[AC-1041] Push Notification certificate revoke

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Resolution Date2014-10-15T02:15:26.000+0000
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Fix Version/sn/a
ComponentsTitanium SDK & CLI
ReporterTrevor Chong
AssigneeShuo Liang


So I received the below email from appcelerator. We have a live app with no config changes on ACS, or within the apple developer portal for a few weeks. I called Apple to see if they are having any certificate or push notification issues on their side, but they weren't. We also checked our Apple portal and the cert was definitely active and unexpired. In this case, after my call with Apple, we immediately went back just tried clicking "Enabled" and it re-accepted our certificate without any changes. So I'm thinking ACS on first sign of a glitch in the response or network connectivity, deactivated my .p12 certificate immediately on ACS. My app has messaging features, so this is highly critical as if ACS auto-deactivated my notification in the middle of the night while my team is asleep, my international clients would be without crucial push notification for messages, leading to business loss! I think there should be a longer time-out window or other redundancies where failures are accepted. Can you guys look into this? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Push notification services to iOS devices from your Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) app have been disabled due to invalid iOS push certificate: Name: [company name] Key: ---------------------------------------- Re-enable push notifications to your app by going to Application Settings under the ACS web management console and updating your iOS push certificate. Thanks, The Appcelerator Cloud Services Team


  1. Shuo Liang 2014-08-07 Hi, Our design is creating multiple connections to APNS with in one instance, so once there is a glitch in the response from APNS, we will deactivated the certificate in 15 mins. That is aim to protect other connections' usage. As long as your certificate is fine, you can simply enable your certificate. This is a kind of alert to tell you checking the certificate. Based on your case, there may be a handshake_failure return from APNS, and the possibility of this happening is very low. Most of customers who received this email will have actual certificate problem. So there is no need to worry about this happens a lot. However, if this problem occurs recurrently, please feel free to contact us. Regards, Shuo
  2. Dmitri 2014-08-11 I had this issue happen twice, both times I just clicked "Enabled" again and it started working again. Please fix this issue.
  3. Shuo Liang 2014-08-12 Hi, Sorry about the inconvenient. For now, we temporary close this feature about handshake_failure from APNS as a workaround. Then we will address the problem as soon as we can. Regards, Shuo

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