712Error Compiling app.Closed2016-03-032016-03-17
AC-713Studio Crash Launching Appcelerator struck in 57%Closed2016-03-042016-03-18
AC-718Module error in Ti 4 and 5 versus Ti 3.5.1Closed2016-03-072016-03-10
AC-721Not able to compile application when using ti.map module v2.2.1or higherClosed2016-03-072016-03-10
AC-724Studio Hangs on project selectClosed2014-04-042016-03-08
AC-725String.format with L and parameters application crashes on SDK 3.5.0Closed2015-01-232016-03-08
AC-726Dashboard does not loadClosed2014-06-302016-03-08
AC-727iOS devices not receiving push notificationsClosed2015-04-072016-03-08
AC-728Problems upgrading from 3.3 to 3.4Resolved2014-09-252016-03-08
AC-729Window Focus event Fire some times fire and some times it doesn't. Even app get hangs up and next window is not opening.Closed2015-05-112016-03-08
AC-730ti.cloudpush and ti.admob together creates problemClosed2015-02-032016-03-08
AC-731Test BUGClosed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-732Android : since 3.2.1 javascript file not loaded in webview on deviceResolved2014-04-172016-03-08
AC-733Android fails to configure. Deleting .titanium folder fixes issueClosed2014-07-242016-03-08
AC-734Urban Airship Module stopped workingClosed2014-05-262016-03-08
AC-735Cannot perform updatesClosed2014-03-032016-03-08
AC-736Android: Problem detecting Android SDKResolved2014-05-042016-03-08
AC-737Fresh install of Titanium not recognizes ios 7.1Closed2014-07-072016-03-08
AC-738Ti.Cloud Node.ACS Statuses Methods Incomplete in Node.ACSResolved2014-05-062016-03-08
AC-740createHTTPClient Fails with SDK 3.3.0Closed2014-08-312016-03-08
AC-741Studio repeatedly freezingClosed2015-06-182016-03-08
AC-742Abnormal process TerminationResolved2015-02-192016-03-08
AC-743Error connection to debuggerClosed2015-10-142016-03-08
AC-744In Studio 4.0.0 Cannot select and run an ios simulator consistent with what is available via studio 3.4.xResolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-745Camera preview is different to taken image on Android with overlayResolved2014-12-102016-03-08
AC-746"iTunes Sync" disappeared from the menuClosed2014-06-032016-03-08
AC-747The value on "Badge" is not increased after receiving the Push NotificationClosed2014-08-152016-03-08
AC-748map module on iphone with Ti SDK 3.2.2 +Resolved2014-10-012016-03-08
AC-750TiAdmob Module admob sdk issue for iOS 8.2Resolved2015-05-092016-03-08
AC-751Can't use ti.cloud in mobileweb appResolved2015-04-122016-03-08
AC-752Titanium Studio 3.4 RC can't see the iOS 8 SDKClosed2014-09-212016-03-08
AC-753[EMERGENCY] Platform Signup via Github on Appcelerator.com is 404Closed2016-03-052016-03-08
AC-754encodeURIComponent double encoding @Resolved2014-04-222016-12-01
AC-756WebView.evalJS does not return the correct value when the expression is suffixed by semicolonResolved2014-08-222016-03-08
AC-757New ACS app enabled from Studio is not appearing in my.appcelerator.comClosed2015-04-022016-03-08
AC-758Android: cannot find image resourceResolved2015-09-042016-03-08
AC-759Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery is not working on iPad but fine on iPhoneResolved2015-03-312016-03-08
AC-760social.js authorize UI crashes on androidClosed2014-11-122016-03-08
AC-761Google Play Crash Report: RuntimeException - TiCameraActivity startPreview failedClosed2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-762Unhanded exception 'NSRangeException' when Undo key is pressed on iOS numeric keyboardClosed2014-03-212016-03-08
AC-763Alloy Global array reload issueResolved2015-05-112016-03-08
AC-764Unable to Set 'sdkInfo' when attempting to install windows SDKClosed2015-06-172016-03-08
AC-765Error on build appsResolved2015-04-282016-03-08
AC-766Alloy: Usage of Picker events in ListView crashes appResolved2015-03-072016-03-08
AC-767iOS - Alloy: Clear button in a TextField doesn't work properlyClosed2014-03-022016-03-08
AC-768After upgrade to Ti 3.2.2.GA I cannot run anything in my Mac with SDK 3.2.2Closed2014-03-132016-03-08
AC-769Studio fails to detect matching elements/styles with nested foldersClosed2014-06-022016-03-08
AC-770Android Activity events are unreliableClosed2014-07-142016-03-08
AC-771[CLI] --skip-js-minify should be default on android buildResolved2014-03-162016-03-08
AC-772AppCompat actionBar.hide() doesn't hide the actionbar prior to a window appearingResolved2014-06-162016-03-08
AC-773Tryng to run RSS Reader demo app on projectClosed2014-07-062016-03-08
AC-774get screen coordinates - convertPointToView - not requested viewResolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-775Can't run projects after installing Studio. TI info won't work either.Resolved2014-09-032016-03-08
AC-776Error when running appResolved2015-09-082016-03-08
AC-777error in titanium\node_modules\longjohn\dist\longjohn.js:184Closed2015-05-192016-03-08
AC-778Problems creating Mobile Module ProjectResolved2014-09-112016-03-08
AC-779Error in longjohn.js when trying to run a projectClosed2014-03-112016-03-08
AC-780Run and Select Project Button Remains DisabledClosed2015-01-222016-03-08
AC-781navTintColor doesn't work in 3.5.0GAClosed2015-02-112016-03-08
AC-782Width of content in Webview expands past Device width (IOS)Resolved2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-783"Submit ticket" feature in Appcelerator Studio is failingResolved2015-06-152016-03-08
AC-784Error to send push notificationResolved2014-08-112016-03-08
AC-785Can't hide Android action bar/Hiding the action bar doesn't produce the desired behaviorClosed2014-10-212016-03-08
AC-786Test from LeorClosed2015-06-192016-03-08
AC-787[ERROR] Failed to register app for ACSResolved2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-788textid is not working after Label is shownClosed2014-06-132016-03-08
AC-789Crash on Nexus4 width SDK 3.2.3.GAResolved2014-05-042016-03-08
AC-791Text cursor doesn't move in TextArea when the text is in Hebrew (Android)Closed2014-11-122016-03-08
AC-792CloudPush/ImageFactory/Paint does not work on Android 6.0Resolved2015-11-172016-03-08
AC-793In a scrollview, the scrollingEnabled property is causing a scrollToTopClosed2014-04-212016-03-08
AC-794Ti Database install failure when absolute path containing spaces is passedResolved2015-02-182016-03-08
AC-795TiDownloadManager crashes with links returning redirects (302)Closed2014-12-292016-03-08
AC-796HTTPClient ondatastream returns negative progress valuesClosed2014-07-162016-03-08
AC-797iOS crashes by "NSRangeException" error on controller's argumentClosed2016-02-052016-03-08
AC-798Console application log is now empty, application log shown in device logResolved2014-08-222016-03-08
AC-799Titanium Studio not configure with iOS and android SDKClosed2014-07-222016-03-08
AC-800Some specific html maker an ti compile error in 3.2.x.GA not 3.1.3.GAClosed2014-03-182016-03-08
AC-801iOS: Annotation not placed accurately when map is in scrollView (iOS 9)Resolved2015-09-072016-03-08
AC-802Multi-login info on status barClosed2014-07-242016-03-08
AC-803Titanium update on linux failsClosed2014-08-052016-03-08
AC-804iOS: Debugger: actual breakpoint location is off by one in require()'d js modulesClosed2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-805Bug when compile android exampleClosed2014-10-242016-03-08
AC-806Node.ACS not installingClosed2014-03-112016-03-08
AC-807Test jira ticket for TISTUD-3641Closed2014-10-032016-03-08
AC-808Android: Images are not getting displayed in ImageView and View Resolved2014-05-182016-03-08
AC-809Can't create node.acs projectResolved2014-08-202016-03-08
AC-810Studio Asks to Upgrade to 4.0.1 CLI Every LaunchClosed2015-06-292016-03-08
AC-811[ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value "iPhone Retina (4-inch 64-bit)"Resolved2014-05-052016-03-08
AC-812ACS - Query for posts doesn't return user object!!!Closed2014-03-122016-03-08
AC-813Error on application startupClosed2015-05-222016-03-08
AC-814Build fails when using native API call (Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.WebView)Resolved2015-12-172016-03-08
AC-815Alloy Nested Views (Third Sibling)Resolved2014-09-092016-03-08
AC-816There is no ADV available, but a number of Android Emulators are shownClosed2014-03-222016-03-08
AC-817Performance degradation in Titanium SDK 3.3.0.GA for the listSection.updateItemAt method in IOSClosed2014-09-212016-03-08
AC-818When my android app loads i get this message ALOT ([INFO] : BitmapFactory: DecodeImagePath(decodeResourceStream3) : value is null. res : null) Resolved2015-08-222016-03-08
AC-819Swipe event is been fired on scroll eventClosed2014-06-252016-03-08
AC-820iOS SDK UnknownResolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-821Titanium Login is not workingClosed2015-07-252016-03-08
AC-822Unable to change Back Button Title if the previous windows have a large titleResolved2014-09-302016-03-08
AC-823After deleting section from TableView on ios view stop responding to any actionClosed2014-07-032016-03-08
AC-824Fatal signal 11 - App crash after fourth-fifth windows open Closed2015-02-282016-03-08
AC-825iOS: OptionDialog unhides the StatusBar in Full-screen Modal NavigationWindow...Closed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-826studio 4.0 having issue, App not compiling or installingClosed2015-05-242016-03-08
AC-827Alloy compiler failedResolved2015-01-162016-03-08
AC-828Tableview Android warningsClosed2016-03-022016-03-08
AC-829setting webview using html property does not run javascript in htmlClosed2014-07-142016-03-08
AC-830Can't build IOS project converted from Titanium to AppceleratorResolved2015-08-252016-03-08
AC-831Web-view not opening external URLS embedded inside web view content on androidClosed2014-10-202016-03-08
AC-832does not work any more, all blockedClosed2014-11-122016-03-08
AC-833Alert Dialog message does not scroll on iOS 8 devicesClosed2014-12-082016-03-08
AC-834`Widget` Scope Not Available in CommonJS ModulesClosed2014-06-182016-03-08
AC-835[Alloy 1.4-rc] TabbedBar disappears when inside ToolbarClosed2014-06-162016-03-08
AC-836Cannot use Ti.Cloud commonjs module with MobileWebClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-837Ti.include does not work in Alloy projectResolved2014-05-142016-03-08
AC-838Map View - data binding for annotation is not workingClosed2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-839TS can't detect that emulator (android) 1.is ready 2.is runnungClosed2015-03-112016-03-08
AC-840ti.map module doesn't show anything or can be blurry in Android if mapType is SATELLITE_TYPE or HYBRID_TYPEResolved2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-841[Android ] Titanium window freezes at random - Production AppResolved2014-05-132016-03-08
AC-842Camera Crashes on BB (Blackberry) after take photo if called from View generated by AlloyResolved2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-843Cant install Java Development toolsClosed2014-10-092016-03-08
AC-844installation of appcerelator updates failingResolved2015-12-182016-03-08
AC-845Strings.format crashes on iOSResolved2015-05-062016-03-08
AC-846Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery is not working on iPad when using Camera Overlay but fine on iPhoneClosed2015-04-222016-03-08
AC-847[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Resolved2015-10-222016-03-08
AC-848Error Occured while downloading Android SDKResolved2015-07-012016-03-08
AC-849ACS Console Development/Production toggle switch Closed2014-05-302016-03-08
AC-850Alloy: Empty TSS selectors cause buggy renderingClosed2014-08-142016-03-08
AC-851Internationalization Unicode bug with AlloyClosed2014-04-122016-03-08
AC-852Creating the demo android module does not workClosed2014-10-152016-03-08
AC-853tiapp.xml editor fails to load 'Appcelerator Platform Services' infoResolved2015-11-302016-03-08
AC-854Create new Project in Appcelerator Studio, ERROR \| invalid sessionClosed2015-04-142016-03-08
AC-855iOS app crashes during NavBar button event Resolved2015-02-152016-03-08
AC-856Alloy - android fails to display unicode service markResolved2014-05-072016-03-08
AC-857Imposible to create a Ticket from Titanium witk filesClosed2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-858Unable to address MenuItem from index.jsResolved2014-08-212016-03-08
AC-859iOS Simulator broken with 7.1 XCode 5.1Closed2014-03-132016-03-08
AC-860Not able to launch IOS 7.1 simulator when xcode 6.2 is installedResolved2015-03-232016-03-08
AC-861rowAction Event Missing from DropdownClosed2015-07-222016-03-08
AC-862Window: Setting the height to Ti.UI.SIZE does not fit to contentResolved2015-12-182016-03-08
AC-863Code Sign error duing build processClosed2014-03-102016-03-08
AC-864Run does not workResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-865Studio hangs when editing XML file with UTF-8 symbolsResolved2015-05-252016-03-08
AC-866Views behaviour different in iOS and AndroidClosed2015-01-152016-03-08
AC-867Can't open project explorerClosed2015-05-222016-03-08
AC-868Getting error while running the sample app for android environmentResolved2015-01-222016-03-08
AC-869Android borderRadius property not working with using view layout = "horizontal"Closed2014-08-292016-03-08
AC-870iOS 7 - registerForPushNotifications does not trigger success or error eventClosed2014-11-182016-03-08
AC-871Failed to run Dexer - androidClosed2014-03-252016-03-08
AC-872I cant get it workClosed2014-07-062016-03-08
AC-873Object styles for Button/Label/TextField not overridden in [controller].tssResolved2014-04-222016-03-08
AC-874Time Picker value is always current dateClosed2014-03-062016-03-08
AC-875Listview flickers on iPhone 6 PlusResolved2014-11-262016-03-08
AC-876When I update titanium, Studio catches an errorResolved2015-01-052016-03-08
AC-877Unable to open encrypted databaseClosed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-878Cannot update StudioClosed2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-879Delay in View Re-layout / Invalidation (Android)Closed2016-03-042016-03-08
AC-880Extending WindowsClosed2015-01-202016-03-08
AC-881AlloyTemplates are missing after installing titaniumResolved2014-12-162016-03-08
AC-882Android apps not running in UbuntuClosed2014-03-192016-03-08
AC-883response_json_depth not working in Cloud.Users.showMeClosed2015-06-272016-06-26
AC-884Node.ACS Logout Method does not allow manual callingResolved2014-02-282016-03-08
AC-885Unable to Update Titanium SDK to 3.3.0Closed2014-07-182016-03-08
AC-886Check for Titanium updateClosed2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-887while running app i am getting errorClosed2015-01-292016-03-08
AC-888Syncing Multiple Scrollviews using "scroll" eventClosed2014-03-042016-03-08
AC-889NullPointerException on Ti.UI.Picker.showDatePickerDialog()Resolved2015-03-092016-03-08
AC-890View can not disapear after replacing file from finder to titaniumClosed2014-09-192016-03-08
AC-891Appcelerator Testing 'soasta-touchtest' crashes apps on ios 8.x with SDK 3.4.1Resolved2015-03-132016-03-08
AC-892Publish apps not workingClosed2015-10-112016-03-08
AC-893How to make Search Bar transparent or custom search bar?Closed2014-08-012016-03-08
AC-894Version code of app is not recognised in google play. When I try uploading my apk unto play store it fails stating that there is already an app with version code 1 even though I have compiled the new app with a different version(2.0).Closed2014-04-092016-03-08
AC-895Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function at /index.html (line 92)Resolved2014-09-072016-03-08
AC-896Android: imageView not trigger 'load' event if imageView was not added to the windowClosed2015-02-172016-03-08
AC-897Android: Creating/playing Sound objects can cause app to crash on exitResolved2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-898Custom fonts not working on iOS with Titanium SDK 3.5.0Closed2015-01-262016-03-08
AC-899App does not show up in Mobile IronClosed2015-01-192016-03-08
AC-900Application crashes on resumeClosed2014-04-152016-03-08
AC-901iOS: SearchBar activating is dramatically slow for large ListViewResolved2014-08-252016-03-08
AC-902ACS show_user_like not returning when use with "where" parameter.Resolved2015-04-132016-03-08
AC-903 Could not find Titanium module id=org.beuckman.tibeacons version=latest platform=iphone deploy-type=developmentClosed2014-06-192016-03-08
AC-904appc-security-server will be available soon. Resolved2015-08-312016-03-08
AC-905'Run' and 'Select a project' stay grayed out after launching Titanium StudioClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-906Titanium android emulator could not be openedClosed2014-04-042016-03-08
AC-907Map SIGSEGV when removing it from the windowClosed2014-07-162016-03-08
AC-908No iOS simulators and Android devices displayedClosed2015-01-142016-03-08
AC-909Multiple functions crashing on Samsung Android Phone (4.4.2)Closed2014-10-142016-03-08
AC-910Unable to access ApplicationData file from WebView using an XMLHttpRequest on AndroidResolved2014-06-292016-03-08
AC-911I can't enter to the web-serviceClosed2014-04-302016-03-08
AC-912button padding in horizontal layout view not workClosed2015-06-232016-03-08
AC-913Application Installer abnormal process termination.Closed2014-09-302016-03-08
AC-914Titanium.Filesystem.applicationSupportDirectory error to load imageClosed2015-02-022016-03-08
AC-915Not able to deploy application on windows phone 8 emulator on windows 8.0 boxClosed2014-04-182016-03-08
AC-916Can not create new project [ERROR] Project already existsClosed2014-05-062016-03-08
AC-917[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8.Closed2014-04-182016-03-08
AC-918IndexOutOfBoundsException in TiApplication.getCurrentActivityResolved2014-11-232016-03-08
AC-919Urgent!! Unable to find Android SDK tools: zipalign.Closed2014-07-072016-03-08
AC-920Setting popover height via contentView doesn't resize the popoverClosed2015-01-052016-03-08
AC-921Crash when launching root activity from another activityClosed2015-01-152016-03-08
AC-922Titanium Android Device Running Error / /usr/lib/node_modules/titanium/node_modules/longjohn/dist/longjohn.js:185Resolved2014-05-232016-03-08
AC-923Studio initialization error Closed2014-04-292016-03-08
AC-924Navigation windows delayed renderingClosed2014-10-012016-03-08
AC-925I cannot make the app runs after Mac OS updateResolved2015-10-142016-03-08
AC-926Can not add sftp plus into appceletor studio 4.0.1Closed2015-07-052016-03-08
AC-927MacOSX can't compile Android Module using JDK 1.7Resolved2015-03-202016-03-08
AC-928relative path not working for Blackberry require()Resolved2014-12-062016-03-08
AC-929[ERROR] : No Titanium SDKs are installedResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-930Imposible Run Alloy Aplication in Android ADVClosed2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-931Android's view.toImage returns a KrollDict instead to TiBlobResolved2015-04-132016-03-08
AC-932titanium info throws an exceptionClosed2014-07-122016-03-08
AC-933Studio 4.0.0 is prompted for Studio 3.4.x updatesResolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-934Gelocation multiple removeEventListener calls will prevent addEventListenerClosed2014-02-282016-03-08
AC-935Titanium CLI created ios module cannot be tested / run by titanium.pyClosed2014-09-162016-03-08
AC-936Ti cloud Reset Password - user does not receive emailResolved2015-12-242016-03-08
AC-937Invalid "--developer-name and Invalid --"pp-uuid" value on building projects from Xcode 6.1 using Titanium SDK 3.4.1Resolved2014-11-252016-03-08
AC-938Number of subscribed devices is not shown correctly in Cloud ConsoleClosed2014-07-292016-03-08
AC-939Android push notifications not working when app is out of focus - force closeClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-940Trying to integrate IOS native module in Titanium App , App crashesResolved2015-04-012016-03-08
AC-941Titanium Studio gets stuck on Titanium Updates dialogClosed2014-07-162016-03-08
AC-942Titanium cannot find iOS certificatesClosed2014-12-022016-03-08
AC-943Cannot use Enterprise Modules - SQLite Database Encryption and CryptoClosed2014-11-212016-03-08
AC-944Android crash on application resume through selecting push notificationResolved2014-03-072016-03-08
AC-945iOS: Layout with sizes specified as percentage not working after setting ti.ui.defaultunitResolved2014-12-102016-03-08
AC-946my app doesnot build and keep showing an error message and when i use the browser to debug it this message apear 'File /index.html not found'Closed2014-12-102016-03-08
AC-947Controllers without views cannot be used as base controllersResolved2014-09-222017-02-07
AC-948ListView Marker won't work with sections and templatesResolved2015-05-182016-03-08
AC-949Clean Install- cannnot run Hello World (from QuickStart Guide)Closed2014-06-022016-03-08
AC-950Android: Action bar shown in Android 2.3.6 not in 4.xClosed2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-951Can't update Appcelerator StudioClosed2015-05-292016-03-08
AC-952Distribute iTunes Store and Ad Hoc does not workClosed2015-05-262016-03-08
AC-953Unable to updateResolved2014-05-022016-03-08
AC-954Does validatesSecureCertificate "true" can validate SSLCertificate of a service which use SHA-256 algorithm?Closed2016-01-082016-03-08
AC-955Android and IOS listview issueClosed2014-09-022016-03-08
AC-956Studio loses proxy credentialsClosed2014-08-292016-03-08
AC-957Problem with studio locating Android SDKxResolved2015-12-042016-03-08
AC-958Disable animation on tableView.appendSection not workingClosed2014-11-242016-03-08
AC-959$.createStyle() crashes app in BlackBerry 10Resolved2014-11-242016-03-08
AC-960SDK 4.1.1 ti.cloudPush 3.4.0 Throws Error on BuildResolved2015-09-092016-04-05
AC-961Misspelt: ACS Monthly Usage month dropdown says "Novmenber"Resolved2014-12-112016-03-08
AC-962iOS can rotate once onlyClosed2014-08-072016-03-08
AC-963ACS - FB logged Users: addFriend / friendRequests throws an internal Error Closed2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-964Build process fails randomly on Mac OS XClosed2014-07-232016-03-08
AC-965"Your Appcelerator Device Authorization" succeeded with the 3rd try :-(Resolved2015-08-072016-03-08
AC-966ACS Users.resendConfirmation returns "You have to confirm your account before continuing"Resolved2014-11-292016-03-08
AC-967Service not assigning a valid tokenClosed2014-05-172016-03-08
AC-968Cannot debug android via Genymotion emulatorResolved2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-969Image doesn't display unless in res-hdpi folderResolved2016-03-032016-03-09
AC-970Project build fails with LiveView enabledResolved2015-05-252016-03-08
AC-971tisdk 3.4.0.GA, ios, http post string error Resolved2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-972No Android SDK FoundClosed2014-03-282016-03-08
AC-973TRACE \| titanium exited with exit code 0Resolved2015-09-212016-03-08
AC-974When user1 creates a new user2, can modify/delete all user2's stuffResolved2014-02-272016-03-08
AC-975Android: deploying to device fails on adb installClosed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-976ACS service is not returning proper countResolved2015-01-192016-03-08
AC-977iOS: Label in PickerRow are not styledClosed2015-06-232016-03-08
AC-978user name is accepting special characterClosed2014-04-092016-03-08
AC-979Android Create Module Development keep failing.Resolved2015-04-202016-03-08
AC-981Using of SDK 3.5.1.GA with AppcStudio runs in auth issueClosed2015-06-122016-03-08
AC-982Android app installs but won't run on Genymotion emulators: "Couldn't load ti.paint from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoa...: findLibrary returned nullClosed2014-02-282016-03-08
AC-983Sunmit A Ticket feature generates errorClosed2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-984"New layout" warning using animationResolved2015-03-102016-03-08
AC-985httpClient causes memory leaksResolved2015-11-072016-03-08
AC-986convertPointToView returns null for Views inside of a ListViewClosed2014-04-132016-03-08
AC-987Android: SearchView in ActionBar expands only if attached to TableViewClosed2014-04-082016-03-08
AC-988Tizen: Emulator fails to launch default alloy projectClosed2014-05-082016-03-08
AC-989Android: lack of clarity or consistency with onCreateOptionsMenu, onPrepareOptionsMenuResolved2014-05-012016-03-08
AC-990Emulator doesn't openResolved2014-10-012017-08-02
AC-991Ti.facebook module web dialog rejected by FacebookResolved2015-03-192016-03-08
AC-992Android: Some token photos show up in the stock "photos app". saveToPhotoGallery option does not workClosed2014-09-162016-03-08
AC-993Xcode build fails when we select profile and certificate in titaniumResolved2014-11-172016-03-08
AC-994Order parameter does not work when querying ACS custom objects with coordinatesClosed2015-02-122016-03-08
AC-995Cannot run any android project even if helloworld on my smartphone(samsung galaxy s3)Closed2014-03-182016-03-08
AC-996Can't log to Titanium Studio version 3.0.2Closed2015-08-052016-03-08
AC-997Location services doesn't always workResolved2015-02-082016-03-08
AC-998Studio repeatedly freezingClosed2015-06-182016-03-08
AC-999Live view not working on iOS simulatorResolved2014-09-302016-03-08
AC-1000 " Unable to securely connect to XXXXXXXXXXX with the latest TLS. Trying again with TLS1.0. It is highly suggested that the server be updated to the latest TLS support." The application does not run in simulator.Resolved2014-05-122016-03-08
AC-1001[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Closed2014-06-302016-03-08
AC-1002Breakpoints are not hitting while debuging.Resolved2014-06-132016-03-08
AC-1003Android: Empty value when reading a resource directory js fileClosed2014-03-222016-03-08
AC-1004Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'copy.colors')","line":48,"column":79 in alloy.jsClosed2015-02-042016-03-08
AC-1006Windows: Download/Extracting SDK via CLI often hangsClosed2015-02-032016-03-08
AC-1007APS Cloud Push - Payload is nullClosed2015-07-082016-03-08
AC-1008Ti.Contacts Reload Event Listener Not Working ProperlyResolved2015-03-242016-03-08
AC-1009ListView does not allow attributedString to be set on label Closed2014-03-032016-03-08
AC-1010Android: Support Actionbar / Toolbar on PreferencesActivityResolved2015-07-282016-03-08
AC-1011Webview works fine on IOS, crashes on AndroidResolved2015-12-142016-03-08
AC-1012Android build with ti.cloudpush fails on SDK 4.1.1Closed2015-10-222016-03-08
AC-1013ios fullscreen=true does not hide status barResolved2014-11-292016-03-08
AC-1014Ti.Gigya Module (iOS): Could not load NIB in bundleResolved2015-06-172016-03-08
AC-1015Alloy XML files in assets folder on android get processed and can't be foundResolved2015-05-262016-03-08
AC-1016ListView randomly shows blank rows on section.setItems()Resolved2014-09-252016-03-08
AC-1017APSPLSqliteDatabase(PLSqliteDatabasePrivate) CrashResolved2015-11-032016-03-08
AC-1018Problems while running the app on Android EmulatorClosed2015-02-122016-03-08
AC-1019App crash on controller.close when the searchBar has focusResolved2015-11-262016-03-08
AC-1020How to add a module ios version specific...Closed2014-10-162016-03-08
AC-1021Node.ACS does not appear as a targetResolved2014-10-142016-03-08
AC-1022Testing creating an issueClosed2014-04-212016-03-08
AC-1023Cannot enable cloud servicesClosed2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-1024Couldn't load com.obscure.keychain from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoaderClosed2014-10-312016-03-08
AC-1025Android: Map - application crash when adding the map componentResolved2014-09-012016-03-08
AC-1026Launcing app using Intent from a native module doesn't show splash screenClosed2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-1027Multiple Model Usage leads to Java ExceptionResolved2015-04-302016-03-08
AC-1028Can't create a new windows project in Titanium AlloyResolved2015-02-232016-03-08
AC-1029Cannot loginResolved2014-09-272016-03-08
AC-1030Icon in actionBar on Android doesn't work with SDK 4.0.0RC2Resolved2015-05-082016-03-08
AC-1031iOS Simulator ProblemClosed2014-03-122016-03-08
AC-1032Alloy: Not possible to focus a TextFieldClosed2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-1033Titanium CLI version 3.3.0-rc, Titanium SDK version 3.3.0.RC has errorClosed2014-07-162016-03-08
AC-1034 Getting an error while trying to run app on Windows 8Resolved2015-04-152016-03-08
AC-1035Goodbye Titanium Studio - WTF ??Closed2015-05-242016-07-14
AC-1036All modules installed disapear and I can´t install no modulesResolved2015-03-262016-03-08
AC-1037Cloud.Users.resendConfirmation does not workResolved2014-11-252016-03-08
AC-1038Appcelerator support for xcode 6Closed2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-1039on IOS, Modules.Map.Annotation has a bug on left/rightButtonResolved2014-05-222016-03-08
AC-1040Unable to Run SimulatorClosed2014-08-202016-03-08
AC-1041Push Notification certificate revokeResolved2014-08-072016-03-08
AC-1043App crash while quit because of ti.facebook moduleResolved2015-02-122016-03-08
AC-1044Error with Alloy Controller creation scriptResolved2014-04-272016-03-08
AC-1045Google v2 not working with Ti SDK 3.2.2.GA in Android DeviceClosed2014-03-272016-03-08
AC-1046Ti.Filesystem.isExternalStoragePresent() returns true even when an Android device doesn't have an external storage like an SD cardClosed2014-10-012016-03-08
AC-1047titanium script ends in exception when Visual Studio is present.Resolved2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1048View.addEventListener doesn't always add an event listenerClosed2014-12-092016-03-08
AC-1049Mobile to ACS Bindings not working as in docs?Resolved2014-08-082016-03-08
AC-1050Titanium Studio can't install node. It always shows an invalid password!Resolved2014-07-182016-03-08
AC-1051iphone assets are compiled into Android & Web AppsResolved2014-04-202016-03-08
AC-1052iOS: color-property sometimes overrides color set in attributedStringClosed2014-11-122016-03-08
AC-1053 Titanium Module Start Activity:android.content.ActivityNotFoundExceptionResolved2015-05-082016-03-08
AC-1054Titanium Module Creation gives permission denied errorClosed2014-05-122016-03-08
AC-1055Block, error, SDK no downloadResolved2015-06-032016-03-08
AC-1056titanium studio does not recognize the sdk titanium, and not install.Resolved2014-12-152016-03-08
AC-1057Cannot update Titanium StudioResolved2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1058Not able to run Android app on new appcelerator studioResolved2015-06-092016-03-08
AC-1059ListView iOS: SeparatorInsets applied on both ListItems & ListSectionsClosed2014-05-312016-03-08
AC-1060Images in TableView crashing app with null pointer failuresResolved2014-11-202016-03-08
AC-1061Unable to configure Titanium StudioResolved2014-05-032016-03-08
AC-1062Ti.Filesystem.getFile(file).read() returns garbled multibyte stringResolved2015-12-172016-04-29
AC-1063Android: ti.compression crashes on Android 6.0Resolved2015-10-192016-03-08
AC-1064Can build with SDK 5 and submit to itunesResolved2015-09-162016-03-08
AC-1065STUDIO: Cannot update to Studio 3.3.0Resolved2014-07-172016-03-08
AC-1066Ti.Storekit uses incorrect log inClosed2014-06-152016-03-08
AC-1067Ti.App.fireEvent behaves differently on iOS and AndroidClosed2014-03-252016-03-08
AC-1068The CLI plist file failed to allow a valid compileClosed2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1069Android and Titanium Studio in Windows 8.1Resolved2014-05-092016-03-08
AC-1070Complied javascript modules does not workResolved2015-09-182016-03-08
AC-1071When tried to install the Titanium SDK 2.13.GA , it shows "[ERROR] No releases found!" in the terminal.Closed2014-04-142016-03-08
AC-1072Android Picker with column throws off index on deviceClosed2014-03-302016-03-08
AC-1073Clicking Updates notification fails, internal error.Closed2014-04-282016-03-08
AC-1074iOS: HTTPClient redirect 303 with POST instead of GETResolved2014-10-062016-03-08
AC-1075Continuously prompted to install Appcelerator Test ModuleResolved2015-05-192016-03-08
AC-1076Appcelerator Studio: Unable to enable Test serviceClosed2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-1077Unable to Import Exiting Folder as New Project Closed2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-1078The app breaks whenever an http network call is made.Resolved2014-04-292016-03-08
AC-1079Unable to open the camera from a popover on iOS8 with SDK 3.4.0 RC Resolved2014-09-262016-03-08
AC-1080Project failed to build error in studio for iOS simulatorClosed2014-09-182016-03-08
AC-1081Android picker selection when bottom of a windowClosed2014-04-022016-03-08
AC-1082Mobile Web Production contains unnecessary and duplicate filesResolved2014-04-202016-03-08
AC-1083Custom Fonts no longer rendering in iOS 7.1 (worked in 7.0.3)Closed2014-03-132016-03-08
AC-1084Live view does not work anymoreClosed2015-05-212016-03-08
AC-1085project failed to build Resolved2014-10-272016-03-08
AC-1086Click on table view section doesn't produce click eventClosed2014-07-102016-03-08
AC-1087Windows: Build hangs after upgrade to 3.3.0.GAClosed2014-07-232016-03-08
AC-1088Android push notifications not working when app is closedClosed2014-10-172016-03-08
AC-1089iphone only product running on an ipad. NOT showing any images.Resolved2014-05-182016-03-08
AC-1090Facebook 'uid' value evaluates as 'undefined' when using a cached sessionResolved2015-06-272016-03-08
AC-1091Tab bar has a translucent white stripe in the middleClosed2014-03-312016-03-08
AC-1092Unable to play certain sound files in AndroidResolved2014-05-292016-03-08
AC-1093TS can't detect that emulator (android) is readyClosed2014-11-132016-03-08
AC-1094Appcelerator Studio 4.1.0 & Aptana Studio 3.6.1 on Win8 fail to install, if there is already a Git installedResolved2015-08-072016-03-08
AC-1095Menu icons not visible in androidClosed2015-02-162016-03-08
AC-1096Build product fails to compile for iOS 8 in XcodeClosed2014-10-222016-03-08
AC-1097Unable to setup Android SDK location on external driveResolved2015-04-132016-03-08
AC-1098[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Closed2014-12-222016-03-08
AC-1099ListView click with search bar Closed2014-07-162016-03-08
AC-1100Whenever i click on "Basic Concepts" under "Studio" guide, "no page found" error is showingResolved2014-10-032016-03-08
AC-1101Unable to restrict the auto-correction in android keyboardClosed2015-03-022016-03-08
AC-1102Titanium Studio download link broken for Linux version in web siteClosed2014-05-102016-03-08
AC-1103EXEC Bad Access Closed2015-01-062016-03-08
AC-1104Failed to create the parts controlResolved2014-12-032016-03-08
AC-1105Blinking ActionBar on hideClosed2014-07-152016-03-08
AC-1106Titanium studio not recognizing Android SDKClosed2014-06-202016-03-08
AC-1107iOS : Alert cancel does not cause bold highlight to changeResolved2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-1108Newly install try to run simple program on IOS working but not able to run on android simulatorClosed2014-03-152016-03-08
AC-1109iOS: Mapview with IOS SDK 8 beta 6 (and actual map module), hybrid view doesn't workResolved2014-09-012016-03-08
AC-1110Animation of width within a scrollview does not have expected behaviorClosed2014-06-022016-03-08
AC-1111Uncaught Exception, application CrashedClosed2014-10-022016-03-08
AC-1112Android MenuItem actionView doesn't workClosed2015-03-282016-03-08
AC-1113Ti sdks not recognizedResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-1114Ti.UI.webview is not correctly displayed for some urlResolved2015-12-182016-03-08
AC-1115Xcode 6.0.1 not detected by StuduiResolved2014-09-202016-03-08
AC-1116[ERROR] : There are no supported Xcode installations found.Resolved2014-10-022016-03-08
AC-1117Install SDKResolved2014-10-282016-03-08
AC-1118Font sizes on ios are not in typographical unitsClosed2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1119Android: ScrollableView with height: Ti.UI.SIZE does not workClosed2014-08-102016-03-08
AC-1120Configuring Android fails - Error Encountered during updateClosed2014-05-312016-03-08
AC-1121Error Encountred durin update (4.0)Closed2015-05-272016-03-08
AC-1122HTTPClient.abort() does not work if called right after send().Resolved2014-05-182016-03-08
AC-1123Problem with Titanium after update to OS X MavericksClosed2014-03-132016-03-08
AC-1124Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Crash when long pressing any labelClosed2014-11-122016-03-08
AC-1125Getting cli error & android sdk not found since upgrading to 3.3Resolved2014-08-052016-03-08
AC-1126Can build Alloy projectsClosed2015-05-222016-03-08
AC-1127I have an issue related to mobile web configurationClosed2014-09-072016-03-08
AC-1128region-specific i18n files need to be copied to res with "r" in front of regionClosed2014-05-252016-03-08
AC-1129java.lang.NullPointerException after upgrading to Titanium Studio 3.2.3Resolved2014-05-282016-03-08
AC-1130Studio fails to install properly or updateClosed2015-06-112016-03-08
AC-1131BlackBerry: Authentication failed on simulatorClosed2014-07-092016-03-08
AC-1132processTouchesBegan fires from within Titanium, but not modules in 64bitClosed2015-01-302016-03-08
AC-1133[Error] : Failed to encrypt JavaScript files (Windows, upon connecting an android device)Closed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1134Cannot create a new project in OSX 10.10.1Resolved2014-11-222016-03-08
AC-1135EmailDialog does not open on mobileweb-wp8Resolved2014-10-132016-03-08
AC-1136BorderRadius does not work with px valueClosed2014-04-142016-03-08
AC-1137iOS: Can't delete row after dynamically adding section to table viewClosed2014-06-032016-03-08
AC-1138Cannot Lanch Hello World App in Android EmulatorClosed2014-03-122016-03-08
AC-1139Titanium Studio is Working very slowClosed2014-08-022016-03-08
AC-1140Hangs when json file is too bigResolved2015-02-202016-03-08
AC-1141Migration partially appliedResolved2015-02-162016-06-14
AC-1142Blackberry custom properties not propagated to eventClosed2014-08-222016-03-08
AC-1143Scrollableview lags Closed2015-01-132016-03-08
AC-1144Ti.Network.remoteDeviceUUID returns nullClosed2014-09-112016-03-08
AC-1145Android: Google Maps v2 map tiles not showing when scrolling/zooming Closed2014-08-182016-03-08
AC-1146Can't access phone numbers from Contacts app if synced with googleResolved2014-07-182016-03-08
AC-1147There are no supported Xcode installations foundResolved2014-09-192016-03-08
AC-1148Alloy generates events for 'ignored' tags.Resolved2014-05-022016-03-08
AC-1150Not working android SDK Resolved2014-04-242016-03-08
AC-1151new update bugResolved2015-12-032016-03-08
AC-1152can't find Android SDK locationClosed2014-11-102016-03-08
AC-1153Error when building for AndroidResolved2014-07-312016-03-08
AC-1154[Android 4.4] [ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value "VALENCIA"Closed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1155Android: failed packaging app after install sdk 3.5.2.v20150313152423Resolved2015-03-262016-03-08
AC-1156Webview not working on Android Kitkat 4.4.2Closed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1157WebView.evalJS times out / throws 'Unexpected token' errorClosed2014-07-182016-03-08
AC-1158Cannot pinpoint why Android Emulator is Crashing, with all SDK's, NDK's, GMU Make and Ask uploaded, in both PC and MacClosed2014-04-142016-03-08
AC-1159Backbone fetch() returns undefined when run from TiStudio on Titanium 3.5/Alloy 1.5.1Closed2015-02-032016-03-08
AC-1160Android Error - GooglePlayServicesUtil: The Google Play services resources were not found.Resolved2016-01-072016-03-08
AC-1161HTTPClient methods undefined on AndroidResolved2014-05-132016-03-08
AC-1162iOS Background Services - On the 1st instance, Process killed after ~160-170s no matter whatResolved2015-11-222016-03-08
AC-1163[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. When running Android EmulatorResolved2015-01-042016-03-08
AC-1164String format issueClosed2015-03-172016-03-08
AC-1165Upgrade the Facebook module to use Facebook Graph API 2.0Closed2014-12-042016-03-08
AC-1166Node.ACS: Unable to Create New Node.ACS ProjectClosed2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-1167Virtual Keyboard does not show up upon search view gains focus on AndroidResolved2014-05-062016-03-08
AC-1168Titanium push set badge +1 doesnt seem to workClosed2015-03-052016-03-08
AC-1169alloy 1.4.1 createController() failsResolved2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1170ListView Scroll ProblemResolved2014-05-062016-03-08
AC-1171alloy view xml issueResolved2014-04-212016-03-08
AC-1172Android HTTPClient: POST with image encoded as base64 sent as GETResolved2015-12-252016-03-08
AC-1173Cloud.status.create not accepting the photo and giving error code 400Closed2014-10-162016-03-08
AC-1174Invalid "--device-id" value "TA4310CLQ1"Closed2014-02-262016-03-08
AC-1175Android map module doesn't update when panning around and zoomingClosed2014-07-032016-03-08
AC-1176Clicking download on windows prerequisit gives errorResolved2015-07-072016-03-08
AC-1177iOS: HTTPClient Authorization header NOT being passedResolved2014-06-172016-03-08
AC-1178Android: App crashes and doesn't starts up normally after been terminated by the device Closed2014-08-052016-03-08
AC-1179Compile Time ErrorResolved2014-04-242016-03-08
AC-1180Cannot run titanium projectResolved2014-12-152016-03-08
AC-1181Can't create new projectResolved2014-04-132016-03-08
AC-1182Testing Community Bug TC-3990 from StudioClosed2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-1183Downloading problem on android SDK and BlackBerry SDKResolved2014-04-162016-03-08
AC-11843.4 update issuesResolved2015-02-032016-03-08
AC-1185xcode not recognisedResolved2014-05-142016-03-08
AC-1186Right/LeftNavButtons click event in a 5 Tab windows application does not fireClosed2015-02-202016-03-08
AC-1187[compile project] invalid iOS version Closed2014-03-072016-03-08
AC-1188reverseGeocoder swap longitude with latitudeResolved2015-10-312016-03-08
AC-1189Android camera stretched with overlayClosed2015-01-182016-03-08
AC-11903.5.0.GA Crashing on iOSClosed2015-01-152016-03-08
AC-1191Ios app crash after search in tableview using searchbarResolved2014-11-092016-03-08
AC-1192Ubuntu 14.04 Cannot find Android SDKResolved2014-11-052016-03-08
AC-1193Map Annotation click event not fired in IOSClosed2015-07-182016-03-08
AC-1194Alloy 1.5 - Data Binding Enhancement not workingResolved2014-10-022016-03-08
AC-1195android:anyDensity="false" usage gives too much extra padding to TextFieldsClosed2014-08-062016-03-08
AC-1196Ti.Media.AudioPlayer undefinedClosed2014-11-072017-05-08
AC-1197unable to run simulator / create new projectsClosed2014-05-062016-03-08
AC-1198Alloy release notes are not being updated.Closed2016-01-112016-03-08
AC-1199iOS: App crash if bindId is called 'description'Closed2014-10-042016-03-08
AC-1200Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2015-06-092016-03-08
AC-1201Unable to start receiver com.appcelerator.cloudpush.PushBroadcastReceiverClosed2014-07-222016-03-08
AC-1202TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefinedClosed2014-06-262016-03-08
AC-1203error android simulator [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Closed2014-08-272016-03-08
AC-1204Unable to run app in iOS6Resolved2014-04-232016-03-08
AC-1205duplicate entry: lib/armeabi/libstlport_shared.so while building module test appClosed2014-11-192016-03-08
AC-1206Issue on ListView's marker eventClosed2014-10-152016-03-08
AC-1207[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination.Closed2015-01-042016-03-08
AC-1208Model-View binding does not work if Model name has a captial letter at the beginningResolved2014-10-062016-03-08
AC-1209Loading cloud push module in 3.3 prevents app from loading on androidResolved2014-09-082016-03-08
AC-1210Failed to install app on deviceResolved2015-07-292016-03-08
AC-1211Builds using SDK 3.4.0-RC and es.smartaccess.cryptolibrary failResolved2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1212Not able to install Titanium Studio in My Mac.Resolved2014-08-052016-03-08
AC-1213Constant Rebuilding for minor .js file changesClosed2014-03-192016-03-08
AC-1214PlatformHeight reports errornous value on iphone 6Closed2014-09-212016-03-08
AC-1215Query row number issue and map annotation issue in windows phoneClosed2016-02-092016-03-08
AC-1216unable to get current location in ios 8Resolved2015-02-072016-03-08
AC-1217Shake Gesture is not working in modal windowClosed2014-04-152016-03-08
AC-1218titanium cannot access JDKClosed2014-04-232016-03-08
AC-1219Calling pause() on a paused AudioPlayer causes it to playClosed2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-1220Abnormal event and function handling in SDK 5.1.x and 5.2.xClosed2015-10-092016-03-08
AC-1221Cant run build on cpecified emulator from cliClosed2015-07-182016-03-08
AC-1223Project won't start. It appears to hang forever during buildResolved2014-07-222016-03-08
AC-1224Not recognising any attached deviceClosed2014-06-162016-03-08
AC-1225If alert("hello") or AlertDialog show function is written on window focus event then window focus event is called infinite times.Closed2015-05-112016-03-08
AC-1226iOS8: TableView: Separator Insets values are not respected on the side of the title/data if the listview row contains a title/dataResolved2014-10-072016-03-08
AC-1227Soft Keyboard not showing on textfield focus on Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2Resolved2015-02-252016-03-08
AC-1228Build Module 3.5.0.GAClosed2015-01-242016-03-08
AC-1229Formatting messes up the javascript file contentClosed2014-07-312016-03-08
AC-1230android tableview call crashResolved2014-11-082016-03-08
AC-1231[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Resolved2015-06-082016-03-08
AC-1232logger.py no longer works with Xcode 6Resolved2014-09-252016-03-08
AC-1233FB Login and Sharing not working proper.Resolved2014-08-202016-03-08
AC-1234Unable to run on device after update to studio 3.3.0 rc and recent Android SDK tool update 23.0.2Closed2014-07-102016-03-08
AC-1235Appcelerator Studio Issues installing CLIClosed2015-05-132016-03-08
AC-1237iOS: Window title not visible when closing and opening a window using animationsClosed2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1238Can't login to Titanium StudioClosed2015-07-252016-03-08
