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[AC-407] Titanium 3.4.2 is not able to configure Android SDK

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ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2015-11-08T15:10:33.000+0000
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ReporterGaetano Scebba
AssigneeMotiur Rahman


I've installed the Stand-alone Android SDK from https://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/index.html. After, I've installed Titanium 3.4.2. After, I've done a setting of Android SDK installing the various versions I need. It completes correctly the work. But if you go on Window->Preferences->Studio->Platforms, I see an error message (see the attached file). What is my error? I've repeated the installation process 2 times with the same result. My best regards. Gaetano




  1. Amimul Hossain 2015-05-20

    Hello Gaetano Scebba, Looks like you are trying to use Appcelerator's free platform Titanium Studio for your development. Great news is you don't have to use Titanium anymore. Appcelerator has made their free users to access to there new studio Appcelerator studio. First you need to register your free Titanium account in [here](http://www.appcelerator.com/). For an invite submit your mail address, and after 1-2 days you will be registered in the new Appcelerator platform. Now To download and configure the new Studio you need to follow every instruction in this [link](http://web.appcelerator.com/product/studio). First download the studio for windows. and install it. Now follow the instruction [here](http://web.appcelerator.com/product/cli) for installing node and installing Appcelerator CLI. If you have done everything so fer, you need Appcelerator SDK above 4.x to work with your newly install studio 4.x. So go to this link [here](http://builds.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html#4.0.0) and download the recent SDK and manually install the SDK. Now whenyou got the reply back from Appcelerator for your account verification, you will be able to open the new studio and log in there. After that follow the instruction [here](http://docs.appcelerator.com/platform/latest/#!/guide/Setting_up_Studio) for setting up studio. Also follow this [link](http://docs.appcelerator.com/platform/latest/#!/guide/Software_Locations_and_Environment_Variables) for setting Software Locations and Environment Variables. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  2. Gaetano Scebba 2015-05-20

    I've done a new try, but the result is the same. I've deleted any presence of Titanium and Android-SDK from my PC. I've reinstalled Titanium without install Android-SDK. After the installation, Titanium asked me to do the setting for Android and Blackberry. I've choosed the Android versions I need; Titanium has completed the installation. The result is the same: for Titanium the Android SDK is not installed. Ciao
  3. Harish Mridha 2015-05-21

    Hi Gaetano Scebba , Can you please post the output of the command
        ti info -t android -o json
    to help investigate the Android detection problem. Please make sure the following Steps : *Firstly* Check your android install location for any invalid folder names, mainly the build-tools folder or the platforms folder. In each folder they should both match a specific naming convention, for example 19.0.0 for build-tools or android-21 for platforms. *Secondly* Make sure that you have a build tools selected in the titanium config. This issue seems to be down to android.buildTools.selectedVersion not being set in the Titanium config. Simply add the following to the "android" section of your Titanium config (mine's is at ~/.titanium/config.json):
       "buildTools": {
           "selectedVersion": "xx.x.x"
    where xx.x.x is a version of the Android build tools installed on your machine (mine is 21.1.2). Thanks
  4. Gaetano Scebba 2015-05-21

    Regarding the output of the command "ti info", please see the attached file "TitaniumProblem2.docx". It does not run correctly: the properties of folder \program files\Common files\ is in the attached docx. The file "c:\users\gscebba\.titanium\config.json" is attached: it doesn't contain the "buildTools" directive. A question: the Android SDK must be installed BEFORE the Titanium installation? Thanks
  5. Gaetano Scebba 2015-05-21

    I forgot to tell you something about the folders. As I mention in the previous post, I've done a Titanium installation without a previous Android SDK installation. When I've selected (in Titanium configuration) the packages, Titanium has installed the following folders on the desktop, altough I've indicated the location to use (c:\android-sdk-win): system-images add-ons platform-tools build-tools tools platfoms Ciao
  6. Gaetano Scebba 2015-05-26

    Following the indications given by Appcelerator, I've: 1. Uninstalled Titanium 3.4, Android SDK, Node.js, Git 2. Downloaded the Appcelerator Studio 4.0: the installer has automatically installed the Prerequisites (Git, Node.js 3. Appcelerator Studio has downloaded and installed Android-SDK 3. Result: None is changed. Appcelerator Studio says [Android SDK Home] No Android SDK were found under the specified SDK location. It isn't correct: if you launch "Android" manually, you'll see all the packages... I've also followe the indications contained on http://docs.appcelerator.com/platform/latest/#!/guide/Software_Locations_and_Environment_Variables What do do? Ciao!
  7. Amimul Hossain 2015-06-16

