[AC-521] Any computer can't run the app on any Android phone by USB cable

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ResolutionNot Our Bug
Resolution Date2015-12-03T06:37:34.000+0000
Affected Version/sAppcelerator Studio 4.4.0
Fix Version/sn/a
Labelsandroid, core
ReporterDaniel Sazonov
AssigneeMostafizur Rahman


Everything was perfect and like a charm =) but the latest update of Appcelerator knocked me totally out... and I decided to post the ticket, after I spent last 5 days to figure this out... The issue happens on any computer with any Android Device plugged in by USB cable. It almost always throwing this: Invalid "--device-id" value "LGD852ed33f0a" Sometimes, really rare, it's getting to the end when it tries to install an .apk to the phone, but the same message appears and it fails to install it, of course.




  1. Sharif AbuDarda 2015-12-02 Hello [~danilo.sazonov@gmail.com], The reason behind your problem is in your new updated environment the device is not authorized by your PC. And it has a previous device id cache in it's memory. To resolve this, there are multiple steps you need to folow. 1. Try to check and uncheck the USB Debugging option in the device. (if not working, try to unplug/plug the USB). At some point, the device should show up a message box to ask you if you authorize the computer. After you click yes, the device is then authorized and the connection is hooked. You should check that your USB connection type is MTP and NOT PTP. 2. Restart the studio and do a clean building the project. 3. Check if your device is online with pc through ddms tools in android sdk folder. 4. Or, check through adb. 5. You can run project through command "appc run -p android -T device". Here is some helpful link on your issue. [Link1](https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/177968/invalid---device-id-value) [Link2](https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/164219/invalid-device-id) [Link3](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18011685/cant-connect-nexus-4-to-adb-unauthorized) [Link4](https://developer.appcelerator.com/question/160877/testing-with-galaxy-s4-device---adb-shows-serial-not-model) Hope this helps, Thanks.
  2. Daniel Sazonov 2015-12-02 Thank you Sharif I figured this out a couple of days ago by my own, and yes, this way it works. But I am still having the same issue on Windows 7 laptop - the phone device is authorized, all the components are OK (checked by *ti info*) and it still fails after the message about the time spent for Alloy compiler, with next message line is that the device id not found =\ But I have this working on Win10, at least.... The issue is still unresolved, unfortunately. Thanks, Daniel

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