AC-1239Connecting to soap web service- Urgent!!!Closed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1240Android Device not recognisedClosed2014-06-262016-03-08
AC-1241Ti.Cloud.Users.query has changed without warningClosed2014-11-252016-03-08
AC-1242Webview zoomcontrol leaks windowClosed2014-08-252016-03-08
AC-1243Couldn't able to run Closed2014-06-302016-03-08
AC-1244iOS forced orientation doesn't rotate screen properlyClosed2014-12-032016-03-08
AC-1245Android Media Player - not able to play mp3 and mp4/hlsClosed2015-05-022016-03-08
AC-1246Appcelerator Studio: Toggle Block Selection are not work with no error on Mac OSClosed2015-06-232016-03-08
AC-1247Black screen after application resumeClosed2014-08-132016-03-08
AC-1248iOS 8 Location Services IncompatibilityClosed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1249Unable to login Market Place and my.appcelerator.comClosed2015-05-212016-03-08
AC-1250Android emulator doesn't launchClosed2014-04-012016-03-08
AC-1251Push notifications subscribed devices bugClosed2014-05-052016-03-08
AC-1252Webviews having <select> dropdown list crashing the app on multiple clicks.Closed2015-02-242016-03-08
AC-1253File bug in Documentation appceleratorClosed2015-03-132016-03-08
AC-1254New layout set while view [object TiUIImageView] animating: Will relayout after animation.Closed2015-03-132016-03-08
AC-1255Cannot Publish and Distribute in Apple iTunes StoreClosed2014-10-142016-03-08
AC-1256HTTPClient breaking app on timeout on AndroidClosed2014-07-172016-03-08
AC-1257update ios-sim for Xcode 6Resolved2014-09-252016-03-08
AC-1258NODE.acs app starting twice when i deploy to cloudClosed2014-07-262016-03-08
AC-1259Webview and EventListener swipe does not workClosed2014-08-092016-03-08
AC-1260Touch test module continues to try and installResolved2015-06-152016-03-08
AC-1261iOS >=7.0: ListView SearchBar exception while NavigationWindow popClosed2014-08-192016-03-08
AC-1262failed to start app to android emulatorClosed2014-07-112016-03-08
AC-1263Latest ACS install failsResolved2014-11-072016-03-08
AC-1264Error when running an Android Code AnalysisResolved2015-07-082016-03-08
AC-1265Can't build Windows Store app using JavaScript against native Windows APIResolved2015-12-172016-03-08
AC-1266Latest Android SDK breaks PickerResolved2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-1267ACS Analytics not displayingClosed2014-08-112016-03-08
AC-1268Unable to tun application due to SwlLIte erros that I do not use in my applciationResolved2015-12-132016-03-08
AC-1269App crashed and the crash log show "This view's id is id/0x65".Closed2014-07-202016-03-08
AC-1270Cloud.Users.requestResetPassword sends bad link with two colonsResolved2014-03-152016-03-08
AC-1271e.intent.data is null for video recordingResolved2014-08-132016-03-08
AC-1272Android (Google Glass): No implementation found for native PaddedBufferedBlockCipherClosed2014-05-142016-03-08
AC-1273There is a bug since I upgrade to CLI 3.2.3Resolved2014-05-082016-03-08
AC-1274Titanium doesn't see genymotion emulatorsClosed2014-04-072016-03-08
AC-1275Cannot apply backgroundGradient via alloy.globalsClosed2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-1276Titanium developers sign up issueClosed2014-11-262016-03-08
AC-1277TextField editable=false does not work on BlackBerryResolved2014-11-242016-03-08
AC-1278app crash when calling the module mapClosed2014-10-312016-03-08
AC-1279Breakpoints do not cause the debugger to pause/stopClosed2014-08-292016-03-08
AC-1280Camera Rotation Problem on iOS8Resolved2014-09-142016-03-08
AC-1281ACS query sel not workingClosed2014-06-252016-03-08
AC-1282iOS: CFBundleDisplayName is tiapp.xml is being ignoredResolved2014-05-212016-03-08
AC-1283Cannot Change Port Number for Node.ACS ProjectResolved2014-07-312016-03-08
AC-1284AppLeak has stpped once i launch Hello World on my deviceClosed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-1285[ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value ""Closed2014-07-192016-03-08
AC-1286iOS: Empty items from list view cause opacity loss of view in section header(s)Resolved2015-05-042016-03-08
AC-1287Titanium Studio does not recognize the location of the Android SDKClosed2014-12-032016-03-08
AC-1288touch enabled false to a view in listview makes layout not working in titanium sdk 3.4 Closed2014-12-022016-03-08
AC-1289ASC Invalid Request error with not log in the managment consoleClosed2014-07-082016-03-08
AC-1290Microsoft internet extension errorClosed2014-11-082016-03-08
AC-1291Test ticket: Submit a test JIRA ticket from Appc-StudioClosed2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-1292Can't Install Node.ACS updateResolved2014-08-012016-03-08
AC-1293Change event on TextField behaves badly on AndroidResolved2014-08-122016-03-08
AC-1294I can't compile the project.Closed2014-03-202016-03-08
AC-1295app on simulator can not access internet Closed2014-11-012016-03-08
AC-1296Ti Studio doesn't recognize ti cli, acs and alloy installation made it by nvmClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1297Internal error: Closed2015-11-202016-03-08
AC-1298iOS: ListView separator disappear when set background to custom template viewClosed2014-08-192016-03-08
AC-1299Cannot run app onto Android emulator or deviceResolved2014-09-272016-03-08
AC-1300in ACS Console & Downloaded DDBB are missing users email fieldClosed2015-01-152016-03-08
AC-1301SSO for facebook does not work on AndroidClosed2014-04-082016-03-08
AC-1302Can't seem to get apps running in the simulator nor on iOS devices after TiSDK 3.4.0-rc4 UpdateResolved2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-1303borderWidth=0 breaks view animationResolved2014-05-082016-03-08
AC-1304Issue installing Alloy and 3.2 CLI and node.jsResolved2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-1305Problem with custom object's query in ACSResolved2015-01-202016-03-08
AC-1306ListView - first section doesn't scroll when doing pull to refreshResolved2014-09-082016-03-08
AC-1307Boolean value set in Alloy mark-up is being parsed to string as either "false" or "true" in controllerClosed2014-07-052016-03-08
AC-1308Strange display on Android with horizontal layout and width Ti.UI.FILLClosed2014-04-082016-03-08
AC-1309iOS pickerColumn backgroundColor does not changeClosed2014-03-012016-03-08
AC-1310onsendstream for HttpClient does not update progress properly when sending BlobClosed2016-01-222016-03-08
AC-1311Titanium CLI: Android Emulators: empty listResolved2014-10-072016-03-08
AC-1312ScrollableView scrollend doesn't change currentPage in landscape modeResolved2014-05-122016-03-08
AC-1313Android Error - GooglePlayServicesUtil: The Google Play services resources were not found.Resolved2015-05-022016-03-08
AC-1314Android: 2D matrix was not workingResolved2015-09-112016-03-08
AC-1315Unable to find JDK (Java Development Kit) programsClosed2014-07-172016-03-08
AC-1316App is crashing with various native windows , for example Image GalleryResolved2014-10-302016-03-08
AC-1317TiHttpClient does not properly handle write errorsClosed2014-10-222016-03-08
AC-1318Appcelerator Studio stop responding when typing special national characterClosed2015-05-142016-03-08
AC-1319App with permission crashes on Android 6 running devicesResolved2015-10-272016-03-08
AC-1320MapView crashing the application when opened on a second windowClosed2014-08-172016-03-08
AC-1321Alloy XML Markup - event handler executed twiceClosed2014-06-272016-03-08
AC-1322Android : softKeyboardOnFocus property is not working on new sdk 3.2.1 classic architecture. Closed2014-03-032016-03-08
AC-1323file.read().text on Android (JSON File) reads only partiallyResolved2015-06-032016-03-08
AC-1324Can't access folder menu from Titanium StudioClosed2015-03-072016-03-08
AC-1325Failed to encrypt JavaScript filesResolved2015-05-162016-03-08
AC-1326IOS - Ti.Map v. 2.3.1 doesn't handle click on leftview and rightviewClosed2015-07-162016-03-08
AC-1327Event 'change' not firing in textfield if setting valueResolved2014-05-142016-03-08
AC-1328Titanium studio missing files templatesClosed2014-10-302016-03-08
AC-1329iOS: error "Collection was mutated while being enumerated" on ListView itemclickResolved2015-07-222016-03-08
AC-1330Application Installer abnormal process termination.Resolved2015-06-092016-03-08
AC-1331Need AudioPlayer Duration to work around Android Streaming, MediaPlayer: info/warning (702, 0)Closed2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-1332Automatic update from Studio leaves configuration unusableResolved2014-08-212016-03-08
AC-1333when launching studio 4.0.0, should 'auto login' to dashboard websiteResolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-1334HTTPClient.getAllResponseHeaders returns an empty object Resolved2014-08-042016-03-08
AC-1335Adding a controller for a newly added view raises errorResolved2014-08-232016-03-08
AC-1336When loading the latest version of Titaium Studio My virus checker stopped Python.exe from executing and removed it from the systemResolved2015-04-092016-03-08
AC-1337quotes are not escaped in Emulator nameClosed2014-03-222016-03-08
AC-1338Cannot run my app on Android EmulatorClosed2015-06-012016-03-08
AC-1339Android memory leakClosed2014-06-122016-03-08
AC-1340[ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value "iPhone"Resolved2014-09-292016-03-08
AC-1341"Auto" TableViewRow not working in Android 6Resolved2015-11-042016-03-08
AC-1342The MVC generation does not create controllers of files located in controllers/windows/ folder. Closed2015-05-272016-03-08
AC-1343Titanium.Media.vibrate(); does not work for IoS Closed2014-11-092016-03-08
AC-1344Webview crashedResolved2014-05-232016-03-08
AC-1345Anchor Point, doesn´t recalculate when transform is set before the image.Resolved2014-05-112016-03-08
AC-1346Can't Install Titanium StudioResolved2015-02-162016-03-08
AC-1347xcode not supported titanium 3.4.0Closed2014-10-272016-03-08
AC-1348iOS Ti.Contacts removePerson + save crashesResolved2015-11-032016-03-08
AC-1349iOS8: Geolocation doesn't workResolved2014-09-072016-03-08
AC-1350Android themes with Ti SDK 4.1.0.GAResolved2015-07-142016-03-08
AC-1351ANDROID: After adding 3 windows on top of each other, i get a black screenClosed2014-06-182016-03-08
AC-1352operation not permitted 'C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs'Resolved2014-08-222016-03-08
AC-1353Setting cancelBubble TRUE doesn't work in TableViewClosed2014-07-212016-03-08
AC-1354View center property does not work in Mobile WebClosed2015-12-222016-03-08
AC-13553.5.0.GA No longer uses Retina images with image from stringClosed2015-01-192016-03-08
AC-1356Android Webview load event does not workResolved2014-04-182016-03-08
AC-1357ADD system button presented as INFO system buttonClosed2015-01-262016-03-08
AC-1358iOS: TiUIWebview - Base64-encoded credentials contain linebreaksResolved2015-04-302016-03-08
AC-1359Test ticketClosed2015-06-012016-03-08
AC-1360V8Exception: Uncaught Java exception occured in TiBlobClosed2014-08-042016-03-08
AC-1361Null Pointer Exception (NPE) when trying to create an iOS Simulator Run/Debug ConfigurationClosed2014-03-012016-03-08
AC-1362iOS: Adding a framework to a module, linker error and relative path confusionClosed2014-11-082016-03-08
AC-1363Failed to install apk on 88b23ce0Resolved2014-03-122016-03-08
AC-1364iOS: Debugger - Relaunching the iOS debugger will return "Socket allocation error"Closed2014-10-202016-03-08
AC-1365setting appbadge causes request for push notification promptClosed2014-07-022016-03-08
AC-1366Test Studio Ticket SubmissionsResolved2015-11-092016-03-08
AC-1367TiDrawableReference.getBitmap(true) fails on the second retry (android)Resolved2014-05-262016-03-08
AC-1368WWDR intermittently not installedClosed2014-10-212016-03-08
AC-1369Unable to create a Titanium Android module from Windows: "Could not move"Resolved2014-07-122016-03-08
AC-1370Node.ACS sometimes Stops for no apparent reasonClosed2014-09-032016-03-08
AC-1371Cannot Comment Code Sections Using 'Commands/Source/Comment'.Closed2015-05-292016-03-08
AC-1372Titanium Studio doesn't recognise .jslocal as a valid javascript fileResolved2014-11-192016-03-08
AC-1373Resources\iphone in Android apkClosed2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-1374Android emulador do not run with applicationClosed2014-12-272016-03-08
AC-1375Cloud PushNotifications expire_after_seconds issueResolved2014-03-072016-03-08
AC-1376Crash related to camera app on Samsung devicesResolved2015-04-222016-03-08
AC-1377Latest Android SDK update breaks compilationClosed2014-07-012016-03-08
AC-1378[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Closed2014-06-082016-03-08
AC-1379Animation reinitiates on view loadResolved2015-03-302016-03-08
AC-1380Can't run android apk above tisdk > 3.2.3GAResolved2014-11-282016-03-08
AC-1381Cloud.Users.update of photo returns 'failed to upload photo: undefined method `destroy' for nil:NilClass'Resolved2015-06-162016-03-08
AC-1382ACS Invalid Request error with no log in the managment consoleClosed2014-12-182016-03-08
AC-1383Mark Issue as Resolved without beeing resolvedClosed2014-07-312016-03-08
AC-1384iOS8: Building to iOS device doesn't workResolved2014-09-112016-03-08
AC-1385Keeps "Malformed App Id (example: com.companyname.appname)" error.Resolved2014-10-092016-03-08
AC-1386Dashboard does not load. Closed2014-06-302016-03-08
AC-1387AndroidModule:onResult is not called back for launchActivityForResultClosed2014-11-282016-03-08
AC-1388CustomObject regex query stopped working with HebrewResolved2014-08-122016-03-08
AC-1389Actionbar is undefined on Android < 3.0Closed2014-07-242016-03-08
AC-1390iOS App Distribution Fail on XCODEClosed2014-06-212016-03-08
AC-1391[ERROR] : Invalid '--ios-version' value '7.0.3'Closed2014-03-112016-03-08
AC-1392Labels when dynamically changed are glitchyClosed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1393Button events bubble despite parent e.cancelBubble =falseClosed2014-11-132016-03-08
AC-1394Android: region-specific i18n files need to be copied to res with "r" in front of regionClosed2014-05-242016-03-08
AC-1395Unable to run app on new appcelrator studio with sdk 4.0.0Closed2015-06-092016-03-08
AC-1396ti.touch module crash when callback shhould open a windowResolved2015-12-082016-03-08
AC-1397iOS: Rendering issue when deleting and re-adding rowResolved2014-06-032016-03-08
AC-1398Ti.Map Module Annotation Click Event Not FiringClosed2016-02-112016-03-08
AC-1399 Titanium SDK 3.3.0 to Titanium sdk 3.5.0 AlphaResolved2014-12-122016-03-08
AC-1400Android 6.0.1 with API21 crashes the splash screenClosed2016-02-112016-03-08
AC-1401iOS: Memory leak on iOS when remove items from section of ListViewClosed2014-04-162016-03-08
AC-1402Push notification not receivedResolved2014-09-272016-03-08
AC-1403showDatePickerDialog - Runtime Error - Android 2.3 - Ti SDK 3.4.0.GAClosed2014-10-012016-03-08
AC-1404iOS: Font change on textfield to Times new roman after setpasswordmaskResolved2015-06-082016-03-08
AC-1405HTTP GET on AndroidResolved2014-11-272016-03-08
AC-1406Titanium CLI: wrong temp dirResolved2014-10-072016-03-08
AC-1407Bluetooth LE state restoration callbacks are blocked in TitaniumClosed2014-06-192016-03-08
AC-1408Barcode modules don't build on Titanium SDK 3.5.0 GAResolved2015-02-242016-03-08
AC-1409Genymotion: NullPointerExceptionClosed2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-1410Module is not creating "create" methods for ProxiesClosed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-1411Repeatedly installs same updateClosed2015-05-182016-03-08
AC-1412Cannot update Button title if disabledClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1413Appc setup errors out during appc-memwatch installationResolved2015-09-102016-03-08
AC-1414Cannot install Appcelrator studio due to missing CLI executableResolved2015-06-222016-03-08
AC-1415TableViewRow - longpress event doesn't work properlyClosed2014-05-252016-03-08
AC-1416Android HTC Desire 500: cannot type in textfields on webviewResolved2014-09-012016-03-08
AC-1417Size screen iPhone 6Resolved2014-09-182016-03-08
AC-1418Can't send push notificationsClosed2014-04-142016-03-08
AC-1420VideoPlayer is not working on Android 5.0 LollipopResolved2015-03-242016-03-08
AC-1421Activation link not workingResolved2015-04-202016-03-08
AC-1422Debug issue in iphone simulatorClosed2014-07-112016-03-08
AC-1423XCode won't openClosed2014-10-102016-03-08
AC-1424Titanium studio won't show Android 6.0M application log Resolved2015-10-132016-03-08
AC-1425iOS : iPad cannot show a popover with tableView as its contentViewClosed2014-06-232016-03-08
AC-1426Alloy: Textfield keyboardType shorthands do not work in TSSResolved2014-07-292016-03-08
AC-1427iOS registerForPushNotifications from backgroundClosed2014-07-172016-03-08
AC-1428There are no supported Xcode installations found.Closed2015-03-052016-03-08
AC-1429build failsClosed2014-09-072016-03-08
AC-1430Testing Ticket: Testing Studio Submit a ticket featureClosed2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-1431Android: borderRadius does not understand 'dp' unitsResolved2014-05-262016-03-08
AC-1432Issues with Cloud login in serverClosed2014-05-172016-03-08
AC-1433[ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value "iPhone"Closed2014-06-222016-03-08
AC-1434Dynamically Populated ScrollView is causing display issue on 3.3.0.GAClosed2014-08-202016-03-08
AC-1435TiPaypal does not make a Delayed Chain PaymentClosed2014-10-042016-03-08
AC-1436can't run Titanium Updates - running on Virtual Box - with Mavericks OS XClosed2014-08-012016-03-08
AC-1437Unable to update data in cloud because original admin was deletedClosed2014-06-032016-03-08
AC-1438Unable to get new Audio Recoding to workResolved2015-01-132016-03-08
AC-1439Tabgroup on android causes black screen on resumeClosed2014-03-262016-03-08
AC-1440blackberry passport splash screenResolved2014-11-272016-03-08
AC-1441App (iOS) will not build for DistributionClosed2016-01-252016-03-08
AC-1442Longjohn fails on TI BuildClosed2014-06-202016-03-08
AC-1443We have develop a Application and build in titanium 1.7.5 but now we are trying to build in 3.1.0, during build 3.1.0 we are geting error given bellow ib description sectionClosed2014-03-202016-03-08
AC-1444java.lang.NumberFormatException occurs in TiConvert.java and crashes Android appResolved2014-04-252016-03-08
AC-1445Blackscreen on Resume when processing a silentpush or background-fetch event iOSClosed2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1446Studio 3.4.0RC: cannot use Android SDKResolved2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1447i can not update softwareResolved2014-11-112016-03-08
AC-1448Cannot Validate file created with titanium on xcode organizer (OSStatus error 67028)Closed2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-1449Titanium Studio crashes on launchResolved2014-11-222016-03-08
AC-1450Installing Titanium UpdatesClosed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1451Android canvas module does not support the ABI x86Resolved2014-05-272016-03-08
AC-1452ScrollableView crashClosed2014-09-192016-03-08
AC-1453tiapp.xml overview has disappeared, and other bugsResolved2014-05-072016-03-08
AC-1454Error trying to comment code blockResolved2015-06-032016-03-08
AC-1455Can't set position of a slider which is a child of a ListViewClosed2015-06-082016-03-08
AC-1456Some characters prevent tickets from being submitted from within StudioResolved2015-10-222016-03-08
AC-1457When a photo is taken the proper orientation cannot be stored/retrievedResolved2015-07-142016-03-08
AC-1458Error trying to updateClosed2015-05-222016-03-08
AC-1459Cannot get Titanium to talk to new xcode 6Closed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1460Debugging under 3.5 GA is not working effectivelyClosed2015-01-222016-03-08
AC-1461Cannot Comment Code Sections.Closed2015-05-292016-03-08
AC-1462 " Unable to securely connect to XXXXXXXXXXX with the latest TLS. Trying again with TLS1.0. It is highly suggested that the server be updated to the latest TLS support." The application does not run in simulator.Resolved2014-04-302016-03-08
AC-1463Android module can't contain underscore signResolved2015-05-012016-03-08
AC-1464Google Play Crash Report: RuntimeException - Unable to resume activity TiCameraActivityClosed2014-06-092016-03-08
AC-1465Test ticket for TISTUD-7740Resolved2015-11-112016-03-08
AC-1466iOS: iOS simmulator won't launchClosed2014-07-032016-03-08
AC-1467ScrollView with horizontal layout disappearsClosed2014-07-152016-03-08
AC-14684.0.0.RC4 Clear my standard project directory without promptResolved2015-05-172016-03-08
AC-1469ACS externalAccountLogin / subsequent logins - Email already takenClosed2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-1470String.format with L and parameters application crashes on SDK 3.5.0Closed2015-01-232016-03-08
AC-1471Android: Action bar shown in Android 2.3.6 not in 4.x Closed2014-09-262016-03-08
AC-1472Alloy - not able to retrieve assets from iPhone folderResolved2014-09-282016-03-08
AC-1473unable to run Diagnostic optionClosed2015-06-252016-03-08
AC-1474openPhotoGallery + Remote Image = NullPointerExceptionClosed2014-12-102016-03-08
AC-1475Crash in "Dispatch queue: com.apple.NSURLSession-work" threadResolved2015-09-192016-03-08
AC-1476titanium module to integrate with crittercismClosed2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-1477iOS 8 : AlertDialog , problem with message when title is not setClosed2014-11-092016-03-08
AC-1478Titanium Studio Modules Window Displays Max 48 ModulesClosed2014-03-282016-03-08
AC-1479Draggable Annotations duplicating themselves Ti.MapClosed2014-06-302016-03-08
AC-1480In web app place not work..Closed2015-01-292016-03-08
AC-1481Ti.UI.createSlider fails to work on AndroidClosed2014-07-112016-03-08
AC-1482ASSETS MISSING WHEN BUILDING ON IOSResolved2015-12-202016-03-08
AC-1483App will not compileResolved2015-10-252016-03-08
AC-1484Adding Event to Android calendar has wrong timezoneClosed2014-12-042016-03-08
AC-1485A picker declared in a list template does not get included in the ios appResolved2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-1486[ERROR] : Invalid "--sim-version" value "7.0" Accepted values: 8.1 For help, run: titanium help buildResolved2014-11-152016-03-08
AC-1487 crash TiBase : TiThreadProcessPendingMainThreadBlocksClosed2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1488Error in my first projectClosed2014-06-172016-03-08
AC-1489applicationSupportDirectory references a folder that does not actually exist.Closed2014-12-022016-03-08
AC-1490Titanium studio won't update to 3.4.0 betaResolved2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1491Error while loading Android emulator listClosed2014-06-182016-03-08
AC-1492OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '<Project path>/build/android/bin/classes.dex'Closed2014-05-292016-03-08
AC-1493ActionBar Tabs not filling the full platform width in Landscope mode (Android 3.3)Resolved2014-09-042016-03-08
AC-1494In house ipa from Appcelerator StudioClosed2014-12-172016-03-08
AC-1495Studio: Switching default titanium studio theme in the dashboard leaves behind black backgroundClosed2014-09-012016-03-08
AC-1496Genymotion causing Android SDK not to load.Resolved2014-07-222016-03-08
AC-1498Open an app titanium from other app titaniumClosed2014-02-272016-03-08
AC-1499Error Notification for DateType picker not appropriate.Closed2014-07-262016-03-08
AC-1500Android: HTTP POST response with no body throws exception on SDK 5.0Resolved2015-09-242016-03-08
AC-1501titanium loginResolved2015-10-292016-03-08
AC-1502ti info error and Android Sdk not foundClosed2015-03-252016-03-08
AC-1503Cannot update Node.ACS applicationResolved2014-10-202016-03-08
AC-1504"Publishing Node.ACS Service..." in Studio keeps loadingResolved2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1505iOS: Unable to disable animations in ListView...Closed2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-1506Ti.Calendar.Event.begin / end takes one day earlier than the given date on androidClosed2014-11-142016-03-08
AC-1507Unable to launch simulator on updating Xcode to 5.1 and Titanium to 3.2.2 GAClosed2014-03-172016-03-08
AC-1508Can not test app on android emulatorClosed2015-05-272016-03-08
AC-1509UIStatusBarStyleLightContent not working for Window titleResolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-1510Android: Illegal invocation aliasing Titanium.Media.showCameraResolved2015-01-012016-03-08
AC-1511subscribed devices filter doesn't workClosed2014-05-052016-03-08
AC-1512Toggle Comment Not WorkClosed2015-06-012016-03-08
AC-1513getApiName() return "Ti.View"Closed2014-07-282016-03-08
AC-1514ACS data corruptedResolved2015-03-282016-03-08
AC-1515Cannot create node acsResolved2015-04-012016-03-08
AC-1516Buggy behaviour when changing text dynamically (text jumps)Closed2014-11-142016-03-08
AC-1517Property displayHomeAsUp in menu/actionbar not working when set in alloy xmlClosed2014-07-142016-03-08
AC-1518iOS8: Quickly delete list view items can lead to crashClosed2014-07-042016-03-08
AC-1519ios7: Toolbar overlaps statusbar randomly after closing and reopening windowsResolved2014-12-222016-03-08
AC-1521ListView.footerView / setFooterView(view) is not working on AndroidClosed2014-10-212016-03-08
AC-1522Android emulator is not re-used (inconsistently)Resolved2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1523[iOs] Pull to refresh dont slide up backResolved2014-06-052016-03-08
AC-1524unable to load IOS8 SDK's Resolved2014-11-022016-03-08
AC-1525[ERROR] : Failed to run dexer: [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Closed2014-06-042016-03-08
AC-1526registerForPushNotifications doesnt return any tokenClosed2014-11-182016-03-08
AC-1527Analytics leak memoryResolved2016-02-232016-03-08
AC-1528Can't get Studio to work with iOS7.1Closed2014-04-132016-03-08
AC-1529remoteNotificationsEnabled is sometimes incorrect on iOSClosed2014-04-022016-03-08
AC-1530ACS Registered Push Notification Device CountClosed2014-08-142016-03-08
AC-1531Alloy destroy i18n/ and platform/ app directoriesResolved2014-07-282016-03-08
AC-1532Can't Activate account after creating it.Resolved2015-04-062016-03-08
AC-1533unable to load iOS SDKClosed2014-09-242016-03-08
AC-1534 Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Closed2014-08-042016-03-08
AC-1535login below ACS platform , it show me the error message "Invalid ParametersClosed2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-1536ISO 8601 date string not recognized by Date constructorClosed2015-02-042016-03-08
AC-1537After update today, looking for iOS SDK 7.1, only iOS SDK available in the build dialog is 7.0.3Closed2014-03-122016-03-08
AC-1538TextField and TextArea has crashed with an uncaught exception 'NSRangeException'.Closed2014-10-162016-03-08
AC-1539Analytics install value does not match iTunes connect/Google play statsResolved2015-02-122016-03-08
AC-1540Application crashes when back button is pressed during splash screen opening.Resolved2014-10-282016-03-08
AC-1541crash report on play storeClosed2015-01-122016-03-08
AC-1542iphone simulator don't open appClosed2014-09-302016-03-08
AC-1543Android SDK cannot be foundResolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-1544iOS: View layout and height doesn't work correctly in ListView Closed2014-08-092016-03-08
AC-1545genymotion on 4.1.0.GAResolved2015-09-082016-03-08
AC-1546Region bug iOS and Android zoom, longitude, latitudeClosed2015-04-122016-03-08
AC-1547AppLeak has stpped once i launch Hello World on my device and emulatorClosed2014-06-152016-03-08
AC-1548Error running the first Hello Titanium program (Android)Closed2014-03-032016-03-08
AC-1549ImageView with remote image in ListView crash: cachePathForURL EXC_BAD_ACCESS KERN_INVALID_ADDRESSClosed2014-12-302016-03-08
AC-1550cannot find Android device in run configuratorClosed2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1551[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8.Closed2015-01-042016-03-08
AC-1552Package file was not signed correctly when installing from Google PlayStoreResolved2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-1553SearchBar disappearsClosed2015-04-132016-03-08
AC-1554Can not build my app due to some errors.Resolved2014-05-232016-03-08
AC-1555Ability to comment with shortcut CMD + / occasionally disappearsClosed2015-06-062016-03-08
AC-1556Instance Model-View Binding dataTransform attributed ignored Closed2014-04-082016-03-08
AC-1557Geolocation background refresh stopsResolved2015-03-112016-03-08
AC-1558Hierarchical Navigation Android - UP and BACKClosed2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-1559How to Reduce/Clear Android Heap Memory Size???Closed2014-06-042016-03-08
AC-1560Back from photo galleryResolved2015-03-072016-03-08
AC-1561Seperate paths for titanium sdksResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-1562Can login to online platform, but cannot login using appc CLI terminalResolved2015-12-222016-03-08
AC-1563iOS: Window titleImage is not animated wellResolved2014-06-062016-03-08
AC-1564 Alloy - collection instance does not work properly on ListView data binding? Closed2014-07-032016-03-08
AC-1565Dialog after updgrade to Studio 4Closed2015-07-022016-03-08
AC-1566iOS 8 build fails with error ResourceRules.plist: cannot read resourcesClosed2015-01-272016-03-08
AC-1568Alloy CFG is not always generated correctly, uses an old config.jsonResolved2015-02-112016-03-08
AC-1569Appcelerator Studio encountering problems with updateClosed2015-07-012016-03-08
AC-1570CLI: "--sim-version" only accepts latest (built-in) versionResolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-1571Project Compile Error - Titanium SDK 4.0.0 (RC, Beta3, Beta2)Resolved2015-04-232016-03-08
AC-1572iOS: ScrollableView: cacheSize does not work if page views have children...Resolved2014-06-112016-03-08
AC-1573Can't Publish For Windows StoreResolved2016-01-042016-03-08
AC-1574Windows: ListSection when add an ItemTemplate appear a ghost element at position -1Resolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-1575[ERROR] Project Failed to build after 1s 175msClosed2014-03-202016-03-08
AC-1576assertion failed: 12B440: libxpc.dylib + 71820 [A4F17798-F3DE-3FBC-85E3-F569762F0EB9]: 0x7d when I close the app ( Double tap home button -> Slide the app ) Closed2015-01-192016-03-08
AC-1577[windows phone] get proxy handlers Resolved2014-11-112016-03-08
AC-1578iOS: Button border will not toggledClosed2015-06-292016-03-08
AC-1579Updated sdk not showing in build propertiesResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-1580Weird issue, cant run the App in Titanium Mac machineResolved2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-1581TableView's separator has left paddingResolved2014-05-132016-03-08
AC-1582Import Issue - Existing folder as a New ProjectResolved2014-05-222016-03-08
AC-1583Using baseController causes memory leak ?Resolved2015-09-052016-03-08
AC-1584Enter Key Not Captured in Android EmulatorResolved2015-03-132016-03-08
AC-1585Black screen appearing on resume in android Resolved2014-05-082016-03-08
AC-1586Android 6.0 - UnsatisfiedLinkErrorResolved2015-11-242016-03-08
AC-1587Titanium CLI build for Alloy doesn't work after first timeClosed2014-08-132016-03-08
AC-1588Add buttons and labels failsClosed2015-08-022016-03-08
AC-1589"beforeload" event is not fired on redirectClosed2015-03-312016-03-08
AC-1590Update/Install of SDK failedClosed2014-10-312016-03-08
AC-1591Window: Setting the height to Ti.UI.SIZE does not fit to contentResolved2015-12-122016-03-08
AC-1592ACS - Cloud.Chats.getChatGroups gets All ChatGroups on ACS ServerClosed2014-08-012016-03-08
AC-1593Listview with many list sections fails/crashes appClosed2014-10-212016-03-08
AC-1594Device list under run iOS devices will not updateResolved2015-04-092016-03-08
AC-1595ClipMode doesn't work when used within a ScrollViewResolved2014-09-242018-06-18
AC-1596Failed to encrypt JavaScript filesClosed2015-06-242016-03-08
AC-1597Remove all event listener of parent window on onCancel of option dialog in iPadResolved2015-04-072016-03-08
AC-15985.2.0, xcode7: [ERROR] Can't inject hook into ios buildResolved2015-10-142016-03-08
AC-1599Some parts of initialization code are not executed in Alloy project Resolved2014-05-142016-03-08
AC-1600IOS SDK Home not specifiedClosed2014-09-152016-03-08
AC-1601Assertion Failure deleting a TableViewSectionResolved2015-02-262016-03-08
AC-1602iOS8: WebView not able to access files in applicationDataDirectory anymoreResolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-1603local fielsystem nodeResolved2014-10-292016-03-08
AC-1604Breakpoints not working on TS 3.3.0Closed2014-09-252016-03-08
AC-1605Unable to Run in Android Using MACResolved2015-05-122016-03-08
AC-1606When i try to run the app on android emulator getting this error:[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Resolved2014-11-182016-03-08
AC-1607backgroundColor animation starting from transparent doesn't work (android)Closed2015-05-062016-03-08
AC-1608Running a hello world app in Titanium 3.4 generating errorClosed2014-10-162016-03-08
AC-1609Cannot see RightNavButtons with TabGroup inside NavigationWindowResolved2015-11-042016-03-08
AC-1610 Custom TableViewRows created with Alloy are not released from memoryResolved2015-03-152016-03-08
AC-1611Image intent Filter always null in android Closed2014-07-042016-03-08
AC-1612Updating AppC Studio & SDK to 4.0.0 RC - Invalid Password of OSX SystemClosed2015-05-052016-03-08
AC-1613Ti Map unexpected behavior when draging an annotationClosed2014-09-092016-03-08
AC-1614My ID API was changedClosed2015-03-192016-03-08
AC-1615ACS - Push Notifications and special charactersResolved2014-03-142016-03-08
AC-1616Appcelerator Salesforce Connector Pack needs 64bit conversionClosed2015-01-142016-03-08
AC-1617Failed to read text from resource fileResolved2014-12-242016-03-08
AC-1618longjohn.js line 185 ExceptionResolved2014-11-252016-03-08
AC-1619Failed to compile Java source filesResolved2014-11-302016-03-08
AC-1620SDK NOT DETECTED Resolved2014-12-192016-03-08
AC-1621appcelerator.https module is not available for Titanium StudioClosed2014-08-142016-03-08
AC-1622Fatal signal 11 - App crash after fourth-fifth windows open Resolved2015-03-092016-03-08
AC-1623Size TextField iOS8Closed2014-09-182016-03-08
AC-1624LICENSE, LICENSE.txt both created with new module projectResolved2014-09-112016-03-08
AC-1625iOS: Ti.Barcode ** BUILD FAILED **Closed2015-02-032016-03-08
AC-1626Application freeze when running on IOS device. Only with SDK 3.5.1Closed2015-04-012016-03-08
AC-1627After creating an Arrow in Studio 4.0.0, cannot run Arrow admin from Studio 4.0.0Resolved2015-03-272016-03-08
AC-1628Simple WebView crashes 3.2.2 -> 3.3.0 in HTC Evo VResolved2014-05-122016-03-08
AC-1630Titanium Crashes on StartupClosed2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-1631Android: Titanium.Media.showCamera crashes for large images on load of ti.paint moduleClosed2014-07-222016-03-08
AC-1632Unable to locate the Java Development KitResolved2015-03-252016-03-08
AC-1633Cant run on Android Virtual Device.Resolved2014-11-252016-03-08
AC-1634Web View Set HTML not working specially for Content type - Only android some devicesClosed2014-03-062016-03-08
AC-1635Can't configure Android in appcelerator StudioClosed2015-06-032016-03-08
AC-1636Collection.get returns null when searching by cidResolved2015-05-192016-03-08
AC-1637Application won't buildClosed2014-06-182016-03-08
AC-1638Display window only once when application is installed for the first timeResolved2014-05-262016-03-08
AC-1639Error My appliaction giving error.Prgram exit with value 8 error.Resolved2015-03-182016-03-08
AC-1640TS can't detect that emulator (android) is runningClosed2014-11-132016-03-08
AC-1641Dealing with left/top/bottom for different screen sizesClosed2015-03-082016-03-08
AC-1642The value on "Badge" is not increased after receiving the Push NotificationClosed2014-08-152016-03-08
AC-1643Android: Crash with displayHomeAsUp and navBarHiddenResolved2014-05-072016-03-08
AC-1644Push Notification on Android devices are not arriving and cause a Force CloseResolved2014-10-152016-03-08
AC-1645'Payload' information is missing in 'trayClickFocusedApp' and 'trayClickLaunchedApp' eventClosed2014-10-212016-03-08
AC-1646iOS 8 Interactive Notification - Not working when app is not runningClosed2014-10-092016-03-08
AC-1647Can't Install Any CLI or other updates with 3.2Resolved2014-04-112016-03-08
AC-1648Android facebook.logout() is result in token expirationClosed2014-06-272016-03-08
AC-1649Titanium 3.3.0.GA bug when build and/or just ti infoClosed2014-07-202016-03-08
AC-1650Testing Studio ticketingClosed2014-12-302016-03-08
AC-1651Alloy > Uglify converts arguments[0] causing controller creation to fail.Resolved2014-03-242016-03-08
AC-1652iOS: Large or multiple downloads crash the app with NSInvalidArgumentExceptionResolved2014-11-202016-03-08
AC-1653Black screen on resume when background processing is interrupted iOSClosed2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1654backButtonTitle ignored under some arcane circumstancesClosed2014-06-172016-03-08
AC-1655Titanium Studio can't see Xcode 7 SDK HomeClosed2015-09-282016-03-08
AC-1656Navgation bar's glitchy in titanium SDK 3.3.0Closed2014-09-202016-03-08
AC-1657can't compile inapp purchase with Windows RTResolved2015-10-222016-03-08
AC-1658ACS externalAccountLogin - removes capitalisation, and stores Strings all lower-caseResolved2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-1659we cannot login on https://cloud.appcelerator.com/loginClosed2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-1660new Date().getTimezoneOffeset() returns invalid offset for 'Europe/Moscow' timezoneClosed2014-11-152016-03-08
AC-1661AttributedString causes error when used inside ListView templateClosed2015-10-022016-03-08
AC-1662ListItems are getting transparent with scrollingClosed2016-02-172016-03-08
AC-1663Newly created AVD does not appear in the 'Android Emulator' menuClosed2014-03-252016-03-08
AC-1664Child view with Ti.UI.FILL for a dimension inside of a parent with Ti.UI.SIZE for the same dimension does not work properlyResolved2015-04-142017-10-09
AC-1665Error when using liveview and require in codeResolved2015-06-102016-03-08
AC-1666ActionBar not able to hide - default must be hidden!Closed2014-08-182016-03-08
AC-1667popover: wrong size when using navigationWindow and missing content (2nd time popover is shown)Closed2014-09-192016-03-08
AC-1668appicon not copied to ipaClosed2015-01-212016-03-08
AC-1669appc.mssql - id is a reserved field name for the generated primary keyResolved2015-10-042016-03-08
AC-1670Error: more than one deviceClosed2015-07-292016-03-08
AC-1671[ERROR] : There are no supported Xcode installations found.Closed2014-11-042016-03-08
AC-1672Cannot launch project in liveviewResolved2014-03-052016-03-08
AC-1673Unable to run project on both android emulator and android device.Closed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-1674Layot "vertical" applied with delayClosed2014-09-052016-03-08
AC-1675[Android SDK Home] No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK locationClosed2014-07-212016-03-08
AC-1676default.png isn't shown if it's set as background imageResolved2014-05-162016-03-08
AC-1677Facebook's Module don't work anymore for Android!Closed2014-07-142016-03-08
AC-1678[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1Closed2014-04-022016-03-08
AC-1679Unable to simulate an IOS applicationResolved2014-09-202016-03-08
AC-1680Studio: 3.4.0RC, choosing 8.0 simulator chooses 7.1 simulatorResolved2014-09-072016-03-08
AC-1681iOS: TableView insertRowAfter throws error on last indexResolved2015-02-262016-03-08
AC-1682Ti.Facebook restarts application on sucessful shareClosed2016-01-252016-03-08
AC-1683ListView: wrong calculating height on iOS if set it ti Ti.UI.SIZE and init list with setItems()Closed2014-07-312016-03-08
AC-1684Titanium Studio: Invalid "--device-id" valueResolved2014-05-232016-03-08
AC-1685Installation of Android SDK from within "Appcelerator Studio 4.1.2" succeeded after 3 tries ( so failed 2 times )Resolved2015-08-072016-03-08
AC-1686Listitem is solid whiteResolved2014-05-152016-03-08
AC-1687Cloud user password reset function not workingClosed2014-03-272016-03-08
AC-1688[ERROR] : You are offline and trying to do a production build. You must be online to continue.Resolved2015-09-092016-03-08
AC-1689Can't create Picker from XML without 'id' propertyResolved2014-07-072016-03-08
AC-1690Appcelerator Studio not responding - CPU @ 100%Resolved2015-04-242017-02-22
AC-1691 Invalid "--sim-version" value "7.1" after updating to Xcode 6.2 (6C131e)Resolved2015-04-082016-03-08
AC-1692Appcelerator Studio: Toggle Block Selection are not work with no error on Mac OSResolved2015-07-152016-03-08
AC-1693Titanium Studio Not runningResolved2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-1694iOS: Clipboard does not support multiple itemsClosed2015-05-062016-03-08
AC-1695iOS: Crash with Segmentation fault: 11, TiViewProxyResolved2014-05-152016-03-08
AC-1696ACS.Objects.query returning false result with $and where conditionClosed2015-01-272016-03-08
AC-1697OSX Yosemite - JVM Shared library does not contain the JNI_CreateJavaVM symbolClosed2014-09-182016-03-08
AC-1698Weird Click Event Inconsistency with 3.5.0GA and Appcelerator NavigationWindow and RightNavButtonsResolved2015-02-022016-03-08
AC-1699Android: Ti.Calendar.createEvent() does not create calendar entry in AndroidClosed2014-12-032016-03-08
AC-1700Titanium studio: android emulator debug - terminated exit value -1Closed2014-06-032016-03-08
AC-1701Devices disappeared from the menuResolved2014-09-182016-03-08
AC-1702Studio locks up completely when trying to install Android SDKClosed2015-04-042016-03-08
AC-1703Exclamation sign over project nameClosed2015-02-152016-03-08
AC-1704Not able to Login on Titanium StudioClosed2016-03-012016-03-08
AC-1705Source code not found when debuggingResolved2014-04-172016-03-08
AC-1706Android SDK not recognized on W8.1 or W7 Resolved2014-08-122016-03-08
AC-1707Distribution configurations missing from Launch Configurations in "Run Configurations" after 3.3.0 UpdateResolved2014-07-232016-03-08
AC-1708Http client request timeout never called when in airplane modeResolved2014-05-012016-03-08
AC-1709HttpClient.send() changes order of POST valuesClosed2016-01-222016-03-08
AC-1710Locale not working on android with stringname containing ":"Closed2014-10-102016-03-08
AC-1711Project don't startClosed2014-07-302016-03-08
AC-1712Alloy project Template not foundClosed2014-11-082016-03-08
AC-1713LiveView fails to launch with function declarations in alloy.jsResolved2014-08-262016-03-08
AC-1714moment().startOf('quarter') buggedClosed2014-08-142016-03-08
AC-1715Titanium Studio launch login failedResolved2015-07-272016-03-08
AC-1716Webview does not work with tishadowClosed2015-06-082016-03-08
AC-1717Show subscribed devices in ACS - Filter not workingClosed2014-07-292016-03-08
AC-1718JavaScript compile error in app.js not shown when running on AndroidClosed2015-01-262016-03-08
AC-1719Can't run "Hello World" in emulatorResolved2014-08-262016-03-08
AC-1720Studio fails to create a new alloy controllerResolved2014-12-012016-03-08
AC-1721Window 'open' & 'close' events do not fire when touchEnabled == falseClosed2014-06-262016-03-08
AC-1722Setting borderRadius on a button causes button content to disappear (Android Emulator)Resolved2014-09-102016-03-08
AC-1723Error encountered while downloading Android SDKClosed2015-07-012016-03-08
AC-1724TiAPI: Duplicate symbol conflict with Base64 APIClosed2012-12-222016-03-08
AC-1725cannot run project get error usr/local/lib/node_modules/titanium/node_modules/longjohn/dist/longjohn.js:184Closed2013-12-302016-03-08
AC-1726MESH TOO LARGE!!! VKRoadTile: Too many road points for tileClosed2012-10-112016-03-08
AC-1727CLONE - When we use borderRadius in an view and add to the view textField then we have bug!Closed2013-04-032016-03-08
AC-1728[iOS] Distribution of non-iPad leads to iPad app in iTunes ConnectClosed2012-10-042016-03-08
AC-1729Application hard-resets when saving an image file to internal storageClosed2013-02-132016-03-08
AC-1730Can't start android emulator on Mac OSClosed2013-07-022016-03-08
AC-1731after updating to doesn't recogize xcode Closed2014-01-312016-03-08
AC-1732After loading 3.1 candidate, cant get app to load on android phone if app id reset back to 3.0.2Closed2013-04-112016-03-08
AC-1733TiAPI: Changing image property of ImageView causes memory leakClosed2013-07-242016-03-08
AC-1734Commenting with Command+Fwd Slash not consistentClosed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-1735Unable to integrate Android Library project with Titanium ModuleClosed2012-10-032016-03-08
AC-1736Intializing Node.ACS (30%)Closed2013-07-152016-03-08
AC-1737iOS: Modal window crashes on adding another viewClosed2013-09-162016-03-08
AC-1738cannot select provisioning profileClosed2013-04-052016-03-08
AC-1739Building custom modules fails with iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 if originally created in environment prior to xcode 4.3Closed2012-11-252016-03-08
AC-1740[ERROR] :  TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2013-04-162016-03-08
AC-1741SSL issue on api.cocoafish.comClosed2013-04-262016-03-08
AC-1742new line map annotation sub title not working on iPhone iOS 6Closed2012-11-192016-03-08
AC-1743Android: Exported apk cannot be installed - INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATESClosed2013-09-212016-03-08
AC-1744Ti.Storekit: receiptVerificationSandbox always TRUE if setClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-1745Studio: Build error: libxml/tree.h not foundClosed2012-11-302016-03-08
AC-1746Error: 'Email is already taken' on ACS Facebook loginClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-1747Alloy: HeaderView not working on androidClosed2013-03-252016-03-08
AC-1748Cant build any apps in the iphone simulatorClosed2013-08-232016-03-08
AC-1749Can not build with simple download, build and runClosed2013-06-112016-03-08
AC-1750how to install Xcode for iosClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-1751Superscript Minus Sign Android not able to showClosed2013-03-102016-03-08
AC-1752Can't login into titanium studioClosed2012-11-202016-03-08
AC-1753App crashes on Android when firing synthetic geo-location eventClosed2014-01-262016-03-08
