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[AC-2487] uses-feature required=false being overwritten when packaging the app

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2014-02-17T07:28:19.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ReporterBrad Waxler
AssigneeRitu Agrawal


Here is my android section of tiapp.xml: http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> And here is what ends up going into the packages AndroidManifest.xml: The one that is currently screwing me up the worst is: It needs to be required="false"


  1. Ritu Agrawal 2014-02-07

    I would appreciate if you can confirm if you are using a custom manifest file in your project. Please provide a simple project that includes this tiapp.xml so that we can build the project and reproduce the issue.
  2. Brad Waxler 2014-02-07

    I've tried it with both a custom manifest file and without, same results for each. I'll try to get you a small project example as soon as I can.
  3. Ritu Agrawal 2014-02-17

    We have not been able to reproduce this issue with 3.2.1 release. I added your Android entries to tiapp.xml and it generated the following entries in AndroidManifest.xml file.

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