[ALOY-1729] Add a "widget wide" tss file that serves as the base for the widget (think app.tss for app wide)

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ReporterMalcolm Hollingsworth


When creating a widget it is common to have more than one view, style, controller set. Given the nature of a widget the elements would share a common style. However there is no current way to define a "widget wide" tss file as there is with the "app wide" app.tss file. This means that the author has two choose between two poor coding techniques; - Duplicate the common styles for each tss file within the widget - Pollute the app.tss solely for the benefit of the widget/ This reduces the ability for a widget to fulfil the part of its original goal which was to be DRY and re-usable. The above problem highlights the lack or restrictions of re-usability.


  1. Rick Blalock 2015-11-13 I've run in to this all the time and have had customers mention this as well. This is a necessary feature from POV.
  2. Josh Jensen 2015-11-18 +1 - I agree with Rick, this would be a great feature.
  3. Brenton House 2020-04-02 Is there another way to have widget-wide styles that has been implemented already? cc: [~amukherjee] [~eharris]
  4. Ewan Harris 2020-04-06 This isn't supported to my knowledge (and I can't find any other tickets referencing this). It does totally seem useful to me, but I think we'd have to be careful on how this is implemented as no doubt whichever road which pick will break someone
  5. Brenton House 2020-04-06

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