AC-1754openPhotoGallery() + Android + Picasa photo = no eventDataResolved2012-10-152016-03-08
AC-1755iOS: Grouped TableViewRow BackgroundImage / BakgroundGradient overlaysClosed2013-01-102016-03-08
AC-1756Android native module is throwing error on compile.Closed2014-01-232016-03-08
AC-1757Unable to add item to the actionbar with tabGroupClosed2013-10-012016-03-08
AC-1758"Ti." IntelliSense is not workingClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-1759Support for opening files from email in other(Titanium) appsClosed2012-09-272016-03-08
AC-1760Alloy: Default model creation throws column-type warningClosed2014-02-222016-03-08
AC-1761Titanium CLI : [ERROR] Invalid selected Titanium SDK "true"Closed2013-12-082016-03-08
AC-1762Installation problemClosed2012-12-032016-03-08
AC-1763user trying 5th attempt to withdrawn transaction,it displaying error message like'you may only withdrawn up to php32000 per this day.Closed2013-04-072016-03-08
AC-1764Problem in IOS module when trying to return a int64 valueClosed2013-09-182016-03-08
AC-1765iOS: emailDialog fails to open on iOS 7.0.4 deviceClosed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-1766clearTimeout throws exceptionClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-1767Type error 'createAudioRecorder' missingClosed2014-01-222016-03-08
AC-1768Error generating R.java from ManifestClosed2013-05-212016-03-08
AC-17692.1.3.GA breaks label removal on AndroidClosed2012-10-112016-03-08
AC-1770Android: Emulator crashClosed2013-06-122016-03-08
AC-1771Using alloy social builtin unable to insert usernameClosed2013-03-042016-03-08
AC-1772Android: Cannot compile a third party Java library in a Titanium ModuleClosed2013-08-122016-03-08
AC-1774Code completion doesn't work in titanium studioClosed2013-12-302016-03-08
AC-1775Studio Build ErrorClosed2013-11-152016-03-08
AC-1776Studio: Occasional Mac OSX FATAL crashClosed2013-01-092016-03-08
AC-1777systemButton: DISCLOSURE displays as INFO_DARK on Annotation.rightButtonClosed2014-02-032016-03-08
AC-1778iOS: getCurrentPosition returns {}Closed2012-10-122016-03-08
AC-1779U/I objects not collected with GC. (memory leak?)Closed2012-11-062016-03-08
AC-1780Studio: Titanium build cannot find a fileClosed2013-02-262016-03-08
AC-1781iOS: Image Assets (.png, @2x.png, -568h@2x.png) of ImageViews in ScrollableView sometime displayed incorrectlyClosed2013-06-182016-03-08
AC-1782iOS: Window to package for Adhoc or Appstore does not pop upClosed2013-12-222016-03-08
AC-1783TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of nullClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-1784ACS Review QUERY bug popped up this afternoon - regression from ACS update?Closed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-1785Android - Overflow menu wrongly positioned on handheldClosed2013-02-252016-03-08
AC-1786Titanium Studio 3.0.6 problemsClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-1787Android: After updating to 3.2.0.GA I cannot build any version of Android SDKClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-1788Android: App won't run on emulator due to Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE]Closed2013-08-242016-03-08
AC-1789Submit TicketsClosed2013-09-042016-03-08
AC-1790JIRA: Testing bug submissionClosed2013-06-172016-03-08
AC-1791Android: Titanium.UI.Tab onFocus and onBlur events are fired twiceClosed2013-01-092016-03-08
AC-1792Unable to close output streamClosed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-1793 Invalid type passed to function in TestFlight reportClosed2014-01-312016-03-08
AC-1794pass word field accepting alphabets Closed2013-10-272016-03-08
AC-1795Dashboard not loaded Closed2013-04-052016-03-08
AC-1796SDK 2.1.3 RC2 will not build for iTunes store distirbutionClosed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-1797iOS 7 Camera + Video button's not always responsiveClosed2013-12-162016-03-08
AC-1798func.uses_arguements = true problemResolved2013-10-162016-03-08
AC-1799ACS will not install after fresh installClosed2013-07-212016-03-08
AC-1800'window' JS element not available to EvalJS on Android WebView, SDK 3.1.0Closed2013-04-302016-03-08
AC-1801iOS: ListView parity with Android for separators on non-existent itemsClosed2013-07-122016-03-08
AC-1802Titanium.setUserAgent is not workingResolved2013-02-192016-03-08
AC-1803Android 4.1: Can not play audio stream Closed2013-03-192016-03-08
AC-1804Exception occured while building Android project:Closed2012-09-042016-03-08
AC-1805Table View scroll not so smooth on Android Closed2012-09-202016-03-08
AC-1806Ti.Network.networkType === Ti.Network.NETWORK_MOBILE when in flight mode on iPhone deviceClosed2014-02-172016-03-08
AC-1807Alloy: Implement native module xml markupClosed2013-01-212016-03-08
AC-1808Start and complete event for animation are not workingClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-1809Unable to find command "build"Closed2013-04-252016-03-08
AC-1810Mobile web does not create the correct mouse cursor for "touchEnabled" itemsClosed2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-1811iPhone TableView performance poor when loading large number of rows with custom table rowsClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-1812iOS: CLI: module.js :340 and throw err cannot find module.Closed2013-06-212016-03-08
AC-1813Titanium upgrade issueClosed2014-01-152016-03-08
AC-1814[ios]imageview image doesnt accept null or ''Closed2012-09-052016-03-08
AC-1815The Mapview region set Closed2013-04-252016-03-08
AC-1816JSS files and require seems to conflict on AndroidClosed2012-10-242016-03-08
AC-1817iOS: Facebook Login event is triggered on opening the appClosed2013-04-112016-03-08
AC-1818ACS Password Reset Function Works in some Cloud applications and not othersClosed2013-11-222016-03-08
AC-1819Fix appid validation regression.Closed2013-02-112016-03-08
AC-1820Android: Possible mem issue when loading remote imagesClosed2013-05-132016-03-08
AC-1821TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2013-09-262016-03-08
AC-1822After the normal studio update restart not open anymoreClosed2013-10-302016-03-08
AC-1823XMLHttpRequest bug with = in query string parameter on AndroidClosed2013-07-172016-03-08
AC-1824Failed to install acs. Please see the Studio log for more information.Closed2013-05-022016-03-08
AC-1825CLI: OTHER_CFLAGS from module.xcconfig only present in Release configurations of app buildResolved2013-02-222016-03-08
AC-1826Docs Not Working At docs.appcelerator.comClosed2012-08-172016-03-08
AC-1827folders and images deleted from project when running applicationClosed2013-08-292016-03-08
AC-1828Ticket SubmissionClosed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-1829Android: ti.map does not work with android:targetSdkVersion="14" or greaterClosed2014-01-032016-03-08
AC-1830BAT Test for WindowsClosed2014-01-242016-03-08
AC-1831 Android: Push notifications are not being delivered to devices of newly registered users while working for existing users, but showing as successful on the push logsClosed2014-02-152016-03-08
AC-1832Content Assist not functioningClosed2014-01-102016-03-08
AC-1833"Restart Required" when opening after installationClosed2013-10-102016-03-08
AC-1834Google Maps Android API v2 doesn't work when I build the app with new CLIClosed2013-05-082016-03-08
AC-1835Tab bar initially displays in wrong positionClosed2013-09-162016-03-08
AC-1837iOS: geolocation is active when there are no listeners attachedClosed2013-05-242016-03-08
AC-1838tried to unistall and install android and/or iphone neither of which works properlyClosed2012-12-282016-03-08
AC-1839Uncaught Error Java Exception Occured : Suds.jsClosed2012-10-102016-03-08
AC-1840No Code Assist in last 5 buildsClosed2012-11-142016-03-08
AC-1841Google Maps in Android Closed2014-02-182016-03-08
AC-1842Update rendered Project/App Explorer and Search windows illegible. White background on white text.Closed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-1843ACS "SMTP Check failed. Hostname was not match with server certificate."Closed2013-05-072016-03-08
AC-1844Transfer application to other appcelerator account/ownerClosed2013-07-042016-03-16
AC-1845Project failed to build after XmsClosed2013-05-182016-03-08
AC-1846[iOS-ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value "iPhone Retina (4-inch 64-bit)Closed2014-01-012016-03-08
AC-1847PHP Source EditorClosed2013-09-172016-03-08
AC-1848iOS: ImageView doesn't load remote imagesClosed2013-10-012016-03-08
AC-1849Facebook (Android): WebView called on non-UI threadClosed2013-09-132016-03-08
AC-1850Studio: "Add-On addon.+google.+apis.+10" on Android SDK installationClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-1851Liveview not working with iOS SimulatorClosed2013-06-102016-03-08
AC-1852Keyboard stays up when you Show/Hide elements in a TableViewRowClosed2012-10-052016-03-08
AC-1853iOS build fails if computer's date is moved forwardClosed2014-01-082016-03-08
AC-1854Compiling for iOS5.1Closed2012-09-252016-03-08
AC-1855iOS: In WebView maps.apple.com redirects to maps.google.comClosed2012-12-202016-03-08
AC-18564 minute plus compile time then "Simulator session timed out" errorClosed2013-03-172016-03-08
AC-1857iPhone Runtime error on Community example app.Closed2013-10-242016-03-08
AC-1858user name field is accepting integerClosed2013-10-272016-03-08
AC-1859TEST - DELETE MEClosed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-1860Element style does not overwrite on global style with same nameClosed2013-08-072016-03-08
AC-1861dexer fails to runClosed2013-12-292016-03-08
AC-1862[Alloy] app.tss will override non-global stylesClosed2013-04-252016-03-08
AC-1863Ti.Paint UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load ti.paint from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoaderClosed2013-12-182016-03-08
AC-1864Android: backgroundGradient's dissapear and reappear when adding/removing elements from a view.Closed2012-11-202016-03-08
AC-1865Android: Ti.App.addEventListener doesn't work inside a WebView under SDK 3.0Closed2012-12-152016-03-08
AC-1866Can't login GithubClosed2013-07-242016-03-08
AC-1867Alloy - rebuildClosed2013-03-082016-03-08
AC-1868None of the docs work on the help/docs/guides part of the siteClosed2012-08-082016-03-08
AC-1869Cross Origon Resource Sharing issue on mobile web implementation Closed2012-09-202016-03-08
AC-1870Ti.XML api failed to parse Text node containing text data as <data><<mydata$gt;></data>Closed2013-03-052016-03-08
AC-1871Android: WebView - Setting touchEnabled to false crashes webView after clickClosed2014-01-142016-03-08
AC-1872[ERROR] : Emulator process exited with code 1Closed2013-08-022016-03-08
AC-1873convertPointToView() return null for ImageView within ListViewClosed2013-10-102016-03-08
AC-1874Getting error while running the sample application in Titanium studioClosed2013-02-212016-03-08
AC-1875iOS: ScrollableView does not render views when they are all added to cacheResolved2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-1877TiStudio 3.2.0 and Aptana 3.4.2 doesn't launch without JRE 6, even if JDK 7 is installedClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-1878Stuck on splash screen after update to alloy 1.2.0-alpha6Closed2013-08-082016-03-08
AC-1879 TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of nullClosed2013-11-072016-03-08
AC-1880[ERROR] Missing required option "--username" when creating new project on Windows 7Closed2013-06-192016-03-08
AC-1881iOS: Modal Window, wrong layoutClosed2013-04-162016-03-08
AC-1882Console output stopped working after upgrade to Ti Studio 3.1.2Closed2013-08-222016-03-08
AC-1883[android] cannot package project with icons in "platform" folderClosed2014-01-112016-03-08
AC-1884Can't install app to android deviceClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-1885iOS: Titanium.Filesystem: Error setting remote backup flagClosed2013-06-122016-03-08
AC-1886Ti.Media not detected by compilerClosed2012-09-052016-03-08
AC-1887Android: Label text cut off on Android 4.3Closed2013-08-302016-03-08
AC-1888Documentation: Touch events are supported on AndroidClosed2012-08-222016-03-08
AC-1889OSX upgraded to 10.9 Closed2013-10-242016-03-08
AC-1890Local HTML / JS working on IOS not AndroidClosed2013-09-302016-03-08
AC-1891Update fails after Node.JS installation/repairClosed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-1892"Missing Java SDK" error when upgrading Titanium Studio (instead of fresh install)Closed2013-05-232016-03-08
AC-1893iOS: appendRow returns an errorClosed2013-01-302016-03-08
AC-1894login screen 'Sign in' label is not displayed. Instead of displaying sign in label displayed login label.Closed2013-05-052016-03-08
AC-1895Not able to create alloy projectClosed2013-06-052016-03-08
AC-1896iOS: z-indexes of subsequently added views behave unpredictably when dynamically assignedResolved2013-03-212016-03-08
AC-1897className gives errorClosed2012-11-192016-03-08
AC-1898Titanium Scope IssuesClosed2012-11-132016-03-08
AC-1899SOASTA does not render webviews during record/playbackClosed2014-01-142016-03-08
AC-1900Android: Error when trying to run on deviceClosed2013-04-182016-03-08
AC-1901Javascript Whirlpool implementation causes null-pointer exceptionClosed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-1902To verify the submit ticket scenario in studio help menuClosed2013-05-212016-03-08
AC-1903KitchenSink Memory leak when re-opening a window over and over againClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-1904IOS: TableView touchEnabled:false disables scrollingClosed2013-01-182016-03-08
AC-1905iOS: Platform Height on iPhone 5Closed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-1906md5 checksum for blobs on Android brokenClosed2012-08-302016-03-08
AC-1907Creating New Project - Missing required option "--username" - 3.0.2Closed2013-03-012016-03-08
AC-1908Geolocation timestamp is not in millisecondsClosed2013-02-112016-03-08
AC-1909Click handling in tableview is different from 2.1.3GA to 3.0.0 BetaClosed2012-11-122016-03-08
AC-1910Wrong SDK used for iOS Device BuildClosed2012-12-182016-03-08
AC-1911Using Ti.Map and Ti.Cloudpush together errorClosed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-1912NullPointerException at android.webkit.AccessibilityInjector.isJavaScriptEnabledClosed2012-11-022016-03-08
AC-1913TiAPI: Open function on HttpClient is brokenClosed2013-08-132016-03-08
AC-1914Andoird hdpi/retina images not used as backgroundImage with backgroundRepeatClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-1915Facebook login dialog shows Not Logged In error for first time userClosed2013-02-212016-03-08
AC-1916NPE on copy and pasteClosed2012-12-132016-03-08
AC-1917keyboardToolbar remains on screen after keyboard closedClosed2014-01-032016-03-08
AC-1918iOS 7 Background mode "audio" controller does not workResolved2013-09-272016-03-08
AC-1919 Splitview Master doesn't fit screen in portrait-mode in iOS7Closed2013-09-282016-03-08
AC-1920Will Not Build Closed2013-08-022016-03-08
AC-1921TypeError in alloy compile (node 0.10)Closed2013-03-192016-03-08
AC-1922Command Line interface issueClosed2012-11-152016-03-08
AC-1923NFC Module available in market place of appcelerator does not work for titanium 3.0.2 or later versionClosed2013-08-302016-03-08
AC-1924Webview only shows latest loading iframeClosed2013-11-212016-03-08
AC-1925Android emulator won't launch on Snow Leopard with TS
AC-1926Ti.App methods unavilable in local webview on Android when manifest is customizedClosed2013-04-122016-03-08
AC-1927[ios] imageview: resizing with Ti.UI.SIZE when image size ratio != 1Closed2012-08-142016-03-08
AC-1928Alloy ListView TextField in Item Template with events causing a runtime errorClosed2014-01-152016-03-08
AC-1929Missing Cloud DocClosed2013-05-082016-03-08
AC-1930Titanium Studio gets stuck on Titanium Updates dialogClosed2014-01-242016-03-08
AC-1931Code Processor: [ERROR] "project" is an unrecognized command.Closed2012-11-232016-03-08
AC-1932Android: NPE in TiDeployData.deployTypeDisabled()Closed2013-11-152016-03-08
AC-1933iOS: Ti App xml: fullscreen true - loads wrong splash screenClosed2013-07-102016-03-08
AC-1934iOS: Facebook module's login event not firingClosed2013-06-032016-03-08
AC-1935Alloy doesn't compile internationalized labels of Ti.UI.iOS.TabbedBarClosed2013-07-082016-03-08
AC-1936Ti.Network.addHTTPCookie doesn't workClosed2014-01-232016-03-08
AC-1937Ti.Platform.displayCaps.density returning wrong value on Nexus 5Closed2014-01-162016-03-08
AC-1938Can not able to compile code, after taking latest CLI update - TypeError: Cannot call method 'match' of undefinedClosed2013-04-102016-03-08
AC-1939Unable to install Titanium SDKClosed2013-03-082016-03-08
AC-1940Android: Menu Items are rendered off-screen when anyDensity=falseClosed2013-08-162016-03-08
AC-1941Android fails to play sound from internal storageClosed2012-09-062016-03-08
AC-1942BlackBerry: remove() bug in BB10Closed2013-04-092016-03-08
AC-1943Unable to create a build in IOSClosed2013-09-232016-03-08
AC-1944No console output from Ti.API on iOS with simulator 7.0.3, sdk 3.2.1.GA, cli 3.2.1Closed2014-02-132016-03-08
AC-1945KeyboardToolbar issuesClosed2014-01-072016-03-08
AC-1946'top' not animated correctly when used in animation with rotate transform matrixClosed2013-10-082016-03-08
AC-1947android sdk missingClosed2013-05-082016-03-08
AC-1948iOS: intermittent crashes on Ti.App.fireEvent to a WebViewClosed2013-03-132016-03-08
AC-1949borderRadius on Android Views is not shown correctClosed2013-07-012016-03-08
AC-1950Mobile Web-specific code doesn't get usedClosed2013-01-272016-03-08
AC-1951App crashes unexpectedlyClosed2013-07-062016-03-08
AC-1952Custom properties in TitaniumUI components Closed2013-05-022016-03-08
AC-1953CLI: ErrorsClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-1954Node.ACS not installingClosed2013-06-102016-03-08
AC-1955Swipe (horizontal) doesn't work on a ScrollViewClosed2013-09-152016-03-08
AC-1956Live Preview PositionClosed2013-05-152016-03-08
AC-1957CLI: running ios app from ti studio: no logClosed2012-10-242016-03-08
AC-1958Problem Ios versionClosed2014-02-112016-03-08
AC-1959Android: Date picker with Holo theme crashes after making a reference to the ActionBarClosed2013-01-092016-03-08
AC-1960Android: SDKs not recognizedClosed2012-12-202016-03-08
AC-1961TiApplication: (main) [34991,262975] Sending eventClosed2014-02-132016-03-08
AC-1962TableView updateSection documentation incorrectClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-1963can't run test apps in alloy git repositoryClosed2013-02-262016-03-08
AC-1964Keyboard input is messed up on Xperia active (ST17i) (at least)Closed2014-01-222016-03-08
AC-1965iOS7: iPhone 4S mobile data only reports no data connectionClosed2013-11-182016-03-08
AC-1966Android: crash with URL for ActionBar logo, icon, backgroundImageClosed2013-03-302016-03-08
AC-1967<manifest> in Tiapp.xml fileClosed2013-07-302016-03-08
AC-1968Android: Label highlightedColor property has not effectClosed2013-04-292016-03-08
AC-1969Android: ImageView.setBorderRadius crashes the appClosed2013-04-252016-03-08
AC-1970TableViewRow hasCheck property not getting toggled on click eventClosed2013-07-162016-03-08
AC-1971test logsClosed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-1972[cli] option to completely disable auth +statisticsClosed2012-12-172016-03-08
AC-1973Android: borderRadius not clipping controls' content areaClosed2012-12-202016-03-08
AC-1974Cannot Query a custom object by date in Node ACSClosed2013-09-162016-03-08
AC-1975Titanium Studio Does not Setup Android ProperlyClosed2014-01-132016-03-08
AC-1976Tableview and scrollToIndex problem scrolling to the bottom rowClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-1977Custom ios plist entries in ti.xml should override generated onesClosed2012-10-022016-03-08
AC-1978Test Bug for TISTUD-2331Closed2012-09-262016-03-08
AC-1979Problems, retrieve data WebService HTTPClient within callback function, asynchronousClosed2013-03-112016-03-08
AC-1980HelloWorld android app not running with latest release 3.2.1 GAClosed2014-02-212016-03-08
AC-1981iOS: Geocoder sample build errorClosed2013-06-242016-03-08
AC-1982TypeError during command line buildClosed2013-02-012016-03-08
AC-1983Android: App name localization errorClosed2012-12-272016-03-08
AC-1984Android: Titanium.Media.showCamera crashes for pictures of 6MP or moreClosed2012-10-152016-03-08
AC-1985google map v2 module, leftButton, rightButton are left out for annotationClosed2013-03-042016-03-08
AC-1986Push Notification Stopped Working, starting 01 Jan 14, on new android devicesResolved2014-02-242016-03-08
AC-1987Android: nine-patch image issue with Ti SDK 3.1.0Closed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-1988swipe eventlistener breaking scrolling.Closed2013-10-162016-03-08
AC-1989Apps updated to SDK 3.0.0GA do not run on Asus Nexus 7 Tablet running Android 4.2.1Closed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-1990ACS: Filters not executing with uppercase routesClosed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-1991JSON editor outline fails when any property value is a negative numberClosed2013-04-272016-03-08
AC-1992CLI not updating from 3.1.2 to 3.2.0Closed2014-01-172016-03-08
AC-1993iOS: appendRow to a TableViewSection doesn't workClosed2013-08-052016-06-21
AC-1994iOS: In the JMC feedback application, the keyboard does not auto pop-up neither does it pops up on clicking the text field, when the user returns from image editing/marking/highlighting screen back to JMC feedback screenClosed2013-07-022016-03-08
AC-1995Can't change a button background image using setBackgroundImage() dynamically when the button is on the navbar.Closed2012-10-152016-03-08
AC-1996Studio 3.2 - Unable to launch iPhone (4-in 64-bit) SimulatorClosed2014-02-042016-03-08
AC-1997Last update: titanium cli, alloy, node cls: still shows as requiring update after updateClosed2013-09-202016-03-08
AC-1998A rendering function causes UI freezes on Android when code is included with Ti.include(). Does not occur when same function is copied with eval() and then called.Closed2012-11-012016-03-08
AC-1999Particular images in annotations do not render on the mapViewClosed2014-01-282016-03-08
AC-2000ti cli cannot install latest sdkClosed2012-11-082016-03-08
AC-2001EXE file is able to upload while composing mailClosed2013-06-162016-03-08
AC-2002iOS: Weird crash related to Ti:ProfileNodeClosed2013-05-242016-03-08
AC-2003Android issue in Titanium SDK 3.2: Scroll view not work in side a ViewClosed2014-02-042016-03-08
AC-2004iPhone simulator forgets device setting - can't load iPhone 5 versionClosed2013-04-172016-03-08
AC-2005iOS SDKClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-2006Missing Modules.Facebook documentation for version 3.1 >Closed2014-01-242016-03-08
AC-2007iOS: Ti Modules used only in /iphone are not included in build for iOS devices on Ti SDK 2.1.4Closed2012-11-162016-03-08
AC-2008Failed to register for GCM push notificationResolved2014-01-072016-03-08
AC-2009Android: Cursor not showing up when clicked in Text fieldsClosed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-2010Dashboard text is too narrow to readClosed2013-12-172016-03-08
AC-2011Adding a custom Titanium Module results Script Error = Couldn't find module (Tried all possible ways, No module resources to copy always)Closed2013-04-142016-03-08
AC-2012Variable view showing only blank rows on DebugClosed2014-02-192016-03-08
AC-2013User name accepting integers during new user creationClosed2013-03-172016-03-08
AC-2014Android 2.x keyboard not popping up when focusing on webview textfield (using SDK 3.1.2.GA)Closed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-2015Android: Label ellipsize not working when breaking line with \nClosed2013-05-302016-03-08
AC-2016Problem using Ti.UI.currentWindowClosed2013-04-052016-03-08
AC-2017Multiline Ti.API.info() call logs first line with INFO and subsequent with DEBUGClosed2013-01-022016-03-08
AC-2018Deploy Application on DeviceClosed2014-01-312016-03-08
AC-2019unable to create app in titanium studioClosed2013-09-112016-03-08
AC-2020table view scrolling for complex rows (with solution)Closed2013-02-012016-03-08
AC-2021Titanium Studio hang after dependencies installationClosed2013-10-032016-03-08
AC-2022iOS: borderColor property forces a borderWidth of 1 even when 0 is specifiedClosed2013-05-032016-03-08
AC-2023iOS: Layout horizontal adds space to the top and bottom of inner elementsClosed2013-05-132016-03-08
AC-2024Cannot Launch / Build iOS app with New Appcelerator SDK and new XcodeClosed2012-10-292016-03-08
AC-2025Ti.Storekit 1.6 now getting Storekit.FAILED unconditionally under 2.1.3 Closed2012-10-062016-03-08
AC-2026[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 8Closed2014-01-162016-03-08
AC-2027ti cli cannot run ios simulatorClosed2012-11-082016-03-08
AC-2028[iOS7] Images on iOS 7 aren't displayed correctlyClosed2013-12-142016-03-08
AC-2029Windows Orientation Mode Faceup/downClosed2013-12-052016-03-08
AC-2030Android: Cannot build Android projects for 3.1.1 SDK following 3.1.1 upgradeClosed2013-06-182016-03-08
AC-2031When we use borderRadius in an view and add to the view textField then we have bug!Closed2013-03-292016-03-08
AC-2032Kitchen Sink build errorClosed2013-08-262016-03-08
AC-2033Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.0.23, Titanium SDK version 3.0.0.GAClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-2034Android: actionBar.displayHomeAsUp randomly shows double actionBarClosed2013-08-212016-03-08
AC-2035errors appearing when building a projectClosed2014-01-242016-03-08
AC-2036iOS: Cannot build for adhoc: Invalid Provisioning Profile UUIDClosed2013-08-252016-03-08
AC-2037ACS "SMTP Check failed. Hostname was not match with server certificate."Resolved2013-04-232016-03-08
AC-2038Android - Default padding on the Section Header Titles for Table ViewClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2039Bluring the SearchBar should not disable Cancel buttonClosed2012-12-052016-03-08
AC-2040Get Sha1 of BlobClosed2013-01-242016-03-08
AC-2041Guide Alloy_Widgets was not found.Closed2013-10-292016-03-08
AC-2042Android App doesn't run in the EmulatorClosed2013-06-112016-03-08
AC-2043Cannot build app with 3.2-beta - CLI version set at 3.1.2Resolved2013-12-022016-03-08
AC-2044including module in project fails with 3.0.2.vxxxClosed2013-02-112016-03-08
AC-2045Issue in Titanium UpdateClosed2014-01-302016-03-08
AC-2046BlackBerry: Error when trying to run app in BB simulator (Ti SDK 3.1.1)Closed2013-06-032016-03-08
AC-2047Title and navBarHidden Properties are not working in case of single window iOSClosed2012-10-102016-03-08
AC-2048Calendar View as per iOS 7 CalendarClosed2014-01-062016-03-08
AC-2049iOS: [ERROR] Invalid --target value 'simulator'Closed2013-08-152016-03-08
AC-2050Need to create wav format, but all solutions implemented only give AMR with wav extenstionClosed2012-08-212016-03-08
AC-2051alloy/measurement pxToDP returns the same value on AndroidClosed2014-02-032016-03-08
AC-2052Google Nexus 7 tablet returns wrong dpi, density, height and width.Closed2013-05-072016-03-08
AC-2053Android: view.animate() crashesClosed2012-10-052016-03-08
AC-2054TiSDK 3.2.0 and later: The animation transform does not work. Closed2014-02-112016-03-08
AC-2055No provisioning profile appears when doing Adhoc/Enterprise distributionClosed2012-12-102016-03-08
AC-2056Problem with KrollRuntimeThread, the logcat show me "The text property of Text is deprecated, use textContent instead"Closed2013-11-222016-03-08
AC-2057(iOS) Cannot Build nor Simulate if I include ti.compression in 2.1.2GA tiapp.xmlClosed2012-10-022016-03-08
AC-2058Scroll doesn't work for consequent view if I don't animate the current view (during the initial animation)Closed2012-12-212016-03-08
AC-2059TextField focus doesn't work when TF isn't visible...Closed2013-07-042016-03-08
AC-2060Blackberry installation failedResolved2014-02-022016-03-08
AC-2061[iOS] Facebook logoutClosed2013-02-272016-03-08
AC-2062Mobile Web: ImageView doesn't work properly with images assigned as filesClosed2013-03-132016-03-08
AC-2063I can't install NodeJS, Titanium CLI and Alloy + I can't test apps on my iPhone anymoreClosed2013-03-042016-03-08
AC-2064No success or error callbacks after registering for push notifications on iOSResolved2013-03-042016-03-08
AC-2065titanium cli wans't shifting argv rightResolved2013-12-112016-03-08
AC-2066Please delete this (was not a bug)Closed2013-11-262016-03-08
AC-2067No latitude/longitude deltas on regionChange-event (Android Maps v2)Closed2013-05-142016-03-08
AC-2068No dates showing for Codestrong 3.0Closed2014-02-142016-03-08
AC-2069Android: Appcelerator Cloud Services - Callback not working in SDK 3.0.0.GAClosed2012-12-212016-03-08
AC-2070Package file was not signed correctlyClosed2014-02-052016-03-08
AC-2071TiStudio: Javascript eventDispatcher error when clicked on the DashboardResolved2014-01-162016-03-08
AC-2072Ti.UI.convertUnits returns NaNClosed2012-11-062016-03-08
AC-2073Titanium Studio iOS SDK versionClosed2013-12-292016-03-08
AC-2074Can't enable Appcelerator Cloud ServicesClosed2013-12-232016-03-08
AC-2075When trying to run get error - Unable to locate the CLI executable. Please restart Studio or use Help > Check for Titanium Updates to install Titanium CLI.Closed2013-11-072016-03-08
AC-2076Titanium Mobile fails to build to iPhone DeviceClosed2013-03-212016-03-08
AC-2077Titanium Studio Update fails for Proxy authenticationClosed2014-01-302016-03-08
AC-2078Textarea text not wrapping on Android with SDK 3.2GA with returnKeyType and/or autocapitalizationClosed2013-12-312016-03-08
AC-2079Alloy compiler failed when using Picker in ItemTemplate...Closed2013-09-062016-03-08
AC-2080TiStudio: Android sdk not foundClosed2014-01-162016-03-08
AC-2081iOS & Android: rowData attribute for TableViewRow click event is null if custom property is provided in constructorClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2082The current displayed page contains invalid values.Closed2013-12-162016-03-08
AC-2083Android: ListView selected background color not showing upClosed2013-03-222016-03-08
AC-2084kitchensink cant runClosed2013-05-242016-03-08
AC-2085TEST - Delete me 2Closed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-20868 submit ticket 67Closed2013-06-212016-03-08
AC-2087Titanium.UI.MobileWeb.NavigationGroup: property top is undefinedClosed2012-12-282016-03-08
AC-2088Alloy 1.3 Beta - Error sync/utils not foundClosed2013-12-052016-03-08
AC-2089Android scrollview unusable with swipeClosed2013-10-162016-03-08
AC-2090Test for test case 0Closed2013-10-082016-03-08
AC-2091Module building regression in 2.1.4 GAClosed2012-12-032016-03-08
AC-2092Issue on CLI Closed2013-05-272016-03-08
AC-2093Android bottom tabgroup (custom XML)Closed2012-12-182016-03-08
AC-2094Failed to Create TicketClosed2013-12-172016-03-08
AC-2095On 3.0.0 tabGroup.activeTab.close errorsClosed2013-02-072016-03-08
AC-2096Android camera preview not full screen width when using overlayClosed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-2097iOS: Network.HTTPClient is cleaning all request headersClosed2013-02-062016-03-08
AC-2098Studio hangs after creating a new alloy default projectClosed2013-07-172016-03-08
AC-2099iOS: leftNavButton image width property is not setClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2100Tizen: Not able to install local database using titanium applicationClosed2013-05-032016-03-08
AC-2101I do not see the alloy templates being displayed in the Project Wizard,Closed2012-12-152016-03-08
AC-2102ACS Places Query bug on Cocoafish (worked fine yesterday)Closed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-2103Android: In-App Billing Module - PURCHASE_STATE_CHANGED_EVENT Not FiringClosed2013-05-122016-03-08
AC-2104Please [ERROR] System Error while compiling Android classes.dex [ERROR] -- Unable to open 'C:\Users\ludico8\Desktop\MiBuild\MyTest4Me.apk' as zip archiveClosed2013-02-242016-03-08
AC-2105Titanium Studio iOS SDK versionClosed2013-12-302016-03-08
AC-2106Android Selected Row highlighting not working with custom tablerowsClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2107Map loading in IOS 6 crashing app with error 'Invalid Region'Closed2013-12-042016-03-08
AC-2108Android: Scroll is slow in WebviewClosed2013-10-072016-03-08
AC-2109Android: Pressing home button of device on camera overlay in portrait mode and re-opening the app gives an error messageClosed2013-08-092016-03-08
AC-2111iOS: Touch events not working in custom table view rowsClosed2012-10-182016-03-08
AC-2112Issue with .NET Browser Config File for WebView ControlClosed2013-01-102016-03-08
AC-2113iOS: quickly hide/show view with subview crashesClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2114Unable to select correct provisioning profileClosed2014-01-022016-03-08
AC-2115Android: HttpClient file uploads result in different MIME encoding than iOSClosed2013-10-022016-03-08
AC-2116Create Titanium Project failed with ResourceException using SDK 3.0.0.v20121119230448Closed2012-11-202016-03-08
AC-2117Alloy compilation fails if tss has expr functionClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-2118Android: Nullpointer Exception in TiUIView.handleBackgroundImageClosed2012-12-292016-03-08
AC-2119iOS: selectRow method keeps highlightedColor of label in some specific casesClosed2013-03-302016-03-08
AC-2120Android: TableView click on subviewClosed2012-10-142016-03-08
AC-2121iOS: Tabbed Application changes orientation to Landscape/Blinking with an explicit orientation fixed to PORTRAITClosed2012-11-092016-03-08
AC-2122Titanium cannot open correctly external app ( Blackboard Learn Mobile) (Android)Closed2013-02-222016-03-08
AC-2123While Register in Titanium Studio Closed2012-09-282016-03-08
AC-2124App is not launching in android SimulatorClosed2014-02-032016-03-08
AC-2125Open Photo Gallery and Show Camera Methods are not working on Android 4.0.4 version with Titanium Studio 3.1Closed2013-11-122016-03-08
AC-2126Android TSS issue with Alloy 1.1.0Closed2013-04-192016-03-08
AC-2127Android: TableViewSection headerView have a fixed height?Closed2012-10-242016-03-08
AC-2128How can we prevent to display context menu when selecting a text in android webview ? Closed2013-10-112016-03-08
AC-2129CLONE - Android: Annotation click event not triggeredClosed2013-03-182016-03-08
AC-2130Ti.Barcodeode allows rotation on portrait only settings (iPhone)Closed2012-12-142016-03-08
AC-2131BlackBerry: Ti.Filesystem.getFile path is wrongClosed2014-02-132016-03-08
AC-2132iOS: Compiling the Xcode project gives warnings because TIMOB-12558 wasn't fully implemented.Closed2013-03-072016-03-08
AC-2133Latest CLI V3.2.1 seems to break the compilingClosed2014-02-122016-03-08
AC-2134iOS: Scrollview bug on SDK update (2.1.3.GA and 2.1.0.GA)Closed2012-10-302016-03-08
AC-2135Brand new install - [ERROR] : TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2013-06-052016-03-08
AC-2136BlackBerry: Bug in bb arabic in data returned from serverClosed2013-04-152016-03-08
AC-2137Studio doesn't accept the system password in OSXClosed2013-04-202016-03-08
AC-2138Node.ACS - Error: 'Updating clients' server URLs' has encountered a problem. Project not OpenClosed2013-08-212016-03-08
AC-2139Module facebook is emptyClosed2013-11-042016-03-08
AC-2140Android: ListView position parity issue when using accessoryTypeClosed2013-06-012016-03-08
AC-2141App crashes when .toImage() is called on an imageView with a jpg in android Closed2012-08-142016-03-08
AC-2142Android menu not working for tabgroup windowsClosed2013-10-112016-03-08
AC-2143[ios] debugging broken in masterClosed2013-01-162016-03-08
AC-2144iOS: App crashes when closing windows inside tabs (navgroups) with SDK 3.0Closed2013-01-032016-03-08
AC-2145Facebook login event listener is not capturing the login eventClosed2013-03-262016-03-08
AC-2146alloy cli logLevel option does not work Closed2013-01-062016-03-08
AC-2147BUILD FAILEDClosed2013-11-282016-03-08
AC-2148Ti.Cloud with Node.js/ACS cause errorClosed2013-03-262016-03-08
AC-2149Cannot create namespaces more than 3 levels deepClosed2012-12-242016-03-08
AC-2150iOS: Project will not build after updating to Studio 3.1.2Closed2013-07-172016-03-08
AC-2152Studio: Log level set in run configuration not usedClosed2013-05-152016-03-08
AC-2153Blocking during installation of Titanium at the ACS levelClosed2013-07-152016-03-08
AC-2154Mobile Web: Titanium.UI.TabGroup.close() doesn't close the tab groupClosed2013-01-152016-03-08
AC-2155[ios] imageview: setting responseData doesnt keep respect image ratioClosed2012-08-132016-03-08
AC-2156Android: Custom titanium_tabgroup.xml doesn't work anymoreClosed2013-04-042016-03-08
AC-2157Android: On-Device-Debugging forces continuous app crash under certain circumstancesClosed2013-01-102016-03-08
AC-2158Google Nexus 4 / LG Optimus G phones returning logicalDensityFactor = 160Closed2013-03-192016-03-08
AC-2159[WebView] CSS displayed wrong when WebView added to a ScrollViewClosed2012-12-132016-03-08
AC-2160iPhone app shows Appcelerator splash, not project splashClosed2013-02-112016-03-08
AC-2161Custom font text shifted upwardsClosed2012-12-212016-03-08
AC-2162Dashboard will not open after fresh (first time) install of TitaniumClosed2012-08-152016-03-08
AC-2163MaskedImage does not work in ListView template on deviceClosed2013-10-172016-03-08
AC-2164ACS - Critical Bug with custom_fileds.Closed2013-12-282016-03-08
AC-2165iOS: Modal window crashes app when calling win.close method while keyboard is openClosed2013-05-032016-03-08
AC-2166Calender PickerClosed2013-06-072016-03-08
AC-2167NSRangeException error when trying to add ImageView to scrollviewClosed2013-06-062016-03-08
AC-2168longpress on textfield crashes in androidClosed2014-01-122016-03-08
AC-2169Android: Opacity property inheritance in parent-child viewsClosed2012-11-272016-03-08
AC-2170Testing Studio JIRA integrationClosed2013-12-202016-03-08
AC-2171Titanium picker scrolling lags for the first timeClosed2014-01-282016-03-08
AC-2172iOS: TableViewRow with { animated:false } doesn't work, still animatedClosed2013-07-012016-03-08
AC-2173iOS: Register a file type with an appClosed2013-04-302016-03-08
AC-2174Studio: titanium status errorClosed2013-04-102016-03-08
AC-2175iOS: WebView can’t scroll to bottomClosed2013-08-052016-03-08
AC-2176initialPlaybackTime not working in iOSClosed2014-01-292016-03-08
AC-2177Test BugClosed2014-01-092016-03-08
AC-2178iOS: Script Error: Can't find variable: OS_IOS Closed2013-04-182016-03-08
AC-2179httpClient gives error on device when app compiled with ios6 on a 5.1 device for an url that contains a portClosed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-2180[Android] Google Maps API v2 does not work in a scrollviewClosed2013-03-172016-03-08
AC-2181Modules.Map.View.getRegion does not return the current map regionResolved2013-10-102016-03-08
AC-2182Module compiled prior to 3.1.3 result in a symbol not found errorClosed2013-09-222016-03-08
AC-2183Changes to strings.xml do not take effect until after a clean build.Closed2013-09-112016-03-08
AC-2184Emulator DebuggingClosed2014-01-112016-03-08
AC-2185WebView problem with Alloy on iPad within SplitWindowClosed2013-09-182016-03-08
AC-2186Titanium SDK Not installedClosed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-2187iOS: TableView index without index attributeClosed2013-05-132016-03-08
AC-2188iOS: Severe memory leaks produced when appending/deleting/inserting rows to the tableClosed2013-12-032016-03-08
AC-2189Username field is accepting integers.Closed2013-05-152016-03-08
AC-2190Android: Facebook login occasionally hangsClosed2013-06-182016-03-08
AC-2191JSS in Titanium SDK 3.0.0 malfunctioningClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-2192[android] borderview doesnt follow nativeview visibilityClosed2012-10-212016-03-08
AC-2193tableView event after appendSectionClosed2013-01-142016-03-08
AC-2194Sample Todo Missing OptionsMenuClosed2012-12-222016-03-08
AC-2196ListView Event Handler crashes app when reading row dataClosed2013-03-282016-03-08
AC-2197Unable to locate the Java Development KitClosed2014-01-182016-03-08
AC-2198iOS build fails with a simple moduleClosed2013-10-142016-03-08
AC-2199[android] v8 optional float/double argument failureClosed2012-11-222016-03-08
AC-2200Unable to run application due to lack of storage spaceClosed2013-09-072016-03-08
AC-2201iOS: Apps hang at startup when network connection is poorClosed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-2202Application build error on upgrading sdk from 2.x to 3.xClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-2203Regression postlayout on Android ImageView not firing TIMOB-13104 needs to be reopenedClosed2013-06-192016-03-08
AC-2204When using Ti.UI.Window.animate on a view inside a tab that contains a TableView, animating it to a view with a map and toggling back to the previous view causes all other views to not appear anymore.Closed2012-10-092016-03-08
AC-2205Labels with a height of "Ti.UI.SIZE" have a form of 'padding' on the top and bottomClosed2014-01-302016-03-08
AC-2206Android touchEnabled=false throws java errorClosed2013-12-172016-03-08
AC-2207Android: Exception about missing classes.dex when building Single Window ApplicationClosed2013-06-062016-03-08
AC-2208Android: HTTPClient POST is not workingClosed2013-08-162016-03-08
AC-2209Titanium Studio freezes at launchClosed2013-08-022016-03-08
AC-2210Ti.Storekit: "Deploy to Device" will not run in "Live" environmentClosed2013-05-222016-03-08
AC-2211Android: Ti.UI.createImageView will not load large JPGClosed2013-01-092016-03-08
AC-2212Exception occured while building Android projectClosed2013-05-262016-03-08
AC-2213Unable to launch Browser emulator or Android emlatorClosed2013-08-132016-03-08
AC-2214Ti.API.info not logging to INFOClosed2013-04-212016-03-08
AC-2215can't run android sdkClosed2013-05-182016-03-08
AC-2216Bug of Paypal iOS Titanium module dealing with some floating numbersClosed2013-06-112016-03-08
AC-2217Android: Random Crashes on Google Maps v2 APIClosed2013-08-292016-03-08
AC-2218Ampersand renders incorrectly in viewClosed2012-11-092016-03-08
AC-2219APIDoc : Facebook documentation page not foundClosed2014-01-272016-03-08
AC-2220Android: displayHomeAsUp and onCreateOptionsMenu together are brokenClosed2013-01-142016-03-08
AC-2221Crash in Kitchen Sink-> Base UI->Views-> Scroll Views->Basic->Scroll to TopClosed2013-01-022016-03-08
AC-2222ACS - Event.Query suddenly returns Internal 500 responseClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-2223iOS: append for blobs is brokenClosed2012-10-252016-03-08
AC-2224get build error & cannot update titaniumClosed2013-09-102016-03-08
AC-2226Fail install android SDKClosed2014-02-132016-03-08
AC-2227Case Sensitive HFS on OSX causes build failureClosed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-2228[WARN][ThrottleService( 79)] unable to find stats for iface rmnet0Closed2013-09-182016-03-08
AC-2229Can't build to device. Error on buildClosed2012-12-272016-03-08
AC-2230Default-568@2x.png not packagedClosed2012-11-292016-03-08
AC-2231Map not behaving as expected in mobile web applicationClosed2012-10-212016-03-08
AC-2232Android: No resource found that matches '@drawable/appicon'Closed2013-12-182016-03-08
AC-2233SearchBar shows the BACKGROUND image in the FOREGROUNDClosed2013-09-202016-03-08
AC-2234Android: Annotations with Google Maps V2 - Clicking on annotation's info window doesnt workClosed2013-04-022016-03-08
AC-2235adb, conhost, node, and python processes overrun resources on Windows 7Closed2013-08-152016-03-08
AC-2236Android: Close a socket then reopen it, unable to write on it.Closed2013-11-212016-03-08
AC-2237iOS 7: App Crash when modal window has different orientation modesClosed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-2238iOS7: Support searchBar to have different cursor and cancel button colorClosed2013-10-162016-03-08
AC-2239Cannot build app using Xcode 4.5 Titanium Mobile 2.1.3 and ios SDK 5.1Closed2012-09-232016-03-08
AC-2240CLI: 3.1 update causes crash and subsequently "Unable to locate the CLI executable"Closed2013-04-202016-03-08
AC-2241No summaryClosed2013-09-302016-03-08
AC-2242require() fails to load files with path containing 'iphone' or 'android'Closed2012-11-132016-03-08
AC-2243HTTPClient does not fire onsendstream for PUT requests on AndroidClosed2012-08-212016-03-08
AC-2244ACS Not delivering push notifications in production or developmentClosed2014-01-042016-03-08
AC-2245Custom properties not passed by referenceClosed2012-12-132016-03-08
AC-2246Android: SearchBar not working with custom data row in TableView.Closed2012-12-052016-03-08
AC-2247iOS: (3.2.0) attributedString doesn't work properly with TextField and passwordMaskClosed2013-12-032016-03-08
AC-2248Fail to load Hello WorldClosed2013-06-032016-03-08
AC-2249CLI 3.3.0 does not work with SDK 3.2.1 Closed2014-02-192016-03-08
AC-2250Cannot build to device or distribute alloy app (app.js not found and ipa=1.5MB)Closed2012-12-082016-03-08
AC-2251iOS: Regression: capital letters in the app id in TiApp.xml prevent compilingClosed2013-01-102016-03-08
AC-2252every file i copy to resources drectory is removed when debugging alloy projectClosed2014-02-192016-03-08
AC-2253Unable to run npm to install Titanium CLI. Gives same error.Closed2013-11-042016-03-08
AC-2254Studio 3.2 overwrites theme selection on restartClosed2014-02-042016-03-08
AC-2255Trying to test the Studio ticket submission workflowClosed2013-12-192016-03-08
AC-2256Renamed asset is not reflected in Resources folder on clean build when filenames differ in lower/upper case onlyClosed2013-07-292016-03-08
AC-2257iOS: Adding a TextArea to a TableViewRow in a Table that exceeds the height of the display causes labels to disappear randomlyClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2258Div Tag ID Not Linking to ScriptClosed2014-01-292016-03-08
AC-2259Android: Compile time Error Build process exited with code 1 due to Admob moduleClosed2013-05-292016-03-08
AC-2260Parameter in Ti.Contacts.showContacts not optinalClosed2012-12-112016-03-08
AC-2261Android: Animation cause crash whith view with borderRadiusClosed2012-10-132016-03-08
AC-2262longjohn.js:184 -- Error: EPERM, operation not permittedClosed2014-02-172016-03-08
