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Titanium MVC Framework
ALOY-1logger.js failing in Titanium runtimeClosed2012-05-162014-06-22
ALOY-2Mobileweb red screen on load of master_detail sampleClosed2012-05-162012-07-19
ALOY-3eval() of DOM scripts at app startup increasing initial load time significantlyClosed2012-05-142012-07-19
ALOY-4HTML grammar does not support unmatched <link> tagClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-5Need to add line number and column to pegjs grammarsClosed2012-05-302014-06-22
ALOY-6Generated HTML object tree full of whitespace elementsClosed2012-05-182014-06-22
ALOY-7Current require() scheme fails on MobilewebClosed2012-05-142012-07-19
ALOY-8HTML grammar breaks when entities (<, >, &) are found in <script>, even with <![CDATA[]]>Closed2012-05-252013-05-01
ALOY-9Filesystem CSS load failing on AndroidClosed2012-05-162012-07-19
ALOY-10runtime.js throwing exceptions on Android emulatorClosed2012-05-142012-07-19
ALOY-11xpath removal broke runtimeClosed2012-05-152012-07-19
ALOY-12DOM parsing bustedClosed2012-05-072013-05-01
ALOY-13CSS grammar does not support commentsClosed2012-05-212014-06-22
ALOY-14Current XML parsing doesn't handle namespacesClosed2012-06-082014-06-22
ALOY-15Unable to use constants for JSON propertiesClosed2012-05-142014-06-22
ALOY-16There's no way to specify complex types in markup for UI propertiesClosed2012-05-112012-07-19
ALOY-17sizzle.js: only id selectors workClosed2012-05-162012-07-19
ALOY-18Can't create DOM elements without an IDClosed2012-05-112013-05-01
ALOY-19Replace use of 'exports' with 'module.exports' in runtime.jsClosed2012-05-112014-06-22
ALOY-20Selectors need to be able to handle multiple elementsClosed2012-05-152014-06-22
ALOY-21Use Sizzle selector engineClosed2012-05-142013-05-01
ALOY-22Integrate Sizzle into Zipti via commonjsClosed2012-05-152014-06-22
ALOY-23Launch emulators, simulators, or devices directly from ziptiClosed2012-05-162014-06-22
ALOY-24Need a "build Ti-App project" operation in the CLIClosed2012-06-082014-06-22
ALOY-25Replace eval() of runtime w3c libraries with require()Closed2012-05-112014-06-22
ALOY-26Support embedded style sheetsClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-27Improve HTML parsing performanceClosed2012-05-112014-06-22
ALOY-28Consider using jsdom for HTML parsing and DOM creationClosed2012-05-112014-06-22
ALOY-29Move all generated files to "generated" folder in project Resources folderClosed2012-05-082012-07-19
ALOY-30Are json.pegjs and json.js necessary?Closed2012-05-082013-05-01
ALOY-31Replace references to "zipti" with "tiapp"Closed2012-06-082014-06-22
ALOY-32Support external stylesheetsClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-33CSS runtime parsing needs to be revisedClosed2012-05-082014-06-22
ALOY-34Use commonjs to execute the app_dom.js fileClosed2012-05-142014-06-22
ALOY-35Widgets need a directory and public interface so can be grabbed by outside processes like Ti Studio.Resolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-36The user will use namespaces like iPhone, Mobile Web and Android to create UI elements currently just prepending Ti.UI.createX.Closed2012-05-062017-03-10
ALOY-37ZipTi will need comprehensive loggingClosed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-38A template/sample that builds a ToDo list MVC app. The canonical app is a cloud based ToDo list. Closed2012-06-122014-01-28
ALOY-39User will want to know why we have chosen HTML and CSS vs XML and JSON. We should present what have have done offers real value in terms of productivity vs other techniques.Closed2012-05-072014-01-28
ALOY-40A system for testing HTML, CSS grammars needs to a part of ZipTi build system to ensure grammars are correct before finding parser errors.Closed2012-05-072014-01-28
ALOY-41The user would like to run the Declarative UI translator but does not want to do custom install of components.Closed2012-05-072012-07-19
ALOY-42The user want create elements and widgets and be able to extend and wrap existing Ti API so that proxy issues can be avoidedResolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-43The user want to use CSS and style by id, class and style attribute.Closed2012-05-062012-07-19
ALOY-44The user wants to have pre-release docs that explain how install and use Declarative UI.Resolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-45The user wants to have JavaScript and CSS in separate files to maintain presentation logic separation.Resolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-46The user will use several pre-packaged widgets to create apps. See description for widget list.Closed2012-05-062017-03-10
ALOY-47The user wants to use platform specific targeting to generate elements only for specific platforms currently iPhone, MobileWeb, AndroidResolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-48The user will have a couple full functioning Appcelerator apps that include widgets, look awesome, show best practices, and run cross-platform. See description for apps.Resolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-49A template/sample that builds a brochure style app.Closed2012-06-122014-01-28
ALOY-50All node processes to support ZipTi need to be public so that outside processes like Ti Studio can find and run them.Resolved2012-05-062018-03-07
ALOY-51Add warning and error debugging to a $Ti.Logger object. The Logger itself should just queue messages and later an be queried for it's content, This way we can log in a platform independent way.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-52Stronger exception/error messagesClosed2012-05-162014-06-22
ALOY-53Need to add line number and column to pegjs grammarsClosed2012-05-302014-06-22
ALOY-54Improve runtime error messagesClosed2012-05-142012-07-19
ALOY-55Create complex source to tests the proper operations of generated parsers.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-56Add complex dom structure and test that selector engine can retrieve the correct dom elements.Closed2012-05-082014-06-22
ALOY-57Make sure to test node scripts on Linux, Windows, and Mac.Resolved2012-05-082018-03-07
ALOY-58Modify translator and package scripts to be node NPM compliant.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-59Create a widget factory. Meet with Chris and Tony and based on W3C Specs come up with a widget factory that can handle unique ids, nested widgets and css for class and ids.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-60Support embedded style sheetsClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-61Support external style sheetsClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-62Establish priority between inline, embedded, and external stylesClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-63Establish specificity of selectors in CSSClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-64Need to handle all selector typesClosed2012-05-222014-06-22
ALOY-65Add a new markup attribute called data-ti-platform="[iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile Web [version]]"Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-66Take the data-ti-platform and during code generation put if ([platform]) around element. Ignore subelements.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-67Ensure that any scripts that operate on ZipTI can be run from command-line or Ti Studio.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-68In tiUIRuntime.js add code to merge the class, id and style css into a single css rule.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-69Using combined css apply style during object creation.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-70Create the $Ti(selector).css(x) for returning a property and $Ti(selector).css(x, y) for setting valuesClosed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-71For styles like fonts that become json objects develop method that can map from css to Ti API.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-72Work with Arthur on styles that fall outside scope and document how they should be done in code.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-73Currently just going through metadata files in need to open external script and css files in ti_ui_translator.js. Handle the both local and network based files.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-74Scan in script and css and append to css and script source.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-75Ensure that that translated markup has css and script included.Closed2012-05-072014-06-22
ALOY-76Compiling of json style files break when a object value is used.Closed2012-06-142014-06-22
ALOY-77Support per-component tag parsing for complex relationshipsClosed2012-06-272014-02-04
ALOY-78Documentation for builtinsResolved2012-06-272014-02-04
ALOY-79Widgets need to bundle assets and librariesResolved2012-06-272018-03-07
ALOY-80Establish Ti.UI.iPad.SplitWindow markup syntaxClosed2012-06-272014-06-22
ALOY-81Add the ability to create singleton component objectsClosed2012-06-302014-06-22
ALOY-82Allow views/controllers/styles to be structured in foldersClosed2012-07-012013-05-01
ALOY-83Allow platform conditionals in markup via the "platform" attributeClosed2012-07-012014-06-22
ALOY-84Models are only generated in the index componentClosed2012-07-102014-06-22
ALOY-85Need to make ti.alloy compiler plugin work consistentlyResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-86Widget dependency managementResolved2012-07-162016-03-16
ALOY-87Platform and form factor specific styling, like media queriesResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-88Alloy style files to specify platform and form factor specific sectionsResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-89Platform and form factor specific files for stylesClosed2012-07-162014-01-28
ALOY-90Change view extensions to 'txml', styles to 'tss', abstract out othersClosed2012-07-162014-02-04
ALOY-91SAP-FC Sample needs reviewResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-92Go through all GitHub ReadMe files and make sure content is accurate and descriptive, snippets of code is helpful. Resolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-93Make sure sql sync operation work on single tableResolved2012-07-162014-02-04
ALOY-94On model samples take away crud ops and use on change event insteadResolved2012-07-162014-02-04
ALOY-95Create ACS adapter that will persist backbone objects in cloudResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-96Finalize Alloy CLI API for all build and generate commandsResolved2012-07-162014-02-04
ALOY-97Add tags section to widget descriptorResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-98Create a folder for more complete samples like fashion closet Resolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-99Create a folder for templatesResolved2012-07-162018-03-07
ALOY-100Finalize the app descriptor for samplesResolved2012-07-162014-02-04
ALOY-101Allow Alloy.Models.MODEL_NAME notationClosed2012-07-172014-01-28
ALOY-102Investigate adding debugger support - see descriptionClosed2012-07-172014-02-04
ALOY-103Model-View binding for discrete componentsResolved2012-07-172018-03-07
ALOY-104Enable Model-View binding on TableViewsResolved2012-07-172018-03-07
ALOY-105Add Anvil Unit Testing to AlloyClosed2012-07-172014-02-04
ALOY-106Need to have Alloy fully documented in Appcelerator engineering docsClosed2012-07-172012-09-24
ALOY-107Need to have the command "alloy new ." generate style index.tss Closed2012-07-172012-07-19
ALOY-108tss file expr() syntax needs to be handled recursivelyClosed2012-07-182013-05-01
ALOY-109Alloy developer to add custom markup (tags) and associate with a custom processing library Closed2012-07-182014-02-04
ALOY-110Create a basic REST adapter and sampleClosed2012-07-182014-02-04
ALOY-111Create simple sample that shows application life cycle Closed2012-07-182014-02-04
ALOY-112Improve syntax of custom model functionsResolved2012-07-182018-03-07
ALOY-113Create a simple sample that shows having a widget in a widgetResolved2012-07-182018-03-07
ALOY-114Make sure all Alloy CLI commands can work with inner folders Resolved2012-07-182018-03-07
ALOY-115Script (document) a 5 step process to create a simple Alloy app from fresh install to running app Resolved2012-07-182018-03-07
ALOY-116Release notes for public prereleaseResolved2012-07-182014-02-04
ALOY-117Identify is a device is "handheld" or "tablet" on all supported platformsResolved2012-07-192018-03-07
ALOY-118alloy generate migration is crashingResolved2012-07-202018-03-07
ALOY-119Global styleResolved2012-07-212018-03-07
ALOY-120Add "platforms" tag to widget.json manifestResolved2012-07-232018-03-07
ALOY-121TSS parsing does not handle arrays of object properlyResolved2012-07-232018-03-07
ALOY-122Pass styles to the create() function of widgetsResolved2012-07-242018-03-07
ALOY-123Pass styles to require viewsResolved2012-07-242018-03-07
ALOY-124Broken GeneratorResolved2012-07-242018-03-07
ALOY-125Add style attributes to markup Resolved2012-07-252018-03-07
ALOY-126As a developer, I'd like to be able to use L() in TSS files to simplify using i18n strings in my appResolved2012-07-252018-03-07
ALOY-127'alloy generate view' should generate a View not WindowResolved2012-07-252018-03-07
ALOY-128Ti.UI.currentTab undefined in controllerClosed2012-07-262015-07-30
ALOY-129Web-based quick start for new Alloy developersResolved2012-07-262014-02-04
ALOY-130Interpret .tss files as JS, not JSONResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-131Use uglify to intelligently determine if getRoot() should be used in add() or remove() functionsClosed2012-07-262014-02-04
ALOY-132Change "Alloy" tag to "Component", make required, adjust all code and samplesResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-133Widgets need to support their own modelsResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-134TiStudio : Modules - The included ti.physicalSizeCategory module gives a warning in the module view of tiapp.xml that it is incompatible with the 2.1.1 sdkResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-135Improve widget asset and lib path handlingResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-136`alloy generate model` should also generate custom model scriptResolved2012-07-262018-03-07
ALOY-137All "model" config and code should be contained in a single fileResolved2012-07-262013-05-01
ALOY-138Enforce "platforms" tag in widget.json manifestClosed2012-07-272014-01-28
ALOY-139Android : Unable to add a window to the root index on AndroidClosed2012-07-272014-06-22
ALOY-140Widgets should be auto-added to projects like builtinsResolved2012-07-272014-06-18
ALOY-141Build a brochure sample appClosed2012-07-272012-10-04
ALOY-142Sample To-Do app using ACSOpen2012-07-272018-03-07
ALOY-143Allow all elements to have "require" attributeClosed2012-07-302014-06-22
ALOY-144Progress bar widgetClosed2012-07-302012-08-18
ALOY-145Tableview widgetClosed2012-07-302012-08-18
ALOY-146Imageview widgetClosed2012-07-302012-08-18
ALOY-147Login widgetResolved2012-07-302018-03-07
ALOY-148Sample: City AppClosed2012-07-302012-10-04
ALOY-149Change name of the combined code of xml, styles, controllers from Component to ControllerResolved2012-07-302018-03-07
ALOY-150Change the current hidden exports to be explicit just as in regular commonjsResolved2012-07-302018-03-07
ALOY-151Change root node of markup back to Alloy.Resolved2012-07-302018-03-07
ALOY-152Add an Include and Require element see descriptionResolved2012-07-302018-03-07
ALOY-153For the Widget element change the syntax to be <Require widgetid="myWidgetID/> Closed2012-07-302014-02-04
ALOY-154Take away the separate generater for component and controller when generate controller generate a view, style and controller. Resolved2012-07-312014-02-04
ALOY-155When generating a new project only create an assets, controllers, models, styles and views folderResolved2012-07-312018-03-07
ALOY-156Animation library improvementsResolved2012-07-312018-03-07
ALOY-157All top-level elements in a required view should be added its parent's view hierarchyResolved2012-07-312018-03-07
ALOY-158Templates for "alloy new"Resolved2012-08-022018-03-07
ALOY-159Assign controller inheritance from markup via "parentController"Resolved2012-08-062018-03-07
ALOY-160BaseController.js setParent() fails when given an Alloy conrollerResolved2012-08-062018-03-07
ALOY-161Allow developers to create controllers with no associated view or styleResolved2012-08-072018-03-07
ALOY-163"controller" attribute for <Alloy> elementResolved2012-08-072018-03-07
ALOY-164Add args to lifecycle Resolved2012-08-082018-03-07
ALOY-165Advanced sample that shows inheritance and lifecycle functionsResolved2012-08-082018-03-07
ALOY-166Add multiple view sample to show opening multiple views and calling methods and functions in other views.Resolved2012-08-082012-11-28
ALOY-167Add scan for widgets and if in markup move to Resources/alloy/widgets folderResolved2012-08-082013-05-01
ALOY-168Add to the Book Search sample the master detail functionality and remove master detailClosed2012-08-082014-01-28
ALOY-169Change getRoot() controller method to getUIRoot make clearer what is happeningResolved2012-08-102018-03-07
ALOY-170Possible do something with getController to return UI root vs the controller objectClosed2012-08-102014-01-28
ALOY-171"src" and "type" attributes from <Require> should not be passed to the generated codeResolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-172Resources : By default in Titanium Studio, the resources folder is hidden from an end userClosed2012-08-132014-06-22
