[ALOY-586] Get compiler plugin/hook working with blackberry

GitHub Issuen/a
Resolution Date2013-06-24T17:37:37.000+0000
Affected Version/sn/a
Fix Version/sAlloy 1.2.0, 2013 Sprint 13
ComponentsTitanium SDK
ReporterTony Lukasavage
AssigneeTony Lukasavage


Currently the BB SDK does not appear to be executing the old or new compiler plugins. This then requires developers to manually execute the alloy commands from the command line. We need to get the BB SDK invoking these plugins to provide the expected development experience. This is especially critical because of ALOY-584, where we'd like to validate Alloy's test apps against the BB SDK. Alloy's testing suite for these apps relies on the new CLI's hook system to appropriately compile and run all these apps. ALOY-584 will be far too time consuming without this ticket's dependency (NEED TO ADD TIMOB LINK) resolved first.


  1. Russell McMahon 2013-03-27 Implement new node based CLI for BlackBerry to automatically pickup Alloy integration
  2. Russell McMahon 2013-03-27 Add Alloy support
  3. Tony Lukasavage 2013-06-24 Confirmed with [~rmcmahon] that this functionality is indeed implemented and BB will properly invoke Alloy when building.
  4. Federico Casali 2013-08-09 Alloy support verified. Titanium SDK 3.1.2.v20130808180613 Alloy 1.2.0-alpha6 Appcelerator Studio CLI 3.1.2-alpha Node 0.10.13 Closing.

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