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[AC-167] Indie user cannot publish apps

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2015-11-05T09:18:02.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ReporterJamil Spain
AssigneePraveen Innamuri


The following developer liseo.vertenzi@gmail.com claimed his Indie seat. He cannot publish applications with his account. Can someone take a look so we can get him going/ account in sync? here is the message that was sent by partner SMC in Italy trying to work on deal with customer but we need to resolve this problem for his lead developer first. ============================= This is a Titanium user upgraded to Appcelerator 4.0 in INDIE version. After the upgrade phase, he is not be able to Publish ( Package ) any App. ============================= Let me know how we can resolve this pls


  1. Patrick Clark 2015-06-17

    [~jspain] do you mean they cannot do production builds of Ti apps or cannot publish Arrow apps? The latter is expected.
  2. Jamil Spain 2015-06-17

    cannot publish apps
  3. Patrick Clark 2015-06-17

    [~jspain] Ti or Arrow?
  4. Jamil Spain 2015-06-17

    Ti Builds with Appcelerator Studio
  5. Mukesh Gadiya 2015-06-17

    [~rtlechuga] any thoughts on this? I remember we have come across this many times in field.
  6. Eric Merriman 2015-06-17

    Here is the workaround from [~rtlechuga]: Logout from studio, clicking in the name at the right bottom corner Go to command line and type: appc logout –D Open studio, introduce credentials Try to package again
  7. Mostafizur Rahman 2015-10-29

    Hello We are able to publish (package) apps in our environment. Please follow the steps below and let us know if it works for you. 1. Logout and Login using terminal 2. Logout from studio using this command: appc logout 3. Logout from CLI using this command: appc logout –D 4. Login to Studio using this command: appc login 5. Follow the steps shown on your screen. 6. After that Open studio again 7. Log in and publish your app *working environment:* Appc CLI -- 5.0.4 Appc Studio - 4.3.3 Mac OSx - 10.9.5 Node.js - 0.12.7 npm - 2.11.3 JDK version: 1.7.0_65 Ti SDK - 5.0.2 GA Thanks.

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