AC-2263Application crashes when touchEnabled is set in xml fileClosed2013-12-242016-03-08
AC-2264file not found in assets folderClosed2014-02-202016-03-08
AC-2265Module: License violation error with com.logicallabs.inappproductsClosed2014-01-132016-03-08
AC-2266Unable to build app for Android Closed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-2267iOS: Facebook redirect back to app broken in 3.0Closed2013-01-202016-03-08
AC-2268Using Codeboxed module.. need Sampling Bitrate optimizationClosed2012-10-112016-03-08
AC-2269iOS: Audio stream from voscast works well on simulator doesn't work on iOS 7 devicesResolved2013-10-082016-03-08
AC-2270Cannot update Titanium StudioClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2271iPhone 5 Background FlickerClosed2012-09-222016-03-08
AC-2272ti.udp - Building error after adding moduleClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-2273SQLite crash when not even using DBClosed2012-08-272016-03-08
AC-2274error during run blackberry applicationClosed2013-09-082016-03-08
AC-2275Android: Project not running on SDK 3.0.0 and aboveClosed2013-03-152016-03-08
AC-2276BAT test ticket sent from within StudioClosed2014-01-232016-03-08
AC-2277Ti.UI Content Assist Not DisplayingResolved2013-12-162016-03-08
AC-2278ListView itemclick event itemIndex inconsistent between Android and iOSClosed2014-01-122016-03-08
AC-2279test TISTUD-4978Closed2013-06-202016-03-08
AC-2280Titanium build issueClosed2014-01-232016-03-08
AC-2281Application remains not constant when i used defferent- defferent mobile sdk versionClosed2013-10-072016-03-08
AC-2282When we use 'touchMove' on any object then, we have not got "globalPoint" Property?Closed2013-07-252016-03-08
AC-2283Android: Longclick event doesn't work inside a ScrollViewClosed2013-07-042016-03-08
AC-2284Error when building application: 'javac' is not recognized as internal or external operable programClosed2013-05-032016-03-08
AC-2285Crash every 2nd time I launchClosed2012-09-012016-03-08
AC-2286encoding of URI components are encoding non-standard charactersClosed2013-01-122016-03-08
AC-2287Cannot run on iOS device in Titanium Studio 3Closed2012-12-172016-03-08
AC-2288ARC plugin compilation fails with 'error: overriding method has mismatched ns_returns_not_retained attributes' Closed2013-03-072016-03-08
AC-2290Docs :: Module.Facebook referenced in the deprecated alert for Ti.Facebook, yet doesn't appear in modules sectionClosed2014-01-272016-03-08
AC-2291Android crash upon app resumeClosed2013-01-162016-03-08
AC-2292Titanium Projects are not running on Sony Xperia 4.0.4 Closed2013-11-072016-03-08
AC-2293Location service stops after the iphone restarts - HELP!Closed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-2294TableView scroll momentum (Kinetic scroll)Closed2012-11-152016-03-08
AC-2295Default Alloy Projects Cannot Be Created on OSXClosed2014-01-252016-03-08
AC-2296iOS: Unable to build: TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-2297[Android] App continuously restarts in Non-Debug ModeClosed2013-01-102016-03-08
AC-2298iOS: Code working with Node.js v0.9.9 and Ti 3.0.2 but not with Node.js v0.10.13 and Ti 3.1.2Closed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-2299Website: www.appcelerator.com is not accessibleClosed2014-01-132016-03-08
AC-2300Android: Problem with Annotation rightViewClosed2013-06-142016-03-08
AC-2301Closed ticketClosed2013-02-262016-03-08
AC-2302Android: Ti.Android.stopService(intent) is not removing the serviceClosed2013-11-112016-03-08
AC-2303iOS: BackButton disapears when barImage is redefinedClosed2012-12-042016-03-08
AC-2304Cannot able to start Titanium StudioClosed2012-08-302016-03-08
AC-2305MobileWeb: Picker "add" method is dead slowClosed2013-01-142016-03-08
AC-2306Test SummaryClosed2013-08-122016-03-08
AC-2307iOS: CameraView: showControls: false on iPAD landscape leaves a black bar across left of screen Closed2012-10-292016-03-08
AC-2308WebView operations make KitchenSink exitClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2309MapView - Mobile Web Doesnt load correctlyClosed2012-10-272016-03-08
AC-2310Titanium cant show Android and ios DevicesClosed2014-01-142016-03-08
AC-2311Studio: Shortcut Key for "run project" does not work in "Studio" perspectiveClosed2013-12-032016-03-08
AC-2312iOS: scrollview.scrollTo Method brokenClosed2012-11-252016-03-08
AC-2313With the last Node update, local ACS project stop working on WindowsClosed2013-11-272016-03-08
AC-2314Ti.App.iOS.addEventListener() undefinedClosed2012-09-042016-03-08
AC-2315For Mac osx 10.9 , Titanium studio 3.1.3 with CLI 3.2.1 it is showing these errors.Closed2013-11-272016-03-08
AC-2316image backgroundClosed2014-01-212016-03-08
AC-2317Ti.UI.Button darkening on AndroidClosed2012-11-092016-03-08
AC-2318Android: TableViewRow setColor() method doesn't existClosed2013-01-262016-03-08
AC-2319[ERROR] :  TypeError: Arguments to path.join must be stringsClosed2013-03-162016-03-08
AC-2320iOS: tiapp info is not properly transfered into info.plist with an Xcode validation failure as a resultClosed2013-12-012016-03-08
AC-2321iOS: App crashes with: "A view can only be associated with at most one view controller at a time"Resolved2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-2322Android: Simple local WebView crashing on Android 2.3.3/5Closed2014-02-042016-03-08
AC-2323Error while running titanium emulator Closed2013-05-232016-03-08
AC-2324Node.ACS Taking Minutes to serve imagesClosed2013-12-192016-03-08
AC-2325ScrollView issue: On Android 4.1+, Views with height > 699 within the ScrollView are not displayedClosed2013-12-052016-03-08
AC-2326Can't Log bugs in jiraClosed2013-06-172016-03-08
AC-2327Kitchen Sink: Not Working on AndroidClosed2013-12-222016-03-08
AC-2328Animating from 640 would never show the animated view, but works with 639Closed2012-12-212016-03-08
AC-2329Unable to find command "build"Closed2013-12-182016-03-08
AC-2330Ruby File Association ProblemClosed2013-06-132016-03-08
AC-2331Android: Animation: drag does not work wellClosed2013-12-312016-03-08
AC-2332Android: Can't get other versions of emulator to come upClosed2013-06-172016-03-08
AC-2333Android: Add children as array not workingClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2334Cloud API doc incorrectClosed2014-02-222016-03-08
AC-2335iOS: Ti.Network.Socket.createTCP works in simulator but not on deviceClosed2013-02-072016-03-08
AC-2336Android: Ti.Map crashes on creationClosed2012-12-232016-03-08
AC-2337Provisioning Profiles not showing upClosed2012-10-042016-03-08
AC-2338[TiUtils exceptionMessage:]: unrecognized selectorClosed2012-09-252016-03-08
AC-2339iOS: frame.size.width=0 and bounds.size.width=0 passed to TiUIView frameSizeChanged:frame:boundsClosed2013-10-152016-03-08
AC-2340Titanium 3.1.3GA > IOS > Clicking on a map annotation's title or subtitle doesn't trigger a click eventClosed2013-10-012016-03-08
AC-2341iOS: ListView items (rows) don't autosize (height) correctly (parity)Closed2013-07-112016-03-08
AC-2342Uncatched HTTP requests errors using AdBlockPlusClosed2013-04-102016-03-08
AC-2343iPhone5 & iPad : can't access Default Splash Screen resources from MainBundleClosed2012-11-102016-03-08
AC-2344Picker - Unable to add rows / columns dynamicallyClosed2014-02-132016-03-08
AC-2345iOS: TableViewRow animated:false property doesn't workClosed2013-10-212016-03-08
AC-2346Login failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token Closed2013-07-112016-03-08
AC-2347iOS 6: DatePicker dates between February 16, 1986 and February 28, 1986 are wrongly reportedClosed2012-10-302017-02-15
AC-2348ScrollView addView not functioning as expected ( SDK 3.2.0 )Closed2014-01-132016-03-08
AC-2349iOS: Ti.Contacts.showContacts crashes when opened multiple timesClosed2014-01-152016-03-08
AC-2350Missing modules during install on Vista Ultimate 64Closed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-2351Start and finish Titanium.Geolocation.getCurrentPositionClosed2013-11-282016-03-08
AC-2352i couldn't able to execute in my device.. Closed2014-02-102016-03-08
AC-2353[android] window title bar should be action bar on sdk >11Closed2012-11-142016-03-08
AC-2354Android doesn't workClosed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-2355Unable to set preferences in Titanium Studio - Does not recognize Android SDKClosed2014-02-252016-03-08
AC-2356Android pause/resume activity events do not fire inside TabGroupClosed2013-01-162016-03-08
AC-2357Titanium.Map changing title bar color of all windows in app.Closed2013-09-262016-03-08
AC-2358TableView delete row indexing issuesClosed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-2359Android: clearTimeout throws an exception if the variable passed in is null or undefinedResolved2013-02-132016-03-08
AC-2361Android: eval doesn't reference properly to functions and variables when compiling for distributionClosed2012-09-122017-10-22
AC-2362Layout horizontal acting like compositeClosed2014-01-252016-03-08
AC-2363require() does not properly handle circular dependenciesClosed2013-03-282016-03-08
AC-2364dashboard crashesClosed2012-08-132016-03-08
AC-2365Timeout waiting to evaluate JSClosed2014-02-112016-03-08
AC-2366Android App Crashes On Animation Involving Two Views With Background ImagesClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2367[Android] Titanium 3.2.1 - 3.1.3 Google Map doesn't workClosed2014-02-212016-03-08
AC-2368Android: ActionBar not ready at window open event on API 18 (Android 4.3)Closed2013-08-212016-03-08
AC-2369Loading Widget on androidResolved2013-03-252016-03-08
AC-2370Modal Windows - Status Bar StyleResolved2013-09-132016-03-08
AC-2371Kitchen Sink's TableView Pull to Refresh example is broken in 2.1.0GA and 2.1.1GA, works in 2.0.2GAClosed2012-08-272016-03-08
AC-2372Ti SDK 3.2.0.GA, window header stretched in iOS 6 but looks good in iOS 7Closed2013-12-242016-03-08
AC-2373After enabling cloud push services, Android doesn't compile throwing UnicodeDecodeErrorClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2374Test RunClosed2013-12-122016-03-08
AC-2375Alloy: Android Module XML does not work?Closed2013-05-212016-03-08
AC-2376Android - Scrolling is Choppy on some of the devicesClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2377Android Module Project Editor: errors are in project icon, but not sub directoriesClosed2013-03-292016-03-08
AC-2378Username field is accepting integers.Closed2013-05-052016-03-08
AC-2379Build ErrorClosed2013-03-082016-03-08
AC-2380License text not appearing when installing Titanium StudioClosed2014-01-092016-03-08
AC-2381android:back doesn't fire on Android/Kindle Fire emulator when placed inside TabGroupClosed2013-01-152016-03-08
AC-2382Computing SDK info has encountered a problemClosed2014-01-302016-03-08
AC-2383Android: Services in background not working when phone enter in sleep modeClosed2012-09-242016-03-08
AC-2384ACS external_account_login create duplicated idClosed2013-08-222016-03-08
AC-2385iOS & Android: Button disabled does not bubble event to parentClosed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2386Animation 'complete' event does not fire if animation created with passed objectClosed2012-12-152016-03-08
AC-2387Titanium studio crashes when creating new alloy projectClosed2013-07-232016-03-08
AC-2388Java Exception Error : Titanium.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidthClosed2012-10-042016-03-08
AC-2389Alloy: Model Fetch by ID does not work on instances (singletons)Closed2013-06-222016-03-08
AC-2390should not open the user home pageClosed2013-10-272016-03-08
AC-2391iOS: Slow and poor performance for ScrollableViewClosed2013-09-302016-03-08
AC-2392tableviewrow add view and setview as Touchenable=false issue( applcation crash )Closed2014-01-292016-03-08
AC-2393Project with PayPal module submission rejected by Apple because of containing non-public API usageClosed2013-05-162016-03-08
AC-2394Google Maps API V2 and AnyDensity=trueResolved2014-01-092016-03-08
AC-2395Android: in tableview, "sections" property (SDK >= 3.0.0) not working like "data" (SDK < 3.0.0)Closed2013-01-172016-03-08
AC-2396Issue with building project with iOS 6.1 simulatorClosed2013-02-082016-03-08
AC-2397Windows: Error for Unknown iOS SDK in log fileClosed2013-11-182016-03-08
AC-2398Android: Emulator not running, exiting errorClosed2013-06-232016-03-08
AC-2399Unable to install CLI on Mac BookClosed2013-03-072016-03-08
AC-2400iOS: HTTPClient: autoEncodeURL not used when redirect is followedClosed2013-11-112016-03-08
AC-2401iOS7: Black patchesClosed2013-10-102016-03-08
AC-2402Alloy CLI can not generate views in a subfolderClosed2013-06-182016-03-08
AC-2403CLI: TypeError during validatePlatformOptions()Closed2014-02-112016-03-08
AC-2404Android: Compile errorsClosed2013-09-082016-03-08
AC-2405Unable to generate Mobile Web App. Error: 0 - AlloyClosed2013-02-032016-03-08
AC-2406CLI: Unable to locate the CLI executable errorClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-2407ACS Push Notifications: No sending logs found for this push notificationResolved2013-03-312016-03-08
AC-2408[android] imageview does not respect image ratio if imageview width/height changed after creationClosed2012-08-252016-03-08
AC-2409Wanted to read the doc's for installation but did not workClosed2012-08-142016-03-08
AC-2410Android: Resources in "platform" directory are ignored when building project with 3.0Closed2012-10-192016-03-08
AC-2411Android: Error when trying to run sample on Fedora LinuxClosed2013-08-262016-03-08
AC-2412iOS: Ti.UI.Tab accessibility properties do not workClosed2013-05-242016-03-08
AC-2413"Creating_Your_First_Titanium_App" example doesn't runClosed2014-01-242016-03-08
AC-2414Android: Not able to run any application: 'build' is an unrecognized commandClosed2013-09-172016-03-08
AC-2415iOS: The following build commands failed: PhaseScriptExecution Pre-Compile Script-DABB369F12E8CB280026A6EA.shClosed2013-05-032016-03-08
AC-2416Titanium.UI.TextField changes size after hiding and showingClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2417iOS: Pull to Refresh doesn't work in new SDKClosed2012-09-042016-03-08
AC-2418iOS: Background Gradient on TableView Grouped won't fit into the gridClosed2013-08-102016-03-08
AC-2419Unable to load any native module with SDK 3.0.2Closed2013-02-282016-03-08
AC-2420ACS : Adding review/comment to a photo and changing properties of a photo don't update updated_at property.Closed2013-12-232016-03-08
AC-2421ListView - crashes when using bindId="description"Closed2013-11-142016-03-08
AC-2422Android: backgroundSelectedColor and backgroundSelectedImage occasionally "stuck"Closed2013-09-112016-03-08
AC-2423Android: proGuard issue (relates to TIMOB-2782)Closed2014-01-162016-03-08
AC-2424iOS7: Problem with SwitchClosed2013-09-132016-03-08
AC-2425Invalid error message is displayed, Without entering any values from Username field and while clicking login button.Closed2013-04-072016-03-08
AC-2426TableView does not support Header and Footer for Sections in xmlClosed2012-10-152016-03-08
AC-2427TableViewSection doesn't support FooterView and HeaderView tagsClosed2012-12-272016-03-08
AC-2428Android: Image upload not workingClosed2013-04-122016-03-08
AC-2429Weird image url causes execution to stopClosed2013-10-032016-03-08
AC-2430Studio doesn't remember my login detailsClosed2012-11-142016-03-08
AC-2431Pictures taken on Galaxy S3 do not respect OrientationClosed2012-11-072016-03-08
AC-2432Posting data with httpClient causes memory leaksClosed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-2433Text comparison window in Titanium Studio with Light theme gets un-readable.Closed2012-09-132016-03-08
AC-2434[Android] Google Maps API v2 does not work in a scrollviewClosed2013-03-052016-03-08
AC-2435Studio: Cannot find developer profile with UTF8 charactersResolved2014-01-032016-03-08
AC-2436Unable to load Google Play resources for Google Maps API v2Resolved2013-08-262016-03-08
AC-2437SystemButtonStyle.BAR and SystemButtonStyle.DONE have same valueClosed2013-01-112016-03-08
AC-2438Update documentation to Indigo for JDK installClosed2012-11-222016-03-08
AC-2439Android: OutOFMemory Errors when using image compression, resizing or thumbnails on select devices like the Galaxy S2Closed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-2440iOS: appicon.png being overwritten with default Ti logo appicon.pngClosed2013-02-202016-03-08
AC-2441Android - Playing audio is not consistentClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2442Blob which returned by ImageView.toBlob Method has different mimeType on iOS and AndroidClosed2013-11-142016-03-08
AC-2443Streaming Audio is lagging on Galaxy S3...Closed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2444Android: paswordMask:true on textfield not masking on HTC Sensation XLClosed2012-11-072016-03-08
AC-2445app crashing on relaunchingClosed2013-02-142016-03-08
AC-2446Android: Crash when adding backgroundGradient to a TabGroup WindowClosed2012-11-082016-03-08
AC-2447POST Request does not send ParameterClosed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-2448Compose window is not displayedClosed2013-10-272016-03-08
AC-2449attempts to delete a Custom Object returns "Failed to authenticate user"Closed2013-11-282016-03-08
AC-2450itemclick event listener does not fire in editing modeClosed2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-2451Android: UrbanAirship doesn't launch app when notification is clickedClosed2013-07-212016-03-08
AC-2452Android: App crashes during startup - TiUIActivityWindow.handleBootedClosed2013-06-232016-03-08
AC-2453The workspace exited with unsaved changes in the previous sessionClosed2013-02-202016-03-08
AC-2454Android: Cannot launch Emulator with Ti Studio
AC-2455iOS: Date/Time Picker will not show when the picker is attached to a window that is part of a tab groupClosed2014-01-042016-03-08
AC-2456NullPointer while creating iOS AppClosed2013-06-192016-03-08
AC-2457Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth gives the wrong value when default points pixelsClosed2012-12-212016-03-08
AC-2458Modules.Map is not at all workingClosed2013-12-102016-03-08
AC-2459Titanium Code Processor error on WindowsClosed2013-04-052016-03-08
AC-2460Mac Titanium Studio BAT test ticketClosed2014-02-032016-03-08
AC-2461image scale and convertpointview issue in andoird kitkat 4.4.2Closed2014-01-272016-03-08
AC-2462Fail to use Titanium functions in commonJS moduleClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2463Invalid type passed to function in TestFlight reportClosed2014-01-202017-03-08
AC-2464When I start a android emulator I got this error, can anyone help me?Closed2013-04-192016-03-08
AC-2465Studio: Alloy not available as a new project optionClosed2013-05-052016-03-08
AC-2466Wrong Camera Aspect ration if overlay is added ( iphone 5 )Closed2014-02-122016-03-08
AC-2467ACS push notification with registered app not receivingClosed2014-01-272016-03-08
AC-2468Implement scroll event for ListViewClosed2014-02-092016-03-08
AC-2469iOS: Google Analytics not working in 3.1 or later but work in 3.0Closed2013-06-212016-03-08
AC-2470updateLayout do not work on AndroidClosed2012-10-042016-03-08
AC-2471Titanium Database - Not getting installedClosed2013-03-132016-03-08
AC-2472iOS6 Maps: unable to go to max zoom in TitaniumClosed2012-11-252016-03-08
AC-2473Android webview scrolls up when typing in input fieldResolved2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-2474Calling Ti.Platform.openURL throws Unknown Java ExceptionClosed2013-11-222016-03-08
AC-2475iOS: invalid type passed to function on tabGroup.open()Closed2013-09-132016-03-08
AC-2476NullPointerException when click Map Annotation TIMOB-12857Closed2013-03-192016-03-08
AC-2477Update isntallation failsClosed2013-08-072016-03-08
AC-2478Studio: Unable to update behind proxy authenticationClosed2013-01-152016-03-08
AC-2479Android: Large images selected from gallery are not getting displayed in imageViewClosed2013-02-082016-03-08
AC-2480Setting width to Ti.UI.SIZE in tss doesn't work for views containing label onlyClosed2014-02-092016-03-08
AC-2481iOS: App version cannot contain letters or dashClosed2013-02-222016-03-08
AC-2482Labels not showing full contents. Closed2012-10-052016-03-08
AC-2483A symlink in the Resources directory stops app from building/deploying to iOS devices.Closed2013-07-112016-03-08
AC-2484Ti.CloudPush Version 3.2.0 get Force Close when Unlock Phone on Android 4.4Closed2013-12-272016-03-08
AC-2485[android]when creating a blob from an image, width and height are not setClosed2012-08-252016-03-08
AC-2486Android Theme.Holo don't dysplay splash screensClosed2013-05-282016-03-08
AC-2487uses-feature required=false being overwritten when packaging the appClosed2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-2488iOS 7: Modal Window title does not displayClosed2013-09-052016-03-08
AC-2489cannot launch native ios modules on case-sensitive file systemsClosed2013-03-282016-03-08
AC-2490Provisioning profile disappearsClosed2013-04-242016-03-08
AC-2491Android: Fullscreen video playback restarts when screen is rotated (orientation changes)Closed2013-08-172016-03-08
AC-2492iOS: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded when running simulatorClosed2013-03-212016-03-08
AC-2493Android service does not run after app close if started in eventClosed2013-06-142016-03-08
AC-2494Not able to run updatesClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2495Console outputs all activity regardless of log level chosenClosed2012-12-152016-03-08
AC-2496Android: KitchenSink->Platform->XHR->File Download->Set Web View (url) crachesClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-2497ACS Event Update - Custom Data Field Not Being UpdatedClosed2013-01-122016-03-08
AC-2498Compile for Android Plataform (Native or emulated) fails if strings.xml has an enter at the begining of the fileClosed2013-05-292016-03-08
AC-2499iOS: TableView height Ti.UI.SIZE does not take into account HeaderView, FooterView, SectionHeaderView or SectionFooterViewClosed2012-11-212016-03-08
AC-2500ACS installation failureClosed2013-07-212016-03-08
AC-2501Ti.Media.VideoPlayer stuck in VIDEO_PLAYBACK_STATE_SEEKING_*Resolved2013-11-192016-03-08
AC-2502Blackberry BB4 : Components don't manage accented charactersClosed2012-12-102016-03-08
AC-2503Alloy: Migrations bugsClosed2013-07-122016-03-08
AC-2504Android - Screens with search option on the table opens the keyboard by default on window openClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2505border-radius on Android: unexpected behaviourClosed2012-10-092016-03-08
AC-2506Ti SDK 3.2.0 Fails to build Android projectClosed2013-12-042016-03-08
AC-2507Android Emulator Closed2013-10-262016-03-08
AC-2508[ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '6.1'Closed2013-09-192016-03-08
AC-2509[Windows] Titanium Studio: Gets stuck at launching deletegatesClosed2013-04-252016-03-08
AC-2510_.isEmpty() causes crashClosed2012-11-292016-03-08
AC-2511CloudPush module is failingClosed2013-08-182016-03-08
AC-2512TableView click events fail when using setSectionsClosed2013-11-062016-03-08
AC-2513Labels inside a TableViewRow fire click event twice the second time a window in memory is openedClosed2013-01-162016-03-08
AC-2514Ti 3.1.3.GA iPhone simulator exits immediatelyClosed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-2515iOS: Buttons in NavigationBar and Toolbar don't support custom fontsResolved2014-02-232016-03-08
AC-2516iOS: App crashes during reviewClosed2012-10-172016-03-08
AC-2517iOS7: platformHeight returns wrong value on iPhone 5 deviceClosed2013-08-282016-03-08
AC-2518Android: Multiple line in label does not show ellipsisClosed2013-06-252016-03-08
AC-2519ACS : Sometimes IOS users flooded by push notificationsClosed2014-01-112016-03-08
AC-2520defect not full nameClosed2013-06-022016-03-08
AC-2521ActionBar.setActionView() not executed in the UI ThreadClosed2012-12-132016-03-08
AC-2522iOS7: geolocation does not trigger location events while in backgroundClosed2014-01-142016-03-08
AC-2523“You've already purchased this In-App Purchase but it hasn't been downloaded”Closed2014-01-172016-03-08
AC-2525Unable to run Android emulator on Titanium Studio in Windows 8Closed2013-10-292016-03-08
AC-2526iOS: path problem with JS and IMAGE when called it into HTML fileClosed2012-12-262016-03-08
AC-2527CLI: Building for android device with --build-only still tries to install and launch applicationClosed2013-06-112016-03-08
AC-2528Creating an allday event on Android shifts the day back by one on deviceClosed2013-08-302016-03-08
AC-2529Facebook Module doco not availableClosed2014-01-272016-03-08
AC-2530Cannot set fontFamily property on Label elementClosed2014-02-042016-03-08
AC-2531Whenever compiler.py encounters an 'unrecognized error', it crashes without displaying the error.Closed2013-08-262016-03-08
AC-2532Error Couldn't find module: alloy/sync/sql after migrating to TiSDK 3.2GAClosed2014-01-102016-03-08
AC-2533"blur" event listener for windows inside a navigation window (inside a split view) not working Closed2013-11-132016-03-08
AC-2534Android: Abort call of HTTPClient resets sessionClosed2012-08-242016-03-08
AC-2535images from res-xxx folders not displayed on Android with SDK 3.2Closed2013-11-072016-03-08
AC-2536BUILD FAILEDClosed2012-12-262016-03-08
AC-2537Build generated for the device differs to the one that runs with the emulatorClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-2538Can add iOS run configurationClosed2014-02-012016-03-08
AC-2539how can i add image in PF Closed2013-03-182016-03-08
AC-2540ListView - rect values not available within event handler of itemTemplate elementClosed2013-09-302016-03-08
AC-2541iOS7 Xcode validation for App Store : Warning "app references non public selectors"Closed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-2542Cannot upgrade ACS or run Kitchen Sink exampleClosed2013-05-152016-03-08
AC-2543Can not install SDK from Command lineClosed2012-11-112016-03-08
AC-2544Drag and Drop Bug in 3.1.3Closed2013-11-262016-03-08
AC-2545Views not accepting setBackgroundImage with HTTPS URLsClosed2012-10-202016-03-08
AC-2546iOS: Unable to locate the CLI executableClosed2013-06-132016-03-08
AC-2547TextField never looses focus when action performed in Blur event (re-focuses afterwards)Closed2012-10-092016-03-08
AC-2548Android - Every other line shown as Row separator is too thickClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2549Android webview won't evaluate JS if the url contains a spaceClosed2012-10-112016-03-08
AC-2550Internal Server Error in Cloud.MessagesClosed2013-12-162016-03-08
AC-2552Alloy platform specific XML causing JavaScript error at runtimeClosed2013-07-292016-03-08
AC-2553className not used in iOS on TableViewRow?Closed2013-06-042016-03-08
AC-2555Ti.Network.HTTPClient and text/calendarClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-2556Titanium Studio doesn't find installed Android SDKClosed2014-02-152016-03-08
AC-2557MobileWeb: cannot navigate in ScrollableView after adding a viewClosed2013-01-282016-03-08
AC-2558Embedded browser not availableClosed2013-02-152016-03-08
AC-2559Iphone facebook login issuesClosed2014-01-082016-03-08
AC-2560[Android] Google Maps API v2 does not work in a scrollableviewClosed2013-03-052016-03-08
AC-2561Animating a view's position to a negative dimension failsClosed2013-05-082016-03-08
AC-2562Map View while appearing blank while Using android:Anydensity="false"Closed2014-02-172016-03-08
AC-2563Image not displayed in Listview item on window loading Closed2013-09-302016-03-08
AC-2564Creating project without Web but it shows Web when created and at the uncheck web, showing error at the time of project runClosed2013-08-202016-03-08
AC-2565iOS: Crash with "pointer being freed was not allocated" on certain devices when manually closing windows in a navigation groupClosed2012-09-122016-03-08
AC-2566Android: MapView - Long route performance issuesClosed2012-09-262016-03-08
AC-2567Splash screen resizes on app launchClosed2013-10-262016-03-08
AC-2568Unable to update studioClosed2013-03-212016-03-08
AC-2569Titanium Setup installs an incompatible version of Node.js which effectively makes the installation fail.Closed2013-07-182016-03-08
AC-2570Android: Popup only supports three buttonsClosed2013-06-092016-03-08
AC-2571Unable to change status for an issueClosed2013-03-232016-03-08
AC-2572How to get a http request working and the http.createServer in standard nodes of the Node.ACS space?Closed2013-10-112016-03-08
AC-2573Auto Complete (intelligent) Not Working Or Not CompleteClosed2014-01-082016-03-08
AC-2574iOS7: openPhotoGallery returns empty media on success eventClosed2014-02-182016-03-08
AC-2575iOS: HTTPClient enableKeepAlive property true doesn't workClosed2013-03-212016-03-08
AC-2576Unable to build ios adhoc distro ipaClosed2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-2577Not able to run projects on Android EmulatorClosed2013-09-192016-03-08
AC-2578Android: Swipe quickly to the vertical, TableView's row appear in the wrong placeClosed2012-08-232016-03-08
AC-2579Table EventListener e.index does not return correct row indexClosed2012-08-112016-03-08
AC-2580Install New Software does not work.Closed2013-02-162016-03-08
AC-2581can not close lightweight windows on androidClosed2013-08-212016-03-08
AC-2582Documentation: Search results disappear when trying to go to the next page of resultsClosed2013-08-122016-03-08
AC-2583ACS Event Query retruns deleted EventsClosed2013-12-262016-03-08
AC-2584Using objects as array items causes syntax error in .tssClosed2013-07-222016-03-08
AC-2585Longjohn error on 3 separate machines when building with 3.2.1.GAResolved2014-02-192016-03-08
AC-2586Android - Spacing between left image and row text is too small in the table view rowClosed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-2587iOS - CLI - "UI element scripting is not enabled"Resolved2014-02-062016-03-08
AC-2588Android SDK not updatedClosed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-2589TableViewSection viewHeader not ordered right on repeated setDataClosed2012-08-092016-03-08
AC-2590iOS: "Cannot read property 'cyan' of undefined 0" when building projectClosed2013-07-042016-03-08
AC-2591ASEC FAT Mount failed (no such device), NDC Command took to long, smd12tmp1 failedClosed2013-10-152016-03-08
AC-2592Platform specific JSS is no longer working since Titanium 3.0Closed2013-06-112016-03-08
AC-2593Android: ScrollableView does not work properly when inside a ViewClosed2013-08-182016-03-08
AC-2594Android: HTTPClient XHR throws Uncaught ReferenceError: parseHost is not definedClosed2013-07-092016-03-08
AC-2595Android: Border property not working for buttonsClosed2013-01-072016-03-08
AC-2596Build error: [DEBUG] Signal %s received. Terminating the logcat process.Closed2013-08-082016-03-08
AC-2597Playing a sound from an Android service, crashes the process, as the activity is nullClosed2014-01-212016-03-08
AC-2598HOW IMPLEMENT APN IN TITANIUM STUDIOClosed2013-07-302016-03-08
AC-2599Cannot build for Android with SDK 3.2.1.v20140121132444 (beta)Resolved2014-01-262016-03-08
AC-2600my.appcelerator.com issuesClosed2013-12-082016-03-08
AC-2601Not configuring Android SDK in 3.2.0Closed2014-01-032016-03-08
AC-2602Cannot run iPhone Simulator ([ERROR] Invalid --ios-version value '5.0)Closed2013-08-072016-03-08
AC-2603Android: Emulator not running, exitingClosed2013-06-062016-03-08
AC-2604Android: All js files are visible in built apkClosed2012-11-142016-03-08
AC-2605Frequently getting the 403 Aw Shucks page when trying to manage my appsClosed2013-09-062016-03-08
AC-2606Android: WebView 'swipe' event is not getting triggeredClosed2013-04-052016-03-08
AC-2607Text fields on Android don't show cursor in 3.2.0 SDKClosed2014-01-142016-03-08
AC-2608application crashed after Titanium UpdateClosed2013-11-292016-03-08
AC-2609System Error while compiling Android classes.dexClosed2012-09-042016-03-08
AC-2610 Removing the child window from parent window does not kill the child windowClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-2611Trying to create an image from thumbnail on Android, crashes the app on some devices.Closed2013-04-302016-03-08
AC-2613picker .setColumns() doesn't update UIClosed2012-09-242016-03-08
AC-2614Error building Alloy app on OSX 10.8.5 with 3.1.3GAClosed2013-11-132016-03-08
AC-2616Special Characters in Attribute Value of WidgetsClosed2013-02-132016-03-08
AC-2617Cannot build against 3.2.1 sdkClosed2014-02-182016-03-08
AC-2618Build Failed with iOS 6.0 & 6.1Closed2013-01-312016-03-08
AC-2619Android: Push notifications are not being delivered to devices but showing as successful on the push logsClosed2014-01-172016-03-08
AC-2620Data transmission via socket seems corruptted on latest SDKClosed2014-01-222016-03-08
AC-2621Throwing error when i clicks Appcelerator icon on Titanium toolbarClosed2012-10-182016-03-08
AC-2622Cannot login to Titanium StudioClosed2013-07-052016-03-08
AC-2623Doesn't build or package for anything.Closed2013-12-222016-03-08
AC-2624Pause & Resume events don't firing right on Android Closed2013-08-302016-03-08
AC-2625Cannot upgrade due to authentication failureClosed2013-02-012016-03-08
AC-2626Can not see all CustomObjects in ReviewsClosed2013-11-082016-03-08
AC-2627The click event/button action fails to execute within a view, when a 2nd view containing a label is attached to the same window (if a height is not specified for the 2nd view).Closed2013-05-292016-03-08
AC-2628iOS Simulator exit after updating CLI version 3.1.2, Titanium SDK version 3.1.3.GAClosed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-2629YQL returns null/empty response for XML/RSS queryClosed2013-10-042016-03-08
AC-2630iOS: Cannot run the Simulator in Titanium studio Closed2013-06-072016-03-08
AC-2631Can't load Twitter link in webviewClosed2013-01-312016-03-08
AC-2632user name field is accepting integersClosed2013-10-272016-03-08
AC-2633Alloy collection.get returning undefinedResolved2013-05-142016-03-08
AC-2634Android: Geolocation crash after changing internet connection type using Wi-fi button on expanded status bar.Closed2012-10-272016-03-08
AC-2635Submit Tickets form in aptana is severely brokenClosed2013-11-142016-03-08
AC-2636TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterableClosed2013-05-292016-03-08
AC-2637iOS: tableview fast scroll displaces elements on rightClosed2012-12-102016-03-08
AC-2638Android: Animate is canceling the view transform propertyClosed2012-11-152016-03-08
AC-2639iOS: Toolbar backgroundImage property not workingClosed2013-06-182016-03-08
AC-2640$or operator doesn't properly work in ACS custom objectsClosed2013-01-192016-03-08
AC-2641No Stable update availableClosed2012-12-252016-03-08
AC-2642ACS - can't create ACL without user setClosed2013-01-282016-03-08
AC-2643[ERROR] : Emulator process exited with code 1Closed2013-09-112016-03-08
AC-2644test TISTUD-4978Closed2013-06-202016-03-08
AC-2645iOS7: AlertDialog not rendering text for certain string lengthsClosed2013-10-092016-03-08
AC-2646Login issueClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-2647initialPlaybackTime and endPlaybackTime not working Closed2012-08-152016-03-08
AC-2648CodeProcessor: TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefinedClosed2012-11-292016-03-08
AC-2649Deletion of custom_object from ACS dashboard results in "Failed to authenticate user" Closed2013-10-252016-03-08
AC-2650Script error - Couldnt find moduleClosed2013-02-262016-03-08
AC-2651Animations iOS7 vs iOS6 - Slower and BuggyClosed2013-11-192016-03-08
AC-2652CLI 3.0: Titanium build for android cannot detect the Android SDK targets even when they are availableClosed2013-01-182016-03-08
AC-2653Checking Titanium Update doesn't work on Linux Ubuntu 12.04Closed2012-10-162016-03-08
AC-2654ScrollableView issue.Closed2014-02-112016-03-08
AC-2655Ti.Contacts.showContacts doesn't return firstName and lastNameClosed2012-12-112016-03-08
AC-2656invalid jar error on android buildResolved2014-02-242016-03-08
AC-2657TableViewRow not display correctly after scrollingClosed2013-01-222016-03-08
AC-2658iOS: Ti.Media.AudioPlayer can't play local audio files (using the url property)Closed2012-08-172016-03-08
AC-2659unable to run on titanium sdk lower than 3.2.0Closed2013-12-222016-03-08
AC-2660iOS: Error: Cannot find module './analytics' when building with simulatorClosed2013-04-192016-03-08
AC-2661iOS: touchstart, touchend events on a view in ListView custom template crash appClosed2013-10-212016-03-08
AC-2662Studio 3.1 Distribute for iTunes Store is producing ad-hoc buildsClosed2013-04-242016-03-08
AC-2663Can not create Node.ACS from File->New menuClosed2013-03-052016-03-08
AC-2664How to remove/hide the zoom and GPS buttons when we are using Google Maps API V2 in titaniumClosed2013-03-312016-03-08
AC-2665[ios] TextField/TextArea: settings maxLength without value on creation crashesClosed2012-08-142016-03-08
AC-2666The drop down box for Emulator not responding to clicksClosed2013-11-212016-03-08
AC-2667showCamera does not capture video it captures image onlyClosed2014-02-222016-03-08
AC-2668The account activation link is not being resentClosed2013-08-192016-03-08
AC-2669Hanging out problem in tablet Closed2012-10-042016-03-08
AC-2670Ti.API.debug() failsClosed2014-02-212016-03-08
AC-2671ERROR TO COMPILE IN TITANIUM SDK 3.1.0Closed2013-06-142016-03-08
AC-2672When we try to run our application on iPhone Simulator, We are getteing error: [ERROR] Missing required option "--username" [ERROR] Missing required option "--password"Closed2013-06-252016-03-08
AC-2673Child count update error when debugging.Closed2014-02-072016-03-08
AC-2674iOS 7: Keyboard flashes to white while being dismissedClosed2013-12-212016-03-08
AC-2675Parsing error with titanium locale file with Alloy runClosed2013-02-052016-03-08
AC-2676Submit a ticket to AppceleratorClosed2013-05-232016-03-08
AC-2677iOS: Array has an extra entry with index = 'contains'Closed2012-12-102016-03-08
AC-2678Code Processor: Getting out of memory errorClosed2013-04-152016-03-08
AC-2679Issue with Facebook Login and Navigation GroupClosed2012-08-122016-03-08
AC-2680Titanium ACS install failing on W7 amd64Closed2013-07-152016-03-08
AC-2681iOS: Unable to locate the CLI executableClosed2013-06-242016-03-08
AC-2682Titanium Login - Login failed ErrorClosed2013-04-152016-03-08
AC-2683Parsing Bug in Building for iOS DistributionClosed2012-09-302016-03-08
AC-2684N0 sliding menu possible on 3.2 release on AndroidClosed2014-01-282016-03-08
AC-2685Titanium samples don't run on latest version of titaniumClosed2014-01-222016-03-08
AC-2686Problem occurs in installing new updatesClosed2013-01-112016-03-08
AC-2687Unable to run Kitchen Sink on Andriod EmulatorClosed2013-07-082016-03-08
AC-2688Studio try to launch app automatically after installing apkClosed2013-04-122016-03-08
AC-2689Update Titanium CLI & node.ACS doesn't work on Mac OSXClosed2012-10-162016-03-08
AC-2690ACS Review.query not working since this morningClosed2013-08-272016-03-08
AC-2691Attachment to Ti.UI.emailDialog does not work in AndroidClosed2013-06-242016-03-08
AC-2692login titanium studio errorClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2693Emulator not running, exiting...Closed2013-08-062016-03-08
AC-2694Android: Camera image orientation doesn't work correctly when image is in tableviewClosed2013-10-012016-03-08
AC-2695Ti.UI.ActivityIndicator.message is listed as only available on Android and HTML5 but as of 2.1.4 works on iOSClosed2012-11-262016-03-08
AC-2696Can't update New installation Closed2013-06-202016-03-08
AC-2697Setting dataCollection or dataFilter on a Ti.UI.View via <Widget> or <Require> doesn't workClosed2013-11-082016-03-08
AC-2698Ad-Hoc DistributionClosed2012-10-132016-03-08
AC-2699iOS: Screens with lots of views freeze the application when navigating - On device onlyClosed2013-11-302016-03-08
AC-2700Missing code assist for Ti.UI.create* methodsClosed2014-02-172016-03-08
AC-2701[ios] backgroundGradient: gradient layer resize animated when shouldntClosed2012-09-192016-03-08
AC-2702Android: Runtime Error - TiBlob.imageAsResized not foundClosed2012-12-292016-03-08
AC-2703Android Contextual action menuClosed2013-10-152016-03-08
AC-2704Android: TableViewRow selectedBackgroundImage doesn't back to backgroundColor when is transparentClosed2012-10-252016-03-08
AC-2705test 4978 againClosed2013-06-202016-03-08
AC-2706iOS: bottom-aligned views jump on openingClosed2013-09-122016-03-08
AC-2707Module project is not working with V8Closed2012-10-162016-03-08
AC-2708Android: Setting heights on TableView rows with classNames after creation no longer worksClosed2013-07-012016-03-08
AC-2709Ramdom HTTP errors with the AdBlockPlus app running in backgroundClosed2013-04-112016-03-08
AC-2710Ti.Storekit: requestProducts don't return Ti.Storekit.Product objectClosed2013-03-232016-03-08
AC-2711[ERROR] : Invalid "--ios-version" value "7.0.3"Closed2013-12-132016-03-08
AC-2712ACS Places query cannot use "$gt" on updated_at field.Closed2013-08-282016-03-08
AC-2713Android, Backbone and Failed adding to JNI local ref table (has 512 entries) errorClosed2013-02-142016-03-08
AC-2714Alloy on/off/trigger for View is not returning the View itselfClosed2013-01-302016-03-08
AC-2716Heap issue when debugging appClosed2013-08-152016-03-08
AC-2717ACS NPM Installer fail on Linux Ubuntu 12.04Closed2012-10-122016-03-08
AC-2718Alloy.createController is using wrong location, Alloy is defined after user controllers in generated codeClosed2013-04-282016-03-08
AC-2719Using the titanium facebook API to login and authorize an app lead to an error.Closed2012-09-102016-03-08
AC-2720iOS: Window from URL not loaded "before" it opensClosed2013-01-182016-03-08
AC-2721I cannot seem to download 2.1.4 or 2.1.3Closed2012-11-212016-03-08
AC-2722in Titanium Studio, build: when I create a 2.1.4 module apps cannot find the moduleClosed2013-05-312016-03-08
AC-2724Android: Textfield loses focus and tableView scrolls to top when entering text into field and pickers are present on other tableViewRows.Closed2013-04-162016-03-08
AC-2725Android: Animating TableViewsClosed2011-05-312016-03-08
AC-2726regression: open > hide > close window loses focus on parent.Closed2011-05-262016-03-08
AC-2727GPS app freezes when restarting on AndroidClosed2012-04-072016-03-08
AC-2728Titanium.UI.ScrollableView.views is immutable on AndroidClosed2011-11-242016-03-08
AC-2729iOS: setInterval loses 1 sec every 30 sec on certain devicesClosed2011-12-012016-03-08
AC-2730TiUIView touchEnabled is not being honored as camera overlay Closed2011-10-142016-03-08
AC-2731Error migrating any available old databases from 'Application Support/database/*' to the new 'Private Documents'Closed2011-12-202016-03-08
AC-2732Email Dialog crash on Android Ti SDK 1.8.0 +Closed2011-06-282016-03-08
AC-2733iOS: MoviePlayer forgets position on received call (behavior change)Closed2011-12-052016-03-08
AC-2734Fastdev enabled but server isn't runningClosed2011-10-292016-03-08
AC-2735Android: ScrollView does not allow more than 512 elementsClosed2012-07-252016-03-08
AC-2736XYZ.exe stopped working Fault Module Name: WebKit.dllClosed2011-07-072016-03-08
AC-2737self created folder are not copied to deviceClosed2011-10-062016-03-08
AC-2738addEventListener on supperposed elements fired twice on iOS, and once on andrdoidClosed2011-11-102016-03-08
AC-2739showInspector - separate windowClosed2011-06-232016-03-08
AC-2740[titanium.py] Android native module creation failsClosed2011-11-102016-03-08
AC-2741takeScreenShot showCamera view capturing black backgroundClosed2011-06-162018-07-27
AC-2742Icon and Version missing in xcode 4 organizer archiveClosed2011-06-012016-03-08
AC-2743textArea: adding a dimension ('dip', 'px'...) to 'borderRadius' or to 'borderWidth' makes the app crash without warning on AndroidClosed2012-07-012016-03-08
AC-2744KitchenSink leaking on TitaniumStudio 1.7Closed2011-07-072016-03-08
AC-2745Ti.Include returns 500 because it uses "POST" not "GET"Closed2011-10-122016-03-08
AC-2746Unable to record audio as M4A / AAC in iOS 5Closed2011-08-052016-03-08
AC-2747JSS classes omits pixels definitionsClosed2011-06-292016-03-08
AC-2748[android] when setting transform, view should keep the transformClosed2012-07-212016-03-08
AC-2749Update Error Ti StudioClosed2011-09-272016-03-08
AC-2750iOS TableView nested inside TableView not rendered until "editing" for row movement/delete.Closed2012-07-102016-03-08
AC-2751ImageView dblclick firing two click eventsClosed2011-11-012016-03-08
AC-2752Need help to launch Titanium Studio on Mac behind a ProxyClosed2012-06-282016-03-08
AC-2753Issue with Mapview and opacity-propertyClosed2012-06-252016-03-08
AC-2754Android: Scroll View's layout mechanism doesn't function wellClosed2011-11-242016-03-08
AC-2755Events on a view fire multiple times (1.8.0.v20111027xxxx)Closed2011-10-282016-03-08
AC-2756Android: UI - TabGroup activities do not fireClosed2011-11-282016-03-08
AC-2757Cancel button on Searchbar goes disabled if we it blurs.Closed2012-08-072016-03-08
AC-2758CFBundleShortVersionString doesn't update always is 1.0Closed2012-03-062016-03-08
AC-2759Android distribution location could be set to non-existent directoryClosed2011-07-282016-03-08
AC-2760Android Camera - SaveToPhotoGallery:false doesn't work & Success Event only triggered randomlyClosed2011-06-222016-03-08
AC-2761iOS: UI - tabGroup tab click event not firedClosed2011-12-192016-03-08
AC-2762iPad crash in modal window with option dialogClosed2011-10-282016-03-08
AC-2763Cmd+/ no longer comments out selected codeClosed2012-06-292016-03-08
AC-2764Event fired from addEventListener breaks CommonJS Monkey PatchClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-2765tableview.setData is extremely slowClosed2011-08-022016-03-08
AC-2766iAd View Ads vanish without triggering any event.Closed2012-07-122016-03-08
AC-2767App crashes while loading images on ImageView 'touchmove' event.Closed2011-12-282016-03-08
AC-2768Application crashes while launching and closing in AndroidClosed2012-07-192016-03-08
AC-2769sequential use of openPhotoGallery with imageview.Closed2012-03-112016-03-08
AC-2770forwardGeocoder broken by GoogleClosed2011-11-282016-03-08
AC-2771App Crashed After Just Few ScrollingClosed2012-05-292016-03-08
AC-2772iOS: Transport.py not working for 2.x projectsClosed2012-04-042016-03-08
AC-2773String getting truncated on AndroidClosed2012-05-012016-03-08
