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[AC-2012] Variable view showing only blank rows on Debug

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2014-03-24T02:18:45.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsStudio, Titanium SDK & CLI
Labelsdebugger, eclipse
ReporterVicente Nuno Sá Canhoto
AssigneeRitu Agrawal


Lately I haven't been able to see the contents of any variables when I'm debugging apps on an Android terminal. The execution stops normally at the breakpoints, but in the variables view nothing shows up, just blank lines. It used to work, but I've been having this problem for a few weeks now. I tried restarting Titanium Studio, as stated in http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/124353/show-variables-in-debugger, but with no results.




  1. Ritu Agrawal 2014-02-19

    Can you please give us your environment information(OSX) and also Titanium SDK + CLI + studio version. Can you also attach a small sample code so that we can try to replicate the issue?
  2. Vicente Nuno Sá Canhoto 2014-02-19

    Added the environment information. This issue is happening in every project that I have, and not just in one specific place.
  3. Ritu Agrawal 2014-02-26

    Please check that when Variable view is blank, if there is any row selected in Debug view. if not, it's a duplicate of TISTUD-2347 and the workaround is to manually select the row in Debug view where the program is hitting the breakpoint.
  4. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-03

    Resolving this ticket as a duplicate of TISTUD-2347. Please let us know if TISTUD-2347 work around does not work for you and we would be happy to reopen this ticket.
  5. Vicente Nuno Sá Canhoto 2014-03-03

    Dear Ritu, when the program hits a breakpoint the row is selected, so I don't think it's the same issue as TISTUD-2347. The Variable view is not completely blank. I can see the grid, but every cell is blank. Thank you for your help.
  6. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-03

    No problem. Please attach Studio log and diagnostic files. You can go to Help ==> Studio ==> View log file and Help ==> Studio ==> Run Diagnostic Test to get these files. It would also help us to narrow down the issue if you can provide your sample test case and the screenshot of the debug view.
  7. Vicente Nuno Sá Canhoto 2014-03-04

    Files uploaded.
  8. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-05

    One last question before engineering investigates this issue further. Can you please create a new work space and a new project in that work space and see if the issue persists? We are trying to see if the workspace is corrupted somehow.
  9. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-17

    [~vcanhoto] Please let us know if you got a chance to reproduce the issue with new project and new workspace.
  10. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-24

    Resolving this ticket as we have not been able to reproduce this issue. We would be happy to reopen the ticket when we have the requested information available.

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