ALOY-173So args can be passed to controllers do Alloy.getController(path, args)Resolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-174Take away making ids in markup available outside module and add a getView("id") methodResolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-175Rather then using the $.foo = function() { }; in controller use exports.foo = function() { }Resolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-176make sure ti.physicalSizeCategory-android-1.0.zip is not at project rootClosed2012-08-132014-01-28
ALOY-177The <Include> element should be removed.Resolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-178Add exports basecontroller propertyResolved2012-08-132018-03-07
ALOY-179Adding commands 'dry-run' optionClosed2012-08-142013-05-01
ALOY-180Go through test apps and make sure they work with latest controller changesResolved2012-08-142018-03-07
ALOY-181Add analytics support to alloy new and compile commandClosed2012-08-142012-11-28
ALOY-182Move default iphone, android, mobile web resources to assetsResolved2012-08-142018-03-07
ALOY-183Change getUIRoot() to getView()Resolved2012-08-152018-03-07
ALOY-184Inspect <Require> tag's elements at compile timeResolved2012-08-162018-03-07
ALOY-185When doing alloy new command if the is not a platform Resource folder the app folder is created but the commands gives a missing file errorResolved2012-08-162018-03-07
ALOY-186'CalledProcessError' object has no attribute 'output' on buildResolved2012-08-172014-06-18
ALOY-187Implement Ti.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup in markup parsersResolved2012-08-182018-03-07
ALOY-188Remove toLowerCase() in installModule() when linked ticket is resolvedResolved2012-08-182018-03-07
ALOY-189ti.physicalsizecategory module getting added on every build to tiapp.xmlResolved2012-08-182018-03-07
ALOY-190All widgets are included in all Alloy projectsResolved2012-08-182013-05-01
ALOY-191Alloy model verification appResolved2012-08-202018-03-07
ALOY-192Make sql_model test app behave like a true appResolved2012-08-202018-03-07
ALOY-193Discuss, test, and merge PR #55 on alloy repoResolved2012-08-202014-02-04
ALOY-194Github repo README.md is inaccurateResolved2012-08-202012-11-28
ALOY-195Drastically improve debuggingResolved2012-08-202018-03-07
ALOY-196e.source.id not returning id in event handlersResolved2012-08-212018-03-07
ALOY-197Define pull request acceptance workflowResolved2012-08-212018-03-07
ALOY-198Alloy does not work with the latest 2.2.0 master of titanium_mobile for iOSResolved2012-08-212018-03-07
ALOY-199Documentation: Make Alloy safe for documentationResolved2012-08-222018-03-07
ALOY-200All apps without config.json fail at compileResolved2012-08-232018-03-07
ALOY-201Implement Ti.UI.Mobileweb.NavigationGroup parserResolved2012-08-232018-03-07
ALOY-202Implement a "nolayout" attribute (or something similar) in tagsClosed2012-08-232014-01-28
ALOY-203Build on Android - physicalSizeCategory not foundResolved2012-08-242018-03-07
ALOY-204Improve compile time validation of all markup parsersResolved2012-08-242018-03-07
ALOY-205Move all in-code TODOs to jira issuesResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-206Compose Alloy's list of CLI commands from the directories in Alloy/commandsResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-207Improve command line help Closed2012-08-282014-02-04
ALOY-208Handle i18n localization folderResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-209ti.physicalSizeCategory module removed for Alloy 1.0.0 (TiSDK 3.0+)Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-210Support Dynamic StylingClosed2012-08-282013-08-06
ALOY-211Determine minimum TiSDK version for AlloyResolved2012-08-282014-02-04
ALOY-212Add compile time check to Alloy.Require.js parser to ensure require file existsResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-213Confirm <Require> under Ti.Map.View markup is actually an <Annotation>Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-214Confirm <Require> under Ti.UI.iPad.SplitWindow markup is actually a <Window>Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-215Confirm <Require> under Ti.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup markup is actually a <Window>Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-216Improve parser error outputResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-217Confirm element under Ti.UI.Tab markup is actually a <Window>Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-218Expand widget generation CLI capabilitiesOpen2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-219When executing a run via the common/titanium.js script, check tiapp.xml for deploy targetsClosed2012-08-282014-02-04
ALOY-220How to handle uglifyjs alloy-specific changesResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-221Improve error output from ti.alloy compiler plugin for all python versionsClosed2012-08-282014-06-22
ALOY-222Process SQL migration column names at compile timeClosed2012-08-282014-02-04
ALOY-223Move optimizer.js runtime to checks for iPhone vs. iPad vs. Universal to compile time where possibleClosed2012-08-282014-02-04
ALOY-224"namespaces" sample failing on androidResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-225Remove Android <Require> Annotation workaround from "namespaces" sampleResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-226Widget generation needs to add widget name to config.jsonResolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-227Alloy CLI needs a way to tell Studio what sample and widget manifests are available locally.Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-228Alloy CLI needs a way to tell Studio what sample and widget manifests are available locally.Closed2012-08-282014-01-28
ALOY-229Alloy CLI needs a way to tell Studio what adapters are available.Resolved2012-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-230Add to "alloy generate model schema" the adapter nameResolved2012-08-282012-09-19
ALOY-231If model descriptor is sql but no migration then automatically generate table.Closed2012-08-282014-01-28
ALOY-232Add ability to extend collection class like is done for modelResolved2012-08-282012-09-24
ALOY-233Only automatically create a migration when generating a sql modelResolved2012-08-282013-05-01
ALOY-234sql.js sync adapter won't fetch() a collectionResolved2012-08-292012-09-11
ALOY-235Color codes showing up in TiStudio outputResolved2012-08-292018-03-07
ALOY-236oauth builtin throwing application errorClosed2012-08-292018-03-07
ALOY-237social builtin create and authorize functions do not seem to be working as expectedClosed2012-08-292014-06-22
ALOY-238Find offical home for Alloy quick startResolved2012-08-292018-03-07
ALOY-239Remove "vendor" folderReopened2012-08-302015-09-23
ALOY-240Implement Ti.UI.Picker parser (PLAIN)Resolved2012-08-312018-03-07
ALOY-241Change getController() to createController() to better show it returns a new instance each time vs getView() with always returns the same objectResolved2012-09-012012-11-28
ALOY-242Implement a Ti.UI.iOS.Toolbar parserResolved2012-09-092018-03-07
ALOY-243Simple parser for Ti.UI.TableViewResolved2012-09-092018-03-07
ALOY-244Error expanding <Require> tags when they are widgetsResolved2012-09-102018-03-07
ALOY-245Add .gitignore to Alloy projectsClosed2012-09-112014-07-18
ALOY-246Platform-specific alloy filesResolved2012-09-112018-03-07
ALOY-247Form factor specific Alloy filesClosed2012-09-112014-02-04
ALOY-248sql adapter and/or sql_model do not work with AndroidResolved2012-09-112012-09-24
ALOY-249Better error output on python < 2.7Resolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-250Alloy should throw errors on XML formatting failuresResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-251Errors with <Require> expansion and validationResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-252Make tss file commas between items optionalResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-253Investigate improving uglifyjs "beautify" outputResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-254Analyze Ti API for more possible special tag parsersResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-255Assess/Improve Alloy DocumentationResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-256Improve efficiency of <Require> expansionOpen2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-257Assess/Improve TiStudio integrationResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-258Integrate New Titanium CLIResolved2012-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-260Expose Anvil unit testing to developer through AlloyClosed2012-09-122014-01-28
ALOY-261Re-evaluate use of uglifyjs vs. code-processorClosed2012-09-122014-02-04
ALOY-262Add shorthand markup for iOS SystemButtonsClosed2012-09-132014-08-06
ALOY-263Implement Ti.UI.Picker parser (DATE & DATE_TIME)Closed2012-09-132014-06-20
ALOY-264Simplify special tag parsers codeClosed2012-09-132014-01-28
ALOY-265Improve Ti.UI.Picker parser effeciencyClosed2012-09-132014-08-06
ALOY-266Ti.UI.Picker should handle <Require>Closed2012-09-132013-12-03
ALOY-267Improve Malformed XML error reportingResolved2012-09-142018-03-07
ALOY-268Normalized density-specific image handling across platformsOpen2012-09-142018-03-07
ALOY-269Manage installed version of Alloy Resolved2012-09-142018-03-07
ALOY-270app/assets changes not reflected in /ResourcesResolved2012-09-142018-03-07
ALOY-271Get message, line, column, and position from all AST parsing errorsResolved2012-09-142018-03-07
ALOY-272Grammar for TSS filesResolved2012-09-152018-03-07
ALOY-273uglifyjs improperly handles if/else without curly bracesResolved2012-09-172018-03-07
ALOY-274Improve optimizer.js code and testingResolved2012-09-172018-03-07
ALOY-275Improved unit testingResolved2012-09-172018-03-07
ALOY-276Compile time check of <Require> paths missing pre-installed widgetsResolved2012-09-172018-03-07
ALOY-277Implement Ti.Android.Menu parserResolved2012-09-172018-03-07
ALOY-278Improve general compile time logging and error output Resolved2012-09-182018-03-07
ALOY-279Improve JSON parsing error outputResolved2012-09-182018-03-07
ALOY-280Remove alloy.jmk from default projectsResolved2012-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-281builtins not pulling in dependenciesResolved2012-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-282Alloy - Syntax error breaks build processResolved2012-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-283Ignore Node ACS binding files on Resources cleanResolved2012-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-284Accept Titanium SDK constants in the XML markupResolved2012-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-285Organize test appsResolved2012-09-202018-03-07
ALOY-286Alloy - ImageView is not working in AndroidResolved2012-09-202018-03-07
ALOY-287Implement Ti.UI.iOS.TabbedBar parserResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-288Implement a Ti.UI.iOS.CoverFlowView parserResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-289Implement a Ti.UI.Buttonbar parserResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-290Android Screen Density based resoursesClosed2012-09-212014-01-28
ALOY-291Implement Ti.UI.AlertDialog parserResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-292Implement Ti.UI.DashboardView and Ti.UI.DashboardItem parsersResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-293Implement Ti.UI.OptionDialog parserResolved2012-09-212018-03-07
ALOY-294Ti.alloy compiler plugin should use PATH when possible for finding alloy/nodeResolved2012-09-242018-03-07
ALOY-295Need bootstrap hooks in the appResolved2012-09-242018-03-07
ALOY-296Remove WPATH() workaround for AndroidClosed2012-09-262017-06-14
ALOY-297Add shorthand <Widget> markup for <Require type="widget">Resolved2012-09-262018-03-07
ALOY-298Titanium SDK 3.0.0 breaks the "models/sql" test app on iOSResolved2012-09-262018-03-07
ALOY-299Remove "no alloy run for mobileweb" conditionalClosed2012-09-262014-02-04
ALOY-300Start using node-appc for titanium infoClosed2012-09-272014-01-28
ALOY-301Create alloy "hooks" for new CLIResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-302add ti.start.alloy analytics call to alloy appsClosed2012-09-272014-01-28
ALOY-303"hook" command to add alloy to titaniumResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-304Special tag parsers are overwriting properties defined in TSS, even when emptyResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-305Event callbacks defined in markup are not working for Windows defined in NavigationGroupResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-306Abstract types in markup do not currently support platform, formFactor, or inline event attributesResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-307Add --android for specifying the android sdk to alloy runResolved2012-09-272018-03-07
ALOY-308Update github README.mdResolved2012-09-282018-03-07
ALOY-309Specific markup error causes the compiler to hangResolved2012-09-282018-03-07
ALOY-310Initial "alloy run" sometimes ending in iOS errorResolved2012-09-292018-03-07
ALOY-311Don't assign Ti.Android.MenuItem properties twice in parserResolved2012-09-292018-03-07
ALOY-312Update underscore.js and backbone.jsResolved2012-09-292018-03-07
ALOY-313Use applyProperties to assign properties to Ti.Android.MenuItem in parserResolved2012-09-292018-03-07
ALOY-314Add Ti.Analytics.featureEvent for Alloy appsResolved2012-10-022018-03-07
ALOY-315Trim node text for labels and buttonsResolved2012-10-032018-03-07
ALOY-316Add Alloy.version APIResolved2012-10-042018-03-07
ALOY-317Throw compile error when reserved JS words are used as IDsResolved2012-10-042018-03-07
ALOY-318Abstract out "optimizers" for compile commandResolved2012-10-042018-03-07
ALOY-319Adjust test suite to only test only supported platforms on current OSResolved2012-10-052018-03-07
ALOY-321SearchBar cannot be added to TableView directly in the viewResolved2012-09-162018-03-07
ALOY-322Get Mobileweb compiling in TiStudio with new CLIResolved2012-10-092018-03-07
ALOY-323Make Alloy support only TiSDK 3.0+Resolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-324DRY out parser code where possibleResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-325Create unti testing for "new" commandResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-326Create unit testing for "install" commandResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-327Create unit testing for "generate" commandsResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-328Revamp and simplify quick startResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-329Cover alloy commands with unit testingResolved2012-10-102018-03-07
ALOY-330Make `alloy run` execute `titanium build`Resolved2012-10-122018-03-07
ALOY-331Get iOS compiling with new CLI through StudioResolved2012-10-122018-03-07
ALOY-332Improve TabGroup creation Closed2012-10-122013-10-11
ALOY-333Parser abstraction and simplicationClosed2012-10-122014-01-28
ALOY-334Use the new alloy screen and icons for Alloy projectsResolved2012-10-132018-03-07
ALOY-335platform checks not working due to TIMOB-11489Resolved2012-10-152018-03-07
ALOY-336Mobileweb logs not showing up in console - TISTUD-2525Closed2012-10-152014-06-20
ALOY-337Support "themes"Resolved2012-10-162018-03-07
ALOY-338Create CHANGELOG.md in github repoResolved2012-10-162018-03-07
ALOY-339unit testing for "alloy" executable with no argsResolved2012-10-182018-03-07
ALOY-340Android fails with "too deep recursion while parsing" with Rhino runtimeResolved2012-10-232018-03-07
ALOY-341Assess and test PR #76Resolved2012-10-242018-03-07
ALOY-342Allow 'alloy generate' to create platform-specific filesResolved2012-10-242018-03-07
ALOY-344CLONE - Studio Dashboard: "default" and "Default Project" does not give clear information about Alloy and Project unless description is read.Resolved2012-10-242018-03-07
ALOY-345Load pre-existing SQLite DBs with sql adapterResolved2012-10-252018-03-07
ALOY-346Unable to use createController('index')Closed2012-10-252014-06-22
ALOY-347Unit testing for "info" commandResolved2012-10-252018-03-07
ALOY-349Enable debugging of Alloy apps in StudioResolved2012-10-262018-03-07
ALOY-351Only include sync adapters when necessaryResolved2012-10-292018-03-07
ALOY-352sql adapter requires a migration for initial installResolved2012-10-302018-03-07
ALOY-353Titanium proxies built from markup should support all Backbone eventingResolved2012-10-302018-03-07
ALOY-354'alloy generate jmk' does not workClosed2012-10-302014-06-20
ALOY-355Improve path handling in compiler plugin for OSX (PR #77)Resolved2012-11-012018-03-07
ALOY-356Remove string builtin from runtime alloy.js fileResolved2012-11-012018-03-07
ALOY-357Button fires event "singletap" twiceResolved2012-10-172018-03-07
ALOY-358Guide for developing Alloy widgetsOpen2012-11-012018-03-07
ALOY-359buttongrid Widget and orientation changeResolved2012-11-022018-03-07
ALOY-360Model-View bindingResolved2012-11-022018-03-07
ALOY-361Device Query formFactor overwrite Resolved2012-11-022018-03-07
ALOY-362Allow controller-less views with some controller logicClosed2012-11-022014-05-22
ALOY-363MobileWeb: Default Project: fails with Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'click' in undefined index.html:5219Closed2012-11-022014-06-22
ALOY-364Review PR #81: Added function to retrieve date in RFC822 format in datetime builtinResolved2012-11-052018-03-07
ALOY-365create Alloy.globals and reserve for developer useResolved2012-11-052018-03-07
ALOY-366Alloy compile benchmarking with process.hrtime()Resolved2012-11-052018-03-07