AC-2774Android random crash of all windows resulting in black screenClosed2012-02-152016-03-08
AC-2775Nightly Build 1.9.0-20111214231659 not compiling for IOSClosed2011-12-152016-03-08
AC-2776iOS Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformHeight inconsistencyClosed2012-06-302016-03-08
AC-2777Mapview Complete or Loading event do not fire on iOS in SDK 2.0.1GA2 and 2.0.2GAClosed2012-06-222016-03-08
AC-2778Android: window open events are not firing when windows belong to tabsClosed2012-03-212016-03-08
AC-2779switching tab group goes to original view in window not previous active viewClosed2011-12-012016-03-08
AC-2780orientationchange bug on android event fired only onceClosed2012-06-152016-03-08
AC-2781iOS: Tableview empty and freezing sometimes after clicking back button of navigaton barClosed2012-07-202016-03-08
AC-2782HTTPClient will not send a POST HTTP requestClosed2011-07-242016-03-08
AC-2783python compiling scripts could not handle utf8 charactersClosed2011-07-122016-03-08
AC-2784scheduleLocalNotifications userData is not present in eventClosed2012-01-122016-03-08
AC-2785Sporadic connection failure with HTTPClient.Closed2011-06-132016-03-08
AC-2786Android Webview repaint methodClosed2011-06-082016-03-08
AC-2787iOS: position of map annotationsClosed2012-01-252016-03-08
AC-2788Audio files of type AIF do produce sound and no error is reportedClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-2789Android: Picker does not work properly before window opensClosed2012-01-302016-03-08
AC-2790Right & left Navigation buttons goes disappeared sometimes.Closed2012-08-072016-03-08
AC-2791test no priorityClosed2012-06-052016-03-08
AC-2792"TableView" issue - row reference in "click" event listener is broken when "TableView" is added to the window with layout property set to "vertical"Closed2011-10-182016-03-08
AC-2793Android Custom Table Views confusing child object event listenersClosed2012-04-052016-03-08
AC-2794Serious performance issue with tableviews that contain multiple labels.Closed2011-10-042016-03-08
AC-2795iOS: UI.iPhone - NavigationGroup.close() crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESSClosed2011-11-062016-03-08
AC-2796[android] transform and animationClosed2012-07-212016-03-08
AC-2797iOS: UI - Email/SMS Dialog does not change orientation properlyClosed2012-01-052016-03-08
AC-2798Random crashes in simulator since SDK 1.7.xClosed2011-10-272016-03-08
AC-2799PDF performance on WebViewer is different between iOS 4.3x and iOS 5Closed2011-11-082016-03-08
AC-2800Modules: Barcode module only supports EnglishClosed2012-05-062016-03-08
AC-2801iOS projects failing to buildClosed2012-01-112016-03-08
AC-2802fieldCount on Android should be a functionClosed2012-01-222016-03-08
AC-2803Android module with JNI won't buildClosed2012-07-062016-03-08
AC-2804Cannot deploy a desktop application -> "Packaging Error Closed2011-08-252016-03-08
AC-2805iOS Regression 1.7.0: Using more than 3 Views inside a ScrollableView ends in blank TableviewsClosed2011-05-172016-03-08
AC-2806Window.activity property does not exist if navBarHidden is not setClosed2012-02-162016-03-08
AC-2807Problem in web view component while playing videos. Closed2011-11-282016-03-08
AC-2808Android module compilation fails on ubuntu 11.10 with and later (reason known)Closed2011-12-262016-03-08
AC-2809animate callback method for view not working in androidClosed2012-08-022016-03-08
AC-2810Missing filesClosed2012-07-302016-03-08
AC-2811Picker width not 100% on iPadClosed2012-07-252016-03-08
AC-2812Unable to access dashboard on 2 different MacsClosed2012-02-152016-03-08
AC-2813MapView Annotation not showing right view on AndroidClosed2011-11-252016-03-08
AC-2814Debugger crashes the application intermittently, whilst running without debugger is stableClosed2011-08-022016-03-08
AC-2815codecs.py parse 0xE3 bug may be. BUILD FAILED occurred on 'Install to iOS Device' Closed2012-05-212016-03-08
AC-2816Unable to find mobileSDKs or Titanium folder in spotlight to uninstall a mobileSDK on OSXClosed2012-04-232016-03-08
AC-2817Android: Media - application restarts after taking a photo with showCamera()Closed2011-11-012016-03-08
AC-2818iOS - The first tableView header is visible in searchBar focus if you hide the navBarClosed2012-02-072016-03-08
AC-2819Android: "Black Screen of Death" occurs when Android kills app, then relaunch itClosed2012-02-222016-03-08
AC-2820TIMOB-4221 not fixedClosed2011-05-262016-03-08
AC-2821V8 runtime defines Object.prototype.extend which breaks compatibility to qooxdoo javascript frameworkClosed2011-12-142016-03-08
AC-2822View "size" property shouldn't be used for dimension values manipulationClosed2012-02-142016-03-08
AC-2823headerPullView and setContentInsets not documentedClosed2011-08-092016-03-08
AC-2824iPhone commonjs modules shouldnt copy references out of exports Closed2011-10-242016-03-08
AC-2825Titanium mobile module development / missing header files or ?Closed2012-07-292016-03-08
AC-2826TableView should be able to know it's own heightClosed2011-11-042016-03-08
AC-2827Application Crash + Developer Hang when including large PHP filesClosed2011-06-232016-03-08
AC-2828No simulator available for Blackberry on studio 1.7.0.RC2Closed2012-03-132016-03-08
AC-2829Titanium.Map.Annotation.image is not working - defaults to standard pinClosed2012-03-022016-03-08
AC-2830App complaining of memory issues with 64MB left remaining that causes camera to display black screen after editingClosed2011-11-212016-03-08
AC-2831Refresh button icon not vertically centeredClosed2011-10-242016-03-08
AC-2832Android: Titanium application restarts after taking a picture with the camera (Ti.Media.showCamera)Closed2011-08-112016-03-08
AC-2833Bug when starting app in landscape modeClosed2011-10-182016-03-08
AC-2834If there are too many XML nodes on iOS, getElementsByTagName calls randomly failClosed2011-12-242016-03-08
AC-2835createCalendar doesn't existsClosed2011-05-202016-03-08
AC-2836DashboardView with custom items inside a NavigationGroupClosed2012-06-262016-03-08
AC-2837Memory leak in iphone applicationClosed2011-12-262016-03-08
AC-2838HttpClient.appendChild() throws "mutation not supported" from [TiDOMNodeProxy appendChild:] (TiDOMNodeProxy.m:205)'Closed2011-11-042016-03-08
AC-2839Empty Tableview First row heightClosed2011-05-192016-03-08
AC-2840Android: Inconsistent vertical layout mechanism between "View" and "ScrollView" componentsClosed2011-11-162016-03-08
AC-2841Cannot connect to Android emulatorClosed2012-06-152016-03-08
AC-2842Facebook Login event doesn't fire for Android devices.Closed2012-04-302016-03-08
AC-2843TiApp Editor not always updating SDK Version and/or Android RuntimeClosed2012-01-182016-03-08
AC-2844Test Studio Ticket 2Closed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-2845TabGroup does not fire focus event if user click already selected tabClosed2011-12-012016-03-08
AC-2846Cannot read property '0' of undefined in events.jsClosed2012-02-162016-03-08
AC-2847VideoPlayer bug: iOS 5 (or iPhone 4s with iOS 5)Closed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-2848Window already focused, ignoring focus gain of: com.android.internal.view.IInputMethodClient$Stub$Proxy@40931b58Closed2012-01-242016-03-08
AC-2849nested push animation can result in corrupted navigation barClosed2011-10-272016-03-08
AC-2850Hello World ErrorClosed2012-08-082016-03-08
AC-2851Studio won't start without network connectionClosed2012-07-202016-03-08
AC-2852ExceptionInInitializerError at at com.urbanairship.CoreReceiver.onReceive(Unknown Source)Closed2011-08-012016-03-08
AC-2853Progress on XHR file upload return values larger than 0-1Closed2011-09-192016-03-08
AC-2854Android WebView JS injectionClosed2011-06-082016-03-08
AC-2855rendering bug of scrollbars after scroll in titanium desktop app on OSX LionClosed2011-12-182016-03-08
AC-2856Can't launch simulator in Ti 2.0.2 against XCode 2.3.3 w/ iOS SDK 5.1Closed2012-06-202016-03-08
AC-2857Android: Map View state handling when app goes into background with 'Home' or 'Back' button is not opitmalClosed2011-06-252016-03-08
AC-2858Error when preparing for running on Android emulator or deviceClosed2012-04-042016-03-08
AC-2859Test Ticket for TISTUD-1632Closed2012-05-152016-03-08
AC-2860barImage, buttons, views on navigationbar on iOS 5 is brokenClosed2011-06-072016-03-08
AC-2861Webview documents incorrectly states .html property is read-only on everything other than iOSClosed2012-07-012016-03-08
AC-2862HTTP Client: getResponseHeader("Set-Cookie") doesn't work on ApacheClosed2011-05-312016-03-08
AC-2863Taking a picture with the camera I get a 'received memory warning' in xCode console and next touch event blanks screenClosed2012-03-062016-03-08
AC-2864Android: CommonJS required file not able to access global variablesClosed2011-12-042016-03-08
AC-2865Titanium.Platform.model on CDMA iPhone 4Closed2011-11-022016-03-08
AC-2866Geolocation Location event cannot be processed in Android serviceClosed2011-10-172016-03-08
AC-2867Changing DashboardView height squishes the contentClosed2011-09-242016-03-08
AC-2868window.barImage disappears when opening another windowClosed2011-06-222016-03-08
AC-2869Calling removeEventListener on Geolocation event prevents addEventListener from workingClosed2012-05-302016-03-08
AC-2870Fatal Error Mac OS X Auto Proxy Discovery OnClosed2011-07-052016-03-08
AC-2871iPad Split View: Table View Row with allowsSelection = true Loses Selection After Orientation ChangeClosed2011-10-222016-03-08
AC-2872Adding label to a table view row doesnt come, scrolling the table view shows the label for a sec then goes away. Closed2011-08-162016-03-08
AC-2873When Parsing large amounts of XML and referencing nodes, randomly a node will either be nulled, or change type!!Closed2012-01-042016-03-08
AC-2874iPhone Simulator doesn't come up with Titanium Mobile 2.0GA SDKClosed2012-04-042016-03-08
AC-2875Testing Studio integrationClosed2012-06-062016-03-08
AC-2876Switch in a TableViewRow - doesn't display its toggled status when window.layout='vertical'Closed2011-08-012016-03-08
AC-2877Titanium doesn't workClosed2012-06-072016-03-08
AC-2878Enabled Not Working Properly for TabbedBarClosed2011-07-182016-03-08
AC-2879I am trying to call webservices file in our Application, but i am getting error, there is no proper documentation availbale that how to access remote xml webservices in TitaniumClosed2012-02-082016-03-08
AC-2880Can't use two custom fonts from the same fontFamily, where first font's "weight" differs from the second one'sClosed2011-05-262016-03-08
AC-2881Android: won't build on WindowsClosed2011-11-092016-03-08
AC-2882Titanium.UI.TableViewRow opacity property is documented but is not functionalClosed2011-09-302016-03-08
AC-2883iOS: UI - Email/SMS Dialog does not change orientation properlyClosed2012-01-112016-03-08
AC-2884Button in bar should be able to display both image and titleClosed2011-11-032016-03-08
AC-2885Top and bottom padding collapses for certain string lengthsClosed2011-08-292016-03-08
AC-2886Studio: Crashing and failure to build iOS projects in simulatorClosed2011-12-192016-03-08
AC-2887Ti Plus modules often crash my iOS appsClosed2011-09-302016-03-08
AC-2888[ios] event queue and postlayout event.Closed2012-07-232016-03-08
AC-2889Master/Detail Application Template incorrectly defines TabletClosed2012-02-092016-03-08
AC-2890Can't customize notification from within the module and after pressing the back button app is not closing properlyClosed2012-07-312016-03-08
AC-2891Android Webview fireEvent doesn't work if a custom module is included in the projectClosed2012-02-112016-03-08
AC-2892onsendsteam for the Desktop HTTPClient does not function properly.Closed2011-06-212016-03-08
AC-2893Login with a gmail accountClosed2011-05-252016-03-08
AC-2894Global shortcuts for Titanium StudioClosed2011-05-252016-03-08
AC-2895Database locked only on IOS5Closed2012-02-162016-03-08
AC-2896HAML editor cannot be openedClosed2011-10-182016-03-08
AC-2897Unable to select Android SDK directoryClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-2898Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-2899Android: date_instance.UTC() is not a methodClosed2011-12-302016-03-08
AC-2900Using or operator with Ti.App variable generates invalid code in defines.hClosed2011-11-102016-03-08
AC-2901Android: Titanium.Network.responseXML string is garbled characters when charset is not utf-8Closed2012-07-192016-03-08
AC-2902HTTPClient and random ASIHTTPRequestErrorDomainClosed2011-05-212016-03-08
AC-2903Ti.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory+'../databases' returns null pointer exceptionClosed2011-06-252016-03-08
AC-2904Emulator and Simulators arent workingClosed2012-07-032016-03-08
AC-2905HttpClient "bound" callbacks not workingClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-2906iOS: Build for device does not use platform specific folderClosed2012-05-212016-03-08
AC-2907Packaging failed with message: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'rfind'Closed2012-07-262016-03-08
AC-2908Density specific folders do not work on AndroidClosed2012-03-152016-03-08
AC-2909Ti.Platform.model no longer shows Simulator in iOS 5 GM buildClosed2011-10-082016-03-08
AC-2910ERROR when running any app on Android Emulator on Lion OSXClosed2011-09-272016-03-08
AC-2911webview.reload() only shows the word "success" instead of html contentClosed2011-06-152016-03-08
AC-2912Cannot build "run world", a directory not found, exit 65Closed2011-08-012016-03-08
AC-2913Firing branch added and pull event internal errorClosed2012-07-242016-03-08
AC-2914Android: Views added to a Map View can't be seenClosed2012-07-062016-03-08
AC-2915JSDuck documentation page for Titatium 2.1 not workingClosed2012-08-072016-03-08
AC-2916iOS localnotification event listeners only consistently work once per app launchClosed2011-07-112016-03-08
AC-2917responseText / responseXML is null if html encoding is "euc-jp" (a Japanese encoding type)Closed2011-09-122016-03-08
AC-2918Android View Parity IssueClosed2012-06-082016-03-08
AC-2919Titanium Studio : Save Failed java.lang.NullPointerExceptionClosed2012-05-142016-03-08
AC-2920FC when recycling a "Bitmap.createScaledBitmap" with the same size os the original BitmapClosed2012-08-072016-03-08
AC-2921[android] two views of different type have the same idClosed2012-04-192019-04-11
AC-2922Titanium Trims Too Much White-space from HTMLClosed2012-07-062016-03-08
AC-2923Camera allowEditing:true does not work when using Custom OverlayClosed2012-02-152016-03-08
AC-2924UI freezingClosed2012-06-252016-03-08
AC-2925localnotification doesn't work for sdk > 1.6.2Closed2011-09-122016-03-08
AC-2926Segmentation fault: 11 when installing on iPad deviceClosed2012-06-132016-03-08
AC-2927Android - tableView with images too slow to scrollClosed2011-12-162016-03-08
AC-2928Basic users can't comment on issues once moved to APSTUDClosed2011-06-102016-03-08
AC-2929Webview image source parity between iOS an AndroidClosed2012-07-012016-03-08
AC-2930Building android application fails on new 1.8.0.v20111108103105Closed2011-11-092016-03-08
AC-2931ScrollableView is not sliding smoothClosed2012-06-072016-03-08
AC-2932iOS Error: Script Error = invalid method (createLabel) passed to UIModule (unknown file).Closed2012-05-212016-03-08
AC-2933Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-2934iOS: setTitleControl initially positions left instead of centered, then jumps into centerClosed2012-02-082016-03-08
AC-2935Audio (from MP4 Video) Not Playing on iPad 2nd Gen (But Fine on iPad 1st Gen)Closed2012-07-232016-03-08
AC-2936iOS: debugging fails for this codeClosed2012-01-242016-03-08
AC-2937Samples - Todo list sample display issue on iPad portrait modeClosed2012-06-212016-03-08
AC-2938Global Variables seems not working always.Closed2012-04-052016-03-08
AC-2939[ios] TiLabel new verticalAlign broke a few thingsClosed2012-07-182016-03-08
AC-2940Android: Density-specific backgroundImage is being ignoredClosed2011-12-142016-03-08
AC-2941[ERROR] Result of expression 'Ti.UI.Android' [undefined] is not an object.Closed2011-11-182016-03-08
AC-2942Titanium Studio: Compile error after clean build "No such file or directory: appicon.png"Closed2011-07-072016-03-08
AC-2943Ti.Platform.openURL doesn't work on AndroidClosed2012-06-202016-03-08
AC-2944Android emulator is not launching any applicationClosed2011-08-102016-03-08
AC-2945Need Urbanairship zip fileClosed2011-06-272016-03-08
AC-2946 Ti.Android.Calendar.allCalendars returns NullPointerExceptionClosed2011-06-242016-03-08
AC-2947Titanium.Utils in 1.8.0 sdk is nullClosed2011-07-152016-03-08
AC-2948Android: App crashes when restarting app soon after closingClosed2012-02-192016-03-08
AC-2949Android App Name Internationalization - Wiki error or Bug ?Closed2012-06-262016-03-08
AC-2950i get "[ERROR] Error connecting to debugger: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=61" error on xcode simulator or device build.Closed2011-08-172016-03-08
AC-2951openFolderChooserDialog - default folderClosed2011-06-232016-03-08
AC-2952evalJS seems to be broken in iOS5Closed2011-11-212016-03-08
AC-2953Test Titanium Studio 'Ticket Submission'Closed2012-05-202016-03-08
AC-2954SearchBar cancel event not firedClosed2011-06-102016-03-08
AC-2955iPhone Ti Mobile SDK 1.6.2 Crash after hiding ImageView Closed2011-05-312016-03-08
AC-2956Android imageView not displaying local imagesClosed2012-02-092016-03-08
AC-2957Dashboard will not openClosed2012-08-052016-03-08
AC-2958Android evalJs while input text is focusedClosed2012-06-142016-03-08
AC-2959TabGroup with CommonJS trouble in 1.7.xClosed2011-10-202016-03-08
AC-2960Android: remote images not loading as cache folder does not appear to existClosed2011-12-152016-03-08
AC-2961If I do abort on the HttpClient. Abort is working but if I go back and agin hit the download it thorows bad request eror message in adb logcatClosed2012-07-022016-03-08
AC-2962Can't add Cookies containing Base64 encoded strings in iOS SDKClosed2011-12-102016-03-08
AC-2963Studio 2.0 is not setting the short version string of build iOS appsClosed2012-03-202016-03-08
AC-2964iOS: Ti should include only the used functionality into the appClosed2011-12-212016-03-08
AC-2965Mac OSX Lion Titanium Studio crash immediately after splash screenClosed2011-10-262016-03-08
AC-2966Android: Database - Incompatible change in SQLite file path argument of "install" method between 1.7.6 and 1.9Closed2012-01-122016-03-08
AC-2967iOS: UI - AlertDialog is no longer displayed after unlocking the phoneClosed2012-01-032016-03-08
AC-2968Please mark TC-1042 as "Unresolved".Closed2012-07-142016-03-08
AC-2969Activity crashes when restarting applicationClosed2012-01-232016-03-08
AC-2970Mobile SDK RC3 issue: The application crashed on IPAD 2 & IPAD 1 when application start but it work on simulator normally.Closed2012-03-182016-03-08
AC-2971Auto height not working in 2.x (works in 1.8.2)Closed2012-04-122016-03-08
AC-2972Android sharing by Facebook.dialog now crashing every timeClosed2011-08-252016-03-08
AC-2973Empty functions mess up <script> tags.Closed2012-07-062016-03-08
AC-2974Ti.App.fireEvent() form webView crash App in Android 2.3.3Closed2011-08-102016-03-08
AC-2975Ti.UI.createWindow lost from scope in sub-context global referenceClosed2011-05-182016-03-08
AC-2976inconsistency with Titanium.UI.WebViewClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-2977Can't set Content-Type request headerClosed2011-12-292016-03-08
AC-2978height / width / size , stooped working on v2.0+Closed2012-06-272016-03-08
AC-2979Android: CommonJS modules are not cached in latest CI buildsClosed2012-06-182016-03-08
AC-2980iPad: grouped tableview striped backgroundClosed2011-07-132016-03-08
AC-2981Audio Streaming Play takes 15+ seconds on AndroidClosed2011-08-282016-03-08
AC-2982TabGroup - Click EventClosed2012-06-292016-03-08
AC-2983.toImage() & toBlob() is not capturing the visual state of object after transformationClosed2011-11-252016-03-08
AC-2984Flashplayer keeps playing after closing the windowClosed2011-11-192016-03-08
AC-2985The builder need to add write permission to files copied from the project resources directoryClosed2011-08-302016-03-08
AC-2986ActivityIndicator crashes after returning from external web browser on android.Closed2011-07-042016-03-08
AC-2987Facebook button style: wide. Bug after going back to login window. Facebook button is squeezed!Closed2011-05-252016-03-08
AC-2988Database.remove + database.install updates the database after restart of the app in iOSClosed2011-11-102016-03-08
AC-2989Bug with tabGroup, fullscreen window and transitionClosed2011-09-122016-03-08
AC-2990\build\android\bin\assets not always contains Resources folderClosed2011-07-112016-03-08
AC-2991Callout appearance is not consistent.Closed2012-05-162016-03-08
AC-2993RemoveAll child from a View should be implemented.Closed2012-04-052016-03-08
AC-2994Missing project.py when creating new Mobile projectClosed2012-02-132016-03-08
AC-2995NLS missing message: MobileSDKConfigurattionProcessor_updatermessage in: com.appcelerator.titanium.mobile.portal.processor.message OKClosed2012-06-142016-03-08
AC-2996iPhone Navigation Group - window close issueClosed2011-06-292016-03-08
AC-2997CommonJS Modules - error in production using require()Closed2011-08-232016-03-08
AC-2998iOS: Tooling: Distribute builds and debug/run builds do not use the same source for nameClosed2012-01-242016-03-08
AC-2999iOS5 notification centre permissions no longer automaticClosed2011-10-172016-03-08
AC-3000Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-3001Mobile Web: Cannot get ACS Cloud to workClosed2012-04-222016-03-08
AC-3002iOS + iPad: Media - openPhotoGallery not working more than onceClosed2011-11-272016-03-08
AC-3003global `setTimeout()` short-circuits the target objectClosed2012-05-252016-03-08
AC-3004fix for TIMOB-5986 causes crashClosed2011-11-142016-03-08
AC-3005OptionDialog event click return strange datas when pressing back button in AndroidClosed2011-08-102016-03-08
AC-3006iOS :: regression :: setCurrentPlaybackTime() removed from TiMediaVideoPlayerProxy.m between 1.8.1 and 1.8.2Closed2012-03-192016-03-08
AC-3007Ti.XML getNamedItem on a non existing attribute throws NullPointerException on AndroidClosed2011-07-262016-03-08
AC-3009iOS: UI + iPad - ActivityIndicator displays text but not spinnerClosed2012-01-052016-03-08
AC-3010ImageView uses different path in iPhone simulator vs on deviceClosed2011-05-132016-03-08
AC-3011Titanium.Utils in sdk is nullClosed2012-01-242016-03-08
AC-3012Slide animation fails when 'back' button is clicked when project uses NavigationGroupClosed2011-10-192016-03-08
AC-3013Android: "horizontal" layout doesn't work wellClosed2012-05-162016-03-08
AC-3014CreateTableView StyleClosed2012-04-202016-03-08
AC-3015Android: Syntax error hangs app when you choose "Kill"Closed2012-02-202016-03-08
AC-3016Cannot get Android-SDK recognized.Closed2012-07-302016-03-08
AC-3017Android: UI - searchBar autocorrect and autocapitalization causes crashClosed2012-01-012016-03-08
AC-3018"build" directory included in search resultsClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-3019View animate() not working with Ti.UI.createAnimationClosed2012-03-122016-03-08
AC-3020Memory leak that is easily reproductible on android with table views and imagesClosed2011-11-072016-03-08
AC-3021Launcher Icons: density specific icons are never used (Android)Closed2011-09-272016-03-08
AC-3022Titanium global modules can only be used in one Context?Closed2011-06-222016-03-08
AC-3023iOS: ImageFactory module error - [TiUtils isIOS4OrGreater]: unrecognized selector sent to classClosed2011-12-262016-03-08
AC-3024Missing help documentationClosed2012-06-182016-03-08
AC-3025Android: UI - density-based images don't work on buttons & annotationsClosed2011-12-242016-03-08
AC-3026Webview inside ScrollView breaks scrolling Android 2.1.xClosed2012-05-012016-03-08
AC-3027IOS: Calling Ti.UI.TableView.updateRow causes deleteRow to return [ERROR]Closed2012-02-212016-03-08
AC-3028setData doesn´t update TableView correctly if search term is an integerClosed2011-08-312016-03-08
AC-3029the method tableView.scrollToIndex doesn't work if property animated is set to falseClosed2012-02-102016-03-08
AC-3030iOS: Facebook - Cancelling dialog results in NSURLErrorDomain errorClosed2012-01-122016-03-08
AC-3031'complete' animation events no longer fire after a UI element is animatedClosed2011-06-292016-03-08
AC-3032Debugger crashes if you call Ti.API.info(anyObjectHere); trying to log out an object will cause debugger to crashClosed2011-07-292016-03-08
AC-3033Android: CommonJS brakes when trying to use global scope reference inside exported functionClosed2011-11-162016-03-08
AC-3034Using lots of graphics drastically increases VM memory footprint on AndroidClosed2012-01-102016-03-08
AC-3035Android: Custom TableViewSection in ScrollableView crashClosed2012-06-282016-03-08
AC-3036After video player receives "complete" event it can no longer (re)play the videoClosed2012-07-182016-03-08
AC-3037ScrollView - "remove" method doesn't workClosed2011-07-262016-03-08
AC-3038Not able to create Titanium Android Module for Titanium
AC-3039After Studio 1.0.4 update - Only SDK 1.7.2 in tiapp.xml nor new Project dialog selectable!Closed2011-08-162016-03-08
AC-3040Web Inspector not showing on OS X.Closed2011-08-012016-03-08
AC-3041iOS Titanium.UI.Window with titleControl does not reliably display rightNavButton on iPhone 4 device (not in simulator!)Closed2011-12-212016-03-08
AC-3042header properties missing from TableViewRow online documentationClosed2012-04-202016-03-08
AC-3043Show Inspector non-functional from all three means of accessClosed2011-05-182016-03-08
AC-3044Android V8 Runtime error.Closed2012-05-252016-03-08
AC-3045Pinning a Label to one side with no sizes defined generates a warning in 2.0.1Closed2012-04-182016-03-08
AC-3046Web Inspector not showing on OS X.Closed2011-08-112016-03-08
AC-3047API inconsistnent for layout/measurements, integer (px) or integer/string (px/dp)Closed2011-12-132016-03-08
AC-3048android + tabGroup + globalEventListener = all events listener removedClosed2011-11-042016-03-08
AC-3049Empty tableview wrong row height for first rowClosed2011-05-192016-03-08
AC-3050Assigning the property paddingLeft to a textField causes the left edge of the textField to be unclickableClosed2011-08-032016-03-08
AC-3052Titanium.App.iOS.BackgroundService dies after the iOS device has been lockedClosed2011-09-122016-03-08
AC-3053"Ti.include" throws uncatchable exception when file don't existClosed2011-07-082016-03-08
AC-3054tableview appendRow crashesClosed2011-06-302016-03-08
AC-3055Test Ticket for Titanium StudioClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-3056Opening/closing the same windows sometimes causes a NullPointerException in AndroidClosed2011-06-102016-03-08
AC-3057keyboardType is not documented for Titanium.UI.TextFieldClosed2011-11-272016-03-08
AC-3058Android Tableview open & close back to back launch NullPointerExceptionClosed2011-06-152016-03-08
AC-3059TextArea not firing some events on iOS (touchstart, touchend, doubletap, swipe, singletap) Closed2011-06-212016-03-08
AC-3060TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterableClosed2012-01-072016-03-08
AC-3061Getting java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library com.alphonso.testmodule not found this error.Closed2012-06-132016-03-08
AC-3062currentPage in scrollableViewClosed2012-02-132016-03-08
AC-3063Android: blob image fetching failsClosed2012-03-252016-03-08
AC-3064Change default workspace nameClosed2012-07-212016-03-08
AC-3065Android - click and longclick handlers for TableView receive different event objectsClosed2011-10-172016-03-08
AC-3066hintText in TextField with align centerClosed2012-08-052016-03-08
AC-3067Can't update Titanium StudioClosed2011-07-212016-03-08
AC-3068Syntax checker incorrectly tagging ” and “Closed2012-06-142016-03-08
AC-3069I donwloaded kitchensink from github. When I try and run is get the message "Launching new configuration has encountered a problem. Internal error occured during launching new-configuration. Details shows: An internal error occurred during:Closed2012-06-292016-03-08
AC-3070iOS: Memory Warnings Unloads App (black screen of death)Closed2011-07-012016-03-08
AC-3071Update - KitchenSink leaking on TitaniumStudio 1.7Closed2011-07-102016-03-08
AC-3073logger.py does not find logfileClosed2011-07-192016-03-08
AC-3074Cannot build after downloading latest SDKClosed2011-06-092016-03-08
AC-3075HttpClient on Titanium Desktop 1.2RC for OS X randomly sends corrupt headersClosed2011-07-082016-03-08
AC-3076Configuration of Android SDK fails the NLS Missing MessageClosed2012-06-172016-03-08
AC-3077iPad Window TransitionClosed2011-11-112016-03-08
AC-3078Error creating a module in IOS and AndroidClosed2012-04-122016-03-08
AC-3079leftNavButton click event is not catchedClosed2011-06-142016-03-08
AC-3080SDK configuration not supportClosed2012-05-112016-03-08
AC-3081Ti.Storekit module crashes occasionally Closed2011-10-162016-03-08
AC-3082Please Reopen - Studio: Constant crashing and failure to build iOS projects in simulator with RC3Closed2011-12-312016-03-08
AC-3083File.exists on Android always returns trueClosed2011-08-162016-03-08
AC-3084picker margin problem building with 2.0.1GA2Closed2012-05-102016-03-08
AC-3085[ERROR] Result of expression 'Ti.UI.Android' [undefined] is not an object.Closed2011-11-182016-03-08
AC-3086Cannot use JNI for a native Android ModuleClosed2012-06-202016-03-08
AC-3087Android: UI - Titanium is not defined in webView when url contains a hashClosed2011-10-312016-03-08
AC-3088iOS: Switch is not show on the screen if its "value" property is not setClosed2012-07-312016-03-08
AC-3089Running a large number of queries on a database causes crashClosed2011-08-102016-03-08
AC-3090Trying to create simple CommonJS module seems to fail in Ti Studio with Sk 1.7.1Closed2011-07-032016-03-08
AC-3091Subsequent clicks on scroll/scrollable views not being fired?Closed2011-09-042016-03-08
AC-3092unable to configure or create android projectClosed2012-08-082016-03-08
AC-3093Android Ti.UI animation constants return 'undefined'Closed2011-12-132016-03-08
AC-3094Remote images in custom TableViewRow not loadingClosed2011-06-192016-03-08
AC-3095Application JNI crash when inserting and deleting rows from tableClosed2012-07-312016-03-08
AC-3096Build 1.8x when app is locked into PORTRAIT and then opening emailDialogue or SMSDialogue and then rotating the phone to landscape the emailDialogue window rotates but status bar and keyboard remain in PORTRAITClosed2012-01-122016-03-08
AC-3097View documentation is missing the "layout" propertyClosed2011-12-022016-03-08
AC-3098Option Menu does not appear in latest builds of Titanium (master)Closed2011-11-042016-03-08
AC-3099Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-3100Activity indicator is no longer appearingClosed2012-03-112016-03-08
AC-3101Cancel button on Search-bar goes disabled if we it blurs.Closed2012-08-072016-03-08
AC-3102Map View do not respond to touch events (eg: touchstart)Closed2011-06-092016-03-08
AC-3103sample app not running in android emulatorClosed2012-08-062016-03-08
AC-3104Unable to access Analytics in my.appcelerator.comClosed2011-11-122016-03-08
AC-3105Camera crashes Android 2.3.2Closed2011-05-262016-03-08
AC-3106Statusbar iPhone - Click EventClosed2012-06-282016-03-08
AC-3107Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-3108Your TARGET_BUILD_DIR is incorrectly set : Cannot set build/iphone/build pathClosed2012-01-012016-03-08
AC-3109Android: Hardware back-button does not function when "android:back" event listener is attached to heavyweight windowClosed2012-02-242016-03-08
AC-3110Android: Titanium.Network change event not fired when changing network statusClosed2012-05-172016-03-08
AC-3111Can't open sms link from an Android webviewClosed2011-05-172016-03-08
AC-3112Intent Result Activity return Image objects is nullClosed2012-07-182016-03-08
AC-3113When setAutoRedirect is false - 302 Redirects should not through an exception in TiHTTPClient.javaClosed2011-12-102016-03-08
AC-3114XYZ.exe stopped working Fault Module Name: JavascriptCore.dllClosed2011-07-072016-03-08
AC-3115Window->Preference -> Titanium SDK Home setting problemClosed2012-07-252016-03-08
AC-3116getElementsByTagName("text").item(0).text now has spotty functionalityClosed2011-12-102016-03-08
AC-3117Test Ticket for TISTUD-1632 (MAC)Closed2012-05-152016-03-08
AC-3118TableView backgroundImage property causes huge memory leakClosed2011-09-012016-03-08
AC-3119Android: date_instance.UTC() is not a methodClosed2011-12-302016-03-08
AC-3120Pictures taken with the front camera on iPhone 4 are turned 90°Closed2011-05-242016-03-08
AC-3122iOS: TableView with custom labels, blank until scrolled up/down from visible/invisible area.Closed2012-07-102016-03-08
AC-3123iOS: splash screen freeze on device when third-party module is included and no internet connection is availableClosed2012-07-272016-03-08
AC-3124Issue with Android In-App Billing ModuleClosed2012-03-052016-03-08
AC-3126Testing Ticket TISTUD-1631Closed2012-05-142016-03-08
AC-3127iPhone client closes TCP connection after 10 secondsClosed2011-12-022016-03-08
AC-3128Studio: freeze when collapsing all Closed2012-01-012016-03-08
AC-3129Drag & Drop API: Windows: No drop event when dragging from desktopClosed2011-07-212016-03-08
AC-3130openURL("tel:xxxxxxxxxx,xxx") command does not send paused tel: dial string from AndroidClosed2011-05-192016-03-08
AC-3131iOS: UI - TableView.appendRow method fails after tableview is emptied with setData()Closed2011-10-142016-03-08
AC-3133New Box2d Module requires verificationClosed2011-09-232016-03-08
AC-3134SetData in TableView does not workin in conjunction with TableViewSectionClosed2011-10-252016-03-08
AC-3135scrollableView fires event "singletap" twiceClosed2011-12-232016-03-08
AC-3136V8 libraries embedded in Rhino APKClosed2012-01-192016-03-08
AC-3137Conflict with SVNClosed2011-06-292016-03-08
AC-3138View properties not updated after animationClosed2011-08-262016-03-08
AC-3139When event is attached to parent, webView is freezeClosed2012-07-112016-03-08
AC-3140Titanium 1.0.4 and Xcode 4.1 on OSX Snow Leopard incompatibilityClosed2011-09-282016-03-08
AC-3141Android - sending message to a Handler on a dead threadClosed2011-08-102016-03-08
AC-3142'This is a ticket'Closed2012-05-212016-03-08
AC-3143Rows are not being reused even though className is setClosed2011-09-282016-03-08
AC-3144iOS: App unresponsive for 5 secs following resume from running in backgroundClosed2011-11-232016-03-08
AC-3145Marketplace - Don't send invoice with $0Closed2011-11-202016-03-08
AC-3146window.barImage does not get updated on orientation changeClosed2012-05-162016-03-08
AC-3147Orientation problems on tabbed application (ios - iphone)Closed2011-12-192016-03-08
AC-3148Camera always crashes Kitchen Sink on Android 2.2 Closed2012-05-012016-03-08
AC-3149Distribution build for Android breaks events in webviewClosed2011-05-262016-03-08
AC-3150iOS: UI - tableViewRow backgroundImage not released from memoryClosed2011-08-312016-03-08
AC-3151A new thread is created for each launch of the application, even it is in background (1 tap on Icon = 1 new activity)Closed2011-06-232016-03-08
AC-3152HTTPClient swallows PUT responseClosed2012-06-082016-03-08
AC-3153MobileWeb application doesn't launch preview in BrowserClosed2012-07-262016-03-08
AC-3154Appcelerator quickstart page nonfunctionalClosed2012-08-032016-03-08
AC-3155iOS - tableView index animates out of searchBar focusClosed2012-02-072016-03-08
AC-3156TableViewRow sometimes stripped of all contentClosed2011-12-012016-03-08
AC-3157Android: UI - webView is undefined in load event handler for WebView instanceClosed2011-09-012016-03-08
AC-3158Textfield in keyboard toolbar doesn't react to focus() and blur() messagesClosed2011-08-242016-03-08
AC-3159Android: UI.TextField.passwordMask not workingClosed2012-01-312016-03-08
AC-3160The evalJS Function in Android's WebView Crashes the ApplicationClosed2011-09-272016-03-08
AC-3161Incerement the IOS appBadge on recieving the push notificationClosed2013-03-012016-03-08
AC-3162Offer the way to share common utilities and helper functions across all files inside that directoryClosed2014-10-152016-03-08
AC-3163iOS: Set ContentMode of ImageViewClosed2012-10-112016-03-08
AC-3165Expose geolocation error codes on AndroidClosed2013-02-112016-03-08
AC-3166Biginner : I am not able to run any projectClosed2015-06-082016-03-08
AC-3167update moment.js in alloy/builtinsClosed2013-07-092016-03-08
AC-3168Support Nokia XResolved2014-05-022016-03-08
AC-3169blackberry justify textResolved2014-11-192016-03-08
AC-3170Python did not unzip a zipped moduleClosed2013-08-052016-03-08
AC-3171iCloud integrationClosed2011-10-282016-03-08
AC-3172Android: Allow setting maxLines property of TextView through Ti.UI.LabelClosed2014-04-032016-03-08
AC-3173Test Ticket for TISTUD-2331Closed2012-10-012016-03-08
AC-3174ListView: Implement iOS-property "deleteButtonTitle"Resolved2014-04-252016-03-08
AC-3175Offline documentation built into StudioClosed2014-01-282016-03-08
AC-3176Android: Add support for custom activity close animationClosed2013-04-222016-03-08
AC-3177In the QA section have a sort by date feature with searchResolved2014-10-062016-03-08
AC-3178ACS Object update by anotherClosed2012-04-192016-03-08
AC-3179test bugClosed2013-01-302016-03-08
AC-3180Orientation based styling like platform & formFactor in TSSResolved2014-07-232016-03-08
AC-3181Bundle iPad and iPhone apps in the same (binary) appClosed2011-10-012016-03-08
AC-3182Set wallpaper on iOSClosed2011-09-132016-03-08
AC-3183Problem with Google Maps Android API v2 ModuleClosed2013-03-192016-03-08
AC-3184Rich text is not supported across the platforms.Closed2012-11-282016-03-08
AC-3185[tableview] added 'reuse', 'willappear' events. improve scrolling on androidClosed2012-07-262016-03-08
AC-3186Cannot install titanium cliResolved2015-07-062016-03-08
AC-3187Refresh Controller for androidClosed2014-06-252016-03-08
AC-3188SSL PinningResolved2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-3189Function to create the "real-time-blur" effect like iOS 7Closed2013-10-012016-03-08
AC-3190Pickup Style Closed2012-11-012016-03-08
AC-3191Alloy needs a REST modelClosed2013-01-252016-03-08
AC-3192Support Windows MobileClosed2013-01-242016-03-08
AC-3193Alloy - Add JSLint to the build processClosed2012-09-192016-03-08
AC-3194Android: parameter "cacheSize" is missing for the ScrollableView object (parity issue)Closed2015-04-042017-12-23
AC-3196Anvil: Ability to run test suites against a particular version of Titanium Mobile SDKClosed2013-03-182016-03-08
AC-3197Alloy implementation of HTTP client in Titanium DocumentationClosed2013-03-202016-03-08
AC-3198Test Bug for TISTUD-2331Closed2012-09-262016-03-08
AC-3199How to claim free indie seat on AppceleratorClosed2015-06-192016-03-08
AC-3200example of using mm ( objective c++) files in hyperloop-exampleClosed2016-02-252016-03-08
AC-3201Please add font settings (size, family, color) for Ti.UI.Android.SearchViewClosed2014-10-092016-03-08
AC-3202Flash plugin in webviewClosed2011-07-142016-03-08
AC-3203Ability to dynamically set the Model instance for data binding in a ViewClosed2013-01-162016-03-08
AC-3204Titanium Studio Test TicketClosed2012-05-182016-03-08
AC-3205iOS : Masking an Image with ColorResolved2015-04-192016-03-08
AC-3206Use V8 on AndroidClosed2011-07-222016-03-08
AC-3207iOS: Camera flash detectionClosed2012-11-292016-03-08
AC-3208iOS7: TableView like in Settings AppClosed2013-08-262016-03-08
AC-3209iOS: Disabling/enabling activity indicator on WebView for remote urls.Closed2012-08-162016-03-08
AC-3210view: hide keyboard for all sub textareasClosed2012-10-062016-03-08
AC-3211Should be able to create a password form field ala. Titanium.UI.TextFieldClosed2011-10-042016-03-08
AC-3212Support android:back event for non-heavy windowsClosed2012-01-222016-03-08
AC-3213Ti.App.Properties 'change' event parity for AndroidClosed2012-07-312016-03-08
AC-3214Radio ButtonsClosed2013-05-302016-03-08
AC-3215Android: Enable ActionBar setCustomView, iOS parity (edited: not sure this is possible)Closed2013-03-292016-03-08
AC-3216Provide API to iOS MPNowPlayingInfoCenterClosed2012-10-122016-03-08
AC-3217 Provide API to iOS MPNowPlayingInfoCenterClosed2013-11-262016-03-08
AC-3218iOS: viewShadowSpreadClosed2014-06-242016-03-08
AC-3219Implement insertView method for ScrollableViewResolved2014-05-312016-03-08
AC-3220Date PickerClosed2013-06-082016-03-08
AC-3221i want to create hello world windows hybrid application in titanium stdio i have just done with titanium stdio setup please tell me the steps to create.Closed2014-05-302016-03-08
AC-3222Android: Picker 'select' event requestedClosed2012-09-282016-03-08
AC-3223testing from StudioClosed2012-05-092016-03-08
AC-3224Is it possible to create a live tv app with titanium?Closed2014-02-202016-03-08
AC-3225Proximity Events on iOSClosed2011-07-122016-03-08
AC-3226UI Builder for TitaniumClosed2015-01-282016-03-08
AC-3227Update built-in Backbone framework to the latest oneClosed2013-12-162016-03-08
AC-3229Android: ListView separator color is black, should be a neutral gray like in iOS until customizableClosed2013-04-102016-03-08
AC-3230Localizing Push Notification AlertsResolved2014-10-012017-09-12
AC-3231added UITableViewCellEditingStyleInsert iOS API as styleInsertClosed2013-09-072016-03-08
AC-3232Improve date picker to use Alloy.Globals referenceClosed2014-08-152016-03-08
AC-3233Ti.Media.camera is missing from the docsClosed2013-03-022016-03-08
AC-3234Android: Split App size by 3Closed2012-09-272016-03-08
AC-3235Test Titanium Studio 'Tickets'Closed2012-05-202016-03-08
AC-3236iOS 7: Support barTintColor for TabGroupClosed2013-09-172016-03-08
AC-3237Alloy widget assets directory structure seems reversed...a little counterintuitive.Closed2013-02-042016-03-08
AC-3238New app wizard doesn't allow URLs or app IDs to contain a hyphenResolved2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-3239Data binding to TableViewRow title property requires string data typeClosed2013-02-062016-03-08
AC-3240Compile All FoldersClosed2013-02-272016-03-08
AC-3241Add more named color patternsClosed2011-10-192016-03-08
AC-3242Coverflow needs another parameter "space"Closed2014-04-162016-03-08
AC-3243Android: Background of the action bar is always black in Theme.HoloClosed2013-11-052016-03-08
AC-3244Enable voting on JIRAClosed2011-10-282016-03-08
AC-3245Change action bar title color in codeClosed2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-3246Ti.Geolocation doesn't update the latitude and longitude fast enoughClosed2014-10-032016-03-08
AC-3248html desperately needs any of rollover, hover, mousemove or even focusResolved2014-05-202016-03-08
AC-3249Add ShareButton to Facebook ModuleClosed2015-05-182016-03-08
AC-3250Use Addr2Line Tool from NDK Stack traceClosed2015-01-052016-03-08
AC-3251Upgrade android-support-v4.jarResolved2014-03-222016-03-08
AC-3252Adding the same event listener twice should not be allowedClosed2013-09-132016-03-08
AC-3253Expose Scrollmode for UIWebView.scrollViewClosed2014-08-052016-03-08
AC-3254php activation form source code Closed2014-02-092016-03-08
AC-3255Video close event in standard mobile OS video player?Closed2011-08-022016-03-08
AC-3256Titaninum Studio and Nodeclipse don't play well: can't debug any node.js fileClosed2014-07-152016-03-08
AC-3257Appcelerator Cloud Services There is no way to manage Reviews Object using an Admin AccountClosed2012-05-092016-03-08
AC-3258Allow to force the accessibility system to focus a viewResolved2015-03-122016-03-08
AC-3259Studio still uses 'auto' instead of Ti.UI.SIZE\|FILL in sample apps / new project templates.Closed2013-04-202016-03-08
AC-3260Matrix of supported features by platform in documentationClosed2011-08-092016-03-08
AC-3261ACS Messages API documentation missingClosed2012-04-202016-03-08
AC-3262Support multiple views against one controller in alloy MVCClosed2014-02-172016-03-08
AC-3263MobileWeb's lack of center:{x,y} severely limits practical use for scaling and animation.Closed2014-03-312016-03-08
AC-3264Can't hide tabBar on androidClosed2014-08-062016-03-08
AC-3265Support for Windows devicesClosed2015-01-222016-03-08
AC-3266titanium module to integrate with crittercismResolved2015-03-032016-03-08
AC-3267Add 'highlightedImage' to Ti.UI.ImageViewClosed2011-12-272016-03-08
AC-3268Titanium studio error is printing in the Dev toolbox consoleClosed2013-03-252016-03-08
AC-3269Adding Multiple labels into ListView child viewResolved2015-03-162016-03-08
AC-3270i18n language translation not working in AlloyClosed2014-09-222016-03-08
AC-3271Error try launch genymotionClosed2014-02-152016-03-08
AC-3272Ability to set home directory for android pluginResolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-3273ALLOY: Enhance SQL adapter to support INT AUTOINCREMENT id fields, instead of random GUID id fields.Closed2012-12-272016-03-08
AC-3274Tooling needs project validation similar to iTunes Connect validation in xcodeClosed2014-10-202016-03-08
AC-3275Titanium Studio and Java 1.7/1.8Closed2015-02-022016-03-08
AC-3276Android: need to customize AndroidManifest.xml of module project's example appResolved2014-05-162016-03-08
AC-3277QA - Search needs to be drastically improvedClosed2011-10-282016-03-08
AC-3278In thess days , It react very slowly . I am in China.Closed2011-10-112016-03-08
AC-3279Android: Add support for ellipsize modes on Ti.UI.LabelResolved2015-04-082016-03-08
AC-3280Offline docsClosed2012-10-202016-03-08
AC-3281QA - Remember me optionClosed2011-10-292016-03-08
AC-3282iOS: DashboardView: don't recreate items on frame changeClosed2012-09-052016-03-08
AC-3283iOS: iPhone calendar (ti.com.calendar in github) doesn't store all Event detailsClosed2012-05-232016-03-08
AC-3284Marketplace missing 3.2x filterResolved2014-02-202016-03-08
AC-3285ACS - User Account Confirmation (by email) to return the confirmed User ObjectResolved2014-08-282016-03-08
AC-3286ScrollView with views loads very slowly compared to similar native iOS code.Closed2014-10-022016-03-08
AC-3287Documentation for Android Emulator and Fastdev needs improving, it's inaccurateClosed2011-08-092016-03-08
AC-3288 Coverflow needs another parameter spaceResolved2014-04-172016-03-08
