[ALOY-444] Collection Binding on TableViewSections

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Affected Version/sn/a
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ComponentsModels, XML
ReporterTony Lukasavage
AssigneeFeon Sua Xin Miao


Essentially, we just need to implement collection binding on TableViewSections just as we do with TableViews. This will allow developers to create categorized, bound data in their tables.


  1. Simon Giles 2013-03-08 (I just ran into this issue. Would be nice to see it fixed.)
  2. Anthony Chung 2013-03-26 I'm currently using different collections and writing them to different tableViewSections within one table. Looking forward to using the binding method on this one.
  3. Terry Morgan 2013-09-17 Any update on this?
  4. Jan Helleman 2013-09-24 I'd really like to see this feature. Any navigation tableview would benefit from this feature, and in these cases the implementations around are right now useless. Tbh I am surprised this takes 10 months or so to even get any attention?
  5. farid fadaie 2013-11-08 This issue is extremely important for us. I can see that it keeps getting postponed. Any chance of it actually getting done any time soon?
  6. Romain 2014-01-06 +1 Extremely important for me too
  7. Alan Wamser 2014-02-02 +1 for me too...
  8. Florent Chiron 2014-03-13 Any news on this issue ?
  9. Gregory Hudson 2014-04-03 Is there an update to how resolving this issue is progressing? The lack of collection binding on TableViewSections is preventing the implementation of several end user features (such as a alphabetical index). Thanks
  10. Tim Poulsen 2014-04-03 This is still on our roadmap, though not specifically scheduled. We generally recommend developers use the ListView rather than TableView. It supports binding on sections as well as the sectionIndexTitles property, which you could use to create the alpha index you mentioned.
  11. Gregory Hudson 2014-04-24 Thank you for the response. Are there any examples of how this can be achieved? We've hit a wall trying to implement grouping the display of data using ListSections using an Alloy template coupled with databinding. We can see how this can be done purely using a Javascript solution, but would rather use Alloy. Thanks
  12. Tim Poulsen 2014-04-24 You've looked at https://github.com/appcelerator/alloy/tree/master/test/apps/models/binding_listview right? It shows binding on a list section.
  13. Gregory Hudson 2014-04-24 Yes I did - thanks. This might be able to explain the issue better: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23264350/titanium-js-is-it-possible-to-group-a-collection-alphabetically-in-a-listview-u
  14. Tim Poulsen 2014-04-24 I created an app and posted it to your StackOverflow question to show you how I solved this issue. Please post follow-up questions at StackOverflow unless they relate directly to this ticket so that we can keep conversations together. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23264350/titanium-js-is-it-possible-to-group-a-collection-alphabetically-in-a-listview-u/23279374#23279374 In the future, if you don't mind, please post your questions to our Q&A forums rather than StackOverflow. Most of us don't monitor StackOverflow but do get automatic notifications when new questions are added and tagged properly in our Q&A.
  15. Simon Giles 2014-06-24 Hi Tim. Noticed this briefly was added to a sprint and then removed. Hoping it will still make it into Alloy 1.5.0
  16. Tim Poulsen 2014-06-24 Yeah, sorry about that. We were discussing internally and decided we need to do some more design & architecture on this before we actually start coding. I pulled it from the sprint for now until we can have those discussions.
  17. Simon Giles 2014-06-24 Figured it was something like that. My comment is a gentle "bump" that there is still at least one dev who would like to see it implemented, but I'll take "right" over "rushed" any day ;)
  18. Jérémy Tonneau 2016-01-19 Any update on this ? TableView as several advantage over list view .... Like => doubletap/singletap on each element of a TableView for instance. Without the data binding mechanism (on table view section) we have to update "manually" the table view (with 2 sections). Which is very ugly and annoying !

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