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[AC-6100] [Android] Webview not working properly on rendering the youtube.

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionNot Our Bug
Resolution Date2019-01-30T16:12:30.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsAlloy, Appcelerator CLI, Titanium SDK & CLI
AssigneeShak Hossain


When rendering the youtube video and changing the orientation sometimes the video is showing a blank black screen but the video is playing in the background. Please find the attachment. *Code Snippet: index.xml* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-_u9dubZp4&list=PL9MeVsU0uG64RMlPf71OHsRyJWyAXnZ-l"> *index.js* $.index.open(); *index.tss* ".container": { backgroundColor:"white" } "Label": { width: Ti.UI.SIZE, height: Ti.UI.SIZE, color: "#000" }




  1. Sharif AbuDarda 2019-01-12

    Hello, I tested your issue on the Android emulator 8.0.0 version. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue that shows in the video, Is this issue only occurring on some specific device?
  2. Joshua Quick 2019-01-14

    This sounds like a hardware acceleration bug on Google's end. If it is, then you can work-around it by adding a border to the WebView. This will disable hardware accelerated rendering.
  3. shumne 2019-01-15

    Hi Joshua, I tried to give the borderColor and borderWidth of 1dp. It started another issue where the video goes down to bottom. Please refer to the video attached. [^bottomVideo.mp4] [^videoIssue_2.mp4]
  4. Rakhi Mitro 2019-01-15

    [~shumne], Thanks for sharing your feedback. We are working on this. Will update you soon.
  5. Joshua Quick 2019-01-15

    So the thing is, the native WebView is made by Google, not Titanium. We can't fix issues in Google's WebView. The only thing you can do is work-around them. It looks like you're showing a YouTube video via an iframe within your own webpage. Is that right? You may need to tinker with the HTML to see what's causing this issue. For example, I can see that a similar issue has been raised on stackoverflow... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38565768/android-embed-video-in-iframe-not-resized-on-webview-height-change https://stackoverflow.com/a/9046540 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19716261/android-webview-video-issue-video-is-being-cropped-inside-youtube-iframe Also note that the Android web browser app is not the same as Android's native WebView UI widget. You often see different behavior between the two. You do have the option to use the "titanium-web-dialog" module which will use Android's web browser app as a dialog within your app (it kind of works like MS Window's Internet Explorer ActiveX). However, it has API limitations and if Google's Chrome app is not installed on the device (such as an Amazon tablet), then it will fallback to using the Android OS native WebView and you're back to the same issue. https://github.com/appcelerator-modules/titanium-web-dialog Often times I see native Android devs give up on displaying a video in an iframe because of these issues and link directly to the video itself. I wish this wasn't the case, but it is what it is.
  6. shumne 2019-01-16

    Hi Joshua, We are merely using the webview and loading the youtube URL directly. as mentioned in the Description code snippet. *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-_u9dubZp4&list=PL9MeVsU0uG64RMlPf71OHsRyJWyAXnZ-l">* Can we please check the Native implementation on Android and see if we face the same issue.
  7. Rakhi Mitro 2019-01-16

    [~shumne], Ok. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Sharif AbuDarda 2019-01-19

    Hello [~shumne], Try with adding a border to the WebView. This will disable hardware accelerated rendering. Let us know. Thanks.
  9. shumne 2019-01-23

    No Even after adding a border to the webview, it is showing distorted video intermittently. If possible can we please create an android native project with webview and see the results with it.
  10. Joshua Quick 2019-01-23

    I think you've missed my point. Google's native WebView is known to have bugs. It's not our code. It's Google's code. That's why I was linking you to stackoverflow where other developers have had issues with it too. I think the only thing you can do is find alternative solutions or work-arounds... because we can't control how Google's WebView internally renders itself.
  11. Rakhi Mitro 2019-01-30

    Hello, Did you find our last reply helpful for your progress? Let us know the updates from your end.

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