AC-3289'Ti.App.Android.appVersionCode' & 'Ti.App.Android.appVersionName' property of android gives undefines when run on deviceClosed2014-04-022016-03-08
AC-3290Some times Push messages are not receiving on devicesResolved2014-11-072016-03-08
AC-3291Alloy Framework Model/Database - Some Docs or Features missingResolved2015-04-222016-03-08
AC-3292Create blank images for the default splash screensClosed2013-03-242016-03-08
AC-3293Alloy: Project Configuration File should be deep-mergedResolved2014-12-182016-03-08
AC-3294Region support for i18n directoryClosed2015-04-082016-03-08
AC-3295Bar Code Scanner and QR Code Scanner Android and iphoneClosed2012-06-112016-03-08
AC-3296Enable --multi-dex for android buildsClosed2014-11-212016-03-08
AC-3297Allow arguments[0] in tssClosed2013-01-302016-03-08
AC-3298SHARE button as Titanium.UI.iPhone.SystemButtonClosed2013-06-122016-03-08
AC-3299QA - report buttonClosed2011-11-182016-03-08
AC-3300Addition of property: user_is_freind : Boolean, to ACS UserClosed2014-05-232016-03-08
AC-3301Downloading of numerous files from server seems to be taking a very long time. How can we improve this?Closed2012-06-202016-03-08
AC-3302Support CoffeeScript syntax coloringResolved2014-04-082016-03-08
AC-3303Ti API: log support for multiple argumentsClosed2011-10-192016-03-08
AC-3304Memory hogClosed2011-10-192016-03-08
AC-3305Running ti --help when not in a project directory errorsResolved2014-11-212016-03-08
AC-3306Can't run the mobile application on android device or the emulator.Resolved2015-05-122016-03-08
AC-3307In App Billing iOSResolved2014-11-132016-03-08
AC-3308Titanium Android and ios build errorResolved2014-04-252016-03-08
AC-3310Unable to find any Xcode installs that has iOS SDK 8.0 and iOS Simulator 7.1Resolved2014-09-232016-03-08
AC-3311Cannot Launch Studio behind a proxyClosed2014-07-252016-03-08
AC-3312Not able to load Genymotion Device in titanium sdkResolved2014-09-092016-03-08
AC-3313Test ticket please ignore (nderzhak)Closed2015-02-252016-03-08
AC-3314Push Notification Delivery on DeviceClosed2014-08-252016-03-08
AC-3315Open Specific window on tap of Push Notification in AndoridResolved2014-10-142016-03-08
AC-3316appcelerator support apiClosed2014-08-212016-03-08
AC-3317No Xcode installations found that are supported by Titanium sdk 3.2.0Closed2014-06-192016-03-08
AC-3318Barkod YazılımeviClosed2014-11-222016-03-08
AC-3319Why it's not possible to configure JavaScript minification for emulator and device targeted builds?Closed2014-04-142016-03-08
AC-3320Facebook Login Problem "Safari can not open the page because the address is invalid"Closed2014-03-052016-03-08
AC-3321Alloy with HTML Parser not working certain use case - "'undefined' is not a constructorClosed2014-03-262016-03-08
AC-3322How to change account email and get a free Indie seatResolved2015-06-172016-03-08
AC-3324Can't able to Create Project and Update TitaniumResolved2014-04-172016-03-08
AC-3325very large screen support like HP Slate 21 pro Closed2014-09-032016-03-08
AC-3326[ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1 al correr emulador de androidClosed2014-10-082016-03-08
AC-3327Couldn`t find module "ti.cloud"Closed2014-03-052016-03-08
AC-3328Both Xcode and Titanium is installed on my macbook with the newest MacOSX. installed. When trying to run my app either in iOS Simulator or on my iPhone using usb cable Titanium says "[ERROR] : There are no supported Xcode installations found."Resolved2014-11-272016-03-08
AC-3329Only 1 image loading in table viewClosed2014-03-092016-03-08
AC-3330Adding macro in Titanium iOS Module causing app crashResolved2014-10-142016-03-08
AC-3331Change of e-mail in my accountClosed2015-05-262016-03-08
AC-3333Adding code to Jira Submit a Ticket (Steps to Reproduce) cause an errorClosed2016-03-082016-03-22
AC-3334If Image from camera is not saved in gallery will cause storage memory leaksClosed2016-03-082016-03-08
AC-3336Procedure to pipe the stream data in response and end the responseClosed2016-02-022016-03-13
AC-3337 Need to run the background services to get user current location on every 1 minute interval, which stops after 2-3 minutes of app being in background state.Closed2016-01-122016-11-05
AC-3341Terminal not working anymoreClosed2016-03-092016-03-29
AC-3342Android device not foundClosed2016-03-092016-03-29
AC-3346Errors at startupClosed2016-03-102016-03-22
AC-3348Application crashing after splash screen on ios 9.2.1Closed2016-03-102016-03-20
AC-3350[Android] Map module View method snapshot not working correctlyClosed2016-03-102016-03-20
AC-3352Textfield with passwordMask is firing change event with empty value [Android]Closed2016-03-112016-03-18
AC-3353Getting an error while packaging an Android ModuleClosed2016-03-112016-03-18
AC-3359Error creating controllerClosed2016-03-142016-03-18
AC-3360Titanium Module Builder incompatible with new Android NDK R11Resolved2016-03-142016-03-14
AC-3363Windows Phone 8.1 App Crash - Disconnected from app Resolved2016-03-142016-04-18
AC-3365Documentation links for "swipe" event missing for all UI objectsClosed2016-03-142016-03-16
AC-3366Error node js appc command and loginClosed2016-03-112016-03-14
AC-3369Bug in tableview methods: "insertRowBefore", "insertRowAfter", "insertSectionBefore", "insertSectionAfter" - "animation" option has no effectClosed2016-03-102016-03-20
AC-3370Error when trying to establish a connection to MobileIron targetClosed2016-03-112016-03-18
AC-3371Windows Heap SizeClosed2016-03-152016-03-17
AC-3372Windows: visible property not working properlyClosed2016-03-152016-03-15
AC-3380TiAnalytics interrupts foreground service on AndroidResolved2016-03-162016-03-21
AC-3382Windows: picker 'change' event missingResolved2016-03-162016-03-25
AC-3383Transfer application to other appcelerator account/ownerClosed2016-03-162016-03-18
AC-3385windows:trying to build an app on windows emulator using the CLI commandResolved2016-03-172016-03-21
AC-3386TableViewRow doesn't fire postlayout events (Android)Closed2016-03-172016-04-19
AC-3389iOS: app crash on device for appc-sourcecode-encryption-policy property Resolved2016-03-182016-04-18
AC-3390Overlay does not close after calling cancel() method of ti.barcodeResolved2016-03-182018-04-03
AC-3394Appcelerator doesn't detect android SDKClosed2016-03-182016-03-25
AC-3400Visible = false propert not working on Windows PhoneClosed2016-03-222016-03-25
AC-3403If Java x64 installed before Appcelerator it will cause Error at a first run on Windows 10Closed2016-03-232016-03-23
AC-3404ListView documentation uncertain accuracyClosed2016-03-232016-03-24
AC-3405Android 6 - 5.2.0.GA Permission deniedClosed2016-03-242016-03-30
AC-3406Stuck at 57%Closed2016-03-242016-04-05
AC-3407Apps stop on start with no error message *solved*Closed2016-03-242016-03-25
AC-3412titanium 5.2.0.GA version is not availbeClosed2016-03-252016-04-04
AC-3420Error with models in the new Appcelerator updateResolved2016-03-292016-03-29
AC-3421Adding of android-support-v7-appcompat Closed2016-03-292016-04-01
AC-3422Android module in application's main thread?Closed2016-03-292016-04-06
AC-3424In trayClickFocusedApp eventListener only alert() is getting executed. Other Functions, fireEvents, etc. are not getting called inside eventListener.Closed2016-03-292016-04-05
AC-3425The ticket AC-3419 is not visible to me any longer - please fix permissionClosed2016-03-292016-06-13
AC-3429While changing SDK version of existing project, i'm getting "NumberFormatException: Invalid int: "NONE"".Closed2016-03-302016-04-05
AC-3430Model-View binding is broken in 5.2.1Closed2016-03-302016-04-05
AC-3431Picker and Picker Row broken on android, picker row shows [Picker Row]Closed2016-03-302016-04-05
AC-3433Android M: universal functions for checking permissionsClosed2016-03-312016-04-01
AC-3436Windows Phone 8.1 - Disconnected from appClosed2016-03-312016-03-31
AC-3439ArrowCloud: session_id mixes up with previous user logged in.Closed2016-03-312016-10-14
AC-3440Tiapp.xml says i am not part of the organizationClosed2016-03-312016-09-21
AC-3447Android app is not compatible with Nexus 6Closed2016-04-012016-04-15
AC-3451An internal error occurred during: "Opening Page...".java.lang.NullPointerExceptionClosed2016-04-032016-04-19
AC-3454Fasten ListView creationClosed2016-04-032016-04-19
AC-3458tiwp8 or Ti.MobileWeb.WP8Resolved2016-04-052016-04-18
AC-3459SDK 5.2.1 ti.cloudPush 3.4.1 Throws Error on Build on Android 6Closed2016-04-052016-04-21
AC-3462iOS: iconInsets - click tab and icon shrinks verticallyClosed2016-04-052016-04-20
AC-3463trying to build an project but throwing error:"ERROR \| spawn wmic ENOENT"Closed2016-04-062016-04-19
AC-3466Launching application stop at 57%Closed2016-04-072016-04-15
AC-3467Failed to package applicationClosed2016-04-072016-04-16
AC-3476Ti.UI.iOS.appBadge and associated methods do not workClosed2016-04-082016-04-09
AC-3482Hi ,Delete on ListViewResolved2016-04-102016-04-18
AC-3483Ti SDK 5.2.1.GA & 5.2.2.GA - Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not definedClosed2016-04-112016-04-26
AC-3485Error encountered during update appcelerator studio due to node file permisionClosed2016-04-112016-04-20
AC-3486More cool pictures...Closed2016-04-112016-04-12
AC-3487Calendar permissions in Titanium SDK for Android 6.0.0 and above.Resolved2016-04-112016-04-19
AC-3497Provide ips of api and upload nodes for smtp whitelistingClosed2016-04-122016-05-04
AC-3499Application is crashing because of ti.cloud module when we create distribution build for Android.Closed2016-04-132016-04-21
AC-3501LiveView doesn't workClosed2016-04-132016-04-28
AC-3502Ui.Picker broken in new alloy in Ti 5.2.1Resolved2016-04-132016-04-14
AC-3503CodeSign failedClosed2016-04-142016-04-26
AC-3504Theme property for datepickerClosed2016-04-142016-04-26
AC-3507Output compiling modulesResolved2016-04-142016-06-04
AC-3509Cannot remove settings from appc configClosed2016-04-152016-04-26
AC-3512"Failed to run dexer" error for SDK more recent than 3.5.1Closed2016-04-162016-05-03
AC-3513Android: App restarts (force restart) when it is running in background for a long timeClosed2016-04-172016-09-26
AC-3514Update open source sdk versionResolved2016-04-172016-04-19
AC-3515Minification breaks javascript libClosed2016-04-172016-04-21
AC-3518ti.modules.titanium.ui.widget.TiUILabel$1 cannot be cast to android.view.ViewGroupClosed2016-04-182016-04-26
AC-3519Crash becasue of android.support.v4.widget.DrawerLayout.openDrawer(DrawerLayout.java:1464)Resolved2016-04-182016-04-19
AC-3522App crashes or freezes when uploading images and videos to amazon via firebase and refreshes the listviewClosed2016-04-182016-04-26
AC-3526Appcompat support library missing res/drawable-xxhdpi-v4/abc_ab_share_pack_mtrl_alpha.9.pngClosed2016-04-192016-04-28
AC-3530AppC Studio not respondingClosed2016-04-202016-04-26
AC-3531Appcelerator Studio Live View issueClosed2016-04-202016-04-22
AC-3534Android 6 - Crash when app startsClosed2016-04-212016-05-03
AC-3539Git Plugin for Appcelerator studioResolved2016-04-212016-04-28
AC-3543ArrowDB Push Notification Issue - Status shows "Success" but Sent is blankClosed2016-04-222016-06-13
AC-3544textbox inside a table view not working on android 5.1.1Closed2016-04-222016-04-26
AC-3548ti.modules.titanium.ui.widget.TiUILabel$1 cannot be cast to android.view.ViewGroupClosed2016-04-262018-03-19
AC-3549OnLifecycleEvent doesn't work on viewproxyClosed2016-04-262016-04-28
AC-3551Files auto removed from i18nClosed2016-04-262016-04-28
AC-3552HTTPClient, Android, upload photo with int as key in posted object returns java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.StringClosed2016-04-262016-04-27
AC-3556Cannot create a new projectClosed2016-04-272016-05-06
AC-3557Import sample Todo List does not workClosed2016-04-272016-04-29
AC-3560Local server http request errorClosed2016-04-282016-05-10
AC-3561Windows: 5.3.0.beta is awful Closed2016-04-282016-05-04
AC-3564Windows: Size of Ti.UI.Label inside Ti.UI.ScrollView is cut off after ~ 3424 charactersClosed2016-04-282016-05-03
AC-3565Windows: Deploying a second app uninstalls the first oneClosed2016-04-292016-05-10
AC-3566Windows: Ti.UI.ScrollableView, scrollingEnabled: false is ignoredClosed2016-04-292016-05-03
AC-3569Titanium.Network.Socket.TCP not connecting on iOS 9.3.1Closed2016-04-292016-05-06
AC-3570Unable to install Appcelerator SDK - ErrorClosed2016-04-292016-09-28
AC-3571Ti.Admob : ad not receivedClosed2016-04-292017-03-05
AC-3573Push Notification from Dashboard are not sending and no Push Notification Logs are being enteredClosed2016-04-292016-04-30
AC-3574Export apkClosed2016-04-302016-05-10
AC-3575Unable to install Appcelerator SDK - ErrorClosed2016-05-012016-05-02
AC-3576Add view on touch start on image Closed2016-05-022016-05-04
AC-3577Unable to publish a Titanium iOS binary to the App Store with an embedded Swift Watch AppClosed2016-05-022016-05-05
AC-3579Windows: Support for ti.map setLocation() Closed2016-05-022016-05-03
AC-3580Windows: ti.map - add support for annotation custom image Closed2016-05-022016-05-03
AC-3581Windows: ti.map - add support for annotation click events Closed2016-05-022016-05-03
AC-3582Windows: ti.map - add/remove/add annotations causes crash. Closed2016-05-022016-05-03
AC-3583Windows: ti.map - add support for showing annotation title when clicked Closed2016-05-022016-05-03
AC-3584There are no Android devices connectedClosed2016-05-022016-05-05
AC-3585Android: Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople() has noticeably slow performanceClosed2016-05-032018-11-11
AC-3587Android - Ti.UI.Label crash with html propertyClosed2016-05-032016-05-16
AC-3592Android Picker not retaining selected valueClosed2016-05-032016-05-05
AC-3594When opening View files and selecting 'XML' git wants to commit a copy of the fileClosed2016-05-032016-05-11
AC-3598Relation fields in ArrowDB Appcelerator and File objectsClosed2016-05-052016-05-17
AC-3599Inconsistent use of Color in Titanium WIndowsClosed2016-05-052016-05-08
AC-3600Ohio sage peachtree support Number (((l 844 3l3 4859))) Sage 50 Error l324 sage 50 enterprise Phone NumberClosed2016-05-062016-05-10
AC-3601North Dakota sage 50 enterprise Phone Number l 844 3l3 4859 sage 50 enterprise support Number Sage 50 customer care PhoClosed2016-05-062016-05-10
AC-3602North Carolina sage pro Phone support Number l 844 3l3 4859 sage 50 canada support Sage pro support Phone NumberClosed2016-05-062016-05-10
AC-3603Windows: Windows Requires Emulator to Be Installed.Closed2016-05-062016-05-11
AC-360424*7 call DIRECT CALL+++1.800.863.0840 @@@@?Mozilla firefox customer support phone n..u.m.b.e.r Mozilla firefox tech support p.h.o.n.e numberClosed2016-05-092016-05-10
AC-3605Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox protection c.u.s.t.o.m.e.r s.e.r.v.i.c.e number Mozilla firefox Mozilla Closed2016-05-092016-05-10
AC-3608Push notification IOSClosed2016-05-092016-05-10
AC-3610Windows: wptools.js fails when installing application with native moduleClosed2016-05-102016-05-12
AC-3611[iOS] Map annotation doesn't show correctlyClosed2016-05-102016-07-11
AC-3616Selecting XML tab from Design tab on an old project presents unstaged changes to entire fileClosed2016-05-112016-05-17
AC-3617iOS Dynamic Picker height brokenClosed2016-05-112016-05-17
AC-3621Unable to run project on windows phone emulatorClosed2016-05-122016-05-13
AC-3622ArrowDB - Photo attached to a Custom Object not retrievedClosed2016-05-122016-05-20
AC-3625Default Alloy projects not showing any resource filesClosed2016-05-132016-05-24
AC-3629Android base appcelerator app not running in Windows PhoneClosed2016-05-162016-05-17
AC-3631Titanium.Filesystem.hasStoragePermissions() alternative for Windows PhoneClosed2016-05-162016-05-22
AC-3634Windows_Phone_8_Module_Development_Guide was not foundClosed2016-05-172016-05-17
AC-3639My titanium ios project seems to build but throw an exception when launches ios simulator (ipad)Closed2016-05-192016-05-24
AC-3642How to lock the orientation screen in a windows phone app?Closed2016-05-202016-05-20
AC-3643stop focus switch of tabsClosed2016-05-202016-05-24
AC-3647Not able to build custom button using TSSClosed2016-05-232016-05-29
AC-3649iOS: Getting Custom fields for phone, address and email from Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople() throws error screen Closed2016-05-232016-06-07
AC-3650Erro on launch APP StudioClosed2016-05-232016-05-31
AC-3652Android Module build failed on Windows 10Closed2016-05-232016-05-27
AC-3656Cannot distribute IOS application to Adhock/EnterpriseResolved2016-05-252016-05-25
AC-3658Android - Wrong view sizeClosed2016-05-252016-05-29
AC-3659Facebook login problemClosed2016-05-252016-05-31
AC-3662Helpdesk 18008630840 FACEBOOK Tech Support phone number, FACEBOOK customer care phone numberClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-366318008630840 FACEBOOK number, FACEBOOK customer care numberClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-366418008630840 FACEBOOK Tech Support phone number, FACEBOOK customer care phone numberClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-366518008630840 Facebook technical support,Facebook helpline,Facebook supportClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-366618008630840 FACEBOOK number, FACEBOOK customer care numberClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-3667Facebook Support!!@18008630840@Facebook password support,Facebook HelpClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-3668L.O.C.I.!! .F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K .T.e.c.h. .S.u.p.p.o.r.t .p.h.o.ne. .n..um.b.e.r., .F.A.C.E.BO.O.K. .c.u.s.to.m.e.r. .ca.re. .ph.o.n.e. n.u.m.b.e.r Closed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-36691$800-8630840^^Kindle password support number Kindle is not working, kindle freezes Kindle restart, kindle reset support numberClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-3672tech support number 18008630840my kindle is not turning onClosed2016-05-262016-05-26
AC-3675IOS Assertion failed: (self.url != nil), function -[APSHTTPRequest send], file /Users/kiat/titaniumModules/APSHTTPClient/APSHTTPClient/APSHTTPRequest.mClosed2016-05-312016-06-02
AC-3676unable to optimize undefined; invalid png?Closed2016-05-312016-06-06
AC-3677Android: URL Scheme intent is not being placed on AndroidManifest.xml after buildClosed2016-05-312016-06-14
AC-3679Unable to publish a windows phone app on the windows phone storeClosed2016-06-012016-06-09
AC-3680Windows: Ti.Locale.getString()/L() does not reflect Ti.Locale.setLanguage()Closed2016-06-012016-06-02
AC-3682Newrelic (Ti.newrelic) module on android doesn't loadClosed2016-06-012016-06-07
AC-3718Window close called when transit to next window in Sony Xperia ZClosed2016-06-022016-06-15
AC-3719Dashboard does not loadClosed2016-06-022016-06-06
AC-3720Outlook 365 SMTP settings error : The SMTP settings are not valid.Closed2016-06-022016-06-03
AC-3721TiHTTPClient java.lang.NullPointerExceptionClosed2016-06-022016-06-13
AC-37225.3.0 Regression: "rendering artifact" between launch image and first viewClosed2016-06-032016-06-03
AC-3723TableView bug in Android 5.2.2Closed2016-06-032016-06-09
AC-3725Quickbooks Payroll Support Number 1-800-349- 6921 Quickbooks POS SUpport NumberClosed2016-06-032016-06-05
AC-3727Quickbooks Tech Support Number 1800*349**6921 Quickbooks pro Support NumberClosed2016-06-032016-06-05
AC-3728Quickbooks Installation Error 1800*349**6921 Quickbooks Enterprise Support NumberClosed2016-06-032016-06-05
AC-3738Can't launch any application on Windows 10 with Appcelerator StudioClosed2016-06-032016-06-05
AC-3744facebook login bugClosed2016-06-062016-06-09
AC-3745appc studio asks for appc cli 4.2.6 even i have app cli 5.3.0.GAClosed2016-06-062016-06-09
AC-3746Font size not compatible with windows phone font sizeClosed2016-06-062016-06-14
AC-3799TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefinedClosed2016-06-072016-06-16
AC-3801Cannot read property 'options' of undefinedClosed2016-06-072016-06-07
AC-3803Can't build for Android on Windows with 5.3.0.GA SDKResolved2016-06-082016-06-09
AC-3806Can't build android moduleClosed2016-06-092016-07-14
AC-3807Exceptions and events don't fire for Alloy views created via Tags and a CommonJS libClosed2016-06-092016-06-21
AC-3808SKYPE Tech Support Phone Number(((((844-307-5701++===((( SKYPClosed2016-06-092016-06-09
AC-3809Appc Studio DashboardClosed2016-06-092016-06-15
AC-3813Ti.FileSystem.setRemoteBackup(false) - recursive version no-longer worksClosed2016-06-102016-06-15
AC-3839Titanium.UI.Window open method crashesClosed2016-06-112016-06-13
AC-3845opening app via external link - index / alloy competingClosed2016-06-132016-06-18
AC-3846 Error: [LiveView] File Server unavailable. Host Unreachable @
AC-3847Migration only applies to the table not the modelClosed2016-06-142016-06-21
AC-3858USA 1-800-981-5864 Malwarebytes Phone Number California, New York, Closed2016-06-162016-06-16
AC-3870Install activate #1800+981+5864 MALWAREBYTES Antivirus activation key phone numberClosed2016-06-162016-06-16
AC-3873ListItem property values from BindId no longer work after Appcelerator update.Closed2016-06-162016-06-28
AC-3874[ANDROID] ListView image scrolling very jerky (even after following the best practices) Closed2016-06-162016-06-21
AC-3877Cannot run examples in Appcelerator StudioClosed2016-06-172016-06-27
AC-3880 Ti.UI.createWindow generates java.lang.RuntimeException - AppCompat does not support the current theme featuresClosed2016-06-192016-06-25
AC-3881crash problem on android on a listviewClosed2016-06-202016-06-29
AC-3886[iOS] Listview not rendering Items correctlyClosed2016-06-212016-06-30
AC-3887In textarea I display some text will red and another text will blackClosed2016-06-222016-07-01
AC-3888Hyperloop iOS - Can't find Xcode projectClosed2016-06-222016-06-28
AC-3908USA 1-800-981-5864 Malwarebytes Phone Number California, New York, Closed2016-06-222016-06-22
AC-3916Hyperloop - Can't run the examples project with latest 6.0.0 buildClosed2016-06-232016-07-13
AC-3918Windows: scrollToView method of ScrollableView not workingClosed2016-06-232016-06-23
AC-3919Disable Horizontal bounce in Windows PhoneClosed2016-06-242016-07-20
AC-3920Android crashes when uninstalling titanium app using module calling Wearable.DataApi.putDataItem(client, request).await();Closed2016-06-242016-07-14
AC-3948Missing setup documentationClosed2016-06-272016-06-30
AC-3950Cloud.Users.showMe returns empty data with response_json_depthClosed2016-06-282018-04-27
AC-3952Error: unable to verify the first certificateClosed2016-06-282016-07-14
AC-3954SMTP settings error in ArrowDBClosed2016-06-292018-06-29
AC-3955TouchID Module AndroidClosed2016-06-292016-07-26
AC-3956ListView edit actions crashClosed2016-06-292016-07-13
AC-3957Unable to use multiple mediaTypesClosed2016-06-292016-07-20
AC-3959Windows: httpclient's file property doesn't workClosed2016-06-292016-07-27
AC-3960File /index.html not found Closed2016-06-302016-07-20
AC-3990Build error: "Unable to find platform specific build command"Closed2016-06-302016-07-14
AC-3994Appcelerator Studio, build:
AC-3995Qlik graph not visible in webview android working fine with ios.Closed2016-07-012016-07-14
AC-3997Android application crashes - ddmsClosed2016-07-012016-07-16
AC-3998Appcelerator Studio installation procedure is not usableClosed2016-07-022016-07-19
AC-3999Wrong URL in documentation to download continuous buildClosed2016-07-022016-07-02
AC-4001Not able to implement 3d Touch in iOSClosed2016-07-042016-07-13
AC-4002Windows: perfrormance of application is terribleClosed2016-07-042016-07-21
AC-4004Message [Android SDK Home] No Android SDKs ... d under the specified SDK location.Closed2016-07-052016-07-21
AC-4005error during Arrow project creationClosed2016-07-062016-07-11
AC-4008Late or no loading of remote images on ImageViewClosed2016-07-062016-07-21
AC-4009Windows Phone 10 Device - Error: Not implementedClosed2016-07-072016-07-11
AC-4011fireEvent with datetime object modify the datetime contentClosed2016-07-072016-07-21
AC-4012Android - scrollableView java.lang.NullPointerExceptionClosed2016-07-072016-12-22
AC-4013App crashes after splash screen in Window PhoneClosed2016-07-072016-07-18
AC-4015Change Background Color for WebView Loading White Screen Closed2016-07-082016-07-11
AC-4018App crashes on launch on Android > 6Closed2016-07-082016-07-18
AC-4019Genymotion - device not foundClosed2016-07-082016-07-20
AC-40222 Column Picker with integers only as picker row titles outputs uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException'.Closed2016-07-102016-07-11
AC-4045The "$text" operator in query in ArrowDB (created in April 2015) not workingClosed2016-07-112016-08-29
AC-4046unable to run simulator Closed2016-07-112016-07-18
AC-4047Wrapper not working on Android 6.0.0Closed2016-07-122016-07-21
AC-4048how to fix a bank reconciliation in quickbooksClosed2016-07-122016-07-19
AC-40491800-981-5864 How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware1800/9815864Closed2016-07-122016-07-12
AC-40501800.981-5864 malwarebytes activation phone numberClosed2016-07-122016-07-12
AC-40641800+981+5864+Malwarebytes Premium activation licence key not working1800/9815864Closed2016-07-122016-07-12
AC-40671800+981+5864+Malwarebytes Premium activation licence key not working1800/9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40681800+981+5864+Need help for Malwarebytes not working issue.Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40691800+981+5864+Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has stopped working.Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40701800+981+5864+MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWAREBYTES KEYClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40711800*981*5864-Malwarebytes not working with windows Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40721800"981:5864-malwarebytes showing error messagesClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4073Dial 1 800 981 5864 Malwarebytes Anti Malware customer support phone number 1800/9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40741800-981-5864 How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware1800/9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40751800.981-5864 malwarebytes activation phone numberClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40761800.981.5864. how to fix remove malwarebytes antivirus errors18009815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40771800-981.5864 anti malware customer service number us canada uk new zealand australiAClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40781800-981.5864 how to remove malwarebytes virus from pc/computer/latopClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4079+1 800*981*5864 Install and activate malwarebytes antivirus1800.9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40801800*981*5864 Installation Malwarebytes official phone number MALWAREBYTES Activation phone numberClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40811800*981*5864 malwarebytes anti-malware support telephone numberClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40821800*981*5864 Antivirus support phone number ,MALWAREBYTES Customer service Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4083#18.o.o9.81.586.4 # malwarebytes support phone number # malwarebytes technical support #helpline for malwarebytes antivirus telephone numberClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40841 800 981 5864 malwarebytes Antivirus tech support number18009815864 malwarebytes tech support phone number Help deskClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4085#1.800.981.5864 malwarebytes internet security contact phone number australiaClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40861.800.981.5864+malwarebytes internet security toll free numberClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4087USA 1-800-981-5864 Malwarebytes Phone Number California, New York,18009815864 Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40881-800-981-5864 Malwarebytes AntiMalware Help & Customer Support – USA & CanadaClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40891800+981+5864+Malwarebytes Premium activation licence key not working1800/9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40901800+981+5864+Need help for Malwarebytes not working issue.Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40911800+981+5864+Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has stopped working.Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40921800+981+5864+MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWAREBYTES KEYClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40931800*981*5864-Malwarebytes not working with windows Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40941800"981:5864-malwarebytes showing error messagesClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4095Dial 1 800 981 5864 Malwarebytes Anti Malware customer support phone number 1800/9815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4096!800.981-5864*Malwarebytes Anti-Malware won't run or failed to resolve Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4097I8.o.o-9.81.-58.6.4 Malwarebytes t-e-c-h s-u-p-p-o-r-t p-h-o-n-e n-u-m-b-e-r Malwarebytes antivirus s-u-p-p-o-r-t18009815864Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-40981800-981.5864 how to contact malwarebytes? 1800-981.5864 how to remove malwarebytes errors 1800-981.5864 how to remove malwarebytes virus from pc/computer/latopClosed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4099WINDOWS PHONE : Application Error => Runtime Error: unknown ExceptionClosed2016-07-132016-07-27
AC-4100GAOS - JIRA Closed2016-07-132016-07-13
AC-4101Appcelerator Studio required loginClosed2016-07-132016-07-20
AC-4102Admob ads not being receivedClosed2016-07-132016-07-27
AC-4103Windows Phone Memory ManagementClosed2016-07-142016-07-20
AC-4104Appcelerator Studio LoginClosed2016-07-142016-07-20
AC-4105Map Annotation title not clickable Closed2016-07-142016-07-26
AC-4106OnLifecycleEvent doesn't work on KrollProxyClosed2016-07-152016-07-17
AC-4107Windows Phone Logs not generatedClosed2016-07-152016-08-02
AC-4109Windows Phone : Ti.UI.window open and close addEventListeners do not work for windows phoneClosed2016-07-152016-08-02
AC-4110Unable to open another application from current application on certain devicesClosed2016-07-182016-07-20
AC-4112Google Rejected Android APK Citing SSL Error Handler VulnerabilityClosed2016-07-182016-08-31
AC-4113Push notifications not stableClosed2016-07-192016-08-29
AC-4114Windows Phone - Multi ThreadingClosed2016-07-192016-07-27
AC-4118Error with permissions on Android 6Closed2016-07-202016-07-27
AC-4119Hyperloop - subsequents runs fails one or twice Closed2016-07-212016-07-27
AC-4122RUN DEVICE IS NOT WORKINGClosed2016-07-212016-08-02
AC-4123LOG IN USERClosed2016-07-212016-08-02
AC-4125Ti.App.iOS 'continueactivity' event is not fired on distribution buildClosed2016-07-222016-07-29
AC-41391 818 850 7806 Roku Support NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41401 81 850 7806 Roku Customer ServiceClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41411 818 850 7806 Roku Tech SupportClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41421 81 850 7806 Roku Phone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-4143Error 503Closed2016-07-222016-08-30
AC-41441 81 850 7806 Roku Technical SupportClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41451 81 850 7806 Roku Customer Service NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41461 81 850 7806 Roku ServiceClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41471 81 850 7806 Roku Customer SupportClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41481 81 850 7806 Roku HelplineClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-4149Windows: intermitent EPERM error in i18n folders when compilingClosed2016-07-222016-10-04
AC-41501 81 850 7806 Roku Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41511 81 850 7806 Roku HelpClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41521 81 850 7806 Roku 3 SupportClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41531 81 850 7806 Roku TroubleshootingClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41541 81 850 7806 Roku ContactClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41551 81 850 7806 Roku Customer Service Phone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41561 81 850 7806 Roku Help NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41571 81 850 7806 Contact Roku Customer ServiceClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41581 81 850 7806 Roku ServicesClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41591 81 850 7806 Roku Telephone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41601-818-850-7806 Roku Contact NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41611-818-850-7806 Phone Number For RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41621-818-850-7806 Roku Help Phone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41631-818-850-7806 Contact RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41641 818 85 7806 Roku Customer Service Telephone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41651-818-850-7806 Roku Customer Service Telephone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41661-818-850-7806 Call RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41671-818-850-7806 Call Roku Customer ServiceClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41681-818-850-7806 Roku 800 NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41691-818-850-7806 Support.rokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41701-818-850-7806 Support.roku.comClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41711-818-850-7806 Roku 3 Customer ServiceClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41721-818-850-7806 Roku Customer Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41731-818-850-7806 Roku SetupClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41741-818-850-7806 Roku Customer Service PhoneClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41751-818-850-7806 How to Use RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41761-818-850-7806 Roku SupportClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41771-818-850-7806 Roku 3 SetupClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41781-818-850-7806 Roku NumberClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41791-818-850-7806 Roku ConnectionClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41801-818-850-7806 How To Set Up RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-41811-818-850-7806 Troubleshooting RokuClosed2016-07-222016-07-22
AC-4210Toshiba Customer Support Number 1 888 811 4532 Toshiba Technical Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-252016-07-26
AC-4211Toshiba Contact Number 1 888 811 4532 Toshiba Phone NumberClosed2016-07-252016-07-26
AC-42121 888 811 4532 Troubleshooting Toshiba LaptopClosed2016-07-252016-07-26
AC-42131 888 811 4532 Toshiba Help NumberClosed2016-07-252016-07-26
AC-42141 888 811 4532 Toshiba Live ChatClosed2016-07-252016-07-26
AC-4215Issue detecting android devices on Windows 10Closed2016-07-252016-08-09
AC-4217IOS PushNotifications Callback doesn't fireClosed2016-07-262016-07-26
AC-4244Android Popup material compliantClosed2016-07-262016-08-05
AC-4245Arrow application build crashes due to timeout during NPM installClosed2016-07-262016-08-31
AC-4247Links on documents page are set to same page(not set)Closed2016-07-272016-07-27
AC-42481 888 811 4532 Gmail Team Contact NumberClosed2016-07-272016-07-27
AC-42491 888 811 4532 Google Gmail Help Desk Phone NumberClosed2016-07-272016-07-27
AC-42501 888 811 4532 Gmail Technical SupportClosed2016-07-272016-07-27
AC-4251Android Dialog androidView and paddingClosed2016-07-272016-08-02
AC-4258My appcelerator studio is not showing iphone simulator to run , while i can run simulator from xcode.Closed2016-07-282016-08-30
AC-42601 888 811 4532 Belkin Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-4261(1 888 811 4532) Belkin Technical Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42621 (888) 811 4532 Belkin Router Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-4263+① ⑧⑧⑧ ⑧①① ④⑤③② pogo games customer service phone numberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-4264+1*888*811*4532 club pogo customer service phone numberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42651 888 811 4532 Cisco Router Tech Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42661 888 811 4532 Cisco Router Technical Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42671 888 811 4532 Cisco Router Customer Service Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42681 (888) 811 4532 Cisco Tech Support NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-42691 888 811 4532 Cisco Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-282016-07-28
AC-4300Android - Audio Player not implementing Audio FocusClosed2016-07-302016-08-29
AC-43021 888 811 4532 Adobe Help Phone NumberClosed2016-07-302016-08-01
AC-4303⫸⫷1-8888-11-4532⫸⫷ Adobe Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-302016-08-01
AC-4304{<{1-888-811-4532}>}Adobe Tech Support Phone NumberClosed2016-07-302016-08-01
AC-4325Liveview not recompiling after a modificationResolved2016-08-032016-09-04
AC-4326createScrollableView pageIndicatorColor¤tPageIndicatorColor doesn't workClosed2016-08-032016-08-30
AC-4329Arrow DB - Push Notification not workingClosed2016-08-042016-08-30
AC-4334Ask for Apple device to run the appClosed2016-08-052016-08-10
AC-4336Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople() returns null for Android 6.0+Resolved2016-08-062016-08-29
AC-4338Error message is not descriptiveClosed2016-08-062016-08-08
AC-4339windows: scrollView doesn't work correctlyClosed2016-08-082016-08-10
AC-4343SearchBar bugClosed2016-08-092016-08-10
AC-4345iOS Maps: On zoom in map view shows the screen with Closed2016-08-102016-08-11
AC-4347incorrect file extensionClosed2016-08-102016-08-10
AC-4351Windows Phone : The scroll view on windows phone is elastic in natureClosed2016-08-112016-10-04
AC-4356LiveView: Crash receiving push notification when app is foreground IOSClosed2016-08-152016-08-22
AC-4358Titanium: [ioslib] Detected crash, but no crash fileClosed2016-08-162016-09-28
AC-4363Android: Aplication won't install after packaging for app storeClosed2016-08-192016-09-05
AC-4366restart arrow when changes are made to the SDKClosed2016-08-202016-09-04
AC-4367code complete and options not working as expected for XML filesClosed2016-08-222016-09-26
AC-4370Request to lengthen/remove CLI/Studio Login Expiration dateClosed2016-08-232016-09-29
AC-4372Windows: terrible performance of opening new screenClosed2016-08-242016-08-29
AC-4373Windows Phone : "Would you like to install ms-resource:app-name from XYZ?" Replace app-name with application name in tiapp.xmlClosed2016-08-242016-10-05
AC-4374Windows Phone : Overriding windows hardware back buttonClosed2016-08-242016-10-04
AC-4375Windows Phone : Controlling visibility of status bar and command bar(one with Hardware back, home buttons ).Closed2016-08-242016-09-27
AC-4376Windwos Phone : WebView Memory LeakClosed2016-08-242016-09-27
AC-4377Windows Phone : Prevent font size changes on system font size changeClosed2016-08-242016-09-29
AC-4379Windows Phone : TouchEnd/Touchcancel events are not fired when view inside parent view moves out of view boundariesClosed2016-08-242016-09-29
AC-4380Windows Phone : Alloy.createController taking too much time in windows.Closed2016-08-242016-09-27
AC-4381Windows Phone : Event Listener active before the window is openedClosed2016-08-242016-09-27
AC-4382Windows Phone : Module Resolved2016-08-242016-09-07
AC-4383Windows Phone : localyticsClosed2016-08-242016-09-27
AC-4385events not bubbled up to view using addEventListenerClosed2016-08-242016-10-20
AC-4386I can not compile on OSX for AndroidResolved2016-08-242016-11-16
AC-4388Windows Phone : App ProfilingResolved2016-08-252016-09-06
AC-4391Facebook module loggedIn never trueResolved2016-08-252016-08-28
AC-4393XML parsing error using App DesignerClosed2016-08-252016-10-06
AC-4394Hyperloop iOS - Converted blocks are always returning nilClosed2016-08-262016-08-26
AC-4395Invalid GUID messagesResolved2016-08-282016-09-04
AC-4397Alloy compiler failedResolved2016-08-292016-09-06
AC-4398Android Push NotificationsClosed2016-08-302016-09-27
AC-4404Textfield is remain hidden behind the keyboardClosed2016-08-312016-09-26
AC-4406TextField doesn't detect spaces until adding some other charsets when aligned to the rightClosed2016-08-312016-09-05
AC-4409I can't set my SMTP account in Dashboard settingsClosed2016-09-012016-09-08
AC-4410Parameter tlsVersion has no effect in android < 5.0 is not solvedClosed2016-09-012016-09-05
AC-4411Unable to install / run Windows phone appsClosed2016-09-012016-09-05
AC-4413Hyperloop iOS - Using "ViewForTag" returns an object without previously defined methods.Closed2016-09-022016-09-29
AC-4414Gmail password recovery number Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4415Need To Reset Gmail Password? Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4416Google mail forgot password? Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4417Google email password reset? Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4418Imap Gmail Not Working? Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4419Want Why is google slow today? Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4420For Google mail account recovery Call 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4421Call 1 888 811 4532 gmail customer support chatClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4422How To Call Gmail Support? Call 1 888 811 4532 Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4423Call 1 888 811 4532 Google Mail Support Phone NumberClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4424Call 1 888 811 4532 Gmail Email Customer ServiceClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4425Call 1 888 811 4532 Tech support phone number for google gmailClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4426Call 1 888 811 4532 Phone Number For Gmail Help CenterClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4427Call 1 888 811 4532 Gmail Customer Service ChatClosed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4428Call Gmail Help Center Phone Number 1 888 811 4532Closed2016-09-042016-09-04
AC-4432Webview rendering issue on 5.4.0 GA under AndroidClosed2016-09-062016-10-10
AC-4433Inapp billing module Google security alert.Closed2016-09-072016-10-25
AC-4434registerUserNotificationSettings doesn't work in iOS10Resolved2016-09-082016-09-15
AC-4439Can't enable Hyperloop in new or existing projects in StudioClosed2016-09-092016-10-13
AC-4440Cannot Create Mobile Module Project for WindowsClosed2016-09-092016-10-04
AC-4441'Package iOS iTunes Store' uses Xcode-beta.app instead of Xcode.appResolved2016-09-092016-09-11
AC-4443iOS device crashes on webview add to windowClosed2016-09-092016-09-09
AC-4444Attributed string link on a TextArea doesn't fire link eventClosed2016-09-082016-09-09
AC-4448Resuming of inactive Activity from moduleClosed2016-09-122016-11-15
AC-4453App crash with searchBar added to viewClosed2016-09-132016-10-20
AC-4456asp-environment entitlement error when deploying to iTunes connectResolved2016-09-142016-09-14
AC-4462Set an empty view backgroundImage crash the applicationClosed2016-09-152016-09-19
AC-4465options listed in iOS devicesResolved2016-09-162016-09-18
AC-4469Alloy Android button element does not set title attributeClosed2016-09-182016-11-16
AC-4470iOS10 Ti.Platform.name returning iOS in CommonJS moduleResolved2016-09-182016-09-18
AC-4474unable to create mobile apps from custom templatesClosed2016-09-192016-10-13
AC-4475iOS app rejection due to usage of non-public APIResolved2016-09-192016-09-19
AC-4476Hyperloop: Error creating proxy on AndroidClosed2016-09-192016-10-01
AC-4478Android: WebView auto scrolling does not work when focus on input fieldClosed2016-09-192016-10-13
AC-4480Push entitlements missing when submitting production app to App StoreResolved2016-09-202016-09-20
AC-4481Not able to run an app on Android device after updating the current SDK and CLIClosed2016-09-202016-11-01
AC-4482Empty Entitlements when building for dist-adhoc or dist-appstoreResolved2016-09-202016-09-20
AC-4483Cannot buil in Mac OSResolved2016-09-202016-09-21
AC-4484iOS Network stack broken by 5.5.0.GA SDKResolved2016-09-202016-09-21
AC-4485Wiki: Link to "creating Google API Project" is invalidResolved2016-09-212016-09-26
AC-4490calendar is not working for android 6Closed2016-09-222016-10-19
AC-4491Can not able to build android application.Closed2016-09-222016-10-20
AC-4492Can't locate Windows SDKClosed2016-09-222016-11-01
AC-4494[ERROR] : Request returned with HTTP status code 500 Internal Server ErrorResolved2016-09-222016-09-23
AC-4496Payload in KrollFunction: JNIUtil: !!! Unable to convert unknown Java object class 'java.util.ArrayList' to JS value !!!Closed2016-09-222016-11-07
AC-4498Hyperloop doesn't detect the new UserNotifications frameworkResolved2016-09-232016-09-24
AC-4499Appcelerator Studio stuck on splash screen 4.7.0Resolved2016-09-232016-09-24
AC-4500iOs: onload after upload image - Ti.Network.createHTTPClient Resolved2016-09-232016-09-26
AC-4502Issue TIMOB 20219 isn't fixedClosed2016-09-232016-11-01
AC-4503Android - Relaunched app stuck at splash screenClosed2016-09-242016-10-06
AC-4504Can't package app Resolved2016-09-252016-09-28
AC-4506iOS: Crashes when calling Ti.Contacts.requestAuthorizationResolved2016-09-252016-09-25
AC-4508Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0'Closed2016-09-262016-09-27
AC-4509Ti.Map error with negative delta values on the regionResolved2016-09-262016-09-27
AC-4510ios packageResolved2016-09-262016-09-27
AC-4511Android: facebook module not working on 5.5.0.GAResolved2016-09-272016-09-27
AC-4512Appcelerator Studio requires repeatedly loginClosed2016-09-272017-07-27
AC-4513on sdk 5.5.0GA , facebook & console no longer workClosed2016-09-272016-09-27
AC-4515missing pageClosed2016-09-282016-10-04
AC-4516Ti.App.iOS.scheduleLocalNotification not working with iOS 10Resolved2016-09-282016-09-29