ALOY-368Widgets should reference controllers within their standalone structure when using createControllerResolved2012-11-062018-03-07
ALOY-370In order to assign functions to exports object in controller - you must declare a local function vs a variable assigned functionResolved2012-11-072018-03-07
ALOY-371Support adding widget views (besides widget.xml) in markupClosed2012-11-072014-01-28
ALOY-372Support 'alloy generate' command for widget componentsClosed2012-11-072014-05-30
ALOY-373Create <Collection> in markup (singleton)Resolved2012-11-082018-03-07
ALOY-375Alloy Model Generation providing incorrect adapter type within definitionResolved2012-11-122018-03-07
ALOY-376Better handling of Menu component on iOSResolved2012-11-122018-03-07
ALOY-377Touch Test - An Alloy enabled app won't work by default because there isn't an app.js by defaultResolved2012-11-122018-03-07
ALOY-378Widget themesClosed2012-11-132014-05-29
ALOY-379Create <Collection> in markup (instance)Resolved2012-11-132018-03-07
ALOY-380app/alloy.js file created on all new projectClosed2012-11-132014-06-19
ALOY-381Resolve global variables in commonjs modules platform disparitiesResolved2012-11-132018-03-07
ALOY-382rightNavButton markup (and other similar properties)Resolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-383inViewHierarchy markup attributeClosed2012-11-142014-01-28
ALOY-384Standardize unit testing for optimizer.jsClosed2012-11-142014-02-04
ALOY-385Standardize unit testing for optimizer.jsResolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-386create an "alpha" branch in the alloy github repoResolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-387TiStudio code completion for Alloy controller files (JS)Resolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-388TiStudio code completion for Alloy view files (XML)Resolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-389TiStudio code completion for Alloy style files (TSS)Closed2012-11-142013-04-09
ALOY-390Create <Model> in markup (singleton)Resolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-391Create <Model> in markup (instance)Resolved2012-11-142018-03-07
ALOY-392optimizer.js only optimizes platform conditionals if Ti.Platform is on left hand sideResolved2012-11-152018-03-07
ALOY-393Enable optimizer.jsResolved2012-11-152018-03-07
ALOY-394Model-view binding on Views using collectionsResolved2012-11-152018-03-07
ALOY-395<Collection> and <Model> generated code should appear BEFORE UI codeResolved2012-11-152018-03-07
ALOY-396Builtins: animation builtin functions should support callback on completionResolved2012-11-212018-03-07
ALOY-397make sure all animation.js functions have finishCallbackResolved2012-11-232018-03-07
ALOY-399Improve generated variable namesClosed2012-11-282014-01-28
ALOY-400Move Alloy properties (like globals, Collections, Models, CFG) into alloy.js instead of app.jsResolved2012-11-282018-03-07
ALOY-401Change Alloy.globals to Alloy.GlobalsResolved2012-11-292018-03-07
ALOY-402Account for all 1.0.0 deprecations and API changesResolved2012-11-292018-03-07
ALOY-403Create Alloy.Collections.instance() and Alloy.Models.instance() functionsResolved2012-11-292018-03-07
ALOY-404Create an Alloy model type that uses no persistenceResolved2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-405'orientation' device queryOpen2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-406Custom device queries in TSS filesClosed2012-11-302014-01-28
ALOY-407Make "alloy generate model" calls uniform in format, regardless of adapterResolved2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-408Create special notation for js, constants, etc... in XML attributes of viewsClosed2012-11-302014-01-28
ALOY-409Collection binding giving error on inline rows in TableViewResolved2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-410Enable Collection binding via instance collectionsResolved2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-411Test app for inline/<Require> and instance/singleton TableView Collection bindingResolved2012-11-302018-03-07
ALOY-412Create a few standalone samples for Alloy appsClosed2012-12-032014-06-19
ALOY-413Allow views to explicitly define the associated controllerOpen2012-12-042018-03-07
ALOY-414Make models/tableview_binding app work with properties adapterResolved2012-12-042018-03-07
ALOY-415Make models/properties test app collection work properlyResolved2012-12-042018-03-07
ALOY-417properties adapter improvementsResolved2012-12-052018-03-07
ALOY-418Implement proxy property parsers for Ti.UI.TextField: keyboardToolbar, leftButton, rightButtonClosed2012-12-072014-08-06
ALOY-419Create "alloy generate adapter" commandOpen2012-12-102018-03-07
ALOY-420refactor TableView parser to allow model-bound tables to use proxy propertiesResolved2012-12-102018-03-07
ALOY-421replace the datetime.js builtin with moment.jsResolved2012-12-102018-03-07
ALOY-422Strip all platform-specific XML that doesn't apply to the current compile before processingOpen2012-12-102018-03-07
ALOY-423Process PR #90 , improvements for buttongrid widgetResolved2012-12-112018-03-07
ALOY-424As a Titanium Developer, I want to use Alloy to develop an app for Blackberry platformClosed2012-12-142014-11-03
ALOY-429Convert jake app runner to use new CLIResolved2012-12-172018-03-07
ALOY-430Collection binding doesn't handle Backbone "reset" eventResolved2012-12-182018-03-07
ALOY-431Expose Model and Collection class definitions more easilyOpen2012-12-182018-03-07
ALOY-432add destroy() function to all controllersResolved2012-12-192018-03-07
ALOY-433Android compile time warning when building for productionResolved2012-12-192018-03-07
ALOY-434Styles in platform-specific and theme folders should be merged, not completely overwrite base stylesClosed2012-12-192014-08-06
ALOY-435UI Object Allocations with Alloy and Titanium StudioClosed2012-12-192014-01-29
ALOY-436Alloy compile failures not aborting builds with new CLI (3.0+)Resolved2012-12-192018-03-07
ALOY-437Alloy fastdev support for AndroidResolved2012-12-192018-03-07
ALOY-438Proxy off() function from Backbone is not workingClosed2012-12-192014-08-06
ALOY-439ActionItems created in markup don't appear in action bar.Resolved2012-12-202014-02-11
ALOY-440Ti.UI.Picker has no collection bindingClosed2012-12-202014-08-28
ALOY-441Markup event handlers defined as function expressions can't manually be triggered til after controller code is executedOpen2012-12-202018-03-07
ALOY-443Enable more complex notation in bindingClosed2012-12-212016-03-16
ALOY-444Collection Binding on TableViewSectionsOpen2012-12-212016-01-19
ALOY-445Should be able to require inside a nav group declarationClosed2012-12-222014-06-22
ALOY-446sql adapter should open/close DB between operationsResolved2012-12-252018-03-07
ALOY-447Alloy Models should have 'autoincrement' option for primary keysClosed2012-12-272013-01-29
ALOY-448Using Subversion with the Alloy framework does not compile any changes to the local code into the Resources directoryResolved2012-12-182018-03-07
ALOY-449Parsing state not clean when processing multiple top-level UI elementsResolved2013-01-032018-03-07
ALOY-450Accept multiple root-level emelents to index.xml view based on platformClosed2013-01-042014-01-28
ALOY-451Collection Binding on ScrollableViewsClosed2013-01-072013-05-01
ALOY-452Remove expr() syntax from TSS files, replace with Alloy namespace accessResolved2013-01-092018-03-07
ALOY-453Fully support up and down migrations in sql adapterResolved2013-01-092018-03-07
ALOY-454iOS is rebuilding apps every time with new CLIClosed2013-01-102014-01-28
ALOY-455Remove Backbone eventing from Titanium proxiesResolved2013-01-112018-03-07
ALOY-456Support multiple databases in sql adapterResolved2012-12-272018-03-07
ALOY-457Make Alloy sync adapter sync() function signature match that of BackboneResolved2013-01-142018-03-07
ALOY-458Alloy sql sync adapter to execute queries on fetch()Closed2013-01-142014-08-06
ALOY-459Remove rs.fieldCount vs. rs.fieldCount() in sql.jsResolved2013-01-142014-07-01
ALOY-460ScrollableView with noticeable lag when swiping between viewsResolved2013-01-102018-03-07
ALOY-461Alloy - Allow usage of "Require" or "Widget" in TableViewResolved2013-01-112018-03-07
ALOY-462Update Backbone to 0.9.10 and Underscore 1.4.3Closed2013-01-152014-01-28
ALOY-463Alloy doesn't allow requiring of an Android MenuClosed2013-01-152013-05-14
ALOY-464Alloy - HeaderView element not working for TableViewSectionResolved2013-01-112018-03-07
ALOY-465Implementing rightNavButton and leftNavButton for PopoverClosed2013-01-162014-08-06
ALOY-466Alloy TableViews with sections not reliably passing 'click' events Closed2013-01-162014-01-29
ALOY-467idAttribute assignable from Model configClosed2013-01-162014-08-06
ALOY-468add insertRow() and deleteRow() function in sql migrationsResolved2013-01-172018-03-07
ALOY-469Update the README files in the Alloy Sample AppsClosed2013-01-172014-06-22
ALOY-470models/sql_queries test appClosed2013-01-172014-08-06
ALOY-471Enable Collection binding for DashboardViewResolved2013-01-182014-03-20
ALOY-472Enable Collection binding for CoverFlowViewClosed2013-01-182013-03-12
ALOY-473Abort compile process with message if trying to compile Alloy 1.0+ for anything less than Titanium 3.0Closed2013-01-182014-02-04
ALOY-474TSS: allow extra commas in parserClosed2013-01-182014-08-06
ALOY-475Create test app for testing sql adapter apps with no migrationsResolved2013-01-192018-03-07
ALOY-476Widgets within model-bound view get bound to unexisting $modelResolved2013-01-212018-03-07
ALOY-477Remove rhino support workaround (ups the threadstacksize)Closed2013-01-212013-12-10
ALOY-478Remove `alloy run` commandResolved2013-01-212018-03-07
ALOY-479Migration processing bugResolved2013-01-222018-03-07
ALOY-480Replace "sql" adapter with "sql_new"Resolved2013-01-222018-03-07
ALOY-481Update all supported sync adapters to send correct parameters to success and error callbacksReopened2013-01-222018-03-07
ALOY-482View-based collection binding not properly clearing children before repopulatingResolved2013-01-222018-03-07
ALOY-484todo app throw exception when deleting last row in table on androidClosed2013-01-232013-02-20
ALOY-485Collection binding on views for iOS incorrectly repopulating UIClosed2013-01-232013-12-10
ALOY-486sql adapter does not update ID in client-side model when using AUTOINCREMENTClosed2013-01-252014-08-06
ALOY-487SQL adapter does not accept ID when using PRIMARY KEYClosed2013-01-252014-01-28
ALOY-488Orphan file cleanup deletes builtins and widget assetsClosed2013-01-262014-08-25
ALOY-489Allow developers to specify an explicit function name for autogen binding functionClosed2013-01-282013-07-12
ALOY-490Allow native modules to be added in markupClosed2013-01-282014-01-28
ALOY-491Alloy bind() function for creating data binding in codeResolved2013-01-292018-03-07
ALOY-492Events are blocked in special cases in TableViewSectionClosed2013-01-162014-01-28
ALOY-494ImageView doesn't support animated images Closed2013-01-302014-06-22
ALOY-495"View" in TSS matches both Ti.UI.View and Ti.Map.ViewClosed2013-02-032013-05-01
ALOY-496Alloy: formFactor attribute wrong behaviorsClosed2013-02-052014-06-22
ALOY-497Alloy: Journal sample runtime error switching between different platformsClosed2013-02-052014-06-22
ALOY-499Generated code contains undefined objects when a comma not needed is present on tss filesClosed2013-02-062013-05-01
ALOY-500Fix models/binding_dashboard app after TIMOB-12606 is resolvedClosed2013-02-062014-05-14
ALOY-501Alloy: 'alloy run' command does not correctly handle parameters Closed2013-02-062014-06-22
ALOY-502Unexpected error when requiring a widget that provides a valid view to it's parentClosed2012-11-212013-08-01
ALOY-503Support Ti.Map.View > Annotation for Model-View bindingClosed2012-12-202015-06-25
ALOY-504Remove event listeners on dataFunctionOpen2012-12-312018-08-20
ALOY-505Alloy app crashes on Android phone when debugging is enabled.Closed2012-12-172014-01-29
ALOY-506Alloy: Adding hooks for pre UI codeOpen2013-01-212018-03-07
ALOY-507ability to configure search path for widgetsOpen2013-01-282018-03-07
ALOY-508sql_new adapter doesn't save the id provided when creating a new objectClosed2013-01-242013-03-12
ALOY-510Issue using 'alloy run' (deprecated) for building on iOS deviceClosed2013-02-072014-08-06
ALOY-511Incorporate changelog into package.jsonClosed2013-02-072013-08-08
ALOY-513iOS only sample 'ui/dashboard' runs on Android with errorClosed2013-02-082014-06-22
ALOY-514Fix typo in models/login test app's login.tss fileClosed2013-02-102014-06-22
ALOY-515Document constants used throughout alloy examplesClosed2013-02-122014-06-22
ALOY-518Add support for internationalized strings in view XML filesClosed2013-02-142013-07-29
ALOY-519Undo documenting in "unstable" oauth builtinResolved2013-02-142018-03-07
ALOY-520Add "jake app:quickrun" to just copy app folder to harness for quick buildsResolved2013-02-142018-03-07
ALOY-521Make models/login test app only work on iOSClosed2013-02-142014-06-22
ALOY-522Allow <View> to load custom view from a moduleClosed2013-02-172014-06-22
ALOY-523On errors running from titanium CLI, you get double log severity labelsClosed2013-02-172014-06-22
ALOY-524Improve logging to show the filename of the file.Resolved2013-02-172018-03-07
ALOY-525Add support for new tag to group many blocks of XML code together easierOpen2013-02-182018-03-07
ALOY-526Enable Collection binding for ButtonBarClosed2013-02-192013-03-12
ALOY-527Enable Collection binding for ToolBarClosed2013-02-192013-03-12
ALOY-528Enable Collection binding for TabbedBarClosed2013-02-192013-03-12
ALOY-529Alloy.createWidget() should recognize the 2nd parameter as either a widget controller name or argument object Resolved2013-02-212018-03-07
ALOY-530Creation functions for widgetsResolved2013-02-212018-03-07
ALOY-531Alloy: add TabGroup inside SplitWindow is not workingClosed2013-02-202013-05-14
ALOY-532Implement the source mapping API to support alloy debuggingResolved2013-02-212018-03-07
ALOY-533Better error message when defining menu on a lightweight windowClosed2013-02-222013-07-24
ALOY-535Need support for prepared statementsClosed2013-02-252013-04-09
ALOY-536Update uglifyjs to version 2.0Resolved2013-02-252018-03-07
ALOY-537Create internal source map for generated files from alloy compileResolved2013-02-252018-03-07
ALOY-538Create "alloy test" commandOpen2013-02-262018-03-07
ALOY-540Resolve suboptimal compression from uglify-js v2 updateClosed2013-03-012018-01-06
ALOY-541Android: large TableViews take much longer to load or fail to openClosed2013-03-042013-03-11
ALOY-542idAttribute set to a model attribute that is of type text not persistingClosed2013-03-052013-03-26
ALOY-544Ability to define a custom namespace to enable Alloy to generate custom widgetsClosed2013-03-072018-03-07
ALOY-545Setting widget view-controller from within XML viewsResolved2013-02-232018-03-07
ALOY-546Alloy generate controller doesn't make folder(s) specifiedClosed2013-02-282013-04-09
ALOY-547TSS selector Widget doesn't work like Require doesClosed2013-03-042013-05-01
ALOY-548Widget views containing valid child elements are not accepted like with requireClosed2013-02-232013-05-14
ALOY-549Move .map folder to build folderClosed2013-03-112014-02-04
ALOY-550Make Alloy compatible with Node 0.10.0Resolved2013-03-112018-03-07
ALOY-551"alloy generate migration" adds file extension twiceClosed2013-03-112014-06-20
ALOY-552Alloy generates erroneous code to set an event listener inside a repetition viewClosed2013-03-122013-05-01
ALOY-553fix paths.Resources error in "alloy new" Resolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-554fix undefined path.join() in loadGlobalStyle() on themesResolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-555update jake to 0.5.9 to support nodejs 0.10.0Resolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-556Update documentation to reflect that jake 0.5.9 must be used with alloy with nodejs 0.10.0Resolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-557Fix osname optimization is AST parsers optimizer.jsResolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-558Fix optimizer.js sections that can be resolved with uglify-js updatesResolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-559Alloy optimisation breaks functionalityClosed2013-03-122014-01-28
ALOY-560Alloy optimisation breaks functionalityClosed2013-03-122014-06-22
ALOY-561Move source maps to "build/map"Resolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-562Order of TSS classes declaration has effect instead of order in which they are assigned to an objectClosed2013-03-132015-10-22
ALOY-563Allow for autoinitialization of Alloy repetition views from global collections on creationResolved2013-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-564Support "npm test"Resolved2013-03-132018-03-07
ALOY-565Make "ui/splitwindow" fail gracefully on non-iPad runsClosed2013-03-142013-05-14
ALOY-566Remove workaround for TIMOB-13068 regarding SplitWindow and TabGroupsOpen2013-03-142018-03-07
ALOY-568Access to widget config with AlloyOpen2013-03-152018-03-07
ALOY-569add a basic ListView usage test appClosed2013-03-152013-03-25
ALOY-570Don't add an id to local/repeated viewsResolved2013-03-182018-03-07
ALOY-573App won't compile without Resources/app.js file presentClosed2013-03-192014-06-22
ALOY-574Alloy: Create filters for the code processorClosed2013-03-192014-06-30
ALOY-575Widgets controllers require an xml fileClosed2013-03-192013-07-17
ALOY-576Upgrade to Backbone 1.0Resolved2013-03-202015-04-13
ALOY-577Theme assets not removed in orphan file cleanupClosed2013-03-082014-06-02
