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[AC-2596] Build error: [DEBUG] Signal %s received. Terminating the logcat process.

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionNot Our Bug
Resolution Date2013-09-18T05:59:32.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
Labelsandroid, build
AssigneeEric Wieber


When trying to run the Kitchen Sink example, this is the result:
Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.1.1, Titanium SDK version 3.1.1.GA
Copyright (c) 2012-2013, Appcelerator, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
[INFO] :   Running emulator process: python "C:\Users\marvin\AppData\Roaming\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\3.1.1.GA\android\builder.py" "emulator" "KitchenSink" "C:\Program Files\Android\SDK" "C:\Users\marvin\Documents\Titanium_Studio_Workspace\Kitchen Sink" "com.appcelerator.kitchensink" "2" "WVGA854" "armeabi"
[INFO] :   Running build process:  python "C:\Users\marvin\AppData\Roaming\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\3.1.1.GA\android\builder.py" "simulator" "KitchenSink" "C:\Program Files\Android\SDK" "C:\Users\marvin\Documents\Titanium_Studio_Workspace\Kitchen Sink" "com.appcelerator.kitchensink" "2" "WVGA854"
  File "C:\Users\marvin\AppData\Roaming\Titanium\mobilesdk\win32\3.1.1.GA\android\builder.py", line 141
    print "[DEBUG] Signal %s received. Terminating the logcat process." % signum
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
[ERROR] :  Build process exited with code 1
[ERROR] :  Project failed to build after 1s 582ms
[ERROR] :  Emulator process exited with code 1


  1. Motiur Rahman 2013-09-18

    Hi Marvin, I think your CLI is not installed currently. Please install it currently. You just go to the help menu and click check for Titanium update if it now works, you just uninstalled the node.js and again click help menu and click check for Titanium update and install node and CLI then test your project. Thanks
  2. Marvin 2013-09-18

    Motiur, I don't quite understand what you mean. Isn't the CLI part of Titanium Studio? How do I install it? What I did: Update Titanium Studio, reinstall NodeJS, update Titanium Studio. Same error, now with "Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.1.2, Titanium SDK version 3.1.1.GA"
  3. Motiur Rahman 2013-09-18

    Hi Marvin, When you click help > Check for Titanium Update you will see that node and CLI are installing. If that not occurs again uninstall node and try the same process until CLI installed currently and also installed Update titanium version 3.1.2. Thanks,
  4. Marvin 2013-09-18

    Well, that's funny, cause when I uninstall node and try to update, I get an error which says that "node" could not be found. Anyway, why is this a CLI error? One should think that after (re)installing Titanium, the CLI should also be installed. Why would that be different by running the update?
  5. Eric Wieber 2013-12-12

    Hi Marvin, It looks like one of Titanium's required components may be out of sync or failed to install correctly. Since your last update, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you please update to the latest Titanium version, 3.1.3.GA? That should update the needed components as well and get you back in working order. If it doesn't, we have other steps that we can take to force certain components to update/install. Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Marvin 2013-12-29

    Thanks Eric. With the latest update it runs just fine.

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