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[AC-2969] Activity crashes when restarting application

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2012-02-21T15:02:40.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
Labelsandroid, crash
ReporterJuan Manuel
AssigneeMauro Parra-Miranda


I create two heavyweight windows in android. If I keep in the first one and restart the application nothing happens, but when I move to other different window and restart it from the IDE (or force close the application) It crashes.




  1. Juan Manuel 2012-01-23

    How to reproduce it: 1.- Run the proyect with both app.js and ventana.js (attached in the report) with Android emulator from Titanium Studio 2.- When the first window appears click on "A la ventana 2" 3.- Re-run the application from Titanium Studio with Run > Android emulator 4.- Application wont run
  2. Mauro Parra-Miranda 2012-02-21

    Hello Juan, please close your app, and then try to run again your build. You specify: - The app crashes but in your steps to reproduce, it says doesn't run. Please add build.log to the bug when fails. Best, Mauro
  3. Mauro Parra-Miranda 2012-02-21

    Tested with 2.0CI, works fine.
  4. Shak Hossain 2013-12-10

    We have not heard back from you since you posted the issue. As Mauro pointed out, this issue has been fixed as this can't be reproduced with TISDK 2.0+ releases. Not sure if this is still an issue in your app. If so, please let us know by filing a new JIRA. We will mark this invalid and close it.

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