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[ALOY-1513] Allow multiple global stylesheets

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I would like to create another TSS file in addition to app.tss that is used globally. The reason for this is because my company has multiple apps that need to use the same style rules. I want to extend the app.tss global styling to include a secondary file. The only way I know to use the same styles is to copy-paste our style rules into app.tss, but this causes issues with source control. It's difficult to tell if you have the latest version and difficult to tell why a change was made. From [this question](http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/182842/can-i-use-a-secondary-global-styling-like-apptss#answer-287785).


  1. Malcolm Hollingsworth 2015-08-13

    This makes a huge amount of sense not only for the reason stated - which is a very good one but also when as a business you create a company base tss file that all clients apps are built from but then you need the app specifics. This goes beyond simple colours here and font tweaks there - this would allow a business to define how they define apps at their core and then build on those styles per app. Having to cut copy paste and comment is not suitable. This cannot be handled by themes as the problem still remains. In an ideal world each widget could also have a widget wide tss file much like the app.tss but per widget that would be used as a base for all controllers inside the widget. But that is a step to far for this ticket. Eyes on the prize. A big huge yes please this is a massive need and a great idea.

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