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[AC-1471] Android: Action bar shown in Android 2.3.6 not in 4.x

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionNot Our Bug
Resolution Date2014-10-09T20:20:38.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
ReporterRaymond Verbruggen
AssigneeIngo Muschenetz


I created a new issue identical to TC-4762 because that one was closed by Mauro Parra-Miranda on an incorrect base. I commented on the TC-4762 and send him an email message as well, but no action. The same app is displaying the Action bar when Android version is 2.3.6 and not in 4.x versions. There is a blog post describing how to hide an Action bar (http://www.appcelerator.com/blog/2014/08/hiding-the-android-actionbar/_ and I used that to create a "hide action bar theme" to hide the Action bar in my app. That works on a 4.x Android device, but it still shows on a 2.3.6 Android device. It was an update of an App already in the PlayStore originally developed and published using Ti 3.1.4. It was not possible to wait for a solution because of iOS demands (multi platform programming hey!). The update was done using Ti 3.3.0 and now it is giving the Action bar problem. A screenshot of the Android 2.3.6 situation is attached. My customer is not happy with this and I cannot invoice extra development cost as it is not their problem, it is a development tool backward incompatibility problem.




  1. Amimul Hossain 2014-09-27

    Hello, [~ray@raymondverbruggen.nl], did you try to set "android:minSdkVersion="10"" on your Tiapp.xml file and apply the custom theme solution to hide the actionbar? Try it. Thanks.
  2. Radamantis Torres-Lechuga 2014-10-09

    [~ray@raymondverbruggen.nl] Please take a look at the documentation [here](http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/latest/#!/guide/Android_Themes ) "Starting with Release 3.3.0, the Titanium SDK uses the appcompat library to provide support for themes. A benefit of using the appcompat library is that it provides ActionBar support on devices running Android 2.1.x and later. Prior to the usage of the appcompat library, the ActionBar was only available to devices running Android 3.x and later. Note that applications built against Release 3.3.0 and later can only use the AppCompat themes." As you can see, you can define Themes per OS version and even per window and Activity, that includes the Action Bar, also the behavior change depends against which Android API Level are you building with. This is not our bug and it's how Android work with Themes, you have the option to create custom themes or use the default themes that we provide with the support of the AppCompat Android Library.
  3. Raymond Verbruggen 2014-10-20

    @Amimul Hossain, Thank you for your suggestion. I did all the things as described in the documentation. And the appc boys did close the ticket again.... I am stuck in this, no support.

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