ALOY-578Minify doesn't handle already-escaped quotes correctlyClosed2013-03-212014-06-22
ALOY-580Get Titanium BB environment set up and building a basic appResolved2013-03-252018-03-07
ALOY-581BB Alloy compiler directivesResolved2013-03-252018-03-07
ALOY-582Add BB to Alloy's internal conditional platform checksResolved2013-03-252018-03-07
ALOY-583Device query support for BB in AlloyResolved2013-03-252018-03-07
ALOY-584Validate all testing and test apps with BBClosed2013-03-252014-02-04
ALOY-585ListView XML markup integrationClosed2013-03-252013-07-17
ALOY-586Get compiler plugin/hook working with blackberryClosed2013-03-252014-06-22
ALOY-587Add Blackberry to optimizer.js AST checksResolved2013-03-262018-03-07
ALOY-588Implement and test isTablet and isHandheld functions for BlackberryClosed2013-03-262013-08-07
ALOY-589Support BB with "alloy new"Resolved2013-03-262018-03-07
ALOY-590Abstract platform-specific checks and functionality in Alloy to make adding platforms trivialResolved2013-03-262018-03-07
ALOY-592Widget: default new widget platforms do not respect tiapp.xml deployment targetsResolved2013-03-302014-10-23
ALOY-593Validate project names for Alloy projects for Studio IntegrationClosed2013-03-302013-03-30
ALOY-594Alloy: Naming a collection "collection" will failClosed2013-03-302013-07-15
ALOY-596Function is being called twice When adding alternate Window platform="android" on view.xmlResolved2013-03-312014-05-01
ALOY-597Windows: Debug source map reports incorrect lineClosed2013-04-022013-04-03
ALOY-598Alloy Build PluginsOpen2013-03-042018-03-07
ALOY-599Support data binding for text nodes and multiple fieldsClosed2013-04-042014-07-07
ALOY-600Ability for baseController to handle events marked up in descendant views.Closed2013-03-192013-08-07
ALOY-601Use env variables from config.json for distributed buildsClosed2013-03-192014-01-28
ALOY-602Nested collection bindings don't work as expectedClosed2013-03-162014-01-29
ALOY-603Allow Alloy widgets to be wrapped around child elements in XML viewsClosed2013-03-162014-09-02
ALOY-604Events inside binded views do not workClosed2013-02-252013-07-17
ALOY-605Creating a rightnavbutton wrongly results in no errors, not deathClosed2013-02-142014-01-28
ALOY-606Alloy doesn't work well under non-administration Windows accountClosed2013-02-122014-01-28
ALOY-607Enable basic ListView, ListSection, and ListItem support in markupResolved2013-04-052018-03-07
ALOY-608Support ListView's ItemTemplate in markupResolved2013-04-052018-03-07
ALOY-609ListSection data bindingResolved2013-04-052018-03-07
ALOY-610TiAPI: Read Alloy markup files natively Closed2013-04-062014-02-28
ALOY-611Add <Require> support to ListViewResolved2013-04-082018-03-07
ALOY-612Make raw styles available at runtimeClosed2013-04-082013-08-23
ALOY-613Develop API for adding/removing style classesResolved2013-04-082018-03-07
ALOY-614Dynamic DataCollection for UIOpen2013-04-092018-03-07
ALOY-615BlackBerry : Building alloy app for BB deletes the BB folder in resources & adds 'Iphone','android','mobile web' folder to it which causes build failureClosed2013-04-102014-06-22
ALOY-616Create source mapping for .JS files currently unsupported by the DebuggerClosed2013-04-112014-11-26
ALOY-617Create source mapping for .XML filesOpen2013-04-112015-06-08
ALOY-618Prepare Alloy 1.1.2 with BB supportResolved2013-04-112018-03-07
ALOY-619Compile time checking for native modules in markupClosed2013-04-122013-07-22
ALOY-620Reduce compile timeOpen2013-04-132015-06-08
ALOY-621Only generate sync adapters for one specifiedClosed2013-04-132014-01-28
ALOY-622app.tss doesn't apply to baseController Closed2013-04-152013-08-02
ALOY-623Test and merge PR #102 - Buttongris widget fixesClosed2013-04-162013-07-29
ALOY-624TypeError: Cannot read property 'isListItem' of undefined at processStyle Closed2013-04-162013-07-17
ALOY-625app.tss not being applied to views that don't have controller-specific stylesClosed2013-04-172013-06-21
ALOY-626Remove unneeded resources from samples/mappingClosed2013-04-182013-07-30
ALOY-627Only regenerate and copy CFG.js to Resources when app/config.json is added/removed/changedClosed2013-04-182014-05-09
ALOY-628When merging <viewname>.tss styles, platform specific Themes styles are not having priority over platform specific generic stylesClosed2013-04-182013-05-01
ALOY-629app.tss not being applied if set in a platform-specific styles folderClosed2013-04-192014-06-22
ALOY-630Use base xml files for viewsOpen2013-04-192018-03-07
ALOY-631ListView in view markup throws errorClosed2013-04-202014-01-28
ALOY-632Builtins being processed out of orderClosed2013-04-222013-08-23
ALOY-633OS_IOS undefined in animation.jsClosed2013-04-222013-08-23
ALOY-634Alloy: Create a Model that contains a field/column with a Default value of CURRENT_TIMESTAMPResolved2013-04-182018-03-07
ALOY-635Styles not being sorted properly among global, controller, platform-specific, and themeClosed2013-04-222013-05-01
ALOY-636Improved unit testingClosed2013-04-222014-01-28
ALOY-637Port node-based style handling code to TitaniumResolved2013-04-232018-03-07
ALOY-638Create complex style test app for testing all style combinationsClosed2013-04-232014-05-20
ALOY-639Support data-binding for other than Backbone collectionsOpen2013-04-232015-11-27
ALOY-640Don't minify backbone.js and underscore.js in development buildClosed2013-04-232013-09-19
ALOY-641Support remoteBackup for SQLite adapterClosed2013-04-252014-04-23
ALOY-642Memory leak with animation.js fadeIn() and fadeOut()Closed2013-04-252013-08-06
ALOY-643Upgrade underscore.js to version 1.4.4Closed2013-04-262013-08-02
ALOY-644Alloy should use no persistence when no adapter type is specifiedClosed2013-04-272013-07-29
ALOY-645onClick="nested.object.here" throws errors in AlloyClosed2013-04-282014-01-28
ALOY-646Alloy: Module args on methodClosed2013-04-302018-03-07
ALOY-647Allow complex data binding on ListView for sections and itemsOpen2013-05-012018-10-27
ALOY-648Allow ListViewAnimationProperties to be passed to functions while data bindingResolved2013-05-012018-03-07
ALOY-649Don't put ticket-based test apps on npmClosed2013-05-012013-07-30
ALOY-650Abstract all style handling code to single moduleResolved2013-05-012018-03-07
ALOY-651Create compile and runtime unit testing for style processingResolved2013-05-012018-03-07
ALOY-652Preprocess style for runtimeResolved2013-05-012018-03-07
ALOY-653Android: FastDev is not working for Alloy when app manually relaunchedClosed2013-05-012014-06-22
ALOY-654Android builds runs the new CLI hook, then also the legacy python compiler plugin Closed2013-05-022013-07-18
ALOY-655Provide a data- attribute support for Alloy xmlOpen2013-05-022018-03-07
ALOY-656Must have index.xml even if no UI is needed for the index controllerClosed2013-05-032014-05-12
ALOY-657FixedSpace not supported in XML MarkupClosed2013-05-032014-05-30
ALOY-659Bad behavior when setting a platform specific 'controller' .JS with no platform specific associated .XMLClosed2013-05-032013-10-11
ALOY-660Alloy: tag the source with <version> when publishing a version to global npmResolved2013-05-132018-03-07
ALOY-661CLONE - Code Processor: Get alloy to recompile before an analysisClosed2013-05-132013-12-03
ALOY-662Feature Request - "alloy generate controller" custom templates and argumentsOpen2013-05-102015-11-27
ALOY-663Go through test apps and make sure they work with blackberryClosed2013-05-152015-02-13
ALOY-664Create wiki documentation on Alloy internalsOpen2013-05-212018-03-07
ALOY-665Using namespace in markup eventClosed2013-05-222013-07-15
ALOY-666Alloy debugging doesn't work in WidgetsOpen2013-05-222015-06-08
ALOY-667Alloy: having a button (one for each platform) with same ID causes Ti.Contacts.showContacts() weirdnessClosed2013-05-222014-06-19
ALOY-668Generate runtime style modules in alloy/stylesClosed2013-05-232014-01-28
ALOY-669Generated style arrays sometimes contain "undefined" keysClosed2013-05-232013-06-24
ALOY-671Alloy app when accessing module from controllers->index.js, giving runtime errorClosed2013-05-282014-06-22
ALOY-672Alloy for binding existing Model instances to Model elementResolved2013-05-272018-03-07
ALOY-673Add git tags for Alloy versions back to 1.0.0Resolved2013-05-282018-03-07
ALOY-674multiple columns for an idAttributeClosed2013-05-282014-02-28
ALOY-675Move logger.js out of "common" folderResolved2013-05-282018-03-07
ALOY-676Make constants.js valid for both nodejs and TitaniumResolved2013-05-282018-03-07
ALOY-677XML Entities in views are not unescapedClosed2013-05-292013-08-06
ALOY-678Adding child Views to Ti.UI.View in ItemTemplate failsClosed2013-05-292013-07-15
ALOY-679Defaults for pre sqlite fileResolved2013-05-282018-03-07
ALOY-680add compiler directives to distinguish between ad-hoc and app-store distributionClosed2013-05-312014-05-19
ALOY-681Use CLI "project" hook to update app/assets platform-specific resourcesOpen2013-05-312018-03-07
ALOY-682Alloy: Prevent default ID for a view's root element to be used by child elementClosed2013-05-312013-08-19
ALOY-683CFG.js not being regenerated with changes to config.jsonClosed2013-05-312014-01-28
ALOY-684Interface for dynamically creating styled UI elementsResolved2013-06-032018-03-07
ALOY-685Port generateStyleParams() into a runtime versionResolved2013-06-032018-03-07
ALOY-686ALLOY: Add option for adding generate items to the git repositoryClosed2013-06-042014-02-28
ALOY-687Pre-process all platform queries in runtime stylesClosed2013-06-042013-08-02
ALOY-688Alloy: Runtime error occured in Binding Bars Sample app.Closed2013-06-052014-06-22
ALOY-689ALOY: Bottons are not displayed using the proxy properties.Closed2013-06-052014-06-22
ALOY-690Add config.json option to disable source map creationClosed2013-06-052013-07-29
ALOY-691Alloys Data Binding feature does not respect platform propertyClosed2013-06-052014-05-23
ALOY-692Alloy error output truncated with SDK < 3.0 on WindowsClosed2013-02-132014-06-22
ALOY-693Alloy: Detect using the same ID for multiple view elementsClosed2013-06-062014-02-28
ALOY-694Add support for Google Maps v2 add-on moduleClosed2013-06-072014-06-22
ALOY-695Create controller-specific version of Alloy.UI.create() that doesn't require controller nameClosed2013-06-072013-08-23
ALOY-696Support for Alloy.UI.create() and $.UI.create() in widgetsClosed2013-06-082013-07-30
ALOY-697<LeftButton> and <RightButton> not implemented in the Alloy markupClosed2013-06-102017-08-15
ALOY-698Change require('alloy/styler').generateStyle() to Alloy.createStyle()Resolved2013-06-102018-03-07
ALOY-699Navbuttons in splitWindow markupClosed2013-06-112014-08-15
ALOY-700Add android density specific test appClosed2013-06-112013-07-23
ALOY-701Alloy Listview templates don't support nestingClosed2013-06-012014-01-28
ALOY-702Double quotes not properly escaped in TSS stringsClosed2013-06-112013-06-21
ALOY-703Less modified code generationOpen2013-06-112018-03-07
ALOY-704Alloy social: adding username and useridResolved2013-06-082018-03-07
ALOY-705Add possibility to read a Model by its ID in the SQLite sync adapterResolved2013-06-122018-03-07
ALOY-706Store "classes" and "apiName" on Alloy-created proxiesResolved2013-06-132018-03-07
ALOY-707Alloy builtins to share a post on twitter with images but currently only string message is supportedOpen2013-06-132018-03-07
ALOY-709Add ability to disable auto adding "classes" and "apiName" propertiesClosed2013-06-132013-08-06
ALOY-710Alloy: Line number reported in the 'Errors' report is not always accurate if referring to a compiled file in the 'Resources' folder.Reopened2013-06-132014-12-03
ALOY-711Alloy Widgets samples are outdated and should be improvedResolved2013-06-152018-03-07
ALOY-712Dynamic styling test appClosed2013-06-172014-02-04
ALOY-713TabbedBar not showing in data bound TableViewRowClosed2013-06-192013-10-11
ALOY-714Shorthand for some proxy properties (i.e., <RightNavButton>)Closed2013-06-192014-05-30
ALOY-715Create a basic dynamic styling test appResolved2013-06-192018-03-07
ALOY-716When using view-model binding, whitespace inside curly braces disables bindingClosed2013-06-202018-03-05
ALOY-717Improve "reflow"/"repaint" functionality when adding and removing classesResolved2013-06-212018-03-07
ALOY-718ALLOY: SQL sync adapter should not require knowledge of the table nameOpen2013-06-212018-03-07
ALOY-719Alloy Android feature request: view/style API level conditional codeClosed2013-06-232014-05-13
ALOY-720Allow Widgets as child of Menu tagClosed2013-06-242014-02-04
ALOY-721Alloy.resetClass() & $.resetClass()Closed2013-06-252013-07-22
ALOY-722ScrollableView is automatically repositioning itself to currentPage=0 when Alloy Model updatesOpen2013-06-262018-03-07
ALOY-723Alloy: Remove log unimportant log calls in productionClosed2013-06-262014-01-28
ALOY-724Implement Ti.Android.Menu with TabGroupClosed2013-06-262013-07-22
ALOY-725autoLink values show as error in TSS filesClosed2013-06-262014-06-22
ALOY-726Update momentjs builtin to 2.1.0, and make translations availableClosed2013-06-262013-08-02
ALOY-727Alloy: OptionDialog androidView not showing upClosed2013-05-222014-05-08
ALOY-728Add a CLI command to extract i18n strings from alloy code and update the strings.xml filesClosed2013-06-262013-07-30
ALOY-729Alloy fails to compile when TabbedBar Labels have no propertiesClosed2013-06-272013-10-14
ALOY-730Fetching different models with a specific idAttribute inserts instead of replaces the "old" object in the fetch success response object. Closed2013-05-152014-06-22
ALOY-731Alloy: Ti.UI.textField: clearOnEdit being passed back as String instead of bool, causes crashClosed2013-07-062013-07-15
ALOY-732Alloy: Model db_name is ignored when db_file is setClosed2013-07-022013-07-15
ALOY-733Alloy controller inheritanceResolved2013-07-082014-01-17
ALOY-734"logger" not defined in CoverFlowImageType and BarItemType parsersClosed2013-07-082013-07-15
ALOY-735Allow arbitrary paths for preloaded sqlite databasesClosed2013-07-082013-07-15
ALOY-736Alloy: Twitter builtin does not close loading popup after loginClosed2013-07-032014-11-26
ALOY-737ALLOY: Integrate xml2tssClosed2013-07-082013-08-03
ALOY-738Alloy: Allow bitwise OR operand '\|' in TSS filesResolved2013-07-102018-03-07
ALOY-739ScollableView performance lagging on Android in AlloyClosed2013-07-112013-07-15
ALOY-740Alloy samples: remove "(Alloy)" from the labels in json responseClosed2013-07-112013-07-15
ALOY-741moment.js builtin causes compile error if "i18n" folder doesn't existClosed2013-07-122013-07-12
ALOY-742CLI: alloy generate style command does not check for the existence of the global style or files without view-controllers before overwriting itClosed2013-07-122013-07-12
ALOY-743Alloy: Add proper dynamic loading of namespace objectsClosed2013-07-142013-07-22
ALOY-744Alloy: Specify controller code that needs to come before generated view codeOpen2013-07-142018-03-07
ALOY-745Styles priority is not correctly respected using platform-folder app.tssClosed2013-07-152013-07-22
ALOY-7461.2.0 inline API docs updateResolved2013-07-152018-03-07
ALOY-747Alloy: Add attributes to override create, add and remove methodsClosed2013-07-152013-07-22
ALOY-748Alloy code should pass cleanly through jslintClosed2013-07-172013-08-02
ALOY-749Remove unstable oauth builtinResolved2013-07-172018-03-07
ALOY-750Can't use a pipe separator (bitwise operator) in TSS for some API's that require itClosed2013-07-172013-10-14
ALOY-751Android: some Style properties are not removed using $.removeClassClosed2013-07-172013-07-22
ALOY-752font property is not properly being mixed in when using multiple classesClosed2013-07-182014-10-28
ALOY-753Alloy properties adapter 'reset' event fired twiceClosed2013-07-202013-07-31
ALOY-754Alloy: Add theme-support for config.jsonClosed2013-07-222014-04-23
ALOY-755Alloy dynamic styling: modify raw styles should affect new alloy controllersOpen2013-07-232019-11-07
ALOY-756Alloy dynamic styling: access global app raw stylesOpen2013-07-232018-03-07
ALOY-757Only recompile controllers when necessaryOpen2013-07-242014-12-29
ALOY-758Create pre-compiled versions of Alloy core runtime libraries per-platformOpen2013-07-242018-03-07
ALOY-759Support the ability to have compiler conditionals defined as JS constantsClosed2013-07-242013-07-24
ALOY-760Generate runtime files to Titanium platform-specific foldersClosed2013-07-242014-08-05
ALOY-761BlackBerry: Map annotation are not displayed if object properties are set in the view .xml Closed2013-07-252014-08-06
ALOY-764BlackBerry: add support for Model/Collection using SQL adapterOpen2013-07-272018-03-07
ALOY-765Alloy: Introduce a compiler hook that runs before assets are copiedClosed2013-07-272013-11-11
ALOY-766Sample: 'binding_dashboard' is not including specific code for non-iOS platformsClosed2013-07-312014-06-22
ALOY-767"Bindings_scrollableView" sample on Android does not display imagesClosed2013-07-312014-06-22
ALOY-768"binding_listview" sample: set 'touchEnabled:true' or 'bubbleParent:false' to button.tss "#label" styleClosed2013-08-012013-10-11
ALOY-769Tizen supportResolved2013-08-012018-03-07
ALOY-770Views .xml tags not closed properly are not detected as an errorResolved2013-08-022018-03-07
ALOY-771Allow operators and expressions in TSSOpen2013-08-022018-03-07
ALOY-772Update dynamic_styling test app to account for TIMOB UI bugsResolved2013-08-022018-03-07
ALOY-773Tizen does not support Android constants for softKeyboardOnFocus propertyResolved2013-08-022018-03-07
ALOY-774Alloy dynamic styling can't handle WPATHClosed2013-08-032013-08-06
ALOY-775Allow a Require to add both (multiple) Templates and ListSectionsOpen2013-08-052018-03-07
ALOY-776Allow a Require to provide multiple ListSectionsOpen2013-08-052018-03-07
