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[AC-1955] Swipe (horizontal) doesn't work on a ScrollView

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2014-01-12T05:04:04.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
Labelsscrollview, swipe
ReporterDavid Benko
AssigneeRitu Agrawal


The swipe gesture doesnt't work if the window contains a ScrollView, actually it works but only on the label inside the ScrollView Code to reproduce var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({ backgroundColor : 'white' }); var scrollView = Ti.UI.createScrollView({ layout : 'vertical', contentHeight : 'auto', top : 0, bottom : 0 }); var label = Ti.UI.createLabel({ text : 'Swipe only works on this label', font : { fontSize : 48 }, top : 0 }); scrollView.add(label); win.add(scrollView); win.addEventListener('swipe', function(e) { alert('swipe'); }); win.open();


  1. Motiur Rahman 2013-09-16

    HiDavid Benko, I have checked this code SDK/Studio 3.1.2 and real android device it works please again check it. Thanks
  2. David Benko 2013-09-16

    @Motiur, I tested on the following devices and it doesnt work: Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2, Galaxy S4 4.2.2, Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 But strangely I have tested on a Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.1.2 and the gesture worked without being on the label Maybe you should try to reproduce on one of the devices I mentioned
  3. Ritu Agrawal 2014-01-06

    Reopening this ticket as I can reproduce it on Samsung Galaxy Nexus device with 4.2.2. However, this appears to be a duplicate of TIMOB-13698 that has been resolved as "Won't Fix". Please try the work around suggested in that ticket and let us know if it resolves the problem.
  4. Ritu Agrawal 2014-01-12

    Resolving this ticket as a duplicate of TIMOB-13698.
  5. Matthew Congrove 2014-03-04

    Though this may be related to TIMOB-13698, it's a very different request. Gesture events should still work on the ScrollView, but not even a pinch event gets fired. This severely limits the ability to create applications that are heavily based on gestures for navigation (like Facebook's Pages app).
  6. Rakhi Mitro 2014-03-05

    Hello, Swipe (horizontal) is working well on a ScrollView. But pinch event is not getting fired. I tested this issue in two Non brand Android Device with 4.0.4 ,4.2.2 SDK and SDK 3.2.1 GA, Titanium Studio, build: Thanks
  7. Ritu Agrawal 2014-03-17

    Pinch event is marked as iOS only so it is expected not to fire on Android platform. http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/latest/#!/api/Titanium.UI.ScrollView-event-pinch [~matthewcongrove] This may be a valid feature request for Android platform so you may want to file such request directly in TIMOB project.

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