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[AC-1514] ACS data corrupted

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2015-04-16T07:27:25.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
Labelsacs, undefined
ReporterManuel Conde Vendrell
AssigneeShuo Liang


A strange and serious problem detected some days ago: some of my existing data in ACS appears with "undefined" ids, which is impossible due that I can't change it. Is there any issue related this? I cannot edit or delete them because are undefined. Three of my projects are affected by this issue. What the hell means this? I cannot manage those data because I can't access them! It's really a serious problem. It happens on a Custom Object, named *Messages* (I know there is a legacy object named Messages, but there is no restrictions about the name of Custom Objects, or it is? I need some help with this...




  1. Manuel Conde Vendrell 2015-04-13

    15 days after this issue and no comments? This is really a serious problem, I can't remove/update any of those undefined items!!
  2. Shuo Liang 2015-04-14

    Please provide your app key, we can check it from our backend. For security reason, please send it to my email: sliang@appcelerator.com On the other hand, please try to use curl command to query those custom objects, see if you can get correct data.http://docs.appcelerator.com/arrowdb/latest/#!/api/CustomObjects-method-query
  3. Manuel Conde Vendrell 2015-04-14

    Done, thanks. I got data from ACS.Custom.query() method (in Node) and from curl command: same results, ID is "undefined" in some records and not in others, just like you can see in the ACS console.
  4. Shuo Liang 2015-04-14

    Hi, This issue is a little complex. And I will file a bug to cloud team, see if there is something they can do. Regards, Shuo
  5. Shuo Liang 2015-04-15

    Hi, The problem should be fixed now. Would you please confirm that from your side. Regards, Shuo
  6. Manuel Conde Vendrell 2015-04-15

    Hi Shuo, that's right, now I have again IDs for all my records... in the production side and for the project I gave you the APP Key. I will pass you the other App Keys to your email so you can fix them also. Could you explain a bit here (or to my email) what was the problem and if it can happen again? And thank you for your help. :)
  7. Shuo Liang 2015-04-16

    Hi Problem should be fixed on your three apps (both environments), please confirm that. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, Shuo
  8. Manuel Conde Vendrell 2015-04-16

    Thank you Shuo, now all is fixed. This was a frightening problem.

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