AC-4517Ios package Resolved2016-09-282016-09-28
AC-4518transport.py not working with sdk 5.4.0Resolved2016-09-282016-09-28
AC-4522Android devices are showing too many console logs and very frequently that I cannot see the output from my code generated using info, warn, debug or error method.Resolved2016-10-022016-10-02
AC-4524the xcode agreement makes the apple emulator doesn´t work Resolved2016-10-032016-10-03
AC-4525ScrollableView showPagingControl not appearing on iOSResolved2016-10-032016-10-03
AC-4526Studio is still generating MobileWeb assets directory and tiapp sectionClosed2016-10-032016-10-04
AC-4527I can't run liveview in mobile(Windows)Closed2016-10-032016-11-28
AC-4530Facebook presentShareDialog doesn't workResolved2016-10-052016-10-06
AC-4534Android not lunching anymore by 24.0.0 rc1Closed2016-10-072016-11-16
AC-4536Ti.App.Properties secure storageResolved2016-10-072016-10-07
AC-4537IOS 10 LOGResolved2016-10-072016-10-07
AC-4539SQLite Database Encryption Module does not work with Android N.Closed2016-10-102016-11-24
AC-4540xcode 8.0Closed2016-10-102016-10-13
AC-4541Android Emulator doesn't render Closed2016-10-102016-11-02
AC-4542Android WebView is not rendered because of memoryClosed2016-10-112016-11-22
AC-4543Ti.Geolocation.reverseGeocoder not respondingResolved2016-10-112016-10-11
AC-4545Code Coverage toolClosed2016-10-122016-10-12
AC-4546App deployed with development settingsClosed2016-10-122016-11-03
AC-4547Data Binding not working for Alloy PickerClosed2016-10-122016-11-07
AC-4549Cannot find app.js when building with xCodeResolved2016-10-122016-10-12
AC-4551AppDesigner doesn't render correctlyClosed2016-10-132016-11-08
AC-4552Ti.Media.VideoPlayer not rendering thumbnail on Android for local fileClosed2016-10-132016-11-15
AC-4554Debugger failed to connectClosed2016-10-142016-10-14
AC-4555Debugger failed to connectClosed2016-10-142016-11-03
AC-4558Can´t compileResolved2016-10-172016-10-18
AC-4559Strange error when starting StudioClosed2016-10-172016-10-28
AC-4561Debugger failed to connectClosed2016-10-172016-11-11
AC-4563Appcelerator upgrade issue when using Beta/Nightly releaseClosed2016-10-172016-10-28
AC-4564Ability to assign class to a view elementResolved2016-10-182016-10-18
AC-4565textArea keyboardType values are not supported correctlyResolved2016-10-182016-10-18
AC-4568Debugger failed to connectClosed2016-10-202016-10-21
AC-4571Create an environment file on the build timeClosed2016-10-212016-10-24
AC-4572Android 5 os not able to login or hitting the webserviceClosed2016-10-212016-10-24
AC-4573Debugger failed to connectClosed2016-10-212016-10-24
AC-4574Removing webviews from parent views crashes appClosed2016-10-212016-10-24
AC-4575Updating softwareClosed2016-10-222016-11-01
AC-4577InitialPlaybackTime of videoPlayer not working on IOSResolved2016-10-242016-10-25
AC-4581Android: Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPositionClosed2016-10-272016-11-11
AC-4585[ERROR] : Failed to install apk on '323007ce34d9109d'Closed2016-10-282016-11-10
AC-4588if i set in tiapp.xml property run-on-main-thread = true my app stucks in splash screen the second time i open it, when run-on-main-thread = false scrollview throws an errorClosed2016-11-012016-11-11
AC-4591Certain iOS10 emojis cause TextArea to reformatResolved2016-11-032016-11-10
AC-4592Ti.Media.createSystemAlert - invalid method (createSystemAlert) passed to MediaModuleResolved2016-11-042016-11-04
AC-4594zIndex and hyperlink Resolved2016-11-042016-11-04
AC-4599Android SDK version Android L (Preview) not found.Closed2016-11-082016-11-21
AC-4601Hyperloop Android - can't access enum valuesClosed2016-11-092016-11-21
AC-4602Android app hangs on restartClosed2016-11-092016-11-21
AC-4604Cannot use android modules in 6.0.0+Resolved2016-11-102016-11-10
AC-4607Appc. Studio takes 3-15 seconds to open/close windows after installing build:
AC-4611App dows no t run on samsung S7Closed2016-11-142016-11-21
AC-4612CloudTest username or password is incorrectClosed2016-11-142017-01-05
AC-4613incompatible Titanium Modules 6.0.0 GAResolved2016-11-152016-11-17
AC-4617Windows: App crash with Hal.dll error Closed2016-11-162016-11-22
AC-4618Performance issuesClosed2016-11-092016-11-23
AC-4622Android: click on text fields in table view rows, end up being focused on a different text fieldClosed2016-11-182016-11-21
AC-4629Hyperloop Android Does not recognize jni lib in .aar packageClosed2016-11-202016-11-21
AC-4630[Android] Not able to complie/build any new/old module with the new SDK 6.0.0.GAClosed2016-11-212016-11-28
AC-4632CLI: Cannot update to 6.0.0.GAClosed2016-11-212016-11-22
AC-4635Android: Ti.Map 3.0.1 crashing on 6.0.0.GAClosed2016-11-212016-11-30
AC-4636This error occurs in any part of the program.Resolved2016-11-222016-11-27
AC-4639Appcelerator support chat not workingClosed2016-11-242016-11-24
AC-4640openURL UTF8 GET parameters problemClosed2016-11-242016-12-01
AC-4644Can't create a .apk for my projectResolved2016-11-272016-11-28
AC-4645my Studio crashedClosed2016-11-282016-11-29
AC-4646Code Coverage tool for unit test cases ?Resolved2016-11-302016-12-01
AC-4647Android: Annotation with Image with transparency below certain size doesn't show up with density specific foldersClosed2016-11-302016-12-01
AC-4651Android: Error creating mobile moduleClosed2016-12-032016-12-07
AC-4655Custom images not working on ti.mapClosed2016-12-062016-12-20
AC-4657ListView Retrieve Selected ItemResolved2016-12-072016-12-19
AC-4658Documentation Typo: "Bahavior" should be "Behavior"Resolved2016-12-072016-12-12
AC-4665Expressions View doesn´t show valuesClosed2016-12-092016-12-21
AC-4670Launch icons being auto generated from default theme instead of current themeClosed2016-12-132016-12-27
AC-4674Android: The Ti.Calendar.Event.id property value seems incorrectClosed2016-12-142016-12-27
AC-4679Xcode 8.2 - Simulator launches and app is not installed with latest appceleratorResolved2016-12-162016-12-17
AC-4682iOS: Recent CLI update crashes LiveViewResolved2016-12-162016-12-21
AC-4685android: torch (add cameraFlashMode constant OR add support for the cameraTorchMode)Resolved2016-12-192016-12-19
AC-4686ListView: support for subitems OR add support for TableView inside ListItem OR add support for ListView inside ListItemResolved2016-12-192016-12-19
AC-4690Android : Error when closing a window in a ScrollableView.Resolved2016-12-222016-12-22
AC-4691Windows: TabGroup createEventListener for "back" or "windows:back" do not workClosed2016-12-222017-01-03
AC-4696Android: Ti.App._restart() breaks a local WebViewClosed2016-12-272016-12-28
AC-4697Studio will not install app on iOS simulatorResolved2016-12-292016-12-29
AC-4699Application not installing in iOS Simulator After Updating to iOS Version "10.2"Resolved2016-12-292016-12-29
AC-4701I want to open the one app i have build from the other app. (just like you open messenger from facebook)Resolved2016-12-302016-12-30
AC-4702Studio always freezes when logging inClosed2017-01-022017-01-03
AC-4703Build fails when using native API call Resolved2017-01-022017-01-03
AC-4704Strange issue when using "const" and conditional codeClosed2017-01-022017-01-10
AC-4705I can't use 'let' keywordResolved2017-01-032017-01-03
AC-4707Failed to run dexerResolved2017-01-032017-01-03
AC-4708Google analytics 3.0.4 Is not working in latest Ti Sdk 6.0.0Resolved2017-01-032017-01-03
AC-4717create objects rest api call fails Closed2017-01-072017-01-11
AC-4720Wanted to set attendee/invitee email while creating calendar eventClosed2017-01-102017-01-18
AC-4724Android ScreenRotation still works when turning it off nativelyResolved2017-01-122017-01-13
AC-4730Installing JDT in AppcStudio
AC-4732Movie Samples App not starting with SDK 6.01Resolved2017-01-152017-01-16
AC-4744cloudpush not calling callback when application is running - forgroundClosed2017-01-192017-02-01
AC-4748Missing database error/warnings console logsResolved2017-01-202018-03-30
AC-4750Find the IP associated to a mac addressResolved2017-01-242017-01-26
AC-4757optionDialog with 100+ options slows to a crawl iOS 10.2+Resolved2017-01-272017-01-27
AC-4758Android: add autoClose to AlertDialog to keep it open after clickingResolved2017-01-282017-01-29
AC-4760Can't connect android devices on facebook Resolved2017-01-292017-01-30
AC-4769Expose Bundle ID and more to Titanium.App namespaceResolved2017-02-022017-02-02
AC-4771appcelerator 6.0.1 and xcode 8 Resolved2017-02-022017-02-03
AC-4774Android : *calendarViewShown* not workingClosed2017-02-032017-02-17
AC-4775Ios xcode missing assets when build add-hoc(images files and strings file)Resolved2017-02-052017-02-12
AC-4776Liveview Server fail to star Aplication in ios simulatorsClosed2017-02-062017-02-13
AC-4778Usage of ttf in module (aar)Closed2017-02-072017-03-02
AC-4780Android native modules build new/update is getting failed SDK 6.0.1.GAResolved2017-02-082017-02-09
AC-4781Animation height 0 doesnt workResolved2017-02-082017-02-22
AC-4782Ti.Blob imageAsCompressed function does not existResolved2017-02-082017-02-08
AC-4783Windows: undefined errorsClosed2017-02-092017-02-20
AC-4784iOS: Build to Device fail due to Ti.UI.RefreshControl usageClosed2017-02-092017-08-23
AC-4785Open/ Read .msg and .eml file in Android and iOS. Resolved2017-02-102017-02-11
AC-4787iOS Button textAlign is wrong way roundResolved2017-02-122017-02-13
AC-4793apm module Not supported in sdk 6.0.0Closed2017-02-162017-02-22
AC-4794Script Error -[__NSCFString containsString:]Resolved2017-02-162017-02-16
AC-4797Requiring Text field crashing in androidClosed2017-02-172017-02-28
AC-4804"click" events on TableViewRow do not fire on TableViewRow with Ti.UI.SwitchClosed2017-02-192017-02-20
AC-4809Windows Phone: App closing on refresh table data with setDataClosed2017-02-212017-03-03
AC-4810Android: view.center not workingClosed2017-02-212017-02-23
AC-4816Native error on Android when I pick image from Downloads using openPhotoGalleryClosed2017-02-222017-02-27
AC-4818Android manifest in tiapp.xml does not transfer completely to AndroidManifest.xml AND using a custom manifest does not workClosed2017-02-222017-03-02
AC-4820ListItem does not bubble Switch ElementClosed2017-02-232017-02-28
AC-4823Failed to verify code signature of [...].framework : [...] (The application does not have a valid signature.)Closed2017-02-242018-06-27
AC-4826Arrow Cloud Email Not WorkingClosed2017-02-252017-03-20
AC-4834Defining var in Alloy.js causes global scopeResolved2017-03-032017-03-03
AC-4839Appcelerator Documentation Site : Titanium SDK - broken link identified within articleResolved2017-03-062017-03-09
AC-4845CRASH org.pinion.TiUITabProxy: Invalid type passed to functionResolved2017-03-072017-03-07
AC-4846Error sending image to CloudClosed2017-03-082017-03-10
AC-4848ACS push notifications breakClosed2017-03-092017-03-16
AC-4856Can't start live chat for support on Indie accountClosed2017-03-152017-03-17
AC-4857Android: Using blob methods like imageAsThumbnail or imageAsResize crashClosed2017-03-162017-03-20
AC-4862Arrow Cloud Email Not WorkingClosed2017-03-202017-03-27
AC-4864Callback not called in requestLocationPermissions on AndroidClosed2017-03-202018-03-06
AC-4865Bluetooth not runs on Samsung S7Resolved2017-03-212017-03-21
AC-4866Attribution with LocalyticsResolved2017-03-212018-03-01
AC-4867Adding A View to a window is crashing Using CommonJSClosed2017-03-212017-03-21
AC-4868Building from CLI for Android device throws 'Failed to package application' errorClosed2017-03-212017-03-27
AC-4869iOS - Ti.UI.TEXT_AUTOCAPITALIZATION_WORDS is not workingResolved2017-03-212017-03-23
AC-4871androidback event will always bubbleClosed2017-03-222017-03-23
AC-4873Debug expressions does not show valueClosed2017-03-232017-03-30
AC-4874Source not foundClosed2017-03-242017-03-27
AC-4876Class not found: Ti.UI.iOS.BlurView when deploy to deviceResolved2017-03-252017-03-26
AC-4882Support the SKStoreReviewController API coming in iOS 10.3Resolved2017-03-272017-03-28
AC-4883Update Ti.Box to API 3 so it can be used with current version of SDKClosed2017-03-272017-03-30
AC-4885Android Exception when running app on deviceClosed2017-03-282017-03-31
AC-4886Modify podfile target during build to match project nameResolved2017-03-292017-03-30
AC-4888Android is crashing with no acceptable logClosed2017-03-292017-04-04
AC-4889iOS: Can't create modal transparent WindowClosed2017-03-312017-04-04
AC-4890Hyperloop: Unable to integrate Swift source code for Hyperloop projectClosed2017-04-012017-04-06
AC-4898Android back button closes appResolved2017-04-072017-04-07
AC-4907Slow Speed / Performance IssuesResolved2017-04-172017-04-17
AC-4908TableView crash = JNI ERROR (app bug): weak global reference table overflow (max=51200)Closed2017-04-172017-04-28
AC-4910Studio update broke the modules panelClosed2017-04-172017-04-20
AC-4912how to read ti.app.properties? Closed2017-04-182017-04-21
AC-4920[error] : error fetching build verification appceleratorClosed2017-04-202017-05-02
AC-4922Unable to publish Classic project to App StoreClosed2017-04-212017-04-23
AC-4928Android : View elevation resets on setting backgroundColorClosed2017-04-272017-04-28
AC-4929Android 4.0.4 crashes on launch with Ti SDK 6.0.0.GA and higherClosed2017-04-272017-05-01
AC-4937Android: openPhotoGallery doesn't work for SDK 6.0.0 when selecting file from "downloads"Closed2017-05-022017-05-05
AC-4938Support "maxLength" property for TextField inside AlertDialog Resolved2017-05-032018-08-14
AC-4942While performing fund transfer, from account money is not deductedClosed2017-05-042017-05-04
AC-4954'postlayout' event not fired when property "run-on-main-thread" is set to trueResolved2017-05-092017-05-10
AC-4955Webview Google OAuth IssueResolved2017-05-092017-05-10
AC-4961TiFileProxy: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /storage/emulated/0/com.example.sample/sample.txt: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)Closed2017-05-122017-05-17
AC-4963Getting 401 Error on default endpoints created by API Builder Closed2017-05-122017-05-15
AC-4965View dissapaears after loading views in scrollableView and setting currentPageClosed2017-05-152017-05-16
AC-4967Selecting a photo (Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery) on Google Pixel (API 25) crashes immediatelyClosed2017-05-172017-05-18
AC-4969open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)Closed2017-05-182017-05-29
AC-4972Error: Assigning to rvalue after installing Hyperloop ModuleClosed2017-05-192017-05-22
AC-4974Missing Release NotesClosed2017-05-192017-05-20
AC-4976TIMOB-24277 has layout bugResolved2017-05-222017-05-22
AC-4982CLI: --p-uuid param on appc run is not respectedResolved2017-05-232017-05-25
AC-4989Can't build under WindowsClosed2017-05-232017-05-31
AC-4991LiveView causes error with ES6 codeResolved2017-05-232017-05-24
AC-4993Bad compatibility with Android applicationClosed2017-05-242017-06-29
AC-4996Setting touchEnabled=false when catching singletap event is preventing click eventClosed2017-05-262017-06-02
AC-4997setUserAgent on webview on iOS does not workResolved2017-05-272017-05-28
AC-4999Android: WebView unable to Load jQuery from the project resource directoryClosed2017-05-282017-06-02
AC-5001Cant compile ti-mocha on 6.1.0.GAClosed2017-05-302017-08-01
AC-5005Failed to encrypt JavaScript FilesClosed2017-05-302017-06-05
AC-5010Android: Center property cannot be set outside of createView methodClosed2017-06-022017-06-07
AC-5011Android: Label with minimumFontSize set, fontSize increases when text too long.Closed2017-06-062017-06-22
AC-5014Android: Date Picker Non FunctionalClosed2017-06-072017-06-26
AC-5015SMTP Settings are not valid. Resolved2017-06-072017-06-08
AC-5018iOS 10.3 has introduced the ability to change the app icon from the appResolved2017-06-112017-06-12
AC-5019Android: URL-scheme issueClosed2017-06-122017-06-23
AC-5020Unable to find any Xcode installationsClosed2017-06-132017-06-16
AC-5021PayPal overlay not showing full screen in AndroidClosed2017-06-132017-06-26
AC-5025 textAlign: Ti.UI.TEXT_ALIGNMENT_RIGHT not workingClosed2017-06-142017-07-31
AC-5026Windows: No emulators found for Windows 10 Closed2017-06-142017-08-01
AC-5027Appcelerator classic application and IOS 11 64 bit supportResolved2017-06-152017-06-15
AC-5029Android compilation fails with Developer certificate not foundClosed2017-06-152018-01-29
AC-5030Dialog box click not triggeredResolved2017-06-152017-06-16
AC-5033Titanium.UI.iOS.SplitWindow doesn't handle the "visible" eventClosed2017-06-162017-06-23
AC-5034Third party framework throwing build error.Closed2017-06-162017-07-03
AC-5035Appcelerator hangs on "Loading Studio"Closed2017-06-172018-12-04
AC-5036Android: Change in behaviour for the on-screen nav buttons displayedClosed2017-06-192017-07-05
AC-5037http 301 redirect (http > https) does not work (still) in AndroidClosed2017-06-192017-06-23
AC-5040Building an Appcelerator app takes ages... optimize javascript fileResolved2017-06-202017-06-20
AC-5043Android: TabGroup tabsBackgroundColor property has stopped workingClosed2017-06-202017-07-04
AC-5044Android fullscreen theme and sdk 6.1.0 seems to be broke on android 6.0Closed2017-06-202017-07-03
AC-5047Android Custom fontsClosed2017-06-212017-06-27
AC-5049iOS: continueactivity event not being fired when user taps Core Spotlight search item Closed2017-06-212017-07-03
AC-5050Xcode 8.3.3. and ios 10.3.1 not building applicationResolved2017-06-222017-06-22
AC-5052Failed to build for android sdk 6.1.0GAClosed2017-06-232017-07-07
AC-5055Can't profile app in Instruments - cannot acquire necessary permissionsClosed2017-06-232017-07-19
AC-5057Error building Android module, upgrade for V8 supportClosed2017-06-262017-07-12
AC-5058Android: Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition may crashClosed2017-06-282017-08-01
AC-5059Sample code for uploading document to google drive(classic appcelerator)Closed2017-06-282017-06-28
AC-5068No documentation on iOS Hyperloop Delegate methods, or iOS Delegate methods broken. "Hyperloop.defineClass must return a class definition into a variable"Closed2017-07-042017-07-11
AC-5072Android: WebView with remote content scrolls extremely slowlyClosed2017-07-052017-08-01
AC-5073TextField Autocapitalization doesn't workClosed2017-07-072017-07-11
AC-5074Login into Appcelerator StudioClosed2017-07-102017-07-24
AC-5075Android native module build script doesn't correctly generate R.java for included librariesClosed2017-07-102017-08-18
AC-5077Ti 6.x cannot install full nodejs moduleClosed2017-07-112017-10-14
AC-5079Unable to package the application to iOS Adhoc/Entertprise with Ti SDK 3.5.1 GAResolved2017-07-122017-07-13
AC-5081iOS: 6.1.1 GA / removeEventListener under addEventListener without error?Closed2017-07-122017-07-19
AC-5082Ti.Filesystem.File.getDirectoryListing() and Titanium.Network.HTTPClient.getResponseHeader( name ) return unexpected values in different platformsClosed2017-07-132017-08-18
AC-5083Liveview: Alloy.Globals undefined in 2nd runClosed2017-07-142017-08-08
AC-5086Android 6.0 : open failed: EACCES (Permission denied) , Even storagePermission is true on emulatorClosed2017-07-142017-07-20
AC-5095Titanium iOS app crashes after taking several photos using cameraClosed2017-07-182017-08-29
AC-5100Android: Ti.TouchID not workingResolved2017-07-202017-09-19
AC-5101ACS can't get token from Firebase in prod environmentClosed2017-07-202017-08-09
AC-5104Studio freezing on launch, before login.Closed2017-07-242017-07-31
AC-5105Unable to add Embedded Binaries to Appcelerator XCode projectClosed2017-07-252017-07-31
AC-5106Titanium.UI.ListView is not scrolling smoothClosed2017-07-262017-07-31
AC-5108Intermittent crashes on android. Seems related to okhttpClosed2017-07-262017-10-17
AC-5109[Hyperloop] Problem calling listenUsingRfcommWithServiceRecord from Bluetooth AdapterClosed2017-07-272017-09-26
AC-5110Appcelerator CLI Publish errorClosed2017-07-282017-08-18
AC-5113Unable to build using 'ti build' command using RC SDK 6.1.2Closed2017-07-282017-07-28
AC-5114Studio: Android emulator build fails when emulator name has spaces/underscores in itClosed2017-07-282017-08-08
AC-5116Cant upload apk to play store beta group - Critical!!! need to upload a new version ASAPClosed2017-07-302017-11-12
AC-5118WebView does not set html property on AndroidResolved2017-07-312017-08-03
AC-5121Ti.CloudPush push notification callback does not work after close windowClosed2017-08-012017-08-09
AC-5122APK Upload fails !!Resolved2017-08-022017-08-08
AC-5124Ti.WKWebView failed ajaxClosed2017-08-032019-06-28
AC-5127Issue with context since SDK6Closed2017-08-062017-08-30
AC-5129Previous issue "TIMOB-24834 Duplicate resource error with multiple app_name definitions" NOT FIXEDResolved2017-08-072017-08-11
AC-5130Multiple issues appearing Android OResolved2017-08-082017-08-08
AC-5131iOS Simulator and Test Flight Closed2017-08-082017-10-13
AC-5134WIndows: Hyperloop not working after plain installClosed2017-08-092017-11-02
AC-5136Ti.UI.ScrollView is not showing inside Listview templateClosed2017-08-112017-08-13
AC-5142Cannot Build for Android using SDK 5.X after installing 6.1.2.GA on Studio
AC-5143Titanium.App.uncaughtException does not get fired even when forcing JS errorsClosed2017-08-162019-04-16
AC-5144Link to KitchenSink on GitHub is brokenResolved2017-08-162017-08-16
AC-5146Set view width to blank sizeClosed2017-08-172017-10-15
AC-5148TiUIWindowProxy does not get released in Alloy iOS instrumentsClosed2017-08-172017-11-23
AC-5150Disparity in Modules.TouchId documentation and example codeResolved2017-08-182017-09-07
AC-5157Not able to login in marketPlace appceleratorClosed2017-08-262017-11-05
AC-5161Memory leak in Hello World applicationClosed2017-08-282017-10-17
AC-5162Appcelerator Studio does not update SVN statusClosed2017-08-292017-12-19
AC-5163Debugger hangs when waiting for application to launch. Does not respond to app launch.Closed2017-08-292017-11-08
AC-5165Java files being treated like text filesClosed2017-08-312017-11-08
AC-5166Only 1 Organization for my usernameClosed2017-08-312017-09-21
AC-5167multiple organizationsClosed2017-08-312017-10-17
AC-51746.2.0.RC webview Ti.UI.SIZE incorrect when run-on-main-thread is trueClosed2017-09-052017-11-29
AC-5177 take a picture using camera or get a file from gallery and save in GDriveClosed2017-09-072017-10-29
AC-5183Appcelerator hangs on "Loading Studio"Closed2017-09-112017-09-12
AC-5185Abnormal Process Termination exit value 1Closed2017-09-112017-10-17
AC-5186Device registration, not on Push Device listResolved2017-09-112017-12-09
AC-5187"android" executable not found; please reinstall android sdkClosed2017-09-132018-11-16
AC-5190Android Build to Simulator never completesClosed2017-09-142017-11-11
AC-5191Problem opening stream with url /images/ic_more_horiz_whiteClosed2017-09-142017-09-14
AC-5193I want to share notes on facebook with my applicationClosed2017-09-142017-11-19
AC-5198baseUrl not working: Android Marshmallow and Oreo Closed2017-09-152019-02-24
AC-5199Permissions in Andoid OClosed2017-09-152017-10-18
AC-5210Internal Error at marketplace.appcelerator.comClosed2017-09-182017-09-21
AC-5211Appcelerator CLI dump console logging after starting app androidClosed2017-09-182017-10-15
AC-5212FileNotFoundException for Resources/images when building with SDK 6.2.0.GA for AndroidResolved2017-09-192017-09-19
AC-5213appcelerator.https - Invalid certificate accepted if valid certificate was accepted before only for iOSResolved2017-09-202017-09-20
AC-5215Error with controllers with sdk 6.2.x on iOSClosed2017-09-202017-11-02
AC-5216Ti.Android.requestPermissions callback not firing when first requesting permissionsClosed2017-09-202018-07-18
AC-52186.2.0.GA tabGroup.setActiveTab error "A view can only be associated with at most one view controller at a time" Closed2017-09-212017-10-30
AC-5219iPhone X detectionResolved2017-09-212017-09-21
AC-5220Layout bug with old apps on iPhone XResolved2017-09-212017-09-21
AC-5224TiTouchID module: -34018 error when trying to save keyResolved2017-09-222017-09-22
AC-5226Android: DrawerLayout colorPrimary does not work when theme is apcomat.noTitleBarResolved2017-09-222017-11-11
AC-5228Cannot build app for Android after updateClosed2017-09-222017-10-14
AC-5230Android hyperloop unable to get current activity Closed2017-09-242017-11-29
AC-5234iOS 11: Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery is broken and causes app to crashClosed2017-09-262018-08-14
AC-5237Android: [ti.geofence] UnsopportedOperationExceptionClosed2017-09-262017-10-21
AC-5241createIntent using file:// leads to FileUriExposedExceptionClosed2017-09-272017-10-05
AC-5248Arrow Setting Email Smtp are not validClosed2017-10-022017-10-31
AC-5257Android: Setting width/height of listView to SIZE stopped workingClosed2017-10-042017-11-30
AC-5260Error renewing Apple Push Notification Certificate through Appcelerator DashboardResolved2017-10-052020-05-29
AC-5261Installing Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.1.0.GA does not install LiveView hookClosed2017-10-062017-10-31
AC-5265Calling Titanium.Media.showCamera crashes the deviceResolved2017-10-092017-10-10
AC-5268Disregard issue fixed....iOS: App Crashes A view can only be associated with at most one view controller at a time! View Resolved2017-10-112017-10-12
AC-5270Cant compile [ERROR] socket hang upClosed2017-10-122017-10-25
AC-5271Tableview Scroll event and UI broken with IOS11 latest SDKResolved2017-10-122017-10-31
AC-5278Certificate has expired ?Closed2017-10-142017-11-03
AC-5279Android Error: Could not open stream to get bitmapClosed2017-10-142017-10-26
AC-5281Listview Laggy if load high resolution imageClosed2017-10-162017-10-28
AC-5283Hyperloop compilationClosed2017-10-162017-11-26
AC-5286App crashes when executing evalJS in a webview to change its contents (Ti SDK 6 and Android 4.1.1 only)Resolved2017-10-162017-12-18
AC-5287Ti.Map: iOS crash when hiding/showing notifications after selecting annotationResolved2017-10-172017-10-17
AC-5290Android - TableView & ListView height can't be Ti.UI.SIZE, always Ti.UI.FILL instead.Closed2017-10-172017-11-02
AC-5294Appcelerator Cannot detect Android Devices, Closed2017-10-202017-10-26
AC-5297SD-Card InterfaceResolved2017-10-202017-11-30
AC-5298Android: CalledFromWrongThreadException when accessing the action barClosed2017-10-202017-11-07
AC-5301TableView and Window.extendEdges issueResolved2017-10-232017-10-24
AC-5302Windows: No CMAKE_C_COMPILER could be found.Closed2017-10-232017-11-11
AC-5303Can't compile with Hyperloop 2.2.0 - EACCES errorResolved2017-10-232017-10-24
AC-5304Stuck on configuring screen after entering login screenClosed2017-10-232017-11-04
AC-5305Appcelerator Studio freezes on launchClosed2017-10-232017-11-07
AC-5308Error sdk 6.2.2.GAClosed2017-10-252017-10-28
AC-5309Android: Ti.Media.AudioPlayer/AudioRecorderClosed2017-10-252017-10-25
AC-5311Ti SDK 6.2.0.GA is crashing Android on openingClosed2017-10-262017-10-28
AC-5313Ti.Locale.setLanguage("en") does not select iso country code regions eg en-US, en-GB - Defaults to en. Closed2017-10-272017-11-19
AC-5320iOS - functions declared in alloy.js are not globally visibleClosed2017-10-292017-11-07
AC-5323iOS: toImage doesn't returns a valid Ti.BlobResolved2017-10-302017-10-30
AC-5324Invalid "--pp-uuid" value "c75fd452-e580-4577-b77f-3917915c2586"Resolved2017-10-302017-10-30
AC-5326[iOS - Critical] Set slider's value doesn't work with run-on-main-thread set to falseResolved2017-10-302017-10-30
AC-5328IOS 11 Status bar contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior, affecting positioning of scrollViews with top=0Resolved2017-10-302017-11-01
AC-5329iPhone 6+ Crash when opening up cameraResolved2017-10-312018-02-18
AC-5331in-app rating UI added in iOS 10.3Resolved2017-10-312017-10-31
AC-5339Boolean eval different between simulator and iPadResolved2017-11-022017-11-03
AC-5340iOS Titanium.Media.VideoPlayer setUrl not working on SDK 6.xResolved2017-11-022017-11-08
AC-5345Android: When Main Window closed by exitOnClose=true, if try to relaunch,`AssetManager is null`error is shown.Resolved2017-11-032017-11-09
AC-5346Cant compile iOS versionResolved2017-11-052017-11-06
AC-5347Setting enable-launch-screen-storyboard to false break the design on iPhone XResolved2017-11-052017-11-06
AC-5348Developer Certificate Not Found. Please logout using `appc logout -D` and then re-login again.Closed2017-11-062019-03-02
AC-5351Load external libraries and SDK with appcelerator hyperloopResolved2017-11-072017-11-30
AC-5353iOS - Listview / ListSection : Scroll to top when set new itemsClosed2017-11-072017-11-14
AC-5357Android stuck on splash screenClosed2017-11-082017-11-08
AC-5360Swift framework Resolved2017-11-082019-05-28
AC-5361iOS 11 textfield has a key icon gray bar over the keyboardResolved2017-11-092017-11-10
AC-5364Hyperloop - iOS - Couldn't find module iosdfulibrary from PodResolved2017-11-112017-11-12
AC-5367Alloy ThemesClosed2017-11-132017-11-29
AC-5369Build failed when using analytics podResolved2017-11-142017-11-15
AC-5370Android SDK were not found in specified locationClosed2017-11-152017-11-19
AC-5373TEXT AREA VIEWClosed2017-11-152017-11-28
AC-5379Can't change picker font on Android (PickerRow.setFont undefined)Closed2017-11-162017-11-22
AC-5380scrollTo for scrollView doesn't workResolved2017-11-162017-11-16
AC-5385iOS: Appcrash when taking pictures and change orientation modeResolved2017-11-172017-11-20
AC-5387[Android SDK Home] No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK locationClosed2017-11-182017-11-22
AC-5389iOS - TitleControl not centeredClosed2017-11-202017-11-26
AC-5390Map module: support Annotations with numbers or letters on itResolved2017-11-202017-11-20
AC-5395Android CLI 6.3.0 causes variables in HTTPClient to be undefinedClosed2017-11-212017-11-30
AC-5396Android : App crashes with SDK 6.3.0.GAClosed2017-11-212017-11-21
AC-5398Android: Application crashes on Titanium SDK 6.3.0.GAClosed2017-11-212017-11-21
AC-5400Bug with showDatePickerDialogResolved2017-11-222017-12-06
AC-5404When using modules with SDK 6.3.0GA getting UnsatisfiedLinkError for nativeBootstrapResolved2017-11-242017-12-09
AC-5406Android: width and height properties don't work for side views of Ti.UI.Android.DrawerLayoutClosed2017-11-242017-11-28
AC-5407Label on iOS ellipsized when changing fontResolved2017-11-242017-11-25
AC-5409Windows CLI: Unable to create new project "create" is an unrecognized command.Resolved2017-11-252017-12-11
AC-5410IllegalArgumentException on APN_SETTINGS (Android API 24 and up)Resolved2017-11-272017-12-08
AC-5413Ti.UI.Android.createDrawerLayout there is no way to set the color of the title on AppBar via themeResolved2017-11-282018-01-12
AC-5414Android: can't display drawer menu over ActionBar correctly (title color gets overwritten)Resolved2017-11-292017-12-27
AC-5417Mobileweb never launches correctlyResolved2017-12-012017-12-09
AC-5418Alloys Data Binding with formFactor propertyResolved2017-12-012017-12-13
AC-5422Duplicate file in Android .jar/.aar causing build failureResolved2017-12-052017-12-09
AC-5423Titanium.UI.MobileWeb not availableResolved2017-12-052018-10-23
AC-5425With 2 Xcode versions installed, a dialog for EULA pops up for wrong versionResolved2017-12-062017-12-07
AC-5426Make Axway Studio STAND ALONE URGENTLYResolved2017-12-062017-12-07
AC-5427Freezing Studio after update to Java 8 update 151Resolved2017-12-062017-12-07
AC-5431Android: Enable Multi-Dex support for Android 4.X.XClosed2017-12-082018-01-24
AC-5432iPad OptionDialog does not give focus back to the window on cancelResolved2017-12-082017-12-09
AC-5434Android module auto upgrade of manifest causes module to fail loading and app to crashResolved2017-12-102017-12-11
AC-5440Cannot login - URGENTResolved2017-12-112017-12-13
AC-5442No XCODE found after updateClosed2017-12-112017-12-11
AC-5446Studio cannot detect Xcode after Instal Atom and Appcelerator Plug-inResolved2017-12-122017-12-29
AC-5447Failed to build android native module with TI SDK 7.0.0.GAResolved2017-12-122017-12-14
AC-5448Ti.UI.iOS.setStatusBarBackgroundColor takes only color name as parameterResolved2017-12-122017-12-15
AC-5449Slider not working within ListView - IOSResolved2017-12-122017-12-19
AC-5450Trouble updating Studio to v5 and SDK 7Resolved2017-12-132017-12-19
AC-5451Android Builds failing for 5.5.1.G.A. with Studio 5.0Resolved2017-12-132017-12-18
AC-5453Titanium 7.0 Android module rebuilding issueResolved2017-12-142017-12-14
AC-5454Android: openPhotoGallery is not working on SDK 6.3.0.GAClosed2017-12-142018-06-01
AC-5455Android Local Notification restartResolved2017-12-152017-12-15
AC-5456iOS: Support FLAC files in audio playerResolved2017-12-152017-12-19
AC-5458new 5.0 studio can't recognize the iOS SDKResolved2017-12-152017-12-20
AC-5459I can not build my project after updateResolved2017-12-162018-01-06
AC-5463What is the Eclipse version that Appcelerator studio 4.10 and up is using?Resolved2017-12-192017-12-24
AC-5467Android : TextField center-alignment causing keyboard flickering by showing different keyboard layoutResolved2017-12-222018-03-18
AC-5471Android DrawerLayout getCenterView method is not workingResolved2017-12-252017-12-30
AC-5472imageAsCompressed is not workingResolved2017-12-252018-01-03
AC-5473 unable to download files/document in WebView from page that remote web site URLClosed2017-12-262017-12-28
AC-5475Appcelerator Studio is crashing when deleting multiple lines of textResolved2017-12-272018-02-27
AC-5477Querying remotely loaded database fails with disk i/o error in 7.0.0, works in 6.3.0Resolved2017-12-282018-03-18
AC-5479Appcelerator UI locked up after installing JDK 1.8.152Resolved2017-12-282017-12-31
AC-5481[Android] Titanium Database disk I/O error on the latest SDK (7.0.1GA)Closed2018-01-012018-03-27
AC-5483KEYPRESSED does not work on Android DevicesResolved2018-01-022018-01-08
AC-5484Fail to sent ios notification.Resolved2018-01-032018-02-05
AC-5485Fail to sent ios notification.Resolved2018-01-032018-01-03
AC-5487When upgrading from version 5.5.1 GA to 6.3 GA module TI.coludpush is not availableResolved2018-01-032018-02-04
AC-5488[iOS] Label's new line ignored when set programmaticaly Resolved2018-01-032018-01-03
AC-5489AppceleratorStudio can't be launched on Mac OS X 10.13.2Closed2018-01-042018-01-04
AC-5490Ti.media empty object on iOS SDK 7.0.xResolved2018-01-042018-01-08
AC-5492Making backwards-compatible Titanium 7.0.0.GA moduleResolved2018-01-052018-01-08
AC-5493iOS build fails on with missing arm64 architectureResolved2018-01-052018-01-08
AC-5497Arrow Builder - New Project (blank) on NodeJS 8.1.0 throws error when runResolved2018-01-072018-01-29
AC-5498Social FrameworkResolved2018-01-082018-01-09
AC-5499Need the details of the Android and iOS SDK used in APM Module.Resolved2018-01-092018-01-09
AC-5501Add it.imagefactory module to the modules documentationResolved2018-01-092018-01-09
AC-5505Is it possible to run Appcelerator Studio(version in High Sierra Mac OSResolved2018-01-102018-01-14
AC-5507Titanium.Network.HTTPClient issue in windows 10 AppResolved2018-01-102018-01-20
AC-55097.0.1.GA ios simulator change orientation landscape crashResolved2018-01-112018-02-12
AC-5515Cant create push notification client? Must have arrow cloud registration?Resolved2018-01-142018-01-20
AC-5518canot register to push notification - androidResolved2018-01-152018-02-14
AC-5519trying to debug, getting the following Invalid '--device-id'Closed2018-01-152018-01-18
AC-5521Arrow Cloud Project cannot startResolved2018-01-162018-02-13
AC-5523iPad app built with 7.0.1 crashes immediately on older iPadsResolved2018-01-162018-01-21
AC-5524Hyperloop NSData questionResolved2018-01-162018-01-17
AC-5532Open app via URL on AndroidResolved2018-01-182018-02-15
AC-5534iOS Document Viewer does not open PDF files (iOS 11.2)Resolved2018-01-192018-01-19
AC-5535Support for horizontal list in ListViewResolved2018-01-212018-05-18
AC-5536Appcelerator Studio crash when a code block is closedResolved2018-01-222018-01-23
AC-5540Appcelerator Studio doesn't update list of Provisioning ProfilesResolved2018-01-232018-02-05
AC-5541iOS native sharing of text and filesResolved2018-01-232018-01-24
AC-5542ISO_LATIN_1 instead of CHARSET_ISO_LATIN_1Resolved2018-01-232018-01-24
AC-5548iOS: leftNavButton on window renders after native controlResolved2018-01-252018-02-09
AC-5550iOS: rightNavButton blinks on navigationResolved2018-01-262018-02-06
AC-5553Android: TextField do not fire touch eventsClosed2018-01-262018-02-08
AC-5554App project with 7.0.1 SDK, iOS build fail using ti.admobResolved2018-01-282018-01-28
AC-5560Android: Ti.identity failure to encrypt the data with the generated key.Resolved2018-01-302018-03-22
AC-5561Android: Picker change Event Listener doesn't fire at the first timeResolved2018-01-312018-01-31
AC-5562Module ConflictResolved2018-02-012018-02-01
AC-5565Ti.UI.SIZE not working in Scroll View on Andorid Closed2018-02-022018-05-08
AC-5566Android TextField Padding Not WorkingResolved2018-02-032018-02-05
AC-5570TextFeild in Scrollview / View not working as expected in some of Andorid versionsResolved2018-02-062018-03-16
AC-5574Ti.GA issueResolved2018-02-062018-02-07
AC-5576https://marketplace.axway.com/home login errorResolved2018-02-062018-02-06
AC-5579HKHealthStore requestAuthorizationToShareTypes is not a functionResolved2018-02-072018-02-07
AC-5583iOS: Slow Option Dialog with big array of optionsResolved2018-02-082018-02-08
AC-5586Studio Android losing device connectionResolved2018-02-092018-05-08
AC-5588iOS: Videoplayer's native control is not working properlyResolved2018-02-092018-02-09
AC-5589Unable to customize Ti.Media.requestCameraPermissions modal message textResolved2018-02-102018-02-10
AC-5590Map clustering for Android Resolved2018-02-112018-02-14
AC-5592Android: Videoplayer restart the video if the app is put to background.Resolved2018-02-122018-03-13
AC-5594ios tab navigation window stack swipe left on root buggy behaviourResolved2018-02-122018-02-12
AC-5596Android: Filesystem StoragePermissionResolved2018-02-132018-02-13
AC-5597Android: With SDK 7.0.2.GA, Build shows error in "[ERROR] Failed to run dexer:"Resolved2018-02-132018-02-24
AC-5598Breakpoints in Alloy are ignored completelyResolved2018-02-142018-02-17
AC-5600open app via url on AndroidResolved2018-02-152018-03-14
AC-5601Appcelerator studio crashing on cut (ctrl+X)Closed2018-02-162018-02-16
AC-5604Alloy Project won't run simulator - invalid Device ID....Resolved2018-02-192018-02-19
AC-5607First Install with new diskResolved2018-02-202018-03-18
AC-5609Android: All events in Ti.Calendar.Calendar.getEventsBetweenDates have the same idClosed2018-02-212018-02-22
AC-5612iOS: Attribute does not work ATTRIBUTE_STRIKETHROUGH_STYLEResolved2018-02-222018-02-23
AC-5614Ti.Gesture has 3 orientationClosed2018-02-222018-02-23
AC-5615StoreKit - cancelled event called when user doesn't have a credit card and goes to add it.Resolved2018-02-222018-03-31
AC-5618Add Accessibility featuresResolved2018-02-232018-05-24
AC-5619Can't deploy to iOS SimulatorResolved2018-02-232018-02-28
AC-5622ios simulator crashes when playing a sound from local filesystemResolved2018-02-252018-03-06
AC-5623I can not build project with SDK 7.0.2 GAResolved2018-02-262018-02-26
AC-5624Facing issues in locating the UI element in testing tool(Appium) for Appcelerator application.Resolved2018-02-262018-03-27
AC-5625Jenkins: Add permission to users to see changes in new SDK build on jenkinsResolved2018-02-262018-05-19
AC-5626Click on CardView crashesResolved2018-02-272018-03-03
AC-5627Error when Microsoft review the applicationClosed2018-02-272018-04-02
AC-5628No Android devices found after closing Android StudioResolved2018-02-272018-04-09
AC-5630Android: Autorotate parameter causes crashResolved2018-02-282018-11-15
AC-5631Android: Timezone is ignoredResolved2018-02-282018-06-19
AC-5633Android Accessibility issue with ListItemsResolved2018-02-282018-03-10
AC-5634iOS: ti. 7.0.3.v20180226072443 onClick tableview not workingResolved2018-03-012018-04-18
AC-5636iOS AudioPlayer setTime is not available but it's very usefulResolved2018-03-012018-03-06
AC-5638Detect iPhone X with AppceleratorResolved2018-03-022018-03-05
AC-5640Failed to export archive to ipaResolved2018-03-052018-03-05
AC-5641button doesn't respond properly if we continuously tap on the buttonResolved2018-03-052018-03-05
AC-5642BlurView not working on Titanium SDK 7.0.2 and 7.1.0 RCResolved2018-03-052018-03-05
AC-5643Button event doesn't respond if we click continuouslyClosed2018-03-062018-03-07
AC-5651Can build app with Studio but CLI failsResolved2018-03-092018-03-20
AC-5656Missing App Store Icon - iOS Apps must include a 1024x1024px App Store Icon in PNG formatResolved2018-03-142018-03-14
AC-5657attributedHintText (TextArea) does not work on IOS DevicesResolved2018-03-142018-03-14
AC-5658Sometimes AlertDialog events doesn´t worksResolved2018-03-142018-03-14
AC-5660Android: Annotation.image can't be changed if annotation added to mapView.Resolved2018-03-142018-04-11
AC-5661java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: android.support.v7.app.AppCompatViewInflaterResolved2018-03-152018-11-28
AC-5664iOS: SearchBar inside ListView barColor and backgroundColor not workingResolved2018-03-182018-03-19
AC-5667Why is Mobile Web deprecated?Resolved2018-03-202018-05-05
AC-5673Android: Nested ScrollViews are not working for Titanium SDK 6.3+Resolved2018-03-242018-03-31
AC-5674airprint modules problemResolved2018-03-242018-03-31
AC-5675Android Intent Service Crashing on Samsung Note 3 DeviceClosed2018-03-262018-04-03
AC-5678Android: Receive NotificationResolved2018-03-262018-03-31
AC-5683Android: Getting crash report from googleResolved2018-03-292020-03-16
AC-5684Cannot reference Wallet from Google Play Services Resolved2018-03-292020-10-22
AC-5685Missing database exception logs (iOS)Resolved2018-03-292018-03-30
AC-5687autofillType IOS BugResolved2018-03-302018-03-31
AC-5688Need support for Java 1.8 in Studio/CLI: method references are not supported in -source 1.7Resolved2018-04-032019-03-20
AC-5689TableView rows getting blank after some timeResolved2018-04-032018-05-23
AC-5690Apps forced to run in strict modeResolved2018-04-032018-04-05
AC-5691iOS: Ti.App.fireEvent not work on sdk 7.0.2Resolved2018-04-042018-04-04
AC-5694AAR android library usage for modules.Resolved2018-04-042018-04-05
AC-5696ListView does not scroll smooth on Android and iOSResolved2018-04-082018-04-08
AC-5698Ti is recognized in external js file for new IOS 11.3Resolved2018-04-102018-04-11
AC-5702Hyperloop + iOS + Intercom IssueResolved2018-04-122018-04-12
AC-5705NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription is required when include FB SDK moduleResolved2018-04-172018-04-17
AC-5708Cloud.Emails.send not sending emailsResolved2018-04-202018-05-19
AC-5710iOS: text being ellipsized early when going from normal weight to boldResolved2018-04-202018-04-21
AC-5714Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery crash on iOS 11.3Resolved2018-04-262018-04-26
AC-5716Cloud.Chats.create with custom_fieldResolved2018-04-272018-05-20
AC-5719Datepicker shows one day behind for only some dates in March monthResolved2018-04-302018-05-14
AC-5721Can't appc login from Russia. Ip is in black list.Resolved2018-05-022018-05-18
AC-5722How to go back from current screen using codeClosed2018-04-242018-05-02
AC-5726Ti.XML.DOMImplementation.createDocument undefined objectResolved2018-05-052018-05-06
AC-5735Android: TextField in ListView loses value on scroll (question)Resolved2018-05-142018-05-14
AC-5738iOS openPhotoGallery method gives incorrect image when allowEditing is set to trueResolved2018-05-162018-05-16
AC-5740openPhotoGallery - in some devices the returned image stream nativepath is empty (question)Resolved2018-05-172018-05-18
AC-5743Android: Use sharedElement transition with listview itemResolved2018-05-202018-06-25
AC-5744iOS: Requesting permissions to open gallery will not allow gallery to open.Resolved2018-05-202018-05-21
AC-5746Ti Studio launches Android Device Monitor on startup and relaunches if Monitor is killedResolved2018-05-222018-05-23
AC-5749Appcelerator Studio freezes after installing on brand new MacBook ProResolved2018-05-232018-05-26
AC-5750AppceleratorStudio on Mac OS terminatesResolved2018-05-252018-06-13
AC-5751Android SDK Home : No Android SDK foundResolved2018-05-252018-05-27
AC-5753Android: Ti.Platform.username parityResolved2018-05-292018-05-29
AC-5755Appcelerator ArrowDBResolved2018-05-312018-06-02
AC-5756Error login facebook on iOSResolved2018-06-032019-02-12
AC-5757ti.imagefactory no more supported?Closed2018-06-032018-06-05
AC-5758unique numeric idResolved2018-06-042018-06-25
AC-5761ArrowDB ACS_file relation does not workResolved2018-06-062018-06-30
AC-5762Push notifications not delivered/delivered lateResolved2018-06-062018-07-24
AC-5764Android: Ti.Gesture orientationchange event keeps on firingResolved2018-06-072018-06-12
AC-5765Titanium SDK 5.3.0.GA failed to build on iOS devicesResolved2018-06-072018-06-12
AC-5770Ti.App.fireEvent not working in 11.3 and 11.4 in iosResolved2018-06-152018-06-15
AC-5771Hyperloop iOS - NSThread callStackSymbols not returning array and data not usableResolved2018-06-182018-06-18
AC-5772Hyperloop iOS - Setting Array value to required Class setting stringResolved2018-06-182018-06-18
AC-5774Not able to update Appcelerator CLIResolved2018-06-192018-06-28
AC-5775After upgrading to 7.2.0.GA It gives me Titanium module errorResolved2018-06-202018-06-21
AC-5776[Android SDK Home] No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK locationResolved2018-06-212018-11-08
AC-5779iOS: Assets folder is not loading in Xcode buildResolved2018-06-252018-07-07
AC-5781Invalid --device-id value E52EBCF2-D9AB-40AC-ACC2-60D5EB131A8CResolved2018-06-272018-06-27
AC-5783Android: Cannot click to focus on TextField and TextAreaResolved2018-06-272018-06-30
AC-5787Android: DrawerLayout RTL Support in android 8Resolved2018-06-282018-09-16
AC-5789[Mac] Android: ERROR: Unknown option '--no-version-vectors'Closed2018-07-022018-07-03
AC-5791[Docs] Set rowSeparatorInsets as deprecated APIResolved2018-07-042018-07-04
AC-5792Unable to set property 'sdkInfo' of undefined or null reference","https://appc-studio.appcelerator.com/",198Resolved2018-07-062018-07-15
AC-5794In appcelerator studio "Android Executable : not found"Closed2018-07-072018-07-12
AC-5795ArrowDB - Cloud.Users.query not returning "photo"-fieldClosed2018-07-102018-08-10