ALOY-777Create tool for adding contributors to AUTHORS fileResolved2013-08-062018-03-07
ALOY-778Confirm Dialogs no opening on deviceClosed2013-08-072018-03-07
ALOY-779Add optimized config.json to each test appResolved2013-08-082018-03-07
ALOY-780Support DEBUG compiler constantOpen2013-08-122018-03-07
ALOY-781Add option to extract-i18n to remove strings not used in codeClosed2013-08-122014-01-28
ALOY-782Add support for XML views and properties like 'titleid' to i18n-extractClosed2013-08-122014-06-22
ALOY-783Alloy: config.json environment-specific global values are ignored, always returning the env:development valueClosed2013-08-142013-08-15
ALOY-784Implement Titanium.Android.ActionBar properties in <Menu>Closed2013-08-142014-06-09
ALOY-785Pass TabGroup as __parentSymbol to widgets providing a tabOpen2013-08-142018-03-07
ALOY-786Alloy parser for Switch should set the value property on iOSClosed2013-08-132013-10-10
ALOY-787A <Widget> in a widget view should default to the current srcClosed2013-08-122015-12-04
ALOY-788iOS: rightButton for TextField doesn't workClosed2013-08-102014-06-22
ALOY-789Improperly escaping line terminatorsClosed2013-08-152013-08-28
ALOY-790Alloy: Error when calling $.createStyle if the style file contains \nClosed2013-08-102014-06-22
ALOY-791Repair icon asset file names for iOSClosed2013-08-162014-06-22
ALOY-792Builtins: Add flip animationClosed2013-08-152013-10-10
ALOY-793Build fails if using ' \ ' character as text in styles .tss Closed2013-08-172014-09-12
ALOY-794Alloy Conditional code not functionalClosed2013-08-172014-11-20
ALOY-795Remove "jake" from dependenciesResolved2013-08-192018-03-07
ALOY-796Bump xml2tss dependency to 0.0.5Closed2013-08-192013-10-14
ALOY-797momentjs 2.1 zone() behavior has changed with moment-timezone releaseClosed2013-08-192014-02-13
ALOY-798Modify Error Message: Cannot read property 'manifest' of undefinedClosed2013-08-192013-10-14
ALOY-799Alloy app containing multiple widgets won't buildClosed2013-08-192013-10-10
ALOY-800Add support for <Annotation> within <Module module="ti.map" method="createView" platform="android">Closed2013-08-202014-05-13
ALOY-801Not properly cleaning up platform-specific orphan filesClosed2013-08-202013-10-14
ALOY-802Build failure on Windows with 'Invalid hex-character pattern in string' errorClosed2013-08-202013-08-23
ALOY-803Windows: issues using subfolders in controllers/viewsClosed2013-08-212013-08-26
ALOY-804jake not working on WindowsResolved2013-08-212018-03-07
ALOY-805Windows fails generate.js spec on Windows with weird behaviorOpen2013-08-222018-03-07
ALOY-806"preparing test app" phase of compile.js spec intermittently fails on WindowsOpen2013-08-232014-08-28
ALOY-807Alloy: Style properties are not showing with runtime values on package distributionClosed2013-08-262014-06-22
ALOY-808Alloy: Can't use 'Alloy.CFG' in a model definitionClosed2013-08-022014-11-26
ALOY-809Debugger stops because of an exception when adding event listeners in the viewClosed2013-08-292013-10-29
ALOY-810When moving app outside Studio workspace, alloy compile failsClosed2013-08-292018-03-07
ALOY-812Alloy: Automatically convert string-values for number-properties like borderWidth in TSSClosed2013-08-292018-03-07
ALOY-813Unicode characters display as a text string rather than the characterClosed2013-08-302014-06-04
ALOY-814Not all widgets are compiled and added to Resources directory by Alloy since 1.2.1Closed2013-09-032013-09-09
ALOY-815iOS 7: add 'navigationWindow' API to XML markupClosed2013-09-032013-10-28
ALOY-816Add deprecation for Ti.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup, minimum version validation for Ti.UI.iOS.NavigationWindowClosed2013-09-042013-10-14
ALOY-817Wrong method used to add an event listener when using custom namespace in markupClosed2013-09-042013-09-05
ALOY-818iOS7: NavigationWindow should work also inside Ti.UI.iPad.SplitWindowClosed2013-09-042013-09-06
ALOY-819Alloy 1.2.1 escapes control values contained within XMLClosed2013-09-052014-06-22
ALOY-820Fix alloy.jmk loadingClosed2013-09-052013-10-14
ALOY-821Offscreen to onscreen window animation problemClosed2013-09-032018-03-07
ALOY-822Add support for unsetting properties in TSS via 'undefined'Closed2013-09-032014-05-29
ALOY-824Update NavigationWindow sample appClosed2013-09-132013-09-13
ALOY-826Required ListSections always come firstClosed2013-08-052014-05-10
ALOY-829Add a shorthand for fetch() adapterClosed2013-09-182018-03-05
ALOY-830Alloy: ns should not be passed to create functionClosed2013-09-182014-05-15
ALOY-831NavigationWindow in Tabs failsClosed2013-09-192014-06-22
ALOY-832Geocoder Sample: Unable to geocode addressClosed2013-09-202014-06-22
ALOY-833Allow <Widget> as child of TableViewClosed2013-09-232014-08-05
ALOY-834Android only: Alloy generates addeventlistener call before createTabGroup call causing crash on Android when <Menu> is in XML...Closed2013-09-232013-10-14
ALOY-835Get Alloy in CIClosed2013-09-252014-05-19
ALOY-837Alloy: Comment appear in the buttonClosed2013-09-292013-10-14
ALOY-838Alloy: Mix conditional environment and platform valuesClosed2013-09-292014-08-05
ALOY-839Alloy compile copies .svn folders to generated 'Resources'Closed2013-09-302014-11-26
ALOY-840Alloy: XML elements may be without end slash?Closed2013-09-292014-05-08
ALOY-841Add an `once` function for call-once global eventsClosed2013-10-072014-02-28
ALOY-842Alloy: Have the measurement builtin use actual pixels for iOS as wellClosed2013-10-032014-08-05
ALOY-843ListView/ListSection: Support new API elements in XMLClosed2013-10-102014-08-05
ALOY-844Alloy - Event Listeners added repeated to different XML formFactorsClosed2013-10-142014-05-19
ALOY-845way to use os version in tss filesClosed2013-10-012017-08-08
ALOY-846iPad: detailWindow inside TabGroup does not load after switching tabsClosed2013-10-112015-10-16
ALOY-847Could this be a memory leak in Alloy ? (bitmap trapped / Android)Closed2013-10-102014-02-03
ALOY-848Titanium Alloy Map not showing in production releaseClosed2013-10-092013-10-29
ALOY-849Using different code file depending whether device or simulator is usedClosed2013-10-172014-06-22
ALOY-850Alloy: Automatically remove constants for platforms not targeted on compileClosed2013-10-172014-06-22
ALOY-851Alloy: Setting default ID on first top-level XML view element doesn't take platform attribute into accountClosed2013-10-172015-10-12
ALOY-852Android: closure-compiler warns for suspicious Alloy codeClosed2013-10-172014-02-28
ALOY-853Internationalization in markup required cause of creation only propertyOpen2013-10-142018-03-07
ALOY-856Support CSS like Selectors in TSS style filesOpen2013-10-222018-03-07
ALOY-857Alloy: Add ability to have custom parsersOpen2013-10-162018-03-07
ALOY-858Alloy: Theme "i18n" and "platform" foldersResolved2013-10-232016-06-28
ALOY-859Compile failing on OSX Mavericks when targeting Windows Server network drivesResolved2013-10-232018-03-07
ALOY-860Consider adding conditional for theme support in AlloyOpen2013-10-192018-03-07
ALOY-861When creating a new controller, add arguments statement to the JS fileClosed2013-10-252013-10-31
ALOY-862index.xml in subfolder throws error if it doesn't have a top-level containerClosed2013-10-252014-08-05
ALOY-863Mobileweb 3.2.0 breaks Alloy apps with "'apiName' is read only"Closed2013-10-252013-12-10
ALOY-864Remove ALOY-477 workaround for rhino supportClosed2013-10-282013-12-10
ALOY-865Cache global styleResolved2013-10-282018-03-07
ALOY-866Only recompile app.js when necessaryResolved2013-10-302018-03-07
ALOY-867dataTranform executes twice in Alloy using sql data sourceClosed2013-10-202017-10-25
ALOY-868Can't use deep <Require>'s for proxy propertiesClosed2013-11-012014-08-06
ALOY-871Custom TSS device queriesClosed2013-10-302014-05-29
ALOY-872Modify the Harness template for Android project to workaround ti.paint module not workingClosed2013-11-062013-12-03
ALOY-873ListView data binding test app fails on second startClosed2013-10-092014-05-14
ALOY-874Proxy properties not showing on data bound tables or listsClosed2013-11-112014-08-05
ALOY-8751.3.0 Release notesClosed2013-11-122017-08-03
ALOY-876Alloy 1.3.0 - Could not find app.jsClosed2013-11-132014-08-14
ALOY-877Add TiSDK 3.2.0 warning for Alloy 1.3.0Closed2013-11-152014-08-06
ALOY-878<SplitWindow> not recognized when used with formFactor tagsClosed2013-11-182014-02-28
ALOY-879Alloy: Properly expose Alloy NPM package as a CommonJS moduleOpen2013-11-112018-03-07
ALOY-880Improve error reporting on duplicate alloy controller idClosed2013-11-072018-03-07
ALOY-883Support proxy-like elements in Alloy widget/require child view-elementsClosed2013-11-222014-01-21
ALOY-884Errors removing orphaned sync adapters when using a widget-specific sync adapterClosed2013-11-232013-12-05
ALOY-885Version output on failed TiSDK check is in errorClosed2013-11-242013-12-03
ALOY-886Android: some widget samples does not show with TiSDK 3.2.XClosed2013-11-252014-06-04
ALOY-887In XML files of an Alloy project, open a comment block but not closing it, will hang up the compilerClosed2013-11-212014-05-13
ALOY-889iOS: <NavigationGroup> object generates Ti.UI.iPhone.createNavigationGroup, removed in 3.2.0 Closed2013-12-032014-01-20
ALOY-890Replace <NavigationGroup> with <NavigationWindow> in all test appsResolved2013-12-032018-03-07
ALOY-891Make sure all samples work with TiSDK 3.2.0Resolved2013-12-032018-03-07
ALOY-893social.js update to REST API 1.1Closed2013-12-032018-03-07
ALOY-894Android proxies throwing ClassCastException on non string attributesClosed2013-11-212014-01-16
ALOY-895Set Switch state by databinding on opening windowClosed2013-11-262014-11-19
ALOY-897Adding a Widget that uses arguments to a controller's XML causes a Proxy leakClosed2013-12-062014-05-14
ALOY-898com.appcelerator.loading widget causes memory leak Closed2013-12-062014-06-20
ALOY-899Cannot add/remove class from ListViewItemClosed2013-12-132014-06-22
ALOY-900Create a new table with Alloy and pre-built dbClosed2013-12-122014-05-15
ALOY-901Deleting app/alloy.js causes compile errorClosed2013-12-172014-08-04
ALOY-903Alloy: __parentSymbol property missing for widgets in TableView Closed2013-12-172014-01-06
ALOY-904Requesting widgets/requires to receive reference to their parentOpen2013-12-182014-08-28
ALOY-905Make 1.3.0 compatible with TiSDK < 3.2.0Closed2013-12-192013-12-23
ALOY-907JavaScript syntax error output is incorrect and confusingClosed2013-12-202014-02-05
ALOY-909Tooling: No meaningful error message given for invalid XML markupClosed2013-12-122017-08-15
ALOY-910Need refresh control support in Alloy view mark-upClosed2013-12-242014-04-23
ALOY-911touchEnabled property in Alloy xml crashes on Android with Titanium SDK 3.2.0.GAClosed2013-12-272014-05-08
ALOY-912Alloy 1.3.0 ignores formfactor in headerView - leads in crashClosed2013-11-192014-07-31
ALOY-913Error TextField on addEventListener on dataCollectionClosed2013-12-242014-08-27
ALOY-914Default Alloy Project shows incorrect appiconClosed2013-12-242014-11-26
ALOY-915Alloy Collection (RESTful) is not releasing memory properlyClosed2014-01-032014-06-22
ALOY-916Alloy 1.3 does not apply theme images where filenames are the same as the replacementClosed2014-01-032014-01-07
ALOY-917Alloy RSS Sample generates runtime error on iPhoneClosed2014-01-012014-01-20
ALOY-9191.3.1 release notesClosed2014-01-102014-02-13
ALOY-920should.js causes compiler errorClosed2014-01-102014-07-10
ALOY-921Update uglify-js to 2.4.8 Closed2014-01-102014-08-15
ALOY-922Alloy: Previously working code crashes with Alloy 1.3.0 + Titanium SDK 3.2.0Closed2014-01-092014-11-26
ALOY-923TextField with proxy property causes compile error as ItemTemplateClosed2014-01-132014-12-30
ALOY-924Alloy: Built-in loading widget fails to be added in controller whose top-level view is a navigation windowClosed2014-01-052018-03-07
ALOY-925XML: Allow for in-line script blocksOpen2014-01-142018-03-07
ALOY-926Allow --platform to specify multiple platforms or even "all"Open2014-01-162015-11-14
ALOY-927TextField: Support keyboard and return key type shortcuts strings in XML and TSS definitionsClosed2014-01-162014-08-05
ALOY-929Widget/Require includes references to child elements targeted for other platformsClosed2014-01-152016-09-26
ALOY-930ListView: HeaderView must come before Templates tag or it won't show upResolved2014-01-202014-06-18
ALOY-931Programmatic Binding APIOpen2014-01-212018-03-07
ALOY-932Improve error messages when attempting to bind to complex objectsClosed2014-01-212014-08-14
ALOY-933ui/map app not working for iOS with TiSDK 3.2.0+Closed2014-01-222014-05-09
ALOY-934Change androidView behavior for optionDialog and similar componentsClosed2014-01-222014-08-13
ALOY-935Update xmldom once upstream implements PR#74Closed2014-01-222014-06-22
ALOY-936Alloy, TSS as js not "parsed json"Open2014-01-232018-03-07
ALOY-937Platform specific widget assets are misplaced under ResourcesClosed2014-01-232014-11-20
ALOY-938Using conditional TSS results in unexpected _.extend() callsClosed2014-01-242014-11-26
ALOY-940Unable to add NavigationWindow to Popover in AlloyClosed2014-01-272014-05-09
ALOY-941Add a unique and unchanging ID property to all UI components for Appcelerator Test usageOpen2014-01-272014-06-18
ALOY-943iOS: App Icon is not setClosed2014-01-292014-01-31
ALOY-944Add "setTopLevelViews" so controllers extending others can redefine the UIOpen2014-01-292018-03-07
ALOY-945Alloy compile copies .svn files from widgets and models to buildClosed2014-01-302014-06-22
ALOY-946Confirm manual attachment of SOASTA IDs in Alloy XML works as expectedOpen2014-01-312018-03-07
ALOY-948Alloy: LiveView: runtime tests not working if LiveView is enabledClosed2014-02-052018-03-07
ALOY-949Customizable properties for dialogs bultinClosed2014-02-052014-05-22
ALOY-950'localStorage' adapter for Alloy Models should be deprecated and no longer usedClosed2014-02-062014-08-18
ALOY-951Social.js builtin: throws JS error after canceling authorizationClosed2014-02-062014-06-22
ALOY-952Non numeric primary key not escaped during queryResolved2014-02-072014-08-19
ALOY-953Alloy Social.js builtin: improve UI for both iOS 7 and AndroidClosed2014-02-072014-05-13
ALOY-954<ItemTemplate> sometimes not applied properly to <ListView>Resolved2014-02-112018-03-07
ALOY-955Remove tizen supportClosed2014-02-112014-06-27
ALOY-956Jake: remove hardcoded SDK versionClosed2014-02-112014-09-17
ALOY-957Alloy: How to consume alloy widget asset in 3.2.0?Closed2014-02-122018-03-07
ALOY-958Alloy: Allow adding of custom tss fileOpen2014-02-162018-03-07
ALOY-959Alloy: Android ignores Alloy config settingsClosed2014-02-162018-03-07
ALOY-960Add support for ContentView in Popover Alloy View xmlResolved2014-02-112018-03-07
ALOY-961Alloy: Add attributedString/attributedHintText supportResolved2014-02-192015-01-23
ALOY-962Menu control doesn't appear in Todo sample on AndroidClosed2014-02-212014-05-09
ALOY-963Allow platform specific subfolders in lib and vendor directoriesClosed2014-02-272014-09-05
ALOY-964Support AndroidView in addition to View as child of AlertDialogClosed2014-03-032014-08-13
ALOY-967Support i18n directory in widgetsResolved2014-03-062015-02-13
ALOY-968strings in xml on boolean values ("false"/"true") fail in mobilewebClosed2014-03-132015-11-03
ALOY-969Variable position in compiled alloy fileClosed2014-03-122018-03-07
ALOY-970Update jake and Harness template for Ti 3.2.2.GAResolved2014-03-172014-03-17
ALOY-971Alloy : Collection events triggered with trigger() method are firing twiceClosed2014-03-192015-01-14
ALOY-972Alloy : Alloy.Controller.getView returns a controller when requesting a widget or remote view by IDOpen2014-03-202018-03-07
ALOY-974Document AlloyOpen2014-04-012015-01-05
ALOY-975Document the Alloy repo / file structureResolved2014-04-012014-12-16
ALOY-976Document the 'alloy compile' processOpen2014-04-012014-05-19
ALOY-977Add code commentsResolved2014-04-012014-12-30
ALOY-978Document team processesResolved2014-04-012014-05-22
ALOY-979Document toolsResolved2014-04-012014-05-22
ALOY-980Alloy: Builtin moment.js causes exception on device if language is not ENClosed2014-04-022018-03-07
ALOY-981Implement KeyboardToolbar for TextAreaClosed2014-04-022014-08-08
ALOY-982Unit tests failures for ALOY-709Closed2014-04-072014-11-19
ALOY-983Popover height and width are ignored when using ContentView elementClosed2014-04-082014-06-22
ALOY-984Support RightNavButtons and LeftNavButtons in Alloy XML MarkupClosed2014-04-092016-01-25
ALOY-986Alloy: Allow 'binding' properties to be set on an Alloy view from a controllerResolved2014-04-082018-03-07
ALOY-987Alloy : Shorthand for fetch() don't work correctly using default alloy_idClosed2014-04-092014-06-22
ALOY-988Update tests: "known good" code no longer matches generated codeClosed2014-04-142014-05-13
ALOY-989Custom TSS: issue when using more than one conditionalClosed2014-04-212014-05-01
ALOY-990Alloy : createCollection() should accept 'options' as an argumentOpen2014-04-172014-06-18
ALOY-991Support new ActionBar subtitle property in <Menu>Closed2014-04-232014-06-22
ALOY-992Alloy : Geocoder sample application in Titanium StudioClosed2014-04-242014-05-27
ALOY-993Ti.Android.Menu.js -- remove Android version test once Android 2.x is no longer supportedOpen2014-04-242014-12-15
ALOY-994Add <ActionBar> tag to set activity.actionBar propertiesClosed2014-04-252014-11-26
ALOY-995Support turning off iCloud backup for auto-generated model databasesOpen2014-04-252014-08-28
ALOY-996Remove changes made in ALOY-858Closed2014-04-292014-05-12
ALOY-997Add theme support for i18n and platform directoriesClosed2014-04-292014-04-29