    Hello, Try re installing the Appcelerator CLI with this command
       [sudo] npm install appcelerator -g
    After then try another command as
       appc setup
    Which will install any other missing staff. Sometimes this problem occur due to CLI error. Also make sure your Node.js is upgraded. Thanks.
  8. Gaetano Scebba 2015-07-31

    Sorry for the delay, but I had so many problems. I've done what suggested, the procedure has downloaded the 4.1.2 version, but the problem is the same: !attachment-name.jpg|thumbnail!
  9. Gaetano Scebba 2015-08-02

    I forgot to mention that the PC is member of a Windows Active Directory system. On my home PC it works fine. Ciao
  10. Amimul Hossain 2015-08-10

    Hello, What version of Appcelerator SDK is installed? Try installing the latest stable version 4.1.0.GA. After that check if your Android SDK has the necessary build tools for compatible with The Appcelerator SDk. Go to your Android SDk folder/tools/android. Which will open Android SDk manager. It will check if u need any additional build tools. Install and after finish restart the studio. Check if the error still exist in the preferences. Thanks.
  11. Gaetano Scebba 2015-08-29

    Amimul, thanks for your reply. After a reinstalling of Appcelerator Studio, also the PC where Titanium was running fine, has the same problem: it doesn't reconize the Android SDK. The environment is: Appcelerator Studio build: Build: jenkins-appcelerator-rcp-master-319 (origin/master) Date: 14 July 2015, 11:27:31 Appcelerator SDK 4.1.0.GA Android SDK r24.3.4 Android Build tools: 20 and 23.0 Android Platforms: 7, 15-22 Output of ti check is: ──────────────────┤ Check Environment ├─────────────────── Node.js V node up-to-date (v0.12.7) * npm new version v3.3.1 available! (currently v2.11.3) Titanium CLI V cli up-to-date (v4.1.5) Titanium CLI Dependencies V async up-to-date (v0.2.10) V colors up-to-date (v0.6.2) V fields up-to-date (v0.1.24) V humanize up-to-date (v0.0.9) V jade up-to-date (v0.35.0) V longjohn up-to-date (v0.2.8) V moment up-to-date (v2.4.0) V node-appc up-to-date (v0.2.26) V optimist up-to-date (v0.6.1) V request up-to-date (v2.27.0) V semver up-to-date (v2.2.1) V sprintf up-to-date (v0.1.5) V temp up-to-date (v0.6.0) V winston up-to-date (v0.6.2) V wrench up-to-date (v1.5.8) Titanium SDK V latest sdk installed (v3.5.1.GA) V selected sdk up-to-date (v3.5.1.GA) Android Environment V sdk installed (C:\android-sdk) ! tools untested version 24.3.4; may or may not work ! platform tools untested version 23; may or may not work ! build tools untested version 23.0.0; may or may not work V adb installed C:\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe V android installed C:\android-sdk\tools\android.bat V emulator installed C:\android-sdk\tools\emulator.exe V mksdcard installed C:\android-sdk\tools\mksdcard.exe V zipalign installed C:\android-sdk\build-tools\23.0.0\zipalign.exe V aapt installed C:\android-sdk\build-tools\23.0.0\aapt.exe V aidl installed C:\android-sdk\build-tools\23.0.0\aidl.exe V targets installed (19 found) V avds installed (1 found) ! ndk Android NDK not found Java Development Kit V jdk installed (v1.8.0) V java installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_45\bin\ja va.exe V javac installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_40\bin\ja vac.exe V keytool installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_40\bin\ke ytool.exe V jarsigner installed C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_40\bin\ja rsigner.exe Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) V compatible ! installed not found; install HAXM to use Android x86 emulator Network V online - no proxy server configured × https://www.google.com (HTTP status: 404) is unreachable V Java-based connection test Directory Permissions V home directory V titanium config directory V titanium sdk install directory V workspace directory V temp directory It is very frustrating this situation. Ciao

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