AC-5797ArrowDB File object s3_acl privateResolved2018-07-112018-11-28
AC-5798Android: Native crashes (tgkill) originating from /lib/arm64/libkroll-v8.soResolved2018-07-112018-09-07
AC-5803android application not working Resolved2018-07-132018-10-10
AC-5805Appcelerator Dashboard Email configuration tab not workingClosed2018-07-142018-08-10
AC-5807Fail to push notification from Appcelerator web Portal Resolved2018-07-152018-08-03
AC-5808Cannot remove .p12 from Push settingsResolved2018-07-162018-07-17
AC-5810Android: Click event not triggering for alert dialog for SDK 7+ when tapping outside the dialogResolved2018-07-242018-07-25
AC-5813Can't compile hyperloop PHPhotoLibrary moduleResolved2018-07-262018-07-26
AC-5816Appcelerator Studio Hangs on First Time BootResolved2018-07-302018-07-31
AC-5819Cannot change launchMode for Android in tiapp.xmlResolved2018-07-312018-08-02
AC-5820ti.nfc TagViewer example not working on AndroidResolved2018-08-012018-08-27
AC-5821ListView Template not working correctly on AndroidResolved2018-08-022018-08-13
AC-5824Setting up new MacBook with node 8.0.0 installed...Studio doesn't startClosed2018-08-042018-08-11
AC-5826tutorial - not runResolved2018-08-072018-08-07
AC-5827New proj. - not workResolved2018-08-072018-08-07
AC-5836When the app is set on run on main thread for IOS it stops and restars without any errors appearing.Resolved2018-08-142018-08-23
AC-5837Android: Window activityExitAnimation is IgnoredResolved2018-08-142018-08-14
AC-5839How can i download appcelerator.httpsClosed2018-08-152018-08-16
AC-5841Android App Not working properly after android update Oreo 8Resolved2018-08-162018-08-22
AC-5842Query custom objects field with $text and $searchResolved2018-08-172018-11-28
AC-5843Android SDK API 27 IssueResolved2018-08-172018-08-19
AC-5847Failed to install appcd@1.1.3Closed2018-08-182018-08-20
AC-5853iOS: App freezes on splash screen in adhoc build. Closed2018-08-212018-11-16
AC-5855cannot clean a project if SDK is less than 7.3.0.GA where 7.3.0.GA is selectedClosed2018-08-222018-08-22
AC-5856Android: Cannot get date spinner to show upResolved2018-08-222018-08-29
AC-5858Cloud Get Friends: limit value stays default 10Closed2018-08-232018-08-24
AC-5864Android App Not working properly on New versions of AndroidResolved2018-08-272018-09-06
AC-5865Better support for right-to-left layoutsResolved2018-08-292018-10-24
AC-5866Cannot log into the AMPLIFY Appcelerator ServicesResolved2018-08-292018-08-31
AC-5868Build Error with GIT projectsResolved2018-08-302018-11-29
AC-5869Create a property that allows searchbar/searchview filtered ListView to return the number of records being displayedResolved2018-08-302018-10-24
AC-5873Android: Camera and PhotoGallery rotate the selected media ImageResolved2018-09-032019-03-11
AC-5875Ti.Network.registerForPushNotifications does not call callbacks on iOS 11Resolved2018-09-042018-09-05
AC-5876Crashing issue with iOS builds created using Xcode version 9.2 and 9.3Resolved2018-09-052018-10-20
AC-5877Unable to compile Ti-SDK with scons.jsClosed2018-09-052018-12-10
AC-5884Alloy: Autocomplete doesn't work with CardView TSSResolved2018-09-102018-11-28
AC-5886Found blacklisted directory in the Resources directoryClosed2018-09-142018-10-12
AC-5887Solution for Ti.Locale.setLanguage change not working in oreo 8.0Resolved2018-09-142019-01-14
AC-5888Xcode 10 - TI SDK 7.4.0 use-jscore-framework Build Fails With ModulesResolved2018-09-142018-09-18
AC-5890Android: Camera activity crashes app on some devicesResolved2018-09-162018-11-28
AC-5894iOS 12 App CrashResolved2018-09-182018-09-18
AC-5898Push notifications callback no longer invoked when a remote notification is receivedResolved2018-09-192018-09-20
AC-5900cannot compile with 7.4.0GA and xcode 10.0Resolved2018-09-192018-09-19
AC-5901Local Notification with Sound will crash an app when eventListener triggeredResolved2018-09-192018-09-20
AC-5920iOS: Ti.Media.setAudioSessionCategory has no effect for videos in webviewResolved2018-09-202018-12-03
AC-5923Ti.WKWebView doesn't work "localStorage"Resolved2018-09-202018-11-28
AC-5926Button title is underlined on real device an not in iOS simulator Resolved2018-09-212018-11-28
AC-5927[ERROR] Unknown module verification error. Please contact Appcelerator Support at support@appcelerator.comResolved2018-09-212018-11-05
AC-5936cannot start Studio on iMac after installing Mojave - VERY URGENTResolved2018-09-262018-09-28
AC-5937Appcelerator Studio freezes while "updating tiapp metadata with Appcelerator Platform..."Resolved2018-09-262018-11-29
AC-5939Fatal error: Unable to write "tiapp.xml" file (Error code: EACCES) Resolved2018-09-262018-11-28
AC-5940Windows: buttons created for Windows will exhibit strange behavior when hover cursor over themResolved2018-09-262018-12-03
AC-5941Launching iOS Device always shows 57%Resolved2018-09-262018-11-28
AC-5942Docs link does not get opened in Safari browserResolved2018-09-272018-09-28
AC-5946TIMOB-26109 same erorResolved2018-09-272018-09-28
AC-5950Hyperloop: Android PhoneStateListener apiName returns nullResolved2018-10-012018-12-03
AC-5951Appcelerator studioResolved2018-10-022018-10-15
AC-5953Integrating a Siri Extension does no longer workResolved2018-10-032018-12-12
AC-5954cannot select a device in run modusResolved2018-10-042018-10-14
AC-5955Changes to the .js file in app>conroller folder not getting reflectedResolved2018-10-042018-10-14
AC-5956how to add several Searchable items to SiriResolved2018-10-052018-12-01
AC-5958Notification not working with new SDK 7.4.0Closed2018-10-092018-10-18
AC-5959iOS 12: App doesn't launchResolved2018-10-092018-10-15
AC-5961Ti.Identity.Keychain read error in AndroidResolved2018-10-102019-01-09
AC-5962Sometime screen not show sdk 7.4.0GA Closed2018-10-102018-12-05
AC-5965Android build fails - No resource found that matches the given name (at 'textAppearance' with value '@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat.Notification')Resolved2018-10-112018-12-12
AC-5967Could not find modules: Plugins/Utils for architecture: x86_64Resolved2018-10-122018-12-01
AC-5968Titanium 7.4.0 bug: showCamera fails with NO_CAMERA error on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8)Resolved2018-10-112018-12-12
AC-5969Startup crash under iOS 12 on iPhone 6Resolved2018-10-122018-10-18
AC-5970Are there any modulkes to access Apple HealthkitResolved2018-10-152018-12-01
AC-5973Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its viewsResolved2018-10-152018-12-10
AC-5978TIMOB-26433 (same problem)Closed2018-10-162018-11-29
AC-5979iOS 12 - TabGroup.activeTab.openWindow opens window blankResolved2018-10-172018-12-02
AC-5980x86 support removed in Ti SDK 7.4.0Resolved2018-10-172018-11-12
AC-5985Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip fileResolved2018-10-212018-12-12
AC-5986XCode10: Enterprise AdHoc build broken (CLI 7.0.6+SDK 7.4.1)Resolved2018-10-222018-11-07
AC-5988Accessibility: properties localizationResolved2018-10-232018-10-23
AC-5989erroe accesing healthkitClosed2018-10-232018-10-30
AC-5990Android device is not showing in the device listClosed2018-10-242018-12-09
AC-59917.5.0 Titanium SDK - Android 8.0 - No virtual method getMobileId()Closed2018-10-262018-12-05
AC-5992Invalid symbol 'default' when building AndroidResolved2018-10-262018-10-29
AC-59937.4.1 Ti.App.iOS.scheduleLocalNotification crash appClosed2018-10-272018-11-17
AC-5994App crashes on iOS - EXC_BAD_ACCESSResolved2018-10-292018-12-17
AC-5995Documentation linking bugResolved2018-10-292019-08-22
AC-5996App Studio not finding GenyMotion Virtual DevicesResolved2018-10-292018-10-30
AC-5997Android activity.onCreateOptionsMenu itemMenu does not support addEventListenerResolved2018-10-302019-01-08
AC-5998Listview, for label with attributed string, sometimes the text not renderedResolved2018-10-302019-01-29
AC-5999Shortcut 7.5.0.RCResolved2018-10-302019-01-02
AC-6000iOS 12 Crash with SDK 7.4.1 & Studio 5.0.0Resolved2018-10-312019-01-04
AC-6001Connection refused when reaching http://download.appcelerator.comResolved2018-10-312018-11-29
AC-6002Appclerator studio not updating to 5.1Resolved2018-11-012018-11-29
AC-6003Android/iOS : decodeURIComponent() method not workingClosed2018-11-012018-12-10
AC-6004RefreshControl IssueClosed2018-11-012018-12-26
AC-6005iOS App CrashResolved2018-11-022020-09-18
AC-6008error while writing data to Apple HealthKitClosed2018-11-052019-01-16
AC-6010Example code in docs without proper stylingResolved2018-11-052018-11-09
AC-6012requestAD failure in AlloyResolved2018-11-072018-11-29
AC-6013iOS: Local notification not triggered when NOT setting repeatResolved2018-11-072018-11-17
AC-6014Ti.UI.TabGroup tabs visual glitch on iOS 12.1 when closing a window opened with Ti.UI.TabGroup.activeTab.open()Resolved2018-11-072018-11-08
AC-6015iOS: Local Notification not triggering "notification" listener when app in foreground but triggering "registerForPushNotifications" callbackResolved2018-11-082018-11-17
AC-6016Issue with ApplicationContext by usage of 3-party library (leica) Resolved2018-11-082018-11-08
AC-6017Crash on Nightly Version when Using WebView [iOS only]Closed2018-11-082018-12-13
AC-6019iOS: Crash in TableView on iPad and iOS12Resolved2018-11-132018-11-21
AC-6020Appcelerator Studio not recognizing JDKResolved2018-11-132018-12-12
AC-6023When you try to open a URL that does not exist you get the following error:Resolved2018-11-152018-12-10
AC-6026Error when create web view IOS using SDK 7.5.0.GAResolved2018-11-192018-11-22
AC-6027Android P 9.0 commonjs module errorResolved2018-11-202018-12-02
AC-6029Splash Screen Dimensions XS and XRClosed2018-11-212018-11-22
AC-6031Mobile Web option hidden in Mac version of Appcelerator Studio 5.1.1Resolved2018-11-222018-11-24
AC-6034Android Debugging in Appcelerator StudioClosed2018-11-262019-03-01
AC-6036iOS: image placed in the applicationDataDirectory is removed if used as an attachment in a scheduleLocalNotificationClosed2018-11-272018-11-28
AC-6038iOS: Ti.WKWebView cannot load local files or imagesResolved2018-11-282019-02-14
AC-6041iOS:Hyperloop examples no longer buildsResolved2018-11-292019-01-08
AC-6042Unable to build project in Android after updating MacOS Mojave(10.14) & Re-Install fresh Appcelerator StudioResolved2018-11-302018-12-10
AC-6043 ** ARCHIVE FAILED **Closed2018-12-022018-12-03
AC-6044Ti.Identity or Module.Identity - Cannot use Passcode or Pattern for AndroidClosed2018-12-032020-03-18
AC-6045Issue with the web listened in relationship with the Web View.Resolved2018-12-032018-12-17
AC-6048Internal error while sending push notifications to ios via Mobile Backend ServicesResolved2018-12-042018-12-10
AC-6050Alloy does not apply theme defined in config.jsonResolved2018-12-052019-01-02
AC-6051App will not load on Android after creating a foreground service, swiping app closed, and then attempting to reopen appResolved2018-12-062019-03-12
AC-6052After CLI 7.0.8.GA update, build sets theme=null in CFG.js, causing app to have no theme styles appliedClosed2018-12-072018-12-10
AC-6054IOS app localization is not workingClosed2018-12-082018-12-10
AC-6055Android Socket IO Error on some devicesResolved2018-12-102019-05-13
AC-6056Ti.Module verify crash upon install thru AppceleratorResolved2018-12-112018-12-20
AC-6057Label doesn't align vertically if property minimumFontSize is usedResolved2018-12-122018-12-22
AC-6059TiAPI: Android/iOS "ApplicationShortcuts" parityResolved2018-12-132019-01-17
AC-6063App crashes when defaultImage is not validResolved2018-12-142019-01-17
AC-6064Android AlertDialog with AndroidView improperly sizes.Resolved2018-12-142018-12-26
AC-6066ti.admob [ERROR] : Failed to receive ad: Request Error: A network error occurred.Resolved2018-12-142018-12-17
AC-6071Add Property to disable copy and Paste on TextField and TextArea.Resolved2018-12-172018-12-19
AC-6072ti.admob Android 2.4.0 Error: Verifier rejected class com.google.android.gms.internal.zzivResolved2018-12-182018-12-26
AC-6074File unsafe Delete Check - AndroidResolved2018-12-192018-12-30
AC-6075"Error fetching build verification" When build for production Resolved2018-12-202018-12-26
AC-6077liferay beaconsResolved2018-12-212019-01-02
AC-6078Can't send/receive push notification iOSClosed2018-12-242019-01-03
AC-6079CLI build setting the Alloy theme to NULLClosed2018-12-242019-01-09
AC-6080iOS: TiBlob proxies not being garbage collected from TiUIImageViewClosed2018-12-252019-01-23
AC-6082iOS ti.admob needs updatingResolved2018-12-282019-01-09
AC-6083iOS Uploading files causes extremely high ram usageResolved2018-12-282019-01-17
AC-6084App crashes on iOS - EXC_CRASH(SIGKILL)Resolved2018-12-312019-01-02
AC-6085Cannot hide bottom border in Window bar when using Large TitlesClosed2018-12-312019-01-04
AC-6086LiveView not working in CLIResolved2019-01-022019-02-07
AC-6087Audio not working when device is mutedResolved2019-01-032019-01-29
AC-6088Android Ti.Geolocation.locationServicesEnabledResolved2019-01-032019-01-15
AC-6092Studio freezes when running appResolved2019-01-032019-01-22
AC-6093Webview zoom controlResolved2019-01-042019-01-22
AC-6100[Android] Webview not working properly on rendering the youtube.Resolved2019-01-112019-01-30
AC-6102Login through twitterResolved2019-01-132019-01-15
AC-6103App Celerator studio gets error loading certificates and XCode not found.Resolved2019-01-152019-02-01
AC-6104Hyperloop does not work with Xcode 10.1 and titanium SDK 7.5.0.GAClosed2019-01-152019-01-15
AC-6105Cannot use Swift framework with umbrella public headerClosed2019-01-152019-01-15
AC-6106Building module with Android SDK using KotlinResolved2019-01-152019-02-01
AC-6107[Docs] Add iPad Pro splash screensResolved2019-01-152019-06-25
AC-6108Calling close() with a Ti.UI.Animation will run before $.destroy() causing binding events to fire on close.Resolved2019-01-152019-01-29
AC-6109Backbutton ActionBar doesn't work sometimesResolved2019-01-162019-04-08
AC-6110Breakpoints are ignored in Appcelerator Studio 5.5.1.x in Debug modeResolved2019-01-182019-01-29
AC-6111onActivityResult method for KrollModuleClosed2019-01-212019-01-24
AC-6115Android App Freezing and stuck app screenResolved2019-01-232019-02-20
AC-6116Android: ScaleX/ScaleY with borderRadius leads to strange resultsResolved2019-01-272019-03-01
AC-6117Android Audio Media Player Stops from Android Doze ModeResolved2019-01-302019-03-14
AC-6118Android Audio Player Metadata Resolved2019-01-302019-02-23
AC-6120Wrong window closedResolved2019-01-312019-02-08
AC-6121TableView with parameter "Ti.UI.SIZE" is rendered incorrectlyResolved2019-01-312019-02-08
AC-6123Unable to Save SMTP Email settingsResolved2019-02-022019-02-05
AC-6125Documentation deprecations are ahead of release.Resolved2019-02-042019-02-07
AC-6127Support Android GCM/FCMResolved2019-02-062019-02-07
AC-6128Android - REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS doesn't workResolved2019-02-062019-02-23
AC-6131Android web view issue: Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'worker-src'.Closed2019-02-082019-05-04
AC-6132Unable to package app with hyperloop module for distributionClosed2019-02-082019-02-17
AC-6133Application failed to install Android 9Resolved2019-02-092019-03-01
AC-6134Notification Bug on SDK 8.0.0Resolved2019-02-092019-02-20
AC-6137App rejected for using Apple Music APIResolved2019-02-132019-03-21
AC-6138HTTP Request PerformanceResolved2019-02-142019-03-01
AC-6142style property of notification crashes the appResolved2019-02-192019-02-26
AC-6143iOS Facebook module support for log out Closed2019-02-192019-04-11
AC-6144SDK 7.5.0 breaks support for external javascript librariesResolved2019-02-202019-03-06
AC-6146Tab GroupResolved2019-02-202019-03-01
AC-6147Android module .jar error "Ignoring InnerClasses attribute"Closed2019-02-252019-03-12
AC-6149ArrowDB (MBS) /events/query does not include Check-Ins or PostsResolved2019-02-252019-05-08
AC-6151[Android] Run on main thread = true not firing Destroy and Stop EventsResolved2019-02-262019-02-27
AC-6153project not building after 7.5.1.GA updateResolved2019-03-012019-03-01
AC-6154[Docs] Add Titanium.Network.HTTPClient default timeout valueResolved2019-03-052019-03-27
AC-6157showDatePickerDialog function of Picker don't work on iOSClosed2019-03-062019-03-06
AC-6163Ti.WKWebView is not loading .CSS filesResolved2019-03-112019-03-19
AC-6164Titanium.Geolocation.reverseGeocoder is taking longer time / not responding with coordinate addressResolved2019-03-112019-03-21
AC-6166Push Notification Api failingClosed2019-03-112019-03-13
AC-6167iOS New Relic module not able to post crash reportResolved2019-03-112019-05-01
AC-6168Is it possible to add rules to a proguard.pro file during buildtime?Resolved2019-03-122019-04-09
AC-6169.so libs from .aar third part libraries not copied when compiling moduleResolved2019-03-132019-03-19
AC-6170ti.admob Android error: Failed resolution of: Lcom/google/android/gms/ads/AdSizeClosed2019-03-142019-07-29
AC-6177Hyperloop Android: Problems importing a 3rd party libraryResolved2019-03-202019-05-11
AC-6178iOS background fetch is not working. Resolved2019-03-232019-05-11
AC-6181$.destroy undefined exception on Collection callbackResolved2019-03-252019-04-23
AC-6183Delay showing alert in item click eventResolved2019-03-282019-04-22
AC-6184Documentation for density specific images on android has wrong pathResolved2019-03-282019-05-01
AC-6185Can't run background services w/ foreground notification on AndroidResolved2019-03-292019-05-08
AC-6186Android do not compile, error on imageResolved2019-03-302019-05-11
AC-6187Empty screen after a long time of inactivityResolved2019-03-312019-09-13
AC-6192SDK 8.0.0 Android - ActionBar.hide() shows anyway TabsClosed2019-04-022019-04-03
AC-6196Cannot build with SDK 8.0.0 CLI 5.1.2 OSX 10.14 xcode project damagedClosed2019-04-042019-04-20
AC-6197Titanium.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition is giving errorResolved2019-04-042019-04-22
AC-6198Titanium.UI.OptionDialog is missing blur eventResolved2019-04-042019-05-01
AC-6199Unable to Install and use 3rd-Party libraries (pods) in Appcelerator modulesResolved2019-04-052019-05-01
AC-6200Facebook : iOS Deferred app links error : fetchDeferredAppLinkResolved2019-04-052019-04-22
AC-6202Android: TiActivitySupport support startResolutionForResultClosed2019-04-072021-02-02
AC-6203No Android SDKs were found under the specified SDK location - Windows 10Resolved2019-04-092019-05-01
AC-6206iOS Unable to use the third party pod in Appcelerator projectResolved2019-04-112019-07-11
AC-6207EncryptedDB slow inserts on AndroidResolved2019-04-112019-04-30
AC-6208iOS: onItemclick ListView event not triggering with buttonsResolved2019-04-122019-05-01
AC-6209ArrowDB events show or query occurrences gives 500 errorResolved2019-04-142019-04-22
AC-6210ti.cloudpush - Device token is nullResolved2019-04-152019-04-22
AC-6211At titanium-firebase-analytics (Android 3.0.0) i have found the following bug:Resolved2019-04-162019-04-22
AC-6214Some Appcelerator documentation links are brokenResolved2019-04-172019-04-22
AC-6215Application built using 8.0.0.GA don't run on Android 7.0 (API 24) and 7.1(API 25)Resolved2019-04-182019-05-01
AC-6216Android: Issue after a long time of inactivityClosed2019-04-192019-04-19
AC-6219Runtime not finding function referenced within ViewClosed2019-04-192020-02-19
AC-6220iOS: 'masterIsOverlayed' covering up Detail View LeftNavButtonsClosed2019-04-192019-06-26
AC-6221Local Html based web view not working on sdk 8Resolved2019-04-192019-05-11
AC-6222Address in use retryingResolved2019-04-222019-05-01
AC-6224Crashed: com.apple.main-threadResolved2019-04-242019-05-11
AC-6225Titanium.Media.showCamera. will crash my appResolved2019-04-252019-07-16
AC-6226Usage of annotation @UiThread in android moduleResolved2019-04-262019-06-14
AC-6227iOS: Ti.Identity - FaceID crashes 100% of the timeResolved2019-04-262019-04-30
AC-6228Mac InstabilityResolved2019-04-262019-06-10
AC-6229Android: Webview support MediaPlaybackRequiresUserGestureResolved2019-04-262019-05-16
AC-6230Android: how to integrate aol sdk in appceleratorResolved2019-04-272019-07-24
AC-6231Encrypted Database Module - Unable to use encrypted database after ATTACH Database operationResolved2019-04-282019-05-06
AC-6232Regression - Webview deviceHeight reports incorrect numberResolved2019-04-292019-08-19
AC-6235Android: Notification not showing in some devicesClosed2019-05-022019-05-02
AC-6236Couldn't find module: lib/format for architecture: arm64Resolved2019-05-022019-07-17
AC-6237[ERROR] Cannot read property 'buildError' of undefinedResolved2019-05-022019-05-06
AC-6240Android: Setting "appc-sourcecode-encryption-policy" to "remote" crashes on startup with titanium sdk 7.5.2.GA and 8.0.0.GAClosed2019-05-032019-06-26
AC-6242Android: App crashes whenever receive PushNotification while app is exited.Closed2019-05-072019-06-20
AC-6243Trying to crash the app like in native codeClosed2019-05-072019-05-08
AC-6245iOS: Firebase Cloud Messaging Token Fetching Error (embedded.mobileprovision couldn't be opened)Resolved2019-05-092019-06-10
AC-6246iOS schedule local notification doesn't make the default sound or phone vibrationResolved2019-05-092019-07-17
AC-6248App crashing on iPads with os 12.xResolved2019-05-102019-06-10
AC-6249Autofillservice hide UIResolved2019-05-102019-06-10
AC-6250autofillType as String[] ?Resolved2019-05-122019-07-17
AC-6252Unable to package application after integrating the module contains frameworkResolved2019-05-132019-08-23
AC-6253Use of Associated Domains crashes app on iOS with SDK 8.0.0+Resolved2019-05-132019-07-24
AC-6255ArrowDB query coordinates with or conditionClosed2019-05-142019-08-18
AC-6256iOS: TiWebView (WKWebView) The application has crashed with an uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException'Resolved2019-05-142019-09-11
AC-6257com.appcelerator.aca module module not loadingClosed2019-05-142019-05-29
AC-6258Android:Error inflating class fragmentResolved2019-05-152019-07-17
AC-6259Axway Appcelerator Studio update failsClosed2019-05-162019-06-29
AC-6260no ios support since new installationClosed2019-05-172019-05-18
AC-6262Firebase Crashlytics not displaying the uncaught exceptions Closed2019-05-212019-06-26
AC-6263Provisioning ProfileClosed2019-05-222019-06-18
AC-6266Some assets JS file are missing in final build (.iPA)Resolved2019-05-242019-08-23
AC-6267'no module named tools' error in iOS module compilation (build.py)Resolved2019-05-242019-07-11
AC-6268Continues minimize and maximize app is crashing with Ti SDK 8.0 & 8.0.1Closed2019-05-282019-06-18
AC-6270Cannot detect iPhone XR device, but works on simulatorClosed2019-05-292019-06-06
AC-6271ADB ErrorClosed2019-05-302019-06-04
AC-6273Applying borderRadius to a view creates a sort of buffer between it and its childResolved2019-05-312019-06-18
AC-6274Changing user on MacOS blocks compilationResolved2019-06-022019-07-11
AC-6275Android problemClosed2019-06-032019-06-04
AC-6276iOS: Problem with new version appCeleratorClosed2019-06-032019-06-04
AC-6281Universal links not working on Ti 8.0.x - crashes if app in background or is closedClosed2019-06-052019-06-13
AC-6284!MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: 'Update iOS info'Closed2019-06-112019-06-11
AC-6285Very heavy app!Closed2019-06-112019-06-18
AC-6286Silent push-notification regressionResolved2019-06-112019-09-17
AC-6290Documentation: Ti.Media is not accessibleClosed2019-06-182019-06-18
AC-6291iOS: Cors issue in WKWebView (sdk 8.0.1)Open2019-06-192020-03-19
AC-6297Please check the following bug i have found in SDK 8.1.0.v20190619134801Resolved2019-06-282019-07-02
AC-6299App crashing on android after 8.0.1.GA ( 1st time only)Resolved2019-07-012019-11-04
AC-6300Random issue "W/MediaPlayer-JNI: MediaPlayer finalized without being released" crashes AppResolved2019-07-012019-08-21
AC-6304Snapshotter.takeSnapshot get errorOpen2019-07-082019-11-05
AC-6306Build not running on IOS DeviceResolved2019-07-092019-08-19
AC-6309Can't build Windows App (TypeError: Cannot read property 'cyan' of undefined)Closed2019-07-152019-07-18
AC-6313Ti.urlSession outdatedOpen2019-07-192019-11-14
AC-6315Titanium using wrong javac & dx max memoryResolved2019-07-202019-11-03
AC-6318Input Filter for TextfieldsClosed2019-07-232019-12-30
AC-6320Appstore downloaded app doesn't load while develop one worksResolved2019-07-232019-11-05
AC-6321iOS WebView won't read files from applicationDataDirectoryClosed2019-07-252019-12-27
AC-6325Build logs have lots of "_Nullable" textResolved2019-07-302019-09-11
AC-6326Xcode 11 Beta 5 not finding SDKClosed2019-07-312019-12-30
AC-6327On Ipad - WebView with URL set to a local HTML doesn't load on IOS13Resolved2019-07-312019-11-05
AC-6328Cannot set required false to uses-feature in SDK 8Resolved2019-08-012019-08-23
AC-6329hyperloop (iOS): unable to use swift frameworkOpen2019-08-012019-12-30
AC-6332ti.playservices 16.1.3 and later versions are not compatible with ti.admob and i get the following:Resolved2019-08-052019-08-25
AC-6333Alloy- iOS removeClass does not affect to viewShadow* propertiesResolved2019-08-082019-10-25
AC-6334App executable in backupClosed2019-08-132019-08-13
AC-6336Android app crashes on startup when compiling after upgrade to MacOS MojaveClosed2019-08-142019-08-16
AC-6337Cannot run apps in simulator after updating to Studio 5.1.3 / CLI 7.1.0 using iOS 12.4Closed2019-08-152019-08-16
AC-6338App crashing on android after 8.0.1.GA ( 1st time only) and random error messages in consoleResolved2019-08-192019-11-04
AC-6339Localization Format bugIn Progress2019-08-202019-12-25
AC-6342Issue saving to clipboardResolved2019-08-222019-09-26
AC-6344Hyperloop + Cocoapods crashes appClosed2019-08-232019-09-02
AC-6345Running osascript sim_focus.scpt hangs for 7-8 minutes when running iOS Alloy app in emulatorClosed2019-08-242019-12-20
AC-6347Hyperloop 3rd party libraries conflict on AndroidClosed2019-08-252019-12-30
AC-6348Memory allocation problem while reading consecutive filesOpen2019-08-262019-11-04
AC-6352Android app restarts after being opened using URL-schemeClosed2019-09-032019-09-08
AC-6353WebView does not handle websites that redirect to url-scheme with SDK 8Open2019-09-042019-11-04
AC-6354titanium sdk 8.1.1.GA crashing ios with uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException' errorResolved2019-09-042019-10-19
AC-6357Error: This release is not compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirementClosed2019-09-052019-12-12
AC-6361Alloy compiler failed when using CLI 7.1.1Resolved2019-09-092019-10-19
AC-6362LiveView breaks i18n string translations when reloads the appOpen2019-09-092019-10-08
AC-6364TI SDK 8.1.1 - sourcemap false in the config.json is causing an error during the compilationClosed2019-09-112019-12-27
AC-6365Android camera image rotated 90 degreesResolved2019-09-122019-11-02
AC-6366Titanium.Network.addEventListener ignores Mobile Data on Android DevicesResolved2019-09-122019-11-04
AC-6368Build failing on Processing JavaScript filesClosed2019-09-142019-09-15
AC-6369iOS: Ti.Geolocation.requestLocationPermissions doesn't fire given callback on 8.1.0+Closed2019-09-172020-01-14
AC-6371Android DrawerLayout parameters/object not accessible within eventListener "change"Resolved2019-09-192019-10-29
AC-6372Cannot create a Swift native module --SolvedClosed2019-09-192019-09-22
AC-6376xcode 11 sdk 8.2.0 impossible to build to distribuite Closed2019-09-222019-10-11
AC-6379TabGroup Activity not firing onStart callbackResolved2019-09-242019-11-05
AC-6381App crashes when trying to set statusBarBackgroundColor on iOSClosed2019-09-262019-12-02
AC-6383Unable to build - fatal error: error in backend: Unexpected end of fileClosed2019-09-272019-09-28
AC-6385iOS - Taking a picture breaks new "Bottom Sheet" modal styleResolved2019-09-302019-10-07
AC-6386Support for 64 bit in android application Open2019-09-302019-12-27
AC-6387CompileC errorClosed2019-10-012019-11-20
AC-6388iOS: WKWebView bizarre behaviourOpen2019-10-012019-10-01
AC-6390Simulator is not available after app buildClosed2019-10-022019-12-30
AC-6391Atom Package: winreglib error when installing package 1.9.1Closed2019-10-022021-07-01
AC-6393Debugger Issue on the latest Titanium SDK 8Open2019-10-042019-12-23
AC-6396iOS: JavascriptCore app crashOpen2019-10-082021-08-07
AC-6399App Crashes when requesting locationClosed2019-10-082020-03-06
AC-6402IOS Geolocation module stops receiving location updates after a whileClosed2019-10-102019-12-23
AC-6403Ti.Geolocation.hasLocationPermissions() is undefinedClosed2019-10-112019-10-21
AC-6404iOS 13 crashes sporadicallyClosed2019-10-112019-10-13
AC-6406iOS 13: registerForPushNotifications callback are not firedOpen2019-10-142019-11-13
AC-6410ArrowDB intermittent 500 errorsClosed2019-10-192019-12-26
AC-6411Target _blank links open new activity on AndroidOpen2019-10-222019-12-24
AC-6412can't build with 8.2.0.GAClosed2019-10-222019-10-23
AC-6413ListView no results event is called twiceClosed2019-10-232019-12-27
AC-6414setTimeout functions shows deprecated warningClosed2019-10-242019-12-21
AC-6417Problems Installing Studio from scratchClosed2019-10-252019-12-27
AC-6418Connected device not appearing in iOS Device ListClosed2019-10-252019-11-20
AC-6421iOS: transpilation produces incorrect output to deviceOpen2019-10-282019-11-05
AC-6422iOs Version error - SOLVEDClosed2019-10-302019-12-25
AC-6423After Catalina , ios-version errorResolved2019-10-302019-11-02
AC-6424Setting TextField - hintTextColor in app.tss crashes appOpen2019-10-302019-11-06
AC-6427EncryptedDB - Android - Fetching from db very slow.Closed2019-11-062019-12-21
AC-6428iOS13: DocumentViewer not workingOpen2019-11-092019-11-12
AC-6431ti.admob should support the new ads formats: Native Ads and the new Rewarded AdsReopened2019-11-122020-08-31
AC-6432Localization Infra Setup in Windows AppOpen2019-11-142019-12-20
AC-6433Android SDK not detectedClosed2019-11-142019-11-20
AC-6434Strange behaviour of iOS home indicator when changing orientations - 8.2.0.GAClosed2019-11-152019-12-30
AC-6435Hyperloop object Casting not working on AndroidOpen2019-11-152020-01-21
AC-6436Please check the following bug:Closed2019-11-182019-12-26
AC-6437iOS: TabGroup close causing (delayed) crash. iOS 13Closed2019-11-182019-12-30
AC-6438ti.map not working with ti.playservcies v16.1.5Closed2019-11-182019-12-23
AC-6440Hyperloop breaks iPhone 5 buildsOpen2019-11-202019-12-25
AC-6445Android SDK version Android 9 not found when Packaging for the Android Play StoreClosed2019-11-212019-11-21
AC-6446Android SDK version Android 9 not found when Packaging for the Android Play StoreOpen2019-11-212020-07-20
AC-6448Ti.UDP is not updated for Ti SDK 7/8 (iOS and Android)Closed2019-11-232019-11-29
AC-6449Improve web admin interface - Push notificationsClosed2019-11-262019-12-23
AC-6451Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople() returns undefinedClosed2019-12-012019-12-27
AC-6452Alloy custom $model.__transform mapping is brokenOpen2019-12-032019-12-03
AC-6453Compilation broken with "app.js not found" errorOpen2019-12-062019-12-20
AC-6454Memory leak using camera on iOSOpen2019-12-062020-01-04
AC-6458create alert dialog popup not showing multiple timesClosed2019-12-122019-12-23
AC-6459java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No super method internalSetPadding(IIII)VOpen2019-12-202020-02-08
AC-6460Android is crashing when trying to delete a file in applicationDataDirClosed2019-12-202020-09-11
AC-6462Android: Add rotate event to Ti.UI.ViewOpen2019-12-292019-12-29
AC-6463Rotating iPhone resizes text in WebView if there is an <a> tagOpen2019-12-302020-01-01
AC-6464Ti.Media.hasCameraPermissions() is not a function on 8.3.0.GAOpen2019-12-312020-11-26
AC-6465Hyperloop - HealthKit requestAuthorizationToShareTypes is not a functionOpen2020-01-012020-01-29
AC-6466Duration of TiMediaAudioPlayerClosed2020-01-062020-01-07
AC-6467[Android] WebView didn't load PayPal siteOpen2020-01-092020-02-28
AC-6468Application instance launched when intent filters are usedOpen2020-01-092020-01-28
AC-6469iOS: Build fails with Titanium SDK 8.3.0.GAClosed2020-01-102020-01-27
AC-6470URGENT! Titanium module build fail. The "path" argument must be of type string.Closed2020-01-132020-01-13
AC-6471Unable to create distribution build with Indie planClosed2020-01-162020-01-16
AC-6472Sqlite reading value got converted number to exponential form automatically in Android Open2020-01-212020-01-29
AC-6473canOpenURL no longer workingOpen2020-01-212020-02-11
AC-6474iOS building is broken with XCode 11 with app not opening in simulatorOpen2020-01-232020-01-28
AC-6475A blue question mark shows up when trying to show a photo (HTML)Closed2020-01-242020-01-24
AC-6476 Error occurred after upgrading from titanium sdk 8.2.0.GA to 8.3.1.GAOpen2020-01-272020-02-13
AC-6477I am trying to build with xcode 11 and sdk 8.3.1.GA and I am getting this message - [ERROR] Invalid "--distribution-name" valueOpen2020-01-282020-01-31
AC-6478rootActivity.finish issue (dont work every time)Open2020-01-312020-01-31
AC-6479Android: Using Play Services 16.x crashes latest SDK 9 build (9.x regression)Closed2020-02-042020-02-06
AC-6481Able to access https via Self Signed Certificate using Ti.Network.createHTTPClientClosed2020-02-042020-02-05
AC-6482Memory leak on list view, with huge dataset [Android]Open2020-02-052020-02-12
AC-6483iOS: Expose "heavy", "black" font-weights in Titanium font-systemOpen2020-02-052020-02-05
AC-6484Android textarea, attributedString "link" listener ignored when used in a require'd controller.Open2020-02-062020-02-18
AC-6485Reducing APK sizeClosed2020-02-072020-03-03
AC-6486Optimize JIRA scripts/css files and reduce download sizeOpen2020-02-072020-02-11
AC-6487Ti.Identify updateOpen2020-02-112020-02-12
AC-6488UITableView Error occurred after upgrading from titanium sdk 8.2.0.GA to 8.3.1.GAOpen2020-02-132020-02-20
AC-6489Android: Ti.Media.hasCameraPermissions() not working as expectedOpen2020-02-132020-02-17
AC-6490Timeout property not working of T.Network.createHttpClient in iOSClosed2020-02-132020-02-14
AC-6492Hyperloop: weird behavior compiling a project with LiveView enabledOpen2020-02-192020-02-26
AC-6495iOS and Android: Support for Global Vars in Styles (.tss) dropped??Closed2020-02-212020-02-21
AC-6496Cannot obtain iOS Push token with registerForPushNotificationsOpen2020-02-262020-06-18
AC-6498iOS : image file not loading into the webview from applicationDataDirectoryOpen2020-02-282020-03-30
AC-6499Android Material Theme not working in SDK 9Closed2020-03-042020-04-08
AC-6500ANDROID - Image Keyboard SupportOpen2020-03-062020-03-06
AC-6501App Crashes when requesting locationClosed2020-03-062020-03-09
AC-6505 Maximum call stack size exceeded when buildingOpen2020-03-102020-03-26
AC-6507iOS and Android: Titanium.Media.Sound 'change', 'complete' events not getting firedOpen2020-03-182020-03-24
AC-6509Picker's focus event not working on AndroidOpen2020-03-192020-03-30
AC-6510iOS: Recording AMR AudioOpen2020-03-232020-03-23
AC-6511Cannot find module './util/assign'Closed2020-03-232020-03-24
AC-6513Appc Studio does not find XcodeOpen2020-03-252020-07-14
AC-6514Localization not working on SDK 9.0.0.GAClosed2020-03-262020-03-27
AC-6517Ti.Platform.openURL throws ERROR (SDK 9.0)Resolved2020-04-022020-07-20
AC-6518Changed the selected visual studio version if multiple version installed on machineOpen2020-04-022020-04-03
AC-6519Event properties don't show platformOpen2020-04-022020-04-02
AC-6521Android view performance tests slower with 9.0.0.GAClosed2020-04-042020-04-17
AC-6523Unable to start the daemon process.Closed2020-04-082020-04-09
AC-6527Appcelerator Studio 6.0 Project Build Process Slow and StuckOpen2020-04-122020-04-15
AC-6528Failed to run dexer : Server returned HTTP response code: 403Closed2020-04-152020-04-21
AC-6530Related To app dynamics ModuleClosed2020-04-172020-04-17
AC-6532The padding parameter in TextField works only on iOSOpen2020-04-212020-04-21
AC-6533iOS: add ability to disable tab bar background and shadowOpen2020-04-212020-06-11
AC-6535Ti.Admob rewarded adverts not sizing correctlyOpen2020-04-222020-04-22
AC-6537Titanium app works in 7.4.0 and xcode 10 but not in 8.3.1 and xcode 11Open2020-04-282020-05-06
AC-6538Webview reload gives error in 9.0.1.GAOpen2020-04-292020-05-04
AC-6542Admob module iOS version doesn't honor adBackgroundColorOpen2020-05-062020-05-06
AC-6543iOS: NavigationWindow close event not firedClosed2020-05-072020-05-12
AC-6544iOS 13: Do you support StoryBoard compatibility mode?Closed2020-05-072020-05-13
AC-6545Add ability to assign size to the informationImageClosed2020-05-142020-05-14
AC-6546Move ti.paint to active modules againOpen2020-05-142020-12-16
AC-6547Android: production build "app bundles" .aab file not generatedClosed2020-05-192020-05-19
AC-6549Error renewing Apple Push Notification Certificate through AMPLIFY DashboardResolved2020-05-292020-05-29
AC-6550AMPLIFY Dashboard: Use p8 files instead of p12Closed2020-05-292020-12-18
AC-6552Android build stucks on "Writing build manifest"Open2020-06-042020-06-08
AC-6553Android: Hyperloop unable to call Throwable.setStackTraceOpen2020-06-052020-06-05
AC-6554Android: TypeError: originalRequire is not a functionOpen2020-06-052021-02-10
AC-6559Android app does not start (Appcelerator Studio or Terminal) with SDK 9.0.3.GAClosed2020-06-122020-06-18
AC-6560Ti.Compression no longer support zip64Open2020-06-182020-06-18
AC-6561Ti.Platform.openURL causes "undefined is not an object" errorResolved2020-06-182020-07-20
AC-6566Android: TableView does not fire event on nested viewsOpen2020-06-292020-06-29
AC-6568iOS: WebView.setHtml with baseURL doesn't seem to work correctlyOpen2020-07-072020-07-21
AC-6570Android: Can't vertically scroll a map in a vertical scrollview only on AndroidOpen2020-07-132020-07-16
AC-6572iOS: when running a on a device, Javascript compilation results in a particular block of code not being executed, without errorsClosed2020-07-082020-08-18
AC-6573Alloy.global not definedClosed2020-07-142020-07-21
AC-6574iOS: Universal Linking does not work with wildcard on associated-domainsOpen2020-07-152020-07-15
AC-6575Global variables not availableClosed2020-07-202020-07-20
AC-6576iOS set clipMode disable shadowOpen2020-07-212020-07-23
AC-6577Error on first invocationOpen2020-07-222020-07-25
AC-6579Android: TiAssetHelper - App icon error when launching appClosed2020-08-042020-08-04
AC-6581Calling Ti.Platform.openURL() without the optional 3rd parameter (callback) will raise a "Script error"Closed2020-08-072020-08-07
AC-6582Android: Image orientation handlingClosed2020-08-092020-09-08
AC-6584iOS: ti.identity rare crash when when reading/updating KeychainItem valueOpen2020-08-112020-08-11
AC-6586Android SDK support on iOS 13 SDKClosed2020-08-122020-08-18
AC-6587Android notifications using ACS have stopped working completelyClosed2020-08-132020-09-03
AC-6588Android: View with borderRadius is not rotated correctlyOpen2020-08-152020-08-17
AC-6590The encrypteddatabase module is no longer availableClosed2020-08-182020-08-18
AC-6592Not able to build the app using Appcelerator Studio 6.0.0Closed2020-08-202020-09-04
AC-6596Any option to enable GPS automaticallyOpen2020-08-292020-09-03
AC-6599TabGroup hideShadow and shadowImage property doesn't work in iOS 13Open2020-09-032020-09-04
AC-6600Class not found in Hyperloop generated file in createProxy code lineOpen2020-09-042020-10-07
AC-6604Android: Titanium.UI.AttributedString with Ti.UI.ATTRIBUTE_BASELINE_OFFSETOpen2020-09-212020-09-21
AC-6605assets JS files(web view related .js files) also compelling Titanium JS filesOpen2020-09-222020-09-28
AC-6606TiVerify module licence, exception due to proxyClosed2020-09-232020-10-26
AC-6608Android: Liveview 1.5.4 very unstableOpen2020-09-262020-09-26
AC-6609canOpenURL() always returns the same valueOpen2020-09-282020-09-28
AC-6612iOS: Animation override not working correctlyOpen2020-10-012020-10-01
AC-6613Module not being added on AndroidManifest.xml while building from Github ActionsOpen2020-10-072020-10-08
AC-6616Android: Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery Crash while using allowMultiple optionClosed2020-10-162020-10-16
AC-6618iOS: Ad-Hoc/Enterprise build failed using Titanium SDK ver. 9.2.0, 9.2.1Resolved2020-10-222020-10-30
AC-6619Not setting 'en' folder in 'i18n' causes to not retrive other localizationsOpen2020-10-272020-10-28
AC-6620Widget Hello World tutorialOpen2020-10-282020-10-28
AC-6621iOS APP crashes on startOpen2020-10-292020-10-29
AC-6623SDK 9.2.1.GA Ti.Geolocation.requestLocationPermissions callback not calledClosed2020-10-292020-10-29
AC-6624Android Tabgroup - Inactive tab not showing on Dark ModeOpen2020-10-292020-11-03
AC-6626Android: ti.map 5.3.0 clicks are not working correctlyOpen2020-11-032021-01-22
AC-6627SDK 9.2.2 search function in table view doesnt workOpen2020-11-062020-11-06
AC-6628appc login on "Session invalid. Please log in again"Open2020-11-102020-11-11
AC-6629AttributedString type "strikethrough" not working on portions, only full length of stringsClosed2020-11-172020-11-26
AC-6630Android: On SDK v9.3.0 App crashes on open on devices without Google Play ServicesOpen2020-11-172020-11-18
AC-6631ti.admob: prepare for Android SDK v20 and iOS SDK v8Open2020-11-182021-02-23
AC-6633Reduce compiled TSS file sizeOpen2020-11-202020-11-21
AC-6634Android: GridLayout support for ListViews/TableViewOpen2020-11-212020-11-21
AC-6636Android: Horizontal layout for ListViews/TableViewOpen2020-11-292020-11-29
AC-6637Android: Snackbar error using HyperloopClosed2020-11-302020-12-01
AC-6638iOS 14: keyboard freezes after 2 password textfields are displayed after textfield with emailOpen2020-11-302020-12-09
AC-6639Is it possible titanium android app can kill any other running app including itself.Open2020-12-042020-12-07
AC-6640Is it possible titanium android app uses java reflection to create unexpected flow path through applicationOpen2020-12-042020-12-07
AC-6641app enables debugging of web layouts and JavaScript code running inside WebViewsOpen2020-12-042020-12-04
AC-6642Android: orientationModes partial behaviourOpen2020-12-082020-12-08
AC-6643Alloy: Style not applied to ListView if not referenced via IDOpen2020-12-082020-12-08
AC-6645Android Tablet: Patch 9 Image default.9.png is not shownOpen2020-12-142020-12-14
AC-6646[Android] Scrollable View `currentPage` Property Not Updated After Being AssignedOpen2020-12-152020-12-15
AC-6649Android: elevation on View with custom edge radii renders incorrectlyOpen2020-12-152020-12-15
AC-6650Change in TIMOB-27795 causes duplicate query stringsOpen2020-12-162020-12-16
AC-6652Windows 10 OS: Compiling platform native modulesFailed to rebuildClosed2020-12-162021-10-14
AC-6657Create WebP images on AndriodOpen2020-12-272021-10-19
AC-6658Android: imageView.toBlob() returns nullClosed2020-12-292021-01-15
AC-6662Android: NullPointerException when listening for click events for TiScrollViewOpen2021-01-142021-01-14
AC-6663Alloy: Ti.UI.PickerColumn throws a getter deprecation warningOpen2021-01-202021-01-20
AC-6664Link "User Interface" does not work (doc)Open2021-01-212021-01-21
AC-6665Problems with push notifications (do not arrive or come multiple times)Open2021-01-212021-01-21
AC-6666UI freeze while updating the databaseOpen2021-01-252021-01-28
AC-6667iOS: removeEventListener removes "any" callbackOpen2021-01-262021-01-27
AC-6668Android 11 ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.codec.BinaryEncoderOpen2021-01-272021-01-29
AC-6669module not compile SDK 9.X.X due to C++ librariesOpen2021-01-282021-01-30
AC-6670Android: Crash when scolling a ListView with a headerViewClosed2021-01-292021-02-01
AC-6671Android module dont work on armeabi-v7aOpen2021-01-302021-01-30
AC-6673iOS - Ti.Locale.currentCountry returns undefined in simulatorOpen2021-02-042021-02-19
AC-6674Android: Accessing WebView's requestHeaders property failing urls to loadOpen2021-02-052021-02-05
AC-6676Android: Update to CameraXOpen2021-02-082021-02-08
AC-6677Webview giving issue with net-banking codeOpen2021-02-082021-02-09
AC-6682semantic.colors.json won't work/log on iOSOpen2021-02-192021-02-19
AC-6684ti.admob needs the new UMP (User Messaging Platform) SDK to obtaining Consent. The current Personalized Ad Consent SDK has been deprecatedOpen2021-02-232021-02-23
AC-6685Titanium.Geolocation component's "location" event does not work within parks, beaches, it only works on streets and roads Open2021-02-242021-04-01
AC-6686Google Play Billing Library Version 3 SupportClosed2021-03-022021-03-09
AC-6688Android: Tableview insertRowAfter/Before works with first section onlyClosed2021-03-232021-03-24
AC-6690Unable to view all elements in IOS for APPIUM testingOpen2021-04-122021-04-19
AC-6692Not able to login in Appcelerator account using CLI commandClosed2021-04-212021-04-23
AC-6693Not able to generate Android unsigned apk package using CLI commandsClosed2021-04-232021-04-26
AC-6697Method not defined reference error in Android Classic app using 9.3.2.GA Closed2021-04-272021-06-03
AC-6699Facebook - Control Automatically Logged EventsOpen2021-04-292021-04-29
AC-6700Is it possible to run appcelerator Studio with macOS Catalina 10.15Closed2021-05-032021-05-10
AC-6703iOS - Empty WebView causes app to crashClosed2021-05-272021-10-14
AC-6704Android Listview marker eventClosed2021-05-282021-06-03
AC-6705Validation of AppStore bundle failed Closed2021-06-092021-06-16
AC-6708IOS Hyperloop Archive FailedClosed2021-06-142021-10-14
AC-6712Opening again a webdialog after you've opened and closed it causes a crash on iOSClosed2021-07-202021-08-05
AC-6714fetchExistence causes a crash on iOS but works fine on AndroidClosed2021-07-262021-07-26
AC-6715You cannot perform this operation with your current plan.Please upgrade to build your application for production distribution.Closed2021-07-282021-07-30
AC-6717Update iOS Admob Module to 8.10.0Open2021-09-062021-09-06
AC-6721Improve documentation: VideoPlayer, TabGroupOpen2021-10-042021-10-04
AC-6722ListView: continuous update for scrolling eventOpen2021-10-042021-10-04
AC-6724iOS 15: Glitch in headerview when creating ListViewOpen2021-10-132021-11-29
AC-6725How to utilize swift dependencies in Titanium project?Open2021-10-282021-10-28
AC-6726After upgrading titianium SDK from 8.3.0.GA to 10.1.0.GA, Android font and control size gets reducedOpen2021-11-172021-11-18
AC-6727Build failed with TiSDK 10.1.1 GAOpen2021-11-302021-12-02