ALOY-998Address to-do comment in compilerUtils.js regarding TIMOB-14884Open2014-04-292014-04-29
ALOY-999Alloy: Add Compile time defines functionalityOpen2014-04-202018-03-07
ALOY-1000Model Binding a View generates multiple calls to update the data of bound objects.Closed2014-05-012014-08-22
ALOY-1001Remove usage of wrench in favor of fs-extraClosed2014-05-012018-09-07
ALOY-1002Platform-specific folders within a widget's assets are copied unnecessarily to the Resources folderClosed2014-05-012014-09-12
ALOY-1003ListView binding compile error when "type" is used as a bindIdClosed2014-05-012014-09-15
ALOY-1004Styles priority is not correctly respected when using Custom TSS queriesResolved2014-05-062014-06-18
ALOY-1005Alloy <Require> doesn't care about the platform attr (parent or itself)Closed2014-05-032014-06-22
ALOY-1006Debugger does not stop at breakpoints set in alloy.jsResolved2014-05-082018-03-07
ALOY-1007Picker: update existing sample to new ALOY-263 Picker parserClosed2014-05-082014-06-22
ALOY-1008targetSdkVersion=11 has to be removed or updated from Harness TemplateClosed2014-05-082014-06-22
ALOY-1009Alloy: Add <Option> titleid so that it can use i18n stringsClosed2014-05-032014-06-22
ALOY-1011Android ActionBar: issues using TSS stylesClosed2014-05-092014-06-22
ALOY-1013MobileWeb: Builtin Confirm Dialogs not closing after clicking on yes/noResolved2014-05-102014-06-18
ALOY-1014Document the ways we can publicize the Alloy sample appsResolved2014-05-142014-05-23
ALOY-1015LiveView: Ti.include statements not supportedResolved2014-05-142018-03-07
ALOY-1017Alloy: 'method' and 'module' should not be passed to create a functionClosed2014-05-152014-05-20
ALOY-1018Add defaultNamespace or module attribute to Alloy TagResolved2014-05-162015-11-03
ALOY-1021Alloy: Add support for Alloy.CFG and Alloy.Globals in viewsResolved2014-05-102018-03-07
ALOY-1022Bad JS-Code when using '-' in element idResolved2014-05-152015-01-05
ALOY-1023Issue merging font stylesClosed2014-05-192014-10-28
ALOY-1024Make existing and new Alloy samples & demos more prominent and availableOpen2014-05-192018-03-07
ALOY-1025Update docs related to Alloy samplesResolved2014-05-192018-03-07
ALOY-1026Update and prioritize the samples in the Alloy repoOpen2014-05-192018-03-07
ALOY-1027Create a master demo Alloy app from the repo demo appsOpen2014-05-192018-03-07
ALOY-1028platform attribute with comma-separated string not correctly applied during buildClosed2014-05-202014-07-18
ALOY-1029Listview code errs on Android but works on iOS platformOpen2014-05-192015-06-08
ALOY-1030Build fails for "ToDo List" Alloy sampleClosed2014-05-222014-11-19
ALOY-1031Alloy: ListView not binding correctly with Collection when using Encrypted Database ModuleClosed2014-05-232018-03-07
ALOY-1032Mobileweb: Application Error using JSON.stringify on a UI objectResolved2014-05-272018-03-07
ALOY-1033ListView searchView property throws error if set in XMLClosed2014-05-282014-09-15
ALOY-1034Alloy : Incorrect month value used in generated file names, e.g. migrationsClosed2014-05-302014-08-26
ALOY-1035Themes: Assets images not being applied as expectedClosed2014-06-022014-06-06
ALOY-1036CustomTSS: Comma-separated queries are using wrong operator AND instead of ORClosed2014-06-032014-08-20
ALOY-1037Expose instantiation arguments of createControllerResolved2014-06-032014-10-06
ALOY-1038Conditionals with negation are not workingClosed2014-06-032014-06-06
ALOY-1039Alloy version built from 1_4_X branch is "1.4.0-alpha4"Closed2014-06-032014-11-24
ALOY-1040Android: Bouncy logo does not appear while running sample alloy widget appResolved2014-06-042014-06-09
ALOY-1042Themes/Assets images not always correctly applied when using same theme for multiple platformsClosed2014-06-042014-08-28
ALOY-1043Tooling: add script to compile all test apps and add _generated foldersResolved2014-06-052014-12-17
ALOY-1044Remove the sample widgetsClosed2014-06-062014-08-18
ALOY-1045Update SDK version in the HarnessTemplate tiapp.xml for 3.3.0.GAClosed2014-06-062014-06-27
ALOY-1046MobileWeb: Unable to package the sample alloy widget appClosed2014-06-042014-11-26
ALOY-1047Compile error when there is no "assets" folder under widget and themed widget directory.Closed2014-06-092014-11-20
ALOY-1048Alloy: A warning appears in index.xml file while creating default Alloy projectClosed2014-06-092014-07-17
ALOY-1049Alloy: Localized Strings not working for androidClosed2014-06-102014-06-13
ALOY-1050Parity Issue: app shows different behaviour on iOS and androidClosed2014-06-102014-06-18
ALOY-1051Font properties not properly merged when using dynamic stylesClosed2014-06-122014-10-28
ALOY-1052Alloy: Support use of L in XML proxy elementsClosed2014-06-112014-08-25
ALOY-1053Build error using 'type' property Closed2014-06-162014-06-20
ALOY-1054Windows: Alloy compiler does not show error details when using from Ti StudioReopened2014-05-282014-08-28
ALOY-1055iOS: build fails using a ScrollableView that contains a ListView using TemplatesClosed2014-06-172014-08-20
ALOY-1056Cannot set onTintColor attribute/property in XML markupClosed2014-06-192014-08-20
ALOY-1057Update version number in lib/alloy.js to 1.4.0Closed2014-06-202014-06-27
ALOY-1058Picker is not displayed if 'type' property is set in .TSSClosed2014-06-202014-06-27
ALOY-1059i18n from app must override i18n from widgetsResolved2014-06-242015-02-13
ALOY-1060Remove dependency on isClosed2014-06-262014-07-02
ALOY-1061Alloy: Require a specific view via XMLOpen2014-06-122018-03-07
ALOY-1062Blackberry: Default Alloy Project shows incorrect app icon for blackberryClosed2014-06-302014-08-26
ALOY-1063CLI: `ti clean` should remove/empty `Resources` for Alloy projectsResolved2014-04-092014-12-11
ALOY-1064ListView parser should remove Templates node after processing the templatesClosed2014-06-302014-09-13
ALOY-1065Source mapping of non-controller files should ignore non-JavaScript filesClosed2014-07-012014-09-15
ALOY-1066Windows, Android: Alloy build to device fails when spawning Alloy compile commandClosed2014-07-012014-11-26
ALOY-1067Support L() in XML as Label text Closed2014-07-022014-08-28
ALOY-1068Runtime error if Label's text attribute starts with L() alias in quotesClosed2014-07-022014-08-25
ALOY-1070"Native" Alloy viewsOpen2014-07-032018-03-07
ALOY-1071Can't dynamically override backgroundColor of a viewClosed2014-06-092018-03-07
ALOY-1073Create a Backbone 1.x compatible sync adapterClosed2014-07-072015-03-26
ALOY-1074Enable developers to specify Backbone version in config.jsonClosed2014-07-072018-01-04
ALOY-1075Confirm existing adapters support Backbone 1.xClosed2014-07-072018-01-04
ALOY-1076Studio: Distorted console view for alloy project launch on emulatorClosed2014-07-072014-08-12
ALOY-1080Compiler fails with misleading message when dataCollection set on ListView rather than ListSectionClosed2014-07-092014-09-14
ALOY-1081Improve query selection speed through sync adapter optimizationsResolved2014-07-092019-05-15
ALOY-1082Allows <Templates> to be children of <Widget>Resolved2014-07-142014-10-27
ALOY-1084[Alloy] jake app:run should accept -I (really all titanium CLI flags)Closed2014-06-102014-08-22
ALOY-1085Update Alloy templatesClosed2014-07-152014-11-19
ALOY-1087baseController in widgets should look for local controllerOpen2014-06-172016-12-08
ALOY-1088Update the _generated code for the advanced/proxy_property_requires test appClosed2014-07-162014-08-08
ALOY-1089Alloy support for Windows toolbar[] attributeResolved2014-06-242014-10-23
ALOY-1090Views XML: Support spaces in comma-separated lists of targets in the platform attributeClosed2014-07-182014-08-13
ALOY-1091id property of <Picker> other than 'picker' is treated as a variableClosed2014-07-182014-07-25
ALOY-1092Allow more query options / scope in .tssResolved2014-07-212014-10-23
ALOY-1093Picker: quotes removed from dimension properties with string values during parsing Closed2014-07-212014-07-25
ALOY-1094Date or time pickers: cannot use Ti.UI.* type constants, must use Titanium.UI.* abbreviationsClosed2014-07-212014-07-28
ALOY-1095Pickers not working if using 'Ti.' instead of 'Titanium' and ID is not 'picker'Resolved2014-07-212014-07-21
ALOY-1096Alloy: Update moment.js built-in library to latest version.Closed2014-07-032014-08-19
ALOY-1097Update Popover samples to use contentView in all casesClosed2014-07-222014-08-07
ALOY-1098Support actionView property of MenuItem in XML markupClosed2014-07-092015-03-26
ALOY-1099Alloy: Code Analyzer fails to analyzeClosed2014-07-172014-11-26
ALOY-1100Select and implement syntax for specifying static strings for binding propertiesOpen2014-07-242018-03-07
ALOY-1101Remove 'localStorage' adapter support Open2014-07-302018-09-13
ALOY-1102Module for ListView is not working when using SDK 3.2.3Resolved2014-07-312014-10-23
ALOY-1103<headerview formFactor="handheld"> not working and throwing an errorClosed2014-07-312014-08-22
ALOY-1104Fail build with clear message if controllers/index.js is missingClosed2014-08-012015-03-26
ALOY-1105Widget assets are not copied to the compiled appClosed2014-08-012014-09-12
ALOY-1106Array returned by Controller.getViews() doesn't have lengthOpen2014-08-032018-03-07
ALOY-1107Rollback Theme "i18n" and "platform" folders implementationsClosed2014-08-042014-08-22
ALOY-1108Some .svn directories slipped into the GIT repo of AlloyClosed2014-07-252014-08-27
ALOY-1109Better code completion for tss files in JetBrains IDEOpen2014-08-042018-03-07
ALOY-1110Another flavor of data binding in AlloyResolved2014-08-052018-03-07
ALOY-1112Styles TSS: Support spaces in comma-separated lists of targets in the platform attributeResolved2014-08-082014-08-11
ALOY-1113Fix case on 'alloy info adapters' command outputClosed2014-08-082015-01-13
ALOY-1114Alloy: Backbone updateResolved2014-08-112018-03-07
ALOY-1115CLI command to create a project from an Alloy test case Resolved2014-08-192015-06-08
ALOY-1116sql sync adapter: optimize update method for adding/updating modelsResolved2014-08-222014-10-23
ALOY-1117Update graphic assets, including icons, launch images, and store imagesOpen2014-08-222015-06-08
ALOY-1118Allow theming of tiapp.xml e.g. through Alloy themesResolved2014-07-182015-02-04
ALOY-1119New property for ListView - separatorViewClosed2014-07-222018-03-07
ALOY-1120Why `alloy compile` install plugin?Open2014-07-262015-01-05
ALOY-1121Update extract-i18n command to extract strings from XML files in addition to TSSClosed2014-08-262015-03-19
ALOY-1122Consistent naming for platform-specific foldersClosed2014-08-272014-09-05
ALOY-1123When a new project is created in Appcelerator Studio app.tss should be createdResolved2014-08-292014-10-23
ALOY-1124When using view-model binding, whitespace outside curly braces for ImageViews crashes the appClosed2014-09-022014-09-05
ALOY-1125Alloy: Button - Click event doesn't triggerResolved2014-09-022014-09-26
ALOY-1126The wrong version of Alloy : "alpha" downloaded instead of "beta"Closed2014-09-032014-09-03
ALOY-1127Alloys Data Binding feature does not respect formFactor propertyClosed2014-07-312015-03-26
ALOY-1128Return values are converted to stringsClosed2014-09-042014-11-20
ALOY-1129Delete method shouldn't reset model's idClosed2014-09-082015-02-18
ALOY-1130"ui/map" sample code error for mobilewebClosed2014-09-082014-11-19
ALOY-1131ALOY-1028 sample test is not included in master or 1_5_X branchResolved2014-09-082014-10-23
ALOY-1132 'testing/ALOY-1058' sample code is using quoted type valueResolved2014-09-082014-10-23
ALOY-1133Alloy 1.5b fails to build a project using Napp Drawer if one of the menus is <Required> ed in.Closed2014-09-082014-09-15
ALOY-1134Add @3x images and new icon sizes to new-app templates and samplesClosed2014-09-092014-11-19
ALOY-1135iOS: TextField: Textfield is not visible on window when styles applied in tss fileClosed2014-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-1136SQL sync adapter: add method or optimize query for bulk-updatesOpen2014-09-122018-03-07
ALOY-1137Jake: not able to run project from Studio on Genymotion if not manually editing tiapp.xmlResolved2014-09-132014-10-02
ALOY-1138Error creating a new Widget from Studio if config.json is not presentClosed2014-09-152015-01-13
ALOY-1139Investigate options for automated testingResolved2014-09-152014-09-26
ALOY-1140Windows: The path format for app.js is different from controller files in sourcemapClosed2014-09-162015-03-30
ALOY-1141iOS, Jake: Harness project from Studio on iPhone simulators might use wrong Sim versionResolved2014-09-172014-10-02
ALOY-1142iOS: ALOY-720 sample: <NavigationGroup> object needs to be changed to <NavigationWindow>Closed2014-09-172014-10-23
ALOY-1143Alloy: textid does not work for androidClosed2014-08-282018-03-07
ALOY-1144Alloy: createStyle turns proxy objects into JS objectsClosed2014-09-192014-11-19
ALOY-1145Add ALOY-1144 test case app to master branchClosed2014-09-192018-03-07
ALOY-1146Picker values are not correctly returned using Dynamic StylesClosed2014-09-232014-11-20
ALOY-1147iOS: Ti.Map annotations from Model-View binding are not displayed on iPhone 6 simulators Closed2014-09-252018-03-07
ALOY-1148Update model template code to include Backbone 1.1.2 support codeClosed2014-09-262018-01-04
ALOY-1149iOS: Gradient array properties are converted into objectsClosed2014-09-262014-11-19
ALOY-1150Release notes: there is no date for the 1.5.0 releaseClosed2014-09-292014-11-21
ALOY-1151Alloy: Support async build hooksOpen2014-09-282020-04-27
ALOY-1152Alloy 1.5.0 RC3: Compiler fails on TextArea with child controlClosed2014-09-262015-03-19
ALOY-1153MobileWeb: transform using 'Ti.UI.create2DMatrix()' and Dynamic Styling does not workResolved2014-09-302014-10-24
ALOY-1155Release Notes: "ALOY-1150" note should be removedClosed2014-10-022015-03-30
ALOY-1156Update readme to prune outdated informationResolved2014-10-032014-10-23
ALOY-1157Creating sample app from advanced/android_density doesn't copy resolution-specific image folders Resolved2014-10-072014-10-23
ALOY-1158Alloy Model/Collection tests need to be updated for supporting also Backbone 1.1.2Closed2014-10-082015-03-25
ALOY-1159Update underscore library to latest versionClosed2014-10-102015-03-30
ALOY-1160Replace splash screens & icons for new projectsClosed2014-10-102018-04-04
ALOY-1161MobileWeb: using 'backbone 1.1.2' dependency, app crashes on MobileWebResolved2014-10-132014-10-24
ALOY-1162Backbone 1.1.2 : <model/property> sample returning unexpected data for model attributesClosed2014-10-132015-03-30
ALOY-1163Using $.UI.create on a ListView with Custom Data templates causes to hide rows when templates are created programmatically.Closed2014-10-072015-03-27
ALOY-1164Alloy: Not possible to hide View inside TextAreaOpen2014-10-082018-03-07
ALOY-1165Compile error when merging backgroundGradientClosed2014-10-142015-03-27
ALOY-1166Direction arrow in models/binding_dataFunction test sample not correct on Android Resolved2014-10-152014-10-28
ALOY-1167Update travis.yml to exit w/non-zero value on errorsClosed2014-10-152015-03-26
ALOY-1168Replace underscore with Lo-DashOpen2014-10-152019-08-08
ALOY-1169Test samples/mobileweb: 'Uncaught No support for Titanium.Database' error when running binding_destroy sampleClosed2014-10-162018-03-07
ALOY-1170SQL runtime error when running models/listview_binding test appResolved2014-10-162014-10-27
ALOY-1171Add DTD or other view XML validation reference for Studio to useOpen2014-10-162015-06-25
ALOY-1172Properties test sample: Collection view doesn't update after adding first item on AndroidResolved2014-10-202014-10-29
ALOY-1173Add functionality from alloy-smelter to AlloyResolved2014-10-202014-12-31
ALOY-1174Update sync adapters to support promises in addition to callbacksClosed2014-10-202015-02-14
ALOY-1175Cannot call methods or access properties on MenuItems declared in markupClosed2014-10-212015-06-25
ALOY-1176Compilation Error when adding a SearchView as a child of MenuItem ActionViewResolved2014-10-212014-10-22
ALOY-1177Implicitly set ns attribute for SearchView to Ti.UI.AndroidResolved2014-10-212014-10-30
ALOY-1178Models: Data not retrieved from/saved to a table altered via migration using a SQL statementOpen2014-10-222015-06-08
ALOY-1179Support defining controller inheritance in XMLOpen2014-07-012015-01-05
ALOY-1187Update extract-18n command to extract i18n keys from special XML attributesOpen2014-11-062018-03-07
ALOY-1191Star-rating image aspect ratio stylesClosed2014-12-012018-03-07
ALOY-1192iOS: apps crashing using TiSDK 3.5.X Closed2014-12-022014-12-15
ALOY-1193Alloy: Changing Style in JS doesn't work for dynamically created viewsClosed2014-12-022018-03-07
ALOY-1194Dev should be able to import TSS, and have independent TSS FilesClosed2014-12-022020-03-10
ALOY-1195Alloy Migrations: Template up.down functions do not match documentationResolved2014-12-022014-12-16
ALOY-1196Support extending collections from within the adapterOpen2014-12-042018-03-07
ALOY-1198Update ui/android_menu text for Honeycomb/action bar usageOpen2014-12-102014-12-10
ALOY-1199Deep merge config.jsonOpen2014-08-132020-11-17
ALOY-1200Alloy CLI create option to generate a Titanium project Open2014-12-112018-03-07
ALOY-1201Samples: Remove popover.title because it has been deprecated for iOS8Open2014-12-122015-03-26
ALOY-1202Update ti.paint module in HarnessTemplate with a 64-bit compatible versionResolved2014-12-122015-03-24
ALOY-1203TSS Platform Evaluation fails when there are spaces between the object and platformClosed2014-12-152018-03-07
ALOY-1204Override L behavior and id attributes in viewsClosed2014-12-152018-03-07
ALOY-1205Alloy launch image for 667h has the wrong filenameClosed2014-12-172015-04-16
ALOY-1206Alloy compiler doesn't regenerate controllers if only change is made to the distribution targetResolved2014-12-122015-01-13
