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[AC-474] App crashes unexpectedly when using ImageViews with remote URLs

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2015-11-05T08:32:05.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
LabelsImageView, crash, ios
ReporterUriel Lizama
AssigneeMostafizur Rahman


When loading multiple ImageViews with remote urls, the app crashes:
[DEBUG] -[NSTaggedPointerString __setObject:forKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa000000013f4b4f4
[ERROR] The application has crashed with an uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException'
[ERROR] Reason:
[ERROR] -[NSTaggedPointerString __setObject:forKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa000000013f4b4f4
[ERROR] Stack trace:
[ERROR] 0   CoreFoundation                      0x000000018524cf5c <redacted> + 124
[ERROR] 1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x0000000199e43f80 objc_exception_throw + 56
[ERROR] 2   CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185253c6c <redacted> + 0
[ERROR] 3   CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185250c14 <redacted> + 872
[ERROR] 4   CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185154dcc _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 92
[ERROR] 5   CFNetwork                           0x000000018495f254 <redacted> + 196
[ERROR] 6   CFNetwork                           0x000000018495d38c <redacted> + 128
[ERROR] 7   CFNetwork                           0x0000000184a09f00 <redacted> + 2000
[ERROR] 8   CFNetwork                           0x0000000184a09660 <redacted> + 144
[ERROR] 9   CFNetwork                           0x0000000184a0b30c <redacted> + 28
[ERROR] 10  libdispatch.dylib                   0x000000019a63d770 <redacted> + 16
[ERROR] 11  libdispatch.dylib                   0x000000019a646a54 <redacted> + 540
[ERROR] 12  CFNetwork                           0x000000018493bc70 <redacted> + 36
[ERROR] 13  CoreFoundation                      0x00000001851307ec CFArrayApplyFunction + 68
[ERROR] 14  CFNetwork                           0x000000018493bb54 <redacted> + 136
[ERROR] 15  CFNetwork                           0x000000018493ba14 <redacted> + 312
[ERROR] 16  CFNetwork                           0x000000018493b840 <redacted> + 68
[ERROR] 17  CoreFoundation                      0x00000001852045a4 <redacted> + 24
[ERROR] 18  CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185204038 <redacted> + 540
[ERROR] 19  CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185201d38 <redacted> + 724
[ERROR] 20  CoreFoundation                      0x0000000185130dc0 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 384
[ERROR] 21  CFNetwork                           0x00000001849ce074 <redacted> + 412
[ERROR] 22  Foundation                          0x000000018618b138 <redacted> + 1000
[ERROR] 23  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x000000019a853b3c <redacted> + 156
[ERROR] 24  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x000000019a853aa0 <redacted> + 0
[ERROR] 25  libsystem_pthread.dylib             0x000000019a851030 thread_start + 4
[ERROR] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[NSTaggedPointerString __setObject:forKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa000000013f4b4f4'
[ERROR] *** First throw call stack:
[ERROR] (0x18524cf5c 0x199e43f80 0x185253c6c 0x185250c14 0x185154dcc 0x18495f254 0x18495d38c 0x184a09f00 0x184a09660 0x184a0b30c 0x19a63d770 0x19a646a54 0x18493bc70 0x1851307ec 0x18493bb54 0x18493ba14 0x18493b840 0x1852045a4 0x185204038 0x185201d38 0x185130dc0 0x1849ce074 0x18618b138 0x19a853b3c 0x19a853aa0 0x19a851030)
There is never a TRACE log of the issue, only the reported error above. And when it happens you can visible see that there are still images being loaded. I personally have encountered the issue on ListViews, but I known of other developers who have had the issue happen on TableViews, which has me believe that the issue has to do with the ImageView component. Also the issue seems to be present since at least version 5.0.1.GA. Issue seems to aggravate when the images are being loaded through cellular data. Thanks


  1. Ingo Muschenetz 2015-10-19

    [~hansknoechel] ^^ Can you please take a look?
  2. Sharif AbuDarda 2015-10-25

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