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[AC-2628] iOS Simulator exit after updating CLI version 3.1.2, Titanium SDK version 3.1.3.GA

GitHub Issuen/a
ResolutionCannot Reproduce
Resolution Date2013-11-21T01:39:24.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sn/a
AssigneeShak Hossain



  1. Mauro Parra-Miranda 2013-10-10

    Hello, are you able to run this from Ti Studio? Best, Mauro
  2. firdaus 2013-10-10

    Hi, I am trying to launch my app on the IOS Simulator from Titanium Studio build I even tried to reset content from the IOS Simulator, but it still have the same problem. What should I do to resolve this problem ? I need it to run in simulator for my development work, it just keeps on exiting without proper information. Are there any other logs I should provide ? Thanks
  3. John 2013-10-12

    firdaus - Thanks for reporting this! Mauro - I have the same problem!
  4. firdaus 2013-10-13

    Thanks John for the support. Appcelerator, please double check your backward binary compatibility. Its ridiculous on how you guys manage your release leaving a lot of developers in the dark!
  5. Mauro Parra-Miranda 2013-11-01

    Hello Firdaus, can you please reset your ios simulator? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15365179/reset-the-contents-and-settings-all-ios-simulators and then try again? TIA! Best, Mauro
  6. Shak Hossain 2013-11-21

    Marking this as closed since we could not reproduce it. We are not getting any additional feedback from the reporter. @firdaus - if you can provide us additional details, we will reopen this bug.

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