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[ALOY-943] iOS: App Icon is not set

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2014-01-31T17:42:50.000+0000
Affected Version/sAlloy 1.3.1
Fix Version/sAlloy 1.3.1, 2014 Sprint 02
ReporterAlan Leard
AssigneeTony Lukasavage



Building Alloy application on 3.2.1 Beta tools, the app icon is not working. If you revert to GA Alloy the issue is resolved.

Repro Steps

-Build an Alloy app in the 3.2.1 Beta environment for iOS 7.0.3 simulator. -App Icon is not there (see screenshot) -Revert Alloy to GA Alloy -Clean/rebuild and app icon reappears




  1. Tony Lukasavage 2014-01-29

    Installing TiSDK 3.2.1 beta now, but I do not see this issue with the following setup: * Alloy 1.3.1-beta4 * titanium CLI 3.2.1-beta3 * TiSDK 3.2.0 So even if I do reproduce with the TiSDK 3.2.1 beta, this is in all likelihood a TIMOB issue.
  2. Alan Leard 2014-01-29

    I can consistently reproduce & resolve without changing any environment variables except Alloy GA >> Alloy@1.3.1-beta3 >> Alloy GA
  3. Tony Lukasavage 2014-01-29

    I cannot reproduce with the following confiugration: * alloy 1.3.1-beta4 * titanium cli 3.2.1-beta3 * tisdk 3.2.1.v20140128171647 * ios sim 7.0.3 I followed these steps:
       ti create --id com.testing.aloy943 --name aloy943 --workspaceDir . --platforms=android,ios,iphone,ipad,mobileweb --no-prompt
       cd aloy943
       alloy new .

    change tiapp.xml sdk-version to 3.2.1.v20140128171647

    ti build -p ios
    Please try your test again with this configuration. If you are still encountering the issue I will re-open the ticket.
  4. Alan Leard 2014-01-29

    Ok, tried with Alloy 1.3.1-beta4 and have the same issue. Steps I took: 1. Build with Alloy GA, CLI 3.2.1-beta3, TiSDK 3.2.1v20140121132444 2. Confirm App icon works as expected. 3. Upgrade to Alloy 1.3.1-beta4, clean and rebuild with Alloy 1.3.1-beta4, CLI 3.2.1-beta3, TiSDK 3.2.1v20140121132444 4. App icon is not included. 5. Clean and Build again with TiSDK 3.2.0.GA 6. App icon AND SPLASH screen are not included 7. Revert to Alloy GA (npm remove/npm install -g alloy) 8. Clean and Build with TiSDK 3.2.0.GA & TiSDK 3.2.1v20140121132444 changing no other environment variables. 9. App icon and splash screen work as expected with both builds Note: Clean = Deleting build directory & Resources directory as well as deleting app from simulator Please let me know if you need me to do anything else specific.
  5. Tim Poulsen 2014-01-30

    I am unable to reproduce this issue. I get the custom splash screen and icon. I followed these steps: alloy 1.3.1-beta4 titanium CLI 3.2.1-beta3 SDK 3.2.1.v20140121132444 iOS sim 7.0.3 1. ti setup then select the preview SDK version 2. ti create --id com.testing.aloy943 --name aloy943 --workspaceDir . --platforms=android,ios,iphone,ipad,mobileweb --no-prompt 3. cd aloy943 4. alloy new . 5. I grabbed a couple of images from Google Images and ran them through http://ticons.fokkezb.nl/ to generate a set of icons/splash screens. I copied & pasted those over the stock graphics provided in app/assets 6. ti build -p ios Custom splash screen was shown as app launched. Custom icon is on home screen. See http://note.io/1kcyfxg
  6. Alan Leard 2014-01-30

    Only difference I can see is that I am building directly from Appcelerator Studio not CLI...
  7. Tony Lukasavage 2014-01-30

    [~aleard] can you try via CLI like me and Tim and see if you still encounter the issue? If you do not, then it's obviously a Studio issue and we can move it to their project and hopefully they can shed some light on the disparity.
  8. Alan Leard 2014-01-30

    Ok, I figured out the root. This is a theme issue. If you have an app (attached) with the splash screen and the icon in a theme folder, then the issue appears consistently and reverting to Alloy 1.3.0 resolves it. Please test with attached app.
  9. Alan Leard 2014-01-30

    Sample app with theme for testing.
  10. Tony Lukasavage 2014-01-30

    Re-opening due to valid test case being added.
  11. Tim Poulsen 2014-01-30

    Tested with attached app: It wouldn't build in Studio for me until I added icons to the app/assets folder. So for the first few tests here, I built from the command line

    No graphics in app/assets, test via ti build -p ios

    Alloy 1.4.0 (pre-release) - no app icon, no splash screen Alloy 1.3.1-beta4 - no app icons, no splash screen Alloy 1.3.0 GA - splash screen from the theme's assets folder, but no app icon

    I added a starter set of icons to app/assets/iphone, then tested with ti build -p ios

    Alloy 1.4.0 (pre-release) - splash screen from theme's assets folder, but no app icon Alloy 1.3.1-beta4 - splash screen from theme's assets folder, but no app icon Alloy 1.3.0 GA - splash screen from theme's assets folder, but no app icon Finally, with graphics in the app/assets folder, I was able to build with Studio. No difference from using ti build.
  12. Federico Casali 2014-01-30

    Cannot reproduce following steps: 1. Create a new Alloy project in Appcelerator Studio 2. Build on iOS Simulator (see environments details below). TiSDK 3.2.1.v20140121132444 and 3.2.1.v20140129144052 CLI 3.2.1-beta3 Alloy 1.3.1-beta3 and 1.3.1-beta4 Appcelerator Studio iOS SDK 7.0 and 7.0.3 iPhone Simulator Retina (4-inch) 7.0 and 7.0.3 (Building the app from Appcelerator Studio)
  13. Tony Lukasavage 2014-01-30

    master: https://github.com/appcelerator/alloy/pull/317 1_3_X: https://github.com/appcelerator/alloy/pull/318 Functional testing should follow the testing listed in the description. [~aleard] can you please test with the 1_3_X branch? Please make sure to remove the Resources directory first, just to be sure we see how it works in a clean state.
        sudo npm install -g git://github.com/appcelerator/alloy.git#ALOY-943-1_3_X
  14. Federico Casali 2014-01-31

    I was able to reproduce the issue using the attached sample and Alloy v1.3.1-beta4. Verified as fixed using provided Alloy version from git://github.com/appcelerator/alloy.git#ALOY-943-1_3_X TiSDK 3.2.1.v20140128171647 CLI 3.2.1-beta3 Appcelerator Studio iPhone Simulator retina 7.0.3 (4-inches)
  15. Samuel Dowse 2014-01-31

    Able to reproduce issue using the attached sample with Alloy v1.3.1-beta4. Verified fixed using provided Alloy version from git://github.com/appcelerator/alloy.git#ALOY-943-1_3_X Windows 8.1 Appcelerator Studio, build: Titanium SDK, build: 3.2.1.v20140130101648 CLI: 3.2.1-beta3 Android Device: Nexus 10 (4.2)
  16. Samuel Dowse 2014-01-31

    Verified fixed on: Mac OSX 10.9.1 Appcelerator Studio, build: Titanium SDK, build: 3.2.1.v20140130101648 CLI: 3.2.1-beta3 Alloy: 1.3.1-cr iOS Simulator: 7.0.3 (4-inch) App icon and splash screen are displayed correctly. Closing.
  17. Eric Merriman 2014-01-31

    Closing based on Sam's comments.

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