[ALOY-387] TiStudio code completion for Alloy controller files (JS)

GitHub Issuen/a
TypeNew Feature
Resolution Date2012-12-12T00:07:23.000+0000
Affected Version/sAlloy 0.3.1
Fix Version/sAlloy 0.3.4, 2012 Sprint 25
ComponentsTitanium Studio
ReporterTony Lukasavage


Alloy controller files, which are Javascript, need code completion support in TiStudio. Currently there is inline JSDuck documentation for a lot of Alloy's features already in its code. In order to be able to leverage this, we need to determine a few things:

Does TiStudio already support the JSDuck format? If not, could it support a subset of the format that we can adhere to when documenting Alloy for code completion?

How will TiStudio get the necessary code completion docs? Can they pull it out of the alloy source themselves or will Alloy need to provide a script or something that will generate a file, or files, that contains only the relevant JSDuck comments.

Do we need to establish code completion rules beyond what is defined in the JSDuck comments? For example, the *$* always represents the current controller, which will have access to any functions and properties in the BaseController class (which is documented). How can we convey that information to TiStudio so that it can do autocompletion in this case?

Any other questions, concerns, etc... regarding code completion for Alloy controller files will be logged in this ticket.


  1. Tony Lukasavage 2012-12-12 initial work for tistudio JS code completion has been completed from the Alloy side. Any further work necessary from Alloy to facilitate it will be documented in future tickets.

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