ALOY-1207Alloy: Theme "lib" folderResolved2014-12-182015-01-19
ALOY-1208Alloy: Support os-attribute to views and styles for consistency Open2014-12-182014-12-18
ALOY-1209Compile error when a view's attribute contains an escaped quoteResolved2014-11-122015-01-09
ALOY-1210Alloy: Add support for DIST in the Project Configuration FileResolved2014-12-182015-10-09
ALOY-1211Alloy: Add support ENV and DIST conditions in XML and TSSOpen2014-12-182015-08-25
ALOY-1212TSS: class assignment order affects application of properties which doesn't match CSS rulesOpen2014-08-262015-03-26
ALOY-1213Alloy.Controller.UI.create - Option to pass propertiesOpen2014-12-182015-01-05
ALOY-1214Button in Inheritance sample app difficult to click on iOSResolved2014-12-222015-06-19
ALOY-1215Samples: Alloy RSS Reader sample does not work on iPadResolved2014-12-152015-01-13
ALOY-1216Speed compilation by enabling selective compiles of specified filesResolved2014-12-292015-02-20
ALOY-1217TextField with proxy property causes compile error as ItemTemplateClosed2014-12-302018-03-07
ALOY-1218Alloy: Enable two-way data binding for input elementsOpen2015-01-052015-11-27
ALOY-1219ALLOY: prevent parsing of {{ }} in alloy views.Closed2015-01-062015-03-19
ALOY-1220Widgets can not be used in ListView TemplatesResolved2014-08-072018-06-27
ALOY-1221Support Widgets and Require in ListItem TemplatesResolved2014-08-262019-05-02
ALOY-1222Fix failing Travis test `[FAIL] alloy install plugin --> is supported`Resolved2015-01-072015-01-07
ALOY-1223iOS: Events on Custom Template of ListView does not work well, when add Scrollable View into TemplateClosed2015-01-092015-03-27
ALOY-1224Alloy Widget template needs updatingOpen2015-01-092015-01-12
ALOY-1225social.js authorize UI crashes on androidClosed2014-11-242015-01-15
ALOY-1226To Do sample app - validate() fails to prevent invalid (empty) items from being addedClosed2015-01-132015-09-11
ALOY-1227Alloy doesn't add new momentjs language after i18n folder is createdOpen2015-01-132018-03-07
ALOY-1228Selective compilation can fail with platform-specific controllers and throws Exception incorrectlyResolved2015-01-152015-01-30
ALOY-1229iOS: ListView filling template incorrectlyResolved2014-08-132015-02-06
ALOY-1230Update to jasmine 2.xOpen2015-01-192015-10-29
ALOY-1231Mapping sample: add readme, remove map keyResolved2015-01-202016-04-20
ALOY-1232--deploy-type ignored on android builds for emulator and deviceClosed2014-12-222015-03-25
ALOY-1233Alloy: there’s no way to use ItemTemplates outside of ListViewsOpen2015-01-312018-03-07
ALOY-1234Annotate Alloy API docs with GitHub URLResolved2015-02-022015-02-03
ALOY-1235Alloy: Improve how config.json conditions are handledReopened2015-02-012015-02-09
ALOY-1236Binding notation should allow mixed variables and plain textOpen2015-02-092015-02-09
ALOY-1237Alloy: Remove all event listeners added via view in $.destroy()Resolved2015-02-102015-09-16
ALOY-1238Can't re-create index controller after renaming original oneClosed2015-02-102015-09-07
ALOY-1239Set Node 0.10 as minimum supported versionResolved2015-02-112015-08-03
ALOY-1240Date picker type cannot be specified in the TSSClosed2014-08-212018-03-07
ALOY-1241Alloy: Widget is loaded - initialized twiceResolved2014-10-082015-10-01
ALOY-1242Nested require with createController getView call causes crash on androidOpen2014-11-212015-02-11
ALOY-1243Test of JIRA move issueClosed2015-02-132015-02-13
ALOY-1244Alloy: "alloy new" should remove/empty "Resources" folderOpen2015-02-142015-07-31
ALOY-1245Alloy: "alloy new" should only create assets folder for target platformsOpen2015-02-142015-02-14
ALOY-1246Alloy: LeftNavButton/RightNavButton should support text node for titleOpen2015-02-142015-02-14
ALOY-1247Model ID is undefined after model.destroy() with properties as adapterOpen2015-02-172015-06-08
ALOY-1248iOS: ListView blank during redrawReopened2014-10-192015-07-14
ALOY-1249iOS: Misleading error message when controller file not foundClosed2015-02-182015-11-10
ALOY-1250Remove BB from AlloyClosed2015-02-182015-03-19
ALOY-1251Alloy: if-condition on required proxy property missing form assigning that propertyOpen2015-02-192015-02-19
ALOY-1252restrictionPath missing in parseAlloyComponent for controller without corresponding viewResolved2015-02-192015-02-24
ALOY-1253Alloy: Support WPATH in widget XML view attribute valuesClosed2015-02-202020-08-12
ALOY-1254Alloy: Support model transform() method for collection-view bindingResolved2015-02-202016-03-30
ALOY-1255Test ticket please ignore (nderzhak)Closed2015-02-252015-02-25
ALOY-1256Widget/Require as top-level element uses controller as viewClosed2015-03-042021-06-16
ALOY-1257Map DocumentViewer to Ti.UI.iOS instead of deprecated Ti.UI.iPad namespaceResolved2015-03-242015-05-21
ALOY-1258RightNavButtons child button click events not fired consistentlyResolved2015-03-192015-10-21
ALOY-1259Alloy: The code in alloy.js should be wrapped by app.js to protect global scopeOpen2015-03-302015-07-09
ALOY-1260Windowsphone not in platforms list in manifest.jsonClosed2015-04-032015-04-20
ALOY-1262a directory ending with ".js" causes Alloy compiler errorClosed2015-04-132015-09-04
ALOY-1263Compiler should force "strict mode" to increase (Android) performanceClosed2015-04-292018-03-07
ALOY-1264Support New iOS SplitWindow in XML MarkupClosed2015-05-112016-01-20
ALOY-1265Update builtin moment.js library to 2.10.6 (or latest)Closed2015-05-122016-02-02
ALOY-1266Use indirect eval instead of direct evalOpen2015-05-132015-05-21
ALOY-1267Add built-in REST API adapter to use with ArrowOpen2015-05-132015-05-26
ALOY-1268Implement Backbone dualStorage adapterOpen2015-05-132015-05-13
ALOY-1271Android templates should use nine-patch imagesOpen2015-05-212020-04-27
ALOY-1272Building an alloy project with Titanium CLI on Windows failsClosed2015-05-222015-06-11
ALOY-1273Code documentation contains links to out-dated Titanium docsClosed2015-05-252015-10-30
ALOY-1274SplitWindow should be mapped to Ti.UI.iOS instead of Ti.UI.iPadResolved2015-05-262015-06-29
ALOY-1275Override not working when child controller is openedOpen2015-05-262015-07-29
ALOY-1276Alloy's deepExtend is brokenResolved2015-05-272015-06-02
ALOY-1277Allow to load Alloy TSS styles from a string, not only from a filenameClosed2015-05-272017-05-09
ALOY-1278Pass model config to migration functionsClosed2015-05-062017-07-24
ALOY-1279Android: Battery event listener causes a crash after open and close multiple windowsClosed2015-06-082015-11-10
ALOY-1280Support CommandBar in XML markupResolved2015-06-192015-07-16
ALOY-1281RSS sample should be removed in favour of Studio versionClosed2015-06-222016-07-28
ALOY-1282Ti.Map.View > Annotation data-binding not working as expectedOpen2015-06-252015-06-26
ALOY-1283ActionView views with an ID cannot be found under $ because they are created after mergeClosed2015-06-252015-11-10
ALOY-1284dataFilter and dataTransform attributes should be cross referenced to js file to ensure function existsOpen2015-06-262015-06-26
ALOY-1285TSS conditional statement is ignored by items dynamically generated on runtimeResolved2014-12-272015-09-30
ALOY-1286Windows: Default project's windows icons and splashes are incomplete and lack logoOpen2015-06-302015-06-30
ALOY-1287Alloy styles compilation does not produce the same results accross successive compilationsResolved2015-07-012015-07-29
ALOY-1288Windows: Label not visible when using default app.tssClosed2015-07-022015-09-16
ALOY-1289Alloy social.js plug-in incompatible with newest Twitter APIsOpen2015-06-292019-03-19
ALOY-1290Provide a global event dispatcher as alternative for Ti.App.fireEventOpen2015-07-082015-07-08
ALOY-1291RSS sync adapterOpen2015-07-102015-07-10
ALOY-1292Add CommonJS sync adapterOpen2015-07-102015-07-10
ALOY-1293Add JSON sync adapterOpen2015-07-102015-07-10
ALOY-1294Windows: Cannot use custom template for ListViewOpen2015-07-242015-10-28
ALOY-1295Windows: App crashes when calling fetch() method on a collection bound to a viewClosed2015-07-302015-11-20
ALOY-1296LiveView: functions in Alloy.js crash fail to buildResolved2014-07-152015-08-25
ALOY-1297Cannot use localized strings for AlertDialog ButtonNames in XMLResolved2015-08-122016-02-25
ALOY-1298Override Alloy theme styles in the app's app/styles folder over the alloy themesOpen2015-08-142018-03-25
ALOY-1299Cannot build a new project for iOS due to missing appiconsClosed2015-08-172015-10-29
ALOY-1300iOS: Assets Catalog inconsistency between Alloy and ClassicResolved2015-08-202015-08-21
ALOY-1301CHANGELOG out-dated: 1.7.0-dev - 1.7.4 missingResolved2015-08-202015-08-31
ALOY-1302Alloy needs to have a consistent behavior with Ti on App IconsClosed2015-09-102015-09-11
ALOY-1303$.removeListener() should be called by $.destroy()Open2015-09-162015-09-16
ALOY-1304Alloy: Support Node text for TextField and TextAreaResolved2015-09-162018-08-14
ALOY-1305deepclean.js syntax error in line 17: missing semicolon;Resolved2015-09-202015-09-22
ALOY-1306AttributedString proxy property doesn't work if there's whitespaceClosed2015-09-232017-02-24
ALOY-1307Support theming of controllers, views and other files/foldersOpen2015-09-232018-04-06
ALOY-1308iTunesArtwork is being copied into Resources/iphone instead of project rootClosed2015-09-252017-08-23
ALOY-1309Debounced and "onced" eventsOpen2015-02-172018-03-06
ALOY-1310Alloy: Picker not working in ListView templateClosed2015-03-012015-10-12
ALOY-1311Alloy.jmk compile:app.js event never firesClosed2015-03-022015-11-10
ALOY-1312Upgrade Alloy to ES6 Resolved2015-10-012018-01-06
ALOY-1313Add "bugs" URL to package.jsonClosed2015-10-062015-10-29
ALOY-1314Alloy: Remove alpha channel from DefaultIcon.pngClosed2015-10-082015-10-12
ALOY-1315Update out-of-date Alloy dependencies.Resolved2015-10-082018-03-07
ALOY-1316Support use of $.args.* in any XML attribute or TSS propertyClosed2015-10-092019-06-21
ALOY-1317Alloy: Default top-level ID doesn't take if-attribute into accountClosed2015-10-122015-11-10
ALOY-1318DefaultIcon(-platform).png should be theme-ableClosed2015-10-142018-02-28
ALOY-1319Support CardView in XMLClosed2015-10-142015-11-04
ALOY-1320Styles not applied when an element uses another namespaceClosed2015-10-282016-02-02
ALOY-1321iOS: packaged app icons for new projects needs to be updatedClosed2015-10-292016-02-02
ALOY-1322Blackberry still appears in the assets folderClosed2015-10-302016-01-13
ALOY-1323Alloy: module-tag in Alloy element effects all controller-viewsClosed2015-11-012016-02-02
ALOY-1324Support Boolean (and Number) values in XML viewsClosed2015-11-032016-03-21
ALOY-1325Add PreviewContext element to XML viewsClosed2015-11-042016-02-02
ALOY-1326Paths and names of Collections/Images/Controllers is not consistent.Reopened2015-06-022015-11-05
ALOY-1327Android: Alloy not working well when activity recreated by systemReopened2015-08-202019-04-04
ALOY-1328Refactor data-binding to be incremental rather then resetOpen2015-11-122015-11-20
ALOY-1329Either keep Alloy backwards compatible with older Titanium SDKs or specify and validate minimum versionOpen2015-11-122015-11-12
ALOY-1330Include async as a built-in libraryOpen2015-11-132017-03-07
ALOY-1331Windows: App crashes with 'Cannot find variable: OS_BLACKBERRYClosed2015-11-162016-01-13
ALOY-1332Alloy.version does not match actual versionClosed2015-11-202016-01-20
ALOY-1333Support check if compatible Alloy version is usedOpen2015-11-202015-11-20
ALOY-1334Alloy version not correct when printing Alloy.versionClosed2015-11-182015-11-23
ALOY-1335Use Alloy's deepExtend to handle conditional on-device style inheritanceClosed2015-11-272016-01-20
ALOY-1336Alloy Theme Fails to merge/overwrite the platform/iphone folder - specifically 'Settings.bundle' sub-folderResolved2015-11-302017-03-15
ALOY-1337Support setting breakpoints in the CommonJS modulesOpen2015-11-302015-11-30
ALOY-1338LiveView do not do full restart appReopened2015-10-162015-12-17
ALOY-1339iOS: ListView Images[] property not working of embedded imageviewResolved2015-12-072016-01-06
ALOY-1340Alloy selective compilation broken since ALOY-1332Closed2015-12-142016-02-02
ALOY-1341Add Arabic lang to builtin MomentJSClosed2015-12-162016-02-02
ALOY-1342Sample Todo App TextField text color to blackClosed2015-12-162016-01-21
ALOY-1343Android intent filter not receiving file dataClosed2015-12-102018-03-07
ALOY-1344App crash on controller.close when the searchBar has focusResolved2015-12-172016-02-10
ALOY-1345iOS Attributed Strings are not showingClosed2016-01-042016-02-02
ALOY-1346Controller template should no longer declare args variableClosed2016-01-062016-01-20
ALOY-1347API reference is missing controller properties and methodsOpen2016-01-062017-03-07
ALOY-1348Provide better inline documentation/comments for generated filesOpen2016-01-072016-01-07
ALOY-1349Alloy Framework Model/Database - Some Docs or Features missingOpen2016-01-072016-12-12
ALOY-1350Warning on compile: moment construction falls back to js DateClosed2016-02-042018-03-07
ALOY-1351Generating `Resources/alloy.js` from template is not required when selective compileResolved2016-02-082016-02-08
ALOY-1352Alloy: add support for xhigh on iOS in measurement builtinResolved2016-02-082016-02-25
ALOY-1353Annotation doesn't appear in only Alloy MapClosed2016-02-042018-03-07
ALOY-1354A ListItem's text node should be used as titleOpen2016-02-122016-02-12
ALOY-1355Alloy doesn't cast "true"/"false" attributes as booleansResolved2014-02-142016-06-03
ALOY-1356Add support for LivePhotoView under Ti.UI.iOS namespaceClosed2016-02-132016-03-16
ALOY-1357Support Ti.UI.iOS.MenuPopup in XMLClosed2016-02-132016-03-08
ALOY-1358Support Ti.UI.iOS.BlurView in XMLResolved2016-02-132016-02-25
ALOY-1359Alloy should support multiple selectorsOpen2016-02-162016-02-16
ALOY-1360Allow baseController as attribute of Alloy xml tagResolved2016-02-222016-04-18
ALOY-1361Destroy calling off on variables that may be undefinedResolved2016-02-252018-03-06
ALOY-1362Alloy: Long time build processOpen2016-02-272018-03-06
ALOY-1363Add support to set object properties via XMLClosed2016-02-292019-06-20
ALOY-1365Improve how Alloy works with i18n and platform foldersClosed2016-03-092017-03-15
ALOY-1366Alloy: images from widget theme not merged with ResourcesClosed2016-03-062016-04-15
ALOY-1367Guide on how to submit a PR to the Alloy repoResolved2016-03-112016-05-02
ALOY-1368Complex data binding for individual model doesn't work with transform() methodClosed2016-03-162016-03-31
ALOY-1369Complex data binding for collection doesn't work with transformClosed2016-03-162016-03-31
ALOY-1370Alloy: Alloy/studio disregards variables that are not being used. Open2015-05-112018-04-08
ALOY-1371Make Alloy less dependent on knowledge about Titanium APIs for parsing XMLOpen2016-03-182016-03-18
ALOY-1372Remove the Module XML tagOpen2016-03-182016-03-18
ALOY-1373/platform and /i18n folder contents can be lost on buildClosed2016-03-182018-03-07
ALOY-1374GitHub Alloy repository is missing CLA checkClosed2016-03-212018-03-07
ALOY-1375Alloy extract-18n --apply writes to wrong strings.xml in Alloy 1.8.1Closed2016-03-242016-03-24
ALOY-1474Regression: Model data binding no longer worksClosed2016-03-282016-03-30
ALOY-1475Alloy compile tests should show diff with known good generated codeClosed2016-03-282016-04-05
ALOY-1476Travis does not test against known good generated code because it targets Linux onlyClosed2016-03-282016-04-05
ALOY-1477Regression: Missing model attributes cause error on collection data bindingClosed2016-03-292016-03-31
ALOY-1478Data binding fails when binding string or model attribute name has dash, space or quoteClosed2016-03-292016-08-04
ALOY-1479Regression: Model instance data binding no longer worksClosed2016-03-302016-03-31
ALOY-1480Bug/Regression: Data binding always returns string valuesClosed2016-03-312018-05-01
ALOY-1481Data binding: Support binding multiple models to the same viewClosed2016-03-312016-08-02
ALOY-1482Data binding: Support deep binding of model object attributesClosed2016-03-312016-08-02
ALOY-1483Support composite use of L(key) and strings in XML attribute valuesOpen2016-04-012016-04-01
ALOY-1484Regression: Moment.js languages for i18n folders no longer includedClosed2016-04-012016-04-01
ALOY-1485Warning on relocation of platform folder confusing if it contains only one platformOpen2016-04-012016-04-01
ALOY-1486iOS, Android: Global styles is not overridden by local styles for orientationModes.Closed2016-04-012016-07-26
ALOY-1487Support using dashes and other special characters in XML element IDsOpen2016-04-022016-04-02
ALOY-1488Alloy Hyperloop in Alloy XML viewsClosed2016-04-032016-04-05
ALOY-1489Support defining supported Alloy version range in config.jsonOpen2016-04-082016-04-08
ALOY-1490Alloy 1.8+ not copying symbolic links to the platform folder in the project rootOpen2016-04-032016-05-25
ALOY-1491Remove mapping sample appResolved2016-04-202016-04-24
ALOY-1492Fix no such file or directory when doing "alloy new"Closed2016-04-202016-04-20
ALOY-1493[Alloy] Alloy sql adapter db_file to be functionResolved2016-04-212016-10-03
ALOY-1494iOS: Support Ti.UI.iOS.Stepper in AlloyClosed2016-04-222016-08-01
ALOY-1495Support newer versions of Underscore / LodashResolved2016-04-252017-12-12
ALOY-1497Alloy model - filtered change event fires with any attributeClosed2016-05-052018-03-07
ALOY-1498Add ability to create new alloy app from apps other than builtin sample appsOpen2016-05-032016-05-11
ALOY-1499Multiple Rest api request in Alloy models returns same result in second callClosed2016-05-192018-12-11
ALOY-1500Provide an accessor method for alloy bound elements.Open2016-05-132017-10-30
ALOY-1501Installing widgets with npm breaks for npm scoped packagesOpen2016-05-192016-11-30
ALOY-1502Destroy Model in Alloy doesn't seem to be workingClosed2016-06-052016-10-18
ALOY-1503After Alloy compile, property which has array disappear.Closed2016-06-092016-08-01
ALOY-1504ERROR: Alloy is not definedResolved2016-04-292017-09-25
ALOY-1505Add ability to pass cancel attribute to Option element for OptionDialogClosed2016-06-172019-06-24
ALOY-1508iOS: Localised splash screen is not visibleClosed2016-06-022016-11-28
ALOY-1509Generate spec-compliant require callsResolved2016-07-252016-10-26
ALOY-1510Receiving "<SearchView> is only available in Android" when compiling tableview despite platform="android" attribute being presentResolved2016-07-272016-09-09
ALOY-1511Alloy Model-View binding not working for ListItem accessoryType property.Closed2016-07-262017-02-23
ALOY-1512Replace Uglify with BabylonResolved2016-08-112017-08-02
ALOY-1513Allow multiple global stylesheetsOpen2015-08-122018-03-06
ALOY-1514Add a CLI command to extract i18n strings from alloy code and update the strings.xml files (ALSO for XML files)Resolved2013-08-192018-03-06
ALOY-1516Alloy: Text property inside LABEL element not displaying output of any method in combination with any text correctlyClosed2016-08-302016-09-15
ALOY-1517UI elements are not created properly with formFactor property in styleClosed2016-08-042016-12-09
ALOY-1518ListView: Custom widget support in templatesResolved2013-08-232018-11-05
ALOY-1519Alloy: Support iOS 10 <RefreshControl> tag in Ti.UI.ScrollViewClosed2016-09-132017-08-28
ALOY-1520Replace Ti.Ui.iPhone with Ti.Ui.iOS in AlloyResolved2016-09-152016-10-03
ALOY-1522Silence Alloy warnings about non-model files for file names that begin with a periodOpen2016-07-272016-10-13
ALOY-1523Alloy uses old require-paths with new require-behaviorClosed2016-10-182017-06-14
ALOY-1524Replace wrench with fs-extraClosed2016-10-182017-10-10
ALOY-1525Alloy Binding without persistence doesn't seem to work anymoreClosed2016-10-052016-11-08
ALOY-1526Special text property value is not parsed correctlyClosed2016-10-072016-10-27
ALOY-1527Cannot use Ti.UI.iOS.TabbedBar in ListView templateClosed2016-10-272016-12-09
ALOY-1528getWidgetDirectories does not respect theme config.jsonClosed2016-09-132018-01-19
ALOY-1530Alloy: Support multiple restrict filesClosed2016-11-242016-12-09
ALOY-1532Windows: SearchBar (inside ListView) is not working well for alloy projectClosed2016-12-072017-02-14
ALOY-1533Upgrade underscore.js to version 1.8.3Resolved2016-12-272017-12-14
ALOY-1534Add support for Backbone 1.3.3 and Underscore 1.8.3Closed2017-01-092018-01-19
ALOY-1535iOS: Warning message thrown when using <View> in <AlertDialog> (Android-only)Closed2017-01-142019-06-19
ALOY-1536iPad Splash Screen Orientation - No LandscapeClosed2017-01-202017-01-25
ALOY-1537Update uglify-js and moment.jsResolved2017-01-272017-04-03
ALOY-1538Alloy <FlexSpace> is wrapped with a deprecated APIResolved2016-08-312017-01-27
ALOY-1539Correct NSP/Retire.js errors in alloyResolved2017-01-272017-04-03
ALOY-1540npm node_modules are erroring when compilingReopened2017-01-312019-09-05
ALOY-1541XML: Require LeftNavButtons/RightNavButtons not workingResolved2017-02-022018-03-05
ALOY-1543Widget files are optimized twice during compilationResolved2017-02-252017-04-03
ALOY-1544Add optimizingExeptions option to config.jsonResolved2017-02-252017-04-03
ALOY-1545Broken Widget event translation. Custom events on Widgets are being applied to the Widget's root View instead of the Widget's Controller itself, causing an error.Resolved2017-03-032017-04-10
ALOY-1546Alloy.builtins.social: Unable to get Twitter user infoClosed2017-03-122018-12-04
ALOY-1547Unable to set font properties directly from the XML tag, instead of the TSS fileOpen2017-03-142018-02-09
ALOY-1548renaming index breaks the appClosed2017-03-142017-04-11
ALOY-1549Remove autoloading of index controller from Alloy.jsOpen2017-02-072020-01-31
ALOY-1550Alloy: Update gitignore for default projectResolved2017-03-242017-04-03
ALOY-1554unable to set a background colour for tableHeaderClosed2017-04-122017-04-17
ALOY-1555Need expert advice on core.js boilerplate Alloy ProjectClosed2017-04-162019-10-18
ALOY-1557Alloy: Keep Changelog up to dateClosed2017-04-182018-01-16
ALOY-1558Annotation doesn't work on AlloyClosed2017-04-192018-03-07
ALOY-1560can not scroll up or down (vertically) in a map inside a scrollViewOpen2017-04-232017-07-27
ALOY-1562iOS: TextArea can't get focus or blur if it is located in two different TableViewSectionsClosed2017-04-202017-05-09
ALOY-1564Broken Require data-binding event translation. Custom events on Required views are being applied to the required root View instead of the required Controller itself, causing an error.Resolved2017-05-222017-08-17
ALOY-1565KitchenSink v2 errors out on iOSClosed2017-05-252017-10-10
ALOY-1566Compile process appears to fail when optimizing files with OS_* declarations Closed2017-05-262017-10-10
ALOY-1569WPATH function to match updated require-handling in Titanium 6Closed2017-06-142017-07-20
ALOY-1570Alloy: exports.baseController does not work since 1.10.0 (Regression)Closed2017-06-202017-10-10
ALOY-1572Alloy doesn't compile external app.jsClosed2017-06-232017-07-11
ALOY-1574Unable to use ES6 import/exports in alloy controllers due to bad code generationResolved2017-08-022018-01-29
ALOY-1575Allow Android to use Ti.UI.RefreshControl as wellClosed2017-08-272018-03-07
ALOY-1577Android: baseController does not expose the element typeOpen2016-04-122018-03-06
ALOY-1578Move Ti.UI.iOS.Toolbar to Ti.UI.ToolbarResolved2017-08-302017-09-11
ALOY-1579Support Titanium.UI.Android.DrawerLayoutResolved2017-08-302018-05-04
ALOY-1582Ti.Platform.osname reports windowsClosed2017-09-212017-10-11
ALOY-1583Alloy: Update underscore to the latest version (1.8.3)Resolved2017-09-282017-12-07
ALOY-1584[Android] Ti.UI.Toolbar has no click event on 'displayHomeAsUp' icon when used as ActionBar, but ActionBar allows to close the window on its back-button press.Closed2017-10-112017-11-08
ALOY-1588Alloy: iOS build and deploy terminated after alloy compiling phaseClosed2017-10-282017-11-09
ALOY-1589ListItem having a Label with AttributedString is not workingClosed2017-09-242018-07-27
ALOY-1590Android: OS_IOS assigned to a variable causes a crash.Closed2017-11-072017-11-09
ALOY-1591Transpile Alloy source to allow platform-independent ES6 / ES7 usageResolved2017-12-072018-02-21
ALOY-1592Builtins: Reimplement measurement by convertUnitsClosed2017-12-072018-01-18
ALOY-1593Android Debugger: Some breakpoints not hit if "Resume" is done anytime during debugResolved2017-11-302017-12-08
ALOY-1595alloy compile broken on node 9.3.0Closed2017-12-142018-03-23
ALOY-1596Mobileweb assets copied on alloy new Closed2017-12-192018-01-19
ALOY-1597Use babel-code-frame to provide context when failing to parse codeClosed2017-12-202018-01-19
ALOY-1598 samples/apps/models/binding_no_persistence produces runtime errorClosed2018-01-082019-11-19
ALOY-1599ALLOY: Model Data binding problem with the first upper case in the model srcClosed2018-01-112018-04-09
ALOY-1600Alloy: Deprecate TSS in favor of something JSON or JavaScript based.Open2018-01-172018-01-18
ALOY-1601Alloy: Support ES6Closed2018-01-252018-02-22
ALOY-1602Avoid some global variables to be only available in parent controller.Closed2018-02-012018-04-11
ALOY-1603Update Moment.js to version 2.21.0Closed2018-02-062018-04-09
ALOY-1604iOS 10.0: Bluebird Promise not firing 'then' if Alloy is used.Closed2018-02-082018-03-06
ALOY-1605Android: Unable to build alloy apps using masterClosed2018-02-132018-03-05
ALOY-1606Android: Debugger not hitting breakpoints on WindowsClosed2017-12-182018-05-02
ALOY-1607Latest underscore version is breaking removeListener method in BaseController.jsClosed2018-03-012018-04-11
ALOY-1608Not possible to add elements on ti.map through alloyOpen2018-03-052018-03-06
ALOY-1609Add alloy.js plugin file to .gitignoreClosed2018-03-072018-04-10
ALOY-1610Allow controller created variables to be used in tssOpen2018-03-092019-03-11
ALOY-1611Incorrect releases being tagged on GitHubResolved2018-03-212018-03-21
ALOY-1612CLI: Be able to use Alloy source-maps in Safari Debugger / Chrome Dev-ToolsClosed2018-03-262019-07-12
ALOY-1613iOS: Picker data binding dosen't workResolved2018-04-222019-01-02
ALOY-1615Audioplayer cannot be created from Alloy without specifying ns propertyClosed2018-04-262018-11-01
ALOY-1617SQL: Error on Android when using SQL data-binding without declaring columnsResolved2018-05-032018-05-09
ALOY-1618Add new app templatesIn Progress2018-03-062018-05-08
ALOY-1619Add new app template: Drawer LayoutIn Progress2018-05-082018-05-08
ALOY-1620Fix new Buffer deprecation warningsClosed2018-05-312018-11-01
ALOY-1621Move NavigationWindow API from Ti.UI.iOS to Ti.UI (parity)Resolved2018-06-122018-11-02
ALOY-1622Migration on a model with sql adapter type: build error due to an undefined variableResolved2018-06-142018-07-18
ALOY-1623Data Binding: Deep Link Binding BrokenOpen2018-06-072018-06-20
ALOY-1624Alloy: moment is not a function. (In 'moment(myDate)', 'moment' is an instance of Object)Open2018-07-122019-08-20
ALOY-1625Reduce splash screen image sizesClosed2018-08-162018-08-22
ALOY-1626Alloy: Missing plugins/ directory causes cloned app-projects to failClosed2018-08-292018-11-01
ALOY-1627Breakpoints not working on alloy appsClosed2015-08-252018-11-01
ALOY-1629Move to babel 7 packagesClosed2018-09-102019-06-19
ALOY-1630Remove LocalStorage as sync adapter from new model creationResolved2018-09-112018-09-14
ALOY-1631Define theme from CLIClosed2018-09-192018-11-01
ALOY-1632Alloy: Allow to import a custom template from dir using Alloy CLIClosed2018-09-272019-06-21
ALOY-1633Alloy should assign globals directly rather than using the implicit global scope of app.jsClosed2018-09-272019-11-21
ALOY-1636App fails to build on Android if a custom NavigationWindow tag is usedResolved2018-11-022018-11-05
ALOY-1637ES6 code frame fails when using duplicate variable declarationsClosed2018-11-062019-02-18
ALOY-1638Theme is "null" when a theme is defined in config.jsonClosed2018-11-172019-02-19
ALOY-1639Use Matrix2D/Matrix3D instead of 2DMatrix/3DMatrixClosed2018-12-032019-02-18
ALOY-1640Modify <TabbedBar/> to use "Ti.UI" instead of "Ti.UI.iOS" for 8.0.0Closed2018-12-212019-02-18
ALOY-1641iOS: TabbedBar usage on lower than SDK 8 is brokenClosed2019-01-152019-01-16
ALOY-1642Investigate why ALOY-1641 was not caught by tests/eslintOpen2019-01-152019-11-18
ALOY-1643Alloy: Conditional styling broken in tssOpen2019-01-162019-03-14
ALOY-1644Selective compilation does not regenerate platform app.js on WindowsClosed2019-02-112019-03-13
ALOY-1645Fix TSS pegjs definition to work on newer pegjs versionsOpen2019-03-052019-03-05
ALOY-1646Allow platform xml namespaces to be used with xml attributes in AlloyClosed2019-03-062019-06-19
ALOY-1647Add support for camelCase, kabab-case, and snake_case XML elements in AlloyResolved2019-03-062019-03-15
ALOY-1648Include BackboneJS v1.4.0Closed2019-03-072019-06-19
ALOY-1649Creating a collection or model with leading slash throw error on requireOpen2019-03-122019-03-12
ALOY-1650Debugger does not hit breakpoints when running Android on Windows Closed2019-03-132019-03-14
ALOY-1651Update default version of backbone usedOpen2019-03-142019-03-14
ALOY-1652CLI: Improve handling of missing directories and files in alloy newClosed2019-03-142019-06-19
ALOY-1653Runtime error on Android when using optiondialog and not declaring destructive or cancel propertiesClosed2019-03-202019-06-19
ALOY-1682Alloy: MomentJS upgrading to v2.24.0Closed2019-04-012019-06-20
ALOY-1683Alloy: UnderscoreJS upgrading to v1.9.1Closed2019-04-012019-06-19
ALOY-1684Calling sort for a collection does not call the dataFunction as of backbone 1.1.2 and aboveClosed2019-04-302019-06-19
ALOY-1685Improve incremental build timesOpen2019-05-022020-05-05
ALOY-1686Alloy: App crashes due to context used when accessing Ti.Database APIClosed2019-05-022019-05-17
ALOY-1687iOS: In Alloy, Empty LeftNavButtons tag generates unrunnable codeOpen2017-05-232019-05-17
ALOY-1688Android: ActionBar Subtitle not working when using both Alloy & NavigationWindowClosed2019-04-092019-06-19
ALOY-1689Optimize model "change" and "remove" data-binding with ListView/TableViewOpen2019-05-242019-05-24
ALOY-1690sourcemaps not being generated for files under libClosed2019-05-242019-06-24
ALOY-1691Source maps report incorrect "file" valueClosed2019-06-072019-06-21
ALOY-1692Unable use unicode characters in config.jsonOpen2018-01-252019-06-20
ALOY-1693Alloy: Prevent re-opening DB on queriesClosed2019-06-202019-11-19
ALOY-1694app/lib files do not have sourceMappingURL commentsOpen2019-06-242019-06-24
ALOY-1696CLI: Unable to see project files in Chrome debugger on WindowsOpen2019-07-082019-07-08
ALOY-1697Add WebView "onlink" callback supportClosed2019-07-112019-08-20
ALOY-1698Compile: Errors thrown during sourcemap step are not visible to a userClosed2019-07-222019-08-20
ALOY-1699Add support for using code in View XML attributesOpen2019-08-062019-08-07
ALOY-1700Add support for <Script> tag in View XML filesOpen2019-08-062021-01-20
ALOY-1701XML: Unable to use platform namespace restriction on event handlersClosed2019-08-202019-11-19
ALOY-1702Improve support for SFSymbols and SemanticColor in Alloy markupOpen2019-08-222019-08-22
ALOY-1703XML attribute shortcuts for verticalAlign are not used on AndroidClosed2019-08-302020-01-24
ALOY-1704Allow Alloy Widgets to be discovered by package.json propertiesOpen2019-09-202019-09-20
ALOY-1705Fix issue with return outside of function when using npm packagesClosed2019-09-242019-11-19
ALOY-1706Compile error if Alloy view filename contains hyphenClosed2019-10-012019-11-19
ALOY-1707TextField property "value" generate a bug in iOSResolved2019-10-112019-11-07
ALOY-1708Alloy: Compile fails if object property contains variableOpen2019-10-312020-01-07
ALOY-1709ListView: TextField with iOS.Toolbar catch click event of “Done” ButtonOpen2016-04-162019-11-05
ALOY-1710[Hyperloop] Unable to Build Hyperloop appClosed2019-11-182019-11-18
ALOY-1711An empty view file throws an alloy compile errorOpen2019-11-182019-11-18
ALOY-1712ImageViews constantly reloading while scrolling in ListView templatesOpen2019-12-012020-01-28
ALOY-1713Alloy Alloy widgets to be used as primary element for XML viewClosed2019-12-172019-12-18
ALOY-1714Allow ~/ to be used as a shortcut for WPATH() in xml view attributesOpen2020-01-232020-01-23
ALOY-1715The generated directories /i18n and /platform should be movedOpen2016-08-012020-01-30
ALOY-1716Implement a way to load app/config.json options through command lineOpen2017-01-312020-01-30
ALOY-1717Android: Investigate default project-assetsOpen2017-06-242020-01-30
ALOY-1718Android: Custom theme is removed during buildOpen2017-03-142020-01-30
ALOY-1719Split out Alloy monolith into separate packagesOpen2020-02-132020-03-09
ALOY-1720Version string comparison will break for SDK 10.0.0Closed2020-02-152020-08-13
ALOY-1721Styles: Alloy global can no longer be accessed in stylesClosed2020-02-202020-02-25
ALOY-1722Cannot make calls to alloy programmatically via requireOpen2020-02-242020-03-09
ALOY-1723Remove python file from Alloy pluginOpen2020-02-242020-02-24
ALOY-1724Add global event handlersOpen2020-02-202020-03-02
ALOY-1725Use standalone compiler packageIn Review2020-03-042020-03-10
ALOY-1726Remove support for platforms removed from the SDKOpen2020-03-092020-03-16
ALOY-1727@import feature for Alloy TSS filesOpen2020-03-102020-03-10
ALOY-1728Alloy compiler failed using TabbedBar/ButtonBar with SDK 9.0.0Open2020-03-312020-12-09
ALOY-1729Add a "widget wide" tss file that serves as the base for the widget (think app.tss for app wide)Open2015-11-132020-04-06
ALOY-1730Add support for style tag in Alloy XML viewsOpen2020-04-062020-04-06
ALOY-1731Webpack: Alloy loader recompiles unchanged componentsOpen2020-06-022020-06-02
ALOY-1732Add ability to run in the background without UIClosed2020-06-032020-08-12
ALOY-1733Add templates for webpack usageClosed2020-07-202020-08-12
ALOY-1734JS files imported in "alloy.js" don't have access to Alloy globals as of Titanium 9.0.0Closed2020-07-302020-08-11
ALOY-1735Add vscode settings file to projectsClosed2020-08-072020-08-12
ALOY-1736aloy new fails if dev dependencies do not exist in package.JsonClosed2020-08-072020-08-13
ALOY-1737Alloy: ListView dataBinding creates deprecated setItems callClosed2020-08-112020-09-14
ALOY-1738CLI 8.1.0: crash when to listening backbone.events on required controller in ScrollableViewClosed2020-08-282021-06-16
ALOY-1739Alloy: Update releases tags, keep them up to dateResolved2020-08-302020-10-08
ALOY-1740Build times impact by assets & lib files in widget itselfOpen2020-09-192020-09-27
ALOY-1741Remove iOS Splash Screens from Alloy templateResolved2020-09-302021-02-09
ALOY-1742Add ability to run static code outside of controller instanceOpen2020-10-122020-10-12
ALOY-1743Runtime error when Widget contains another Widget at the top levelResolved2020-11-182021-06-16
ALOY-1744Allow TabGroup as a child of a NavigationWindowResolved2021-01-042021-02-09
ALOY-1745Add delete alias for remove in Alloy CLIOpen2021-02-042021-02-04
ALOY-1746Support Ti.UI.OptionBar as a tagClosed2021-03-012021-06-16
ALOY-1747Alloy: setData in TableView parserClosed2021-04-242021-05-10
ALOY-1748Widget - Regression - weird behavior - some exporting functions are not working with CLI 8.1.1Open2020-12-172021-06-16
ALOY-1749Cannot use babel config to ignore files from babelResolved2021-09-062021-11-16
ALOY-1750Alloy: Deprecated constants usedClosed2